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9:23I Bought The Pewdiepie Keyboard...
I Bought The Pewdiepie Keyboard...visningar 2,9mnMånad sedan
1:00r/mechmarket be like #shorts
r/mechmarket be like #shortsvisningar 70tnMånad sedan
11:17I Pimped My Viewers Keyboard...
I Pimped My Viewers Keyboard...visningar 629tn2 månader sedan
8:10How I made the BEST Deskmat of 2020
How I made the BEST Deskmat of 2020visningar 82tn3 månader sedan
3:38When they ask you what the best keyboard switch is
2:57Unboxing A VERY Special Keyboard
Unboxing A VERY Special Keyboardvisningar 85tn5 månader sedan
4:02DELICIOUS: C3 Tangerine V2 Review
DELICIOUS: C3 Tangerine V2 Reviewvisningar 185tn5 månader sedan
7:49Can I Type 100 Words Per Minute at 100MPH?
Can I Type 100 Words Per Minute at 100MPH?visningar 117tn6 månader sedan
13:50My FAVOURITE Switch? (50k Special)
My FAVOURITE Switch? (50k Special)visningar 343tn7 månader sedan
5:03No, THIS is how you do a Keyboard SOUND TEST
No, THIS is how you do a Keyboard SOUND TESTvisningar 250tn7 månader sedan
6:03Shhhhh... Kailh BOX Silent Browns Review
Shhhhh... Kailh BOX Silent Browns Reviewvisningar 326tn8 månader sedan
2:44Keyboard Enthusiast Gets ROBBED
Keyboard Enthusiast Gets ROBBEDvisningar 98tn8 månader sedan
7:07Pure TACTILITY: Zealios V2 Review
Pure TACTILITY: Zealios V2 Reviewvisningar 331tn9 månader sedan
8:14How To Make Any Keyboard Sound AMAZING
How To Make Any Keyboard Sound AMAZINGvisningar 854tn9 månader sedan
2:10'Mechanical Keyboards Are More Durable'
'Mechanical Keyboards Are More Durable'visningar 90tn9 månader sedan
2:11Keyboard Flippers
Keyboard Flippersvisningar 92tn9 månader sedan
5:31Butter on a Budget: Gateron Yellow Review
Butter on a Budget: Gateron Yellow Reviewvisningar 362tn10 månader sedan
8:10Making Gateron SUPER Reds: Are 150g Springs Viable?
3:14When your friend finally wants a custom keyboard
When your friend finally wants a custom keyboardvisningar 264tn11 månader sedan
4:51Thick Clicks: Novelkeys Box Jades Review
Thick Clicks: Novelkeys Box Jades Reviewvisningar 322tn11 månader sedan
8:23The GIANT Foam Enter
The GIANT Foam Entervisningar 243tnÅr sedan
3:55GAMING Keyboards (and the enthusiast)


  • @PewDiePie

  • Hi I was wondering on getting these really cool looking POM jelly keyboard would you mind helping me or giving me a few tips about mechanical keyboards and purchasing some? I’ve got one but it’s extremely cheap and I have no experience in getting a good quality one.

  • I love these videos

  • How did I end up on this channel. I don't know. I'm staying thou xD

  • Tommyinnit watches?? Pog.

  • Hey guys ! For the past 3 weeks I dived into this beatiful world of custom Keyboard thanks to your videos. I'm willing to try to build one by myself but one question is remaining : HOW THE FUCK CAN I KNOW WICH SWITCHES TO PICK. I mean I know it's about personal preferences and all. But I've only experienced MX BLUE from my ROCCAT Mx Pro. The keyboard sounds awful btw. So my point is simple : WHERE TO START THX

  • I thought he was just going to lube and mod the stabs, put foam beneath the pcb and in between the plate and the pcb to reduce noise, lube the switches and then replace the keycaps with some thicc ones

  • Subbed cause of "AEsthetically pleasing background image"

  • I'm on macos and I'm wondering if you guys using mechakeys have the ability to get the audio files. If so, would you mind sharing them with me (i dont care which switches)

  • Bro it doesn’t even have 10 on it bro

  • Can we talk on discord my keyboard has a problem, pls help

  • Wtf I leave the channel for like a month and s half and u gain 150k congrats dude told knew u could do it

  • *John*

  • IDK how many times i've watched this video lol.

    • @Glarses YAY

    • the sequel will be coming shortly, so you'll have something new to watch lol

  • Because of this video I now low key want to try and vacuum my keyboard

  • Outemu brown pls

  • best video here, ty my guy

  • Beause of this video I went from my k70 to a cusom 60%. Thanks Glarses, I now have yet another expensive hobby.

  • I love the click of blues but they were too loud for me, like the sound of reds but I had issues with miss typing without having the little bump to let me know when the switch activated, browns were the perfect middle for me, I wish they were a little clickier but with the same sound

  • 1:40 that AE86 tho-

  • I'm still using my K70 with MX Browns with red LEDs (yes, not RGB, just red). Been using it since 2014 and it still works, despite me spilling soda, ice tea, regular tea, cordail, chocolate and regular milk on it.

  • Glarses will you do a review on the Linus Tech Tips sponsor keyboard aswell? Just like yhe pewds video you did!

  • one day hes gonna have a mil and still zoom in with his camera

  • Literally my rk61 sounds so better than this hahahahhaha, and its also pre lubed l

  • Jokes on you I love having to type with the force of gods on my stock mx clears.

  • This is so cool! I can now feel like I'm using some type of gaming keyboard!! You are pog

    • what are the .aup files for?

  • Do another one of these videos

  • Yeah I'd just buy a Apex Pro lol.

  • So this is the next resident evil trailer..

  • i've done 15 years of using two BTC rubber dome with slider in my writing career.... recently got interrested in experimenting with other types of keyboards.... Alps white, cherry MX blue... model F buckling springs... I think preferences is a major thing, because I kid you not, I think one of my BTC keyboard feels better to me than all of the above in terms of feel but also my typing performance... NOTE: I care zero about the sound, for me it is about feel and typing performance. So I am realising that what I need in life is a good tactile switch. I may try what you propose in this video, because my keyboard with cherry blues, its... its just not good (time to switch the switches and I could scavendge the springs from the blues?) I am not abandonning my white alps as I think switch restoration is in order and I know that they are vulnerable to dust as time passes etc. In the mean time, BTC rubber dome with sliders all the way!!! The more I compare it, the more I realise how good it is, and, as you say, maybe it is just my "preference".

  • There's a way to turn that jade into a linear. Remove the click bar, and now you have some linear bitches.

  • 2:24 i need music plz

  • It wasn't until this video that I realized mechanical keyboards *don't* all sound the same

  • The lube + film sound test sounds like a tap dripping multiple times a second

  • Not me sitting here with my G15 that i've had about 15 years, thinking I understand anything that's going on in this video.

    • Why am I so invested in this man and his knowledge of keyboards, and why can't I stop watching them! D:

  • l ö ö b

  • AEsthetically pleasing background image Lmao.

  • You would have made an awesome viner

  • The excitement and disappointment at the start of this video is the most amazing thing ever. Of all time.

  • Can someone recommend me a good 100-150 dollar mechanical keyboard? No blue nor black switches please. I like the keyboard Glarses showed on 8:01, does anybody know the name?

    • Honestly for 150 dollars you could build your own if u want, just search up "budget mechanical keyboard build" on ye olde youtube. If you just want a prebuilt, the Durgod Tautus on Amazon has a ton of switch options for 100 dollars.

  • im embaressed that i use the same keyboard

  • Holy moly you´r good

  • I started using 35G linear, and now im such a beta, i can't deal with aniything above 35G, xd. No 150g for me ;d

  • Sounds like an mx blue

  • How would removing the case foam improve the sound?

  • this guy is such a nerd 😂 i love him

  • Gosh my first and only time i spent 3 hours just lubing 68 switches, that was terrible. PS. i thought lubing the springs takes liquid-like oil...

  • bad vid toes

  • pimp my keyboard please and thank you

  • so stupit I love it!

  • I like how the time was actually 9

  • I'm pretty sure my 50$ mechanical keyboard with fake browns is better than this, lol.

  • 2:36 the doctor is on

  • cloth abuse

  • I lubed a set if MX Browns in your honor.

  • you look musty asf ngl

  • upload more please

  • Dude, I need that mousepad of yours...its beautiful

  • While watching this video I got an ad for gaming keyboards with a picture of a gaming mouse on it.

  • and when mentioning the gk61, you forgot that for gamers, which this board is targeted towards, the switches are extremely fast, one if not the fastest in the world

  • I just subscribed

  • I would be happy just to have a pewdiepie keyboard even if it's not perfect

    • @Ralph Allan only because it has pewdiepie's name on it

    • But its really overpriced af

  • Video: Keyboard Asmr Subtitles: Appluase

  • I use outmeu blue switches

  • Laughed hard at wild cat reference

  • and he just put out a 30 dollar keycap

  • you should review the Akko Cs switches. apparently the new budget king according to some peeps

  • boba u4 review video when?

  • When the teacher says take put ypur calculators

  • do the red dragon keyboard

  • Why am I watching this as if I know anything about keyboards or can even afford the pewdiepie keyboard

  • This Guy has the courage to change the world by his own...

  • I know nothing about keyboards but I was interested so hi

  • i love ur daily upload schedule

  • Ayy kailh box whites. too bad Im joining the linear gang when they arrive. I got the box whites two months ago and they sound so good.

  • Damn that is alot of keyboards behind you

  • i want shwitches that have the sound like they were lubed but arent lubed

  • Cherry MX switches are garbage. Do some research and look beyond the lame.

  • MX browns. No No No you mean sandy red