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In this channel you will find tech videos, reviews, road trips, tests and other useful information. I test almost every EV out there.

About me:
I'm a full time SEnewssr making content mainly about EVs. In the past I had an office job and then I did some Nimber jobs. But since 2018 I have been doing only SEnewss. I was born in Thailand and I have lived in Norway since I was four years old.


17:262021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ range test
2021 Tesla Model 3 SR+ range testvisningar 29tn2 dagar sedan
10:562015 Kia Soul 27 kWh degradation test
8:202012 Nissan Leaf with missing keyfob
2012 Nissan Leaf with missing keyfobvisningar 13tn2 dagar sedan
10:24VW ID3 82 kWh acceleration and noise test
20:06VW ID3 82 kWh 1000 km challenge
VW ID3 82 kWh 1000 km challengevisningar 40tn2 dagar sedan
12:16VW ID3 82 kWh range test
VW ID3 82 kWh range testvisningar 42tn2 dagar sedan
10:20VW ID4 82 kWh acceleration and noise test
51:08VW ID4 infotainment system walkthrough
VW ID4 infotainment system walkthroughvisningar 16tn8 dagar sedan
12:53VW ID4 82 kWh 1000 km challenge
VW ID4 82 kWh 1000 km challengevisningar 36tn8 dagar sedan
21:45VW ID4 1st 82 kWh Geilo test
VW ID4 1st 82 kWh Geilo testvisningar 36tn8 dagar sedan
15:20Testing app ABRP integrated in Polestar 2
29:30VW We Connect mobile app review
VW We Connect mobile app reviewvisningar 30tn8 dagar sedan
9:49VW ID4 regular LED headlights test
VW ID4 regular LED headlights testvisningar 11tn8 dagar sedan
30:40Checking battery in Model 3 SR+ with ScanMyTesla
3:36Next gen Xpeng P7 spotted in Norway
Next gen Xpeng P7 spotted in Norwayvisningar 32tn15 dagar sedan
7:19ID4, e-Up and Model 3 turning circle test
ID4, e-Up and Model 3 turning circle testvisningar 107tn15 dagar sedan
29:34VW ID4 1st vs Max interior review
VW ID4 1st vs Max interior reviewvisningar 47tn15 dagar sedan


  • Max regen on the ampera is 70kw/h but max charge its peaks at 55kw/h :-( . so at best condision from 10-50 % soc its take 30 min.

    • kW/h is wrong. kWh is for energy kW is for power When you charge at 1 kW during 1 h, you get 1 kWh

  • I guess the lowered price is due to the new iron cells. With (up to now) bad cold wether performance. In Germany Nextmoove made a good Video about it.

  • Could this be used to measure(approximate) the degradation of the battery without doing a driving test?

  • So in summary: You loose AM/FM radio Emmc chip issue resolved 3G issue resolved Yellow border issue resolved Some instrument cluster have bubble / delamination issues: resolved. Price seems reasonable as it is a pain to get the MCU out. Perhaps preferred updates for MCU2 in the future?

  • Thanks Bjorn, great content has ever. What app should it use for e-golf? Thanks

  • Thanks, Bjorn! My brain is full now... may I be excused?

  • It is not mentioned in the video but it is crazy how Tesla optimizes the weight compared to other EVS

  • Battery temperature is also important for daily driving, don't hammer the car till the battery temperature is ok. Otherwise, you risk accelerated degradation. Every EV should display it right next to the speed, like every fossil displays refs. It's exactly the same. You don't ref your fossil when it is freezing cold, do you? Well i do, but that is a long story. ^^

  • Great video thanks for doing it, do you think is it preferable on a long trip to do 110-120 and stop to supercharge or 90 all the way? Similar total journey length?

  • Unfortunately Tesla has two major problems before you open the car door. They are ‘look at me cars’ more in the sports car design mould. Many people don’t like that. And secondly Elon Musk is an obnoxious right wing extremist that many ‘Liberal’ EV buyers wouldn’t want to give their money to. Both are why I wouldn’t even consider buying a Tesla.

  • Excellent tutorial video, All I need is an electric car now.

    • @Martin Gorbush I do use a scanner OBD tool if there's a problem with ICE car, But I have no interest in anything ice anymore,as soon as I have enough money I will go EV and not look back. I'm working my way up, I have a rad power bike and a NIU motorcycle on order.

    • You can use OBD Scanner in you ICE vehicle. :)

  • Your tutorials are great and will help a lot of people! :)

  • does it work with mg zs ev in Thailand?

    • @Bjørn Nyland Yes, there is profile for MG ZS EV in Car Scanner.

    • Maybe

  • For those wondering if their car is supported; download car scanner, open the app, go to settings, go to vehicle options and then search for your brand, select it and search for your model

  • Meanwhile in Finland and at least some other European countries I presume, SR+ starting at 50 000 EUR. Would love a 10% discount.

