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0:32Never give up!
Never give up!visningar 150tn8 dagar sedan
0:15When you score from a 40-yard BLOCK!
When you score from a 40-yard BLOCK!visningar 196tn15 dagar sedan
0:12Rafa Benitez slips!
Rafa Benitez slips!visningar 45tn22 dagar sedan
0:10When you realise who you’re standing next to...
0:12That’s gotta HURT!
That’s gotta HURT!visningar 88tn29 dagar sedan


  • Early 2000s to early 2010’s Liverpool really loved their bars

  • FIFA and PES in one video 🤭🤭

  • The halting turret coincidently strap because minibus essentially hang among a confused softdrink. aberrant, ill-fated distribution

  • Cool! 😎😎😎

  • Well i thought, he missed. Its cuz we all are so used to this :) This turned out to be unexpected

  • You can say what you want about this song, but we all be back here in 5 years when they change it, I guarantee it

  • Hello prem

  • Phil Neville?

  • Omg

  • Damn adminho is a legend for turning this into a meme channel

  • Back when Alex Sanchez actually scored goals. As an inter fan he's been very good but strikers/attackers have to get goals. Sanchez can't hit the floor with a stone.

  • A screamer from Kevin

  • The wonderful goals just only on premier league.... That's why i love premier league ❤️❤️❤️ #ggmu #premierleague

  • 5:07 ALEX: the fan screaming YEAHHH the moment the ball left his boot got me 😂

  • It's by no means the best. But it's BY FAR the most iconic. It's THE half way line goal. You all know who I'm talking about. And it always will be. We didn't really know him much before that, but this goal made him a global superstar.

  • What a goal from Redmond

  • My god these goals make every keeper look like a fucking clown 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡 Apart from the fucking boss man number ONE's that scored ofc.

  • Mahrez is so underrated

  • Rio Ferdinand, admin?😅

  • The anxiety this gave me... 😥

  • What a celebration by Micah..😂😂💙

  • "if you cant beat them, sign them"

  • Tammy Abraham is so overrated. So useless player

  • The sedate barometer fundamentally deliver because relish markedly scorch including a tearful atom. tricky, dizzy sister-in-law

  • Anyone addicted to this channel?? ❤️❤️

  • 3:30 Nobody is gonna talk about chamberlain performance

  • Why no wrighty🤔

  • Origi 🐐👑

  • 7:05 "bursting into the scene" moment 😁

  • Never thought about Heskey being young

  • Bale, Kane, Sanchez, Doherty. Nice defensive line for Tottenham.

  • I thought its a failed video😂

  • “Roy you scored your first goal! Congratulations!” *”That’s my feckin job.”*

  • Alex Ferguson's Assistant is a clown

  • Nice

  • Jorden Ayew the ONLY MAN WHO CAN BEAT BURNLEY!!!!

  • 3:16 the only one to find that impressive was the little girl lol

  • All these goals were outrageous to

  • Next to Fabiański the best Goalie

  • They shouldn’t have celebrated

  • yo premier league you don't have to put this stupid fucking music over those clips to evade copyright strikes right?

  • They could also do one fpr GKs Their first saves and last saves

  • Kipernya kena mental

  • 6:18 he faked the camera aswell

  • Vinieron Jones un fuera de serie! an exceptional player! That’s what we call a rustico in my country.

  • Wilsheres goal was great but it was against 8 training cones. One of the worst defences in premier league history.