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Do you wanna see the real side and personal lives of Heavy D and Diesel Dave from Diesel Brothers and experience some of the wildest vehicles, stunts, and pranks the world has ever seen?...if your answer is no, go follow Dr Phil, if your answer is yes....hit that SUBSCRIBE button now!


17:59Exploring Abandoned Plantation With A Dark Past ☠️
16:07Tracked 6x6 VS Tracked Raptor- Stradman Almost DIED!
30:43Raptor On Tracks- All Hell Broke Loose!
Raptor On Tracks- All Hell Broke Loose!visningar 690tn3 månader sedan
16:24He Parked In My Spot... So I Put TRACKS On His Tesla!
20:58Porsche Turbo RZR On Snow Tracks and Skis- DEEP SNOW!
19:26Helicopter Punishes Stradman’s Supercar
Helicopter Punishes Stradman’s Supercarvisningar 255tn4 månader sedan
24:23I'm Either Gonna Break My RZR Or Break A World Record!
24:51Tank Tracks VS Tires - Ultimate Tug O' War!
Tank Tracks VS Tires - Ultimate Tug O' War!visningar 538tn4 månader sedan
35:08We Found ACTUAL Buried Treasure In The Desert!
We Found ACTUAL Buried Treasure In The Desert!visningar 1,1mn4 månader sedan


  • Nice

  • Man WTF???? Your out there and can see your breath in the air in short sleeves??? No way braaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  • In my next life i wanna be a Heavy D , Can i come for a holiday to your yard and help out doing cool stuff for free , busmans holiday.

  • Yep when you push the limits and like showing off bad shit can happen!

  • Hate how people vandalize and tag , why why why ? Just to wreak it ? I really have a hard time understanding this behavior.

  • Will the show ever be back on?

  • If you can afford the the $1200 per hour helo you really don’t need the cash. This is just a millionaires hobby now

  • You and all of your team are such awesome people. I wish I lived in Utah because I would definitely put an application in to come work for you. Love your content and wish you the best. Keep it coming my man!! Thanks

  • Very impressive. Love the content.

  • You should have two rzrs , attached in the center with a solid linkage, and go round and round while hanging from the crane .

  • I’d love to win something cool from these guys I love watching them turn nothing into something big and narly with a big ass Diesel engine !

  • That medium just did a cold reading on you. It doesn’t require special power. They notice certain things about you and say something vague and you confirm what they say. Glad everything worked out though.

  • I understand how you feel, I see and hear about co-workers tearing equipment up at work all the time, and then not even "Bat an eye", seriously....."your good, that's racing at its finest." Haha P.S. "Hope they'll ease down on the life time ban on ya."

  • Yeah there was allot of less then pleasant comments from the spectators. Shit happens.

  • I need a car. I joined 4 days I believe a less than week ago I accidentally unsubscribed but caught it and subscribed back Lee's than 5 seconds. Thanks for educating

  • that is amzing mate, that looks like a fun time

  • How did you get one track turning with out a steering clutch being disengaged(the steering lever pulled). Has it got a dead clutch or is the pinion turning in the broken final drive. That mite explain why the other track locked up. when the pinion jammed. There is going to be one big expensive mess in there some were.

  • Hey Heavy, you need a big ass winch on the back on that truck......

  • I was pissed at you too am not now brother.

  • nice good rare vlog

  • Favorite comment, We're going to use water, we don't have enough KY for your idea

  • This was a really fun video. When I was a kid my step dad had a 1948 D8. This was nostalgic

  • this is a story that you hold dearly, I am going to say you got some amazing guardian angels. I do believe I have my family watching over me and I got to say I am blessed with my grandparents watching over me as well. I have come out alive from rolling a car, just as of recent being thrown from my quad out of a tree line. I have survived 4 car accedents, fliping many mechines, sleds, qquads, side by sides and feel blessed every day to keep doing what I do. Sometimes playing on Gods land, God reminds you to be thankful for the land and the family you have around you.

  • This video is sooo boooooorrrrrrriiinnggggg do something

  • I have the 342 D4 built it 1947, sn# 6U342.

  • More equipment!!!!!👍👍👍

  • Hope he fixed it

  • Always so much easier to judge from the outside it is hard to see what is anywhere other than in front of you in a race car.

  • Very cool

  • Nice job never a doubt.

  • Definitely heavy D

  • Definitely a challenge!

  • Damn Dee is he a diesel you can't crank let it rip potato chip

  • Who calls themself by there own nickname? Also your too full of yourself.

  • Hilarious

  • When video go's faster looks like bees are working😊😊

  • I love the Kenworth so nice

  • In your defense their should be some form of communication like radio or sum if there wasn’t already

  • awesome video mate, good on you for having some fun and giving a great gift

  • What is the plane behind you when you do the surfshark promo

  • I could watch this video 1000x over just wow!

  • Wow 😳 insane

  • Honestly just want to ride in this Kenworth for a day on an adventure like this

  • God blesses people who bless others people congrats my brother

  • 60000

  • Glad Dave made it out okay...why was it a secret for 3 years?

  • Honestly I want to try this it seems fun like I've gone camping with cheap gear but on family owned property I want to just go out and find a random place and camp

  • I am frickin' amazed. Outstanding job guys.

  • I would hit a jump with brodozer and land it on the house

  • Heavy D 4 show.

  • I’d 100% go heavy d but if I were to pick another I’d go hunter

  • Great content

  • Just found your channel. U got a new sub my man

  • Hanna Hilton for sure has some good eats...

  • Plays mudrunner...heavyD bet..

  • Looks like a fun time

  • I don’t even watch tv anymore I watch your SEnewss videos over and over and laugh every time

  • I get it Dave i get it. u use wont give us that wart off 4000 is found in stores

  • Badass no doubt but more of a review than pushing it to its limit..

  • 15000

  • As an equipment mechanic I was fully expecting one of those final drives to lock up half way across the lake after draining the oil and running several miles, which would have made the job immensely harder. Glad it didnt, for your sake.

  • Why don’t you just sleep in your sleeper cab

  • Heavy D all the way.

  • Bro, it takes a big man to apologize to the extent that you have. You're clearly a good guy. If ppl don't get that - as Cooper put it - that sounds like a them problem.

  • Like what everyone else is commenting, I worked water transfer which pumped water and Chemicals into these frac tanks for 3 years and have fracked for 2. Please for the love of god clean these tanks thoroughly, and don’t enter confined spaces. Those things can be full of carcinogens man. I love your channel, been a fan of yours since the early discovery channel days. Just take extra precautions with old oil field equipment even if it was a “Fresh Water” tank.

  • Boner City

  • I choose ripsaw all day

  • I’m not picky. My four wheeler is a piece of crap...... Love to upgrade.

  • Heavy D

  • Only watched 1 vid so far and I’m really enjoying it, keep up the great work

  • Can I re-suscribe

  • I'm already subscribed if you ask me again we're going to have heavy diesel problems

  • Lmfao the fact people said you ruined the race is funny rubbings racing brother people are just stupid

  • I suggest you guys hook up with a heavy duty mechanic before you head out on your next adventure in abandoned equipment.

  • You guys make great videos>

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  • Try tata nano

  • Keep it safe guys, remember this: It is better to arrive late in this life than to arrive to early to tour next...

  • Good job guy’s

  • And the armored Homer