Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan Abroad in Japan

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British Guy making videos in Japan.
Officially better than Simply Red.

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British guy living in Japan.

As seen on TV! BBC, The Guardian, Reddit, Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, London Metro, RocketNews24 Japan

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19:11What $250 Buys You at a Japanese Hot Spring Inn
13:49Why Kyoto's Traditional Homes Are Going EXTINCT
12:46What $20 Buys You at a Japanese STREET FOOD Market
16:48Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS
Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARSvisningar 873tn3 månader sedan
16:02Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japan
Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japanvisningar 1,3mn4 månader sedan
16:41Inside Tokyo's Most EXPENSIVE Penthouse Apartment
18:53What ¥1,000 BUYS You in Japan's No.1 Dollar Store
16:43I Spent a Day in Japan's BIGGEST British Theme Park
19:22I Tried Japan's WORST Food (So You Don't Have To)
21:50Inside an ABANDONED Japanese Love Hotel (4K)
Inside an ABANDONED Japanese Love Hotel (4K)visningar 1,1mn6 månader sedan
17:49How Does Living in Japan Change You?
How Does Living in Japan Change You?visningar 904tn6 månader sedan
19:30What Owning a Sushi Restaurant in Japan is Like
14:59The REASON Google Translate FAILS at Japanese
The REASON Google Translate FAILS at Japanesevisningar 929tn8 månader sedan
19:44What Driving in Japan is REALLY Like
What Driving in Japan is REALLY Likevisningar 1,6mn9 månader sedan
18:36Why I DON'T Watch JAPANESE TV
Why I DON'T Watch JAPANESE TVvisningar 2,4mn10 månader sedan
18:27What NO-ONE Tells You About Japan
What NO-ONE Tells You About Japanvisningar 2,2mn11 månader sedan
13:44When ENGLISH in Japan