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Lachlan Jaxon and Darcy. We make videos.


1:56When someone tries a moustache
When someone tries a moustachevisningar 239tnDag sedan
2:07People who cook one meal a year
People who cook one meal a yearvisningar 299tn7 timmar sedan
2:14The Worlds Worst Chiropracter
The Worlds Worst Chiropractervisningar 291tnDag sedan
3:37Class Party
Class Partyvisningar 288tn7 dagar sedan
1:49When you're late for work
When you're late for workvisningar 388tn7 dagar sedan
3:04When you clog your friends toilet
When you clog your friends toiletvisningar 452tn7 dagar sedan
1:56The worst Aprils fools joke ever
The worst Aprils fools joke evervisningar 456tn14 dagar sedan
2:11When you get put on aux
When you get put on auxvisningar 416tn14 dagar sedan
2:02When your friend gets yelled at by his mum
2:31When someone knows you but you don't know them
3:03When you write a report on a book you never read
2:32Covid Marshals
Covid Marshalsvisningar 386tnMånad sedan
2:03The one day you are sick
The one day you are sickvisningar 610tnMånad sedan
3:45Sent to the Principals Office
Sent to the Principals Officevisningar 385tnMånad sedan
0:30Using someone else's towel
Using someone else's towelvisningar 467tnMånad sedan
2:41Interview of the Century
Interview of the Centuryvisningar 303tnMånad sedan
3:11Sneaking snacks into the movies
Sneaking snacks into the moviesvisningar 416tnMånad sedan
1:35When you wake up before your friend
When you wake up before your friendvisningar 815tnMånad sedan
2:22Hanging out with the Neighbours Kid
Hanging out with the Neighbours Kidvisningar 543tnMånad sedan
2:26Phone service in australia
Phone service in australiavisningar 406tnMånad sedan
2:52Getting Pulled Over by the Police
Getting Pulled Over by the Policevisningar 740tnMånad sedan
2:52Every teacher on a school trip
Every teacher on a school tripvisningar 625tnMånad sedan
2:47The Worlds Worst Assassin
The Worlds Worst Assassinvisningar 573tnMånad sedan
2:25Family Monopoly Game
Family Monopoly Gamevisningar 469tnMånad sedan
5:58Wreaking havok on the farm
Wreaking havok on the farmvisningar 310tn2 månader sedan
2:59Trading in games be like
Trading in games be likevisningar 682tn2 månader sedan


  • nothing is real... this is all a computer simulation...

  • Keep this up and you'll be the new rackaracka

  • This is actually brilliant for being made in 1 minute lol

  • Don't worry Lachlan, mine grows the same way 😭

  • Smelling the boiling pasta😅😅😅 like its a whole meal

  • WTF is a Pavlova?

  • he actualy looking good oddly enough

  • Thumbs up at "we are not friends. Work colleagues at most 😅"

  • I absolutely do this all the time. My girlfriend has NO RIGHT to be in MY kitchen.... even if we split the rent

  • Next video: When you have to buy 2 zucchinis

  • Have been both sides of this video and I gotta say cracking the jokes is way more fun

  • Vid idea: when you brake the family car

  • It was my birthday the other day and my mate said happy birthday and I said you too ...

  • "Who did you consult? A bunch of ... A bunch of people with ... Uhp ... Heaps of blind people?"

  • Mustaches do add 10 years to your face though. But it's a 💖distinguished 💖 10 years

  • I wish they said he looked like a Gus Because, yknow...

  • Don't mind them, Lachlan. They're just mad they're not as pretty as you

  • I like it. He does look like my father though.

  • He's obviously a Barry

  • at 1:18 he just couldnt keep it any longer

  • The song at the end is "Steelix - Lay it down" I think, if anyone is interested.

  • David warner have a MOUSTACHE.

  • I think I know who Ron is!

  • Darcy's performance as the moustache was stellar!

  • He looks like brian david gilbert with the mo. If BDG was blonde and australian

  • It's pretty simple

  • is it true lachlan cant go within 100m of all schools?

  • It'll grow on you ...it grew on me Comedy gold

  • I feel kinda bad how Lachlan is the one who has to get bullied everytime 😂

  • It looks like he is trying to be Mario but then that’s what u get if u order a Mario 😂😂😂

  • ok favourite part “something rare” “coles and woolies trollies next to each other” 🤣🤣😂the day when coles and woolies become friends

  • Party bread now....... :-(

  • I didn't need this today... because I think I need to go to the chiropractor fr and now I'm scared

  • porn directer from 70s..🤣

  • I knew everyone secretly likes my moustache

  • Whos the mum?

  • It’s ok I went to school with a mullet the other day I don’t think I can go back 😥

  • It looks sick wth

  • Would’ve been funnier if this was done with a hidden camera and he was actually trying out the whole new look thing

  • nice.

  • Incase jaxon is on anything, PLEASE, NEVER TAKE CHEMICALS OR ANYTHING INDUCED BY CHEMICALS. THANK YOU. Have a nice day. If youre doing coke or literally anything, PLEASE MAKE SURE ITS NOT CHEMICALLY ADDITIVED OR CHOPPED UP OR WHATEVER, I PERSONALLY HAVE A HORROR STORY, as well as many people, honestly eveeyone if they intake too many chemicals at once, or over time. Especially at once. Fuck em. The human body isnt made to take those things and digest it properly. Plants are a different story. Sweet video btw. I loved the acting.

  • I normally put the bowl first

  • 0:52 Darcy casually back-hands a skeeter.

  • Video Idea, when you invite the whole school to your birthaday party.

  • I remember getting detention and I had to sitt with teachers eating their lunch and had to listen to them talking shit about others students it was funny af.

  • Lmao

  • I think it’s bad ass

  • me pa's name is ron

  • 2:25

  • My "favorite fuckin fruit" would have to be a strawberry. Because it's a berry, that is made from straws.....

  • I love the mustache hahaha

  • 😄

  • Jackson, in my professional opinion as a random commenter, I evaluate your Barina to be well over $128,000 AUD Don’t get ripped off mate

  • I like it, not sure if I should tell him tho

  • Y'all really nailed the shaky zoom on this video. Nailed the quarantine aesthetic.

  • Porn director from the 70s! Love it!

  • 0:42 holy shit lmao, "heaps of blind people".

  • Darcy played that moustache so well

  • It hurt when he said you look 40. I’m 39. I die now 💀

  • He does look like Ron.

  • Am i the only one who thinks it looks good?

  • I followed this on Instagram and other social media before it became a video. I feel like I'm watching the movie adaptation of a book that I've already read. Still good tho 😉 👍

  • I grew a mustache at 12

  • Ya'll need a wicket keeper? A yank would be funny.

  • “What’s it been, 4...5 years?” “Well I was 12 last time” “You taught me how to drive!” So 4 or 5 years ago, when Jimmy Backflips was 11 or 12, Lachlan taught him how to drive... possibly whilst hiding a body in the forest

  • This was me 10 years ago 😂🤣 haha thank goodness for honest friends I mean colleagues

  • Ron Burgundy

  • I donate large portions of money to hate groups

  • the like vs dislike ratio tho///...

  • Ah yes, Australia has “provinces”.

  • "Don't f*cking monitor my eggs!" If I had a penny for every time I heard that.

  • The whole point of this video was for Lachlan to show off that fact he can grow a moustache.

  • If I clogged the toilet and was told all of that and I would dip I would just run then text “I clogged your toilet so seeya on ps4 I guess”

  • "you've gotta think about what you say before you say it"

  • We had horse girls and cat girls

  • Bro, u guys need to sleep, my mans got some bags under his eyes

  • Look I don't mind it. But I think you seriously look like a Ron with that moustache. 😏😂🤣

  • He should just get on the cameraman’s back

  • He do look like a Ron

  • I resonate with this on a deep and personal level.