  • Great content as always. I just ordered a model 3 LR, but had to use your referral code. Marcus's one isn't working, not loading the page where the cars are displayed. Tried multiple times (Italy) and had the Tesla sales-rep try it as well. Marcus might want to check this out...

  • Hi Bjørn, does this obd dongle go to sleep properly when shutting off the car ? im worried about emptying the 12v battery, if its still active and its plugged in all night. cheers

    • @MrSonicspinner Yes, Icar adapters work with all apps (for iphone select bluetooth 4.0 LE version).

    • @Alan Brown thanx. also suits the different apps? carscanner, evnotify etc.

    • iCar Vgate obd adapters automatically turn off after 30 minutes when car is shut off, can be left overnight.

  • Does the app work for Mercedes EV’s ?

    • mercedes does not allow anything that's not certify by them or it will void your warranty

  • does car scanner work for smart eq ?

    • The app is free, you can just download it and check if the car of your choice is on the list.

  • I agree that the Model3 offers very good range and features for its price. But you should mention that if you're ordering now for the lower price you don't get the car you tested. You get the chinese made Model 3 with LFP battery. The LFP version is heavier and charges slower. And only 313kg allowed payload.

  • Great vid! Please can ask him to add Peugeot E208?

    • @Alan Brown yea I just spotted that. Its for up to 2017 models. Hopefully it works for the 2018 models

    • @eoghan o There is profile for Nissan Leaf in Car Scanner

    • And leaf. It wasn't there last time I checked

    • And ë-c4 😃

  • Thanks for the video. For the Hyundai Kona EV, do you have any idea how reliable the SOH is? My car is 2 years old is still at 100% (same for other Kona owners even at 40000+ km). Some say that the SOH info on hyundai is like a ok/bad indicator, at 100% (when real soh above 70%) and 70% when bad (real soh 70% or lower). Have you heard anything about that?

  • Model 3 SR is 545.000 NOK in Sweden... what a joke.

  • I was just about to buy the OBD link LX. But I didn’t know there was iOS version! I have to search it. Thanks again Bjorn !!

    • it had to due iOS has some restriction to use Bluetooth communications to device OBD. Unless the unit is supported for iOS but you can buy OBDlink MX+. This device works both Android and iOS

  • Omg, look at the quality of the road you are driving on. And you’re blaming the MG pilot. Even luxury cars have difficulty with those sorts of roads. The roads are dirty. The road lines aren’t defined. Next time take it on a modern road

  • Where can I get a CCS to Tesla adapter?

  • I did 307km 138wh/km with 115km/t in 26 Celsius with my m3sr+ last summer, hoping to beat it pretty solid with my new m3lr this summer.

  • the Banana pleaaaaase

  • You’re the best!!

  • I have 2019 Long range and 80000km. On it. I was using superchargers every day even a few times a day. So, my degradation is 5,2-5,4% out here in Canada. I thought it’s a lot, because I was using a superchargers too often, but I guess it isn’t.. Great video, thank you for sharing.👍

  • Bjorn is probably the most experienced EV driver in the world. I bet he has driven more miles in more types of EVs than anyone else in the world.

  • Hello sir, how to setting the language to English?

  • OMG I've been waiting for that video for so loooong 😍 I drive the 2021 SR+ so thanks for letting me know how much range I have 😄


  • How’s the wind noise above 180?

  • Max should also have DCC (dynamic chassis), if i’m not mistaken. At least in the non-1st edition trims. No clue how effective it is, probably depends a lot on where you live and drive, but it’s not exactly a cosmetic addition.

  • What do you think about the 2 people who died in a recent Tesla crash, supposedly using only Autopilot with no driver?

    • @Bjørn Nyland the whole point is 'user error' should be eliminated... if it's not it's failing as a deployable system.

    • @Frodin Kommodin it really isn't at this point in time.

    • didnt they establish no one was in the drivers seat?

    • User error.

    • Statistics. It is still several magnitudes safer to drive with Autopilot (not to mention FSD beta).

  • @Bjorn thanks for covering this car. As a 2016 KIA Soul EV plus owner, purchased used, i found this very helpful. If you dont mind and can help me with some of the software used in this video. I'd love to know my SOH on my battery without having to take it to the 1 authorized dealer in my Colorado, USA.

  • Bjorn, if this SR+ is pretty new, please report the SMT 'capacity when new' and 'full nominal capacity'. Thanks!

    • Capacity when new is confusing and imo useless.

  • I was hoping the SR+ had a battery increase to 55kwh or 60kwh since the LR got upgraded to 88kwh.

  • Really happy for the standard range plus videos would be the Tesla I can afford soon

  • Thats great result as expected from 50kw battery Actually that more than enough to I have this and i love

  • 👏

  • Plain old range test videos of the same procedure is getting boring. You could have just told us in a minute, what range you are getting out of it. Make videos showing what's about that particular car and what's your experience using it, what's it like driving it every day. What will you appreciate and what's is it missing? That's the kind of content i would love to watch from you Bjørn. Anyway, that's just my opinion.

    • What you are describing there is not a range test. Sorry, but you don't understand what the purpose of this test is.

  • The CCS adapter needs to be be connected to the cable before it is connected into the car. Tesla employees say this when you get the CCS upgrade.

  • Actually, its kinetic -> ac electric -> dc electric -> chemical and then back again. Coasting is more efficient unless you brake.

  • Funny

  • Should i be worried that my 18 days old 21 LR will lose value faster within 2-3 years when the sr+ got so cheap? Or is the LR gonna be the one people want to buy used in some years?

  • What about the Tesla model 3 standard range plus with the sport rims ?

  • It is the most efficient car from Tesla!

  • You offer so much good information. I love the data!

  • Outstanding winter range? Didn't they switch to lithium iron phosphate battery on the standard range, which totally collapsed in winter?

  • Hope you will soon test the ix3

  • Ah you listen to AC/DC Big Gun!! Great my lovely band. My Model s RV Pef I gibe the name ballbreaker. A Song from Ac/dc fits in my opinion best to a raven performance

  • @TB the WLTP estimates for vehicle range are not similar to the US EPA estimates in two crucial ways, a. the EPA ranges are typically 20-25% lower than the WLTP, and b. this is because the WLTP estimates is based on a European cycle that is meant to promote diesel engine range, (and to underestimate the emissions as well). love the videos!! :D

  • I like the TM3, but the noise in the car is just not on the level you expect. I just tried ID 3, ID 4, and Enyaq. They are so much better with noise while driving

  • Please, compare it with MIC model 3 SR+ with heatpump.

  • Tesla is shafting the Dutch... Instead of 350k NOK (35k EUR) they're charging €50k here for the SR+! That's almost 50% more than the Norwegian price for the same car...

    • Tesla's pricing strategy in Europe makes no sense at all, even once you remove country - specific VAT and Govt incentives from the equation, the prices still vary by as much as 8000 Euro! WTF?

  • The SR+ still costs £11k more than an id3 in the UK.. we can continue to dream of its affordability 😂

    • @Ivan Štefanac true, but why is it so much cheaper in Norway!

    • its much better and faster than ID3, so yes, it need to cost more! :)

    • in Israel the car cost 481,540.62 kr... 🤢

  • Surprised the Model 3 is so cheap in Norway.. Denmark is supposed to have zero tax on "cheap" EV's, yet the SR+ is 400k DKK

    • There's still 25% VAT on EV's in Denmark. Norway has 0% VAT.

  • Thank you for stopping for the bird! 💕🐦

  • Earlier ZE 50 Zoe's need a BMS update, my Zoe was thinking the SOH was down to 82%, and now after the update its SOH 99,8%

  • MF is so shiny now, hard to believe he's 8 years old !

  • It's very interesting to try the same with Chinese SR+

  • I sometimes hate my Model 3 for following reasons: far to stiff suspension, heating and cheap materials..

  • Wait, there’s a tire pressure screen for resetting the sensors, but there’s no actual way to see the tire pressures? What.

    • Arrrgh, why is the SYNC button for climate control not vertically aligned with the temperature controls? So many OCD aggravating details.

  • 350k NOK! It’s 400,000DKK for the same car in Denmark.... hope they reduce the price in here Denmark soon, the Q4 Etron 77kWh is cheaper than the base Tesla here!

  • Beat VW ID3 in consumption and charging speed. Great value for money! Btw better charging network.

  • The settings brightness is for screen only. The brightness slider is for overall cockpit brightness (so button backlights, both screens, everything).

  • 👍👌

  • I also did a MCU2 upgrade with my MS 100D , because of the well known chip problems, I paid 2500€ all working fine now , except for Caraoke is not working , even after lots of updates , I’m very disappointed, in my opinion everything should work as promised wit this price I have paid, no?

  • Try it again in +20 degrees!

  • NICE! Is this the Made in China version, with the lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery? Sorry if I missed that in the video.

  • I agree with Andrew Cooke

  • Polestar 2 FWD is also a great option

  • Is it a lfp or nmc pack?

  • I want one

  • Now i would also prefer SR+ instead of LR AWD if AWD, range and power is not the most important :-)

  • I really want to know if there is any difference in consumption with LFP. Does anyone know that? PS: That bird! ;-)

  • Wow man, so scary. You closed that door and at the same time you close it, my phone fell down 👀