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My name is James or JGOD.

I make videos based on helping people improve at Call of Duty. I typically focus my content on the newest Call of Duty.

The types of videos topics include, but are not limited to:
-weapon guides
-best class setups
-spawn guides
-subscriber game play breakdowns
-weekly live streams

Since Warzone is the main Call of Duty I will be posting tons of content related to the Battle Royale.

Thank you for any support on the channel.



  • They should probably fix the game so there is no peakers advantage. One day. It's always made a somewhat realistic game like cod seem like am arcade game instead of a simulator

  • What about the slug USAS/JAK12? It's faster than the FFAR too.


  • Is this footage sped up because he’s moving abnormally faster

  • can u please do a bullfrog class setup

  • The fact that a PISTOL is faster at killing than the average human reflex time just makes you think.....

  • I'm watching this thinking to myself, what's the point in even playing? I can't even move around the map that quickly, never mind shoot with so much speed and accuracy. I must be getting old 🤣🤣🤣

  • My question is how’d he know he was on the right corner on the building?? Thats gotta be sus.

    • @JGOD im asking a general question... he had no sign or indication he was on the right side and he just tracks the right side...

    • Try getting better lol

  • react the best Brazilian player, his name is ninexT on youtube!

  • I actually tried this a while back and it felt pretty good, but i thought i was crazy

  • JGOD needs to do a review on the audio: I have a strong feeling that there's a big population of players that installed the game and somehow audio is a total mess. I rarely hear footsteps clearly, sounds like everyone is using dead silence.

  • There is also a good player called BearPig but he mainly focuses on Rebirth island.

  • Could you let us know what the loadouts are? I might have missed it, but I'd like to see that

  • He went 30 and his teammates went 8 and 4 😂

  • It's really crazy how bad these devs are .. In the Akimbo challenge, they copy pasted it and it still said "Renetti" ... Couldn't be bothered to change to the actual pistol name. Wankers.

  • Do metaphor

  • And then there came the Sykov

  • I don't have numbers next to my name. Make an account on Activision website then link to your console or whatever.

  • How do you tell elevation from uav?

  • You have these Berthas not been removed yet. So ridiculous

  • React to Zlaner plz!!!

  • > The aggressor generally has the advantage > QUICKSCOPED NICKMERCS BABY

  • Please JGOD react to Faze Nio, best movement and sniping in the game

  • Very informative. Great vid !

  • Numbers next to your name im sure you can turn them off

  • Every shot this dude misses is a glitch in the matrix...

  • @0:45...... Sounds like an exciting and fulfilling life. lol At least he'll be able to tell his children and his grandchildren that he was good at a video game years ago. Oh, the honor!

  • esos rages mexicanos JAJAJ

  • Thankfully I'm trash and won't ever see this level of player. My fragile gamer ego couldn't take it.

  • Bro react to Faze Testy

  • I have a problem I'm just trash I'm lvl 30 my sensitivity is literally a 3 I use controller I play plunder cuz I'm trash at br and I use kilo if u have tips plz tell me and what can I use with my kilo

  • Jeezus, this people who make living of the game are cranked. Too bad game mixes casual players like myself and such craftsmen of this game. And by the way, never knew this if you move faster you have ‘desync’ advantage- always considered it to be FOV issue when you literally cannot see anything that is not in front of you.

  • Even the spectating is broken haha

  • It makes sense that the aug and m16(along with the ffr6) because they are burst fire, which means burst damage so if an enemy peaks for a small bit they can deal a lot of damage in a little bit of time. Think tf2 weapon style.

  • This is soooooo good. So much fun watching crazy players forced to play tactical instead of aggressive because everyone is good. Also watching the POV of multiple different teams around the map and then seeing it all come together at the end really gives perspective of the whole game which is cool

  • what camo is that

  • How do you get a such clean scope on the kar98?

  • Respekt to him for not using roze

  • We love ur verson bro ♥️♥️

  • The akimbo challenge does progress in the game for me

  • Exzacht would be good to breakdown or zlaner

  • just git gud

  • Gold lobby

  • Sykovs, obviously.

  • Finally no more FFAR. I want people using different guns! btw what about warzone having snipers only, shotgun only, or pistol only modes hahah.

  • DiazBiffle next for top player video please!

  • I swear if nobody else thinks JGOD is the sypher pk of warzone then I don’t have any words to say

  • Am I the only one who's finn LMG adverse barrels aren't speeding up my fire rate?

  • What's the damage profile on calvary barrel on players

  • Bro bought armor when there was an armor box on the floor 😭

  • Why does it sound like he paid you

  • Stop making those 2 other players sound good, they camp all game, it’s sad

  • i use p90

  • 14:21 Walmart TheseKnivesOnly 🤣🤣🤣

  • react to exzachtt next

  • Liked the video. Then had to dislike for shilling for raid shadow legends. That game is predatory and a scam. Do NOT support them...

  • Camp the train camp the zone wow not noobs at all

  • React to me I’m a pro

  • This meta is the best since the game came out i can use different guns and have a good game and not needing to use meta guns

  • Hi I beat this last night.

  • I wonder what build he's using on his aug? Strike Team or Titanium?

  • How can I bee more aggressive player with 55” TV and xbox1 with 30FPS. With everything past 70m is blurry even with HDR variable zoom. As soon as I get into vehicles my FPS drops to like 20.

    • With my controller sticks drifting. I still get like 8 kills lot of the games.

  • React to swagg

  • Breakdown Biffle 👀

  • I want u to review metaphor's gameplay... he is the best with his kar even if hes on a pc which makes him better Love u James ❤️

  • do a zlaner

  • You should react to Brazillian player NINEXT!!

  • Wasn’t he playing with FaZe Fakie in the mw2 days?

  • Warzone is pay to win mate simple

  • How does he have a Canada wrap on his bertha? (im sorta new to the game)

    • @Will Lee thx

    • It's a skin, they probably got it from a store bundle or previous season battle pass.

  • Dfalt some time??? :D

  • How do you change your car audio??

  • I appreciate your commentary for WarZone breakdowns. It helps my gameplay so much continue to upload content like this one

  • id like to watch you react to nick or swagg or booya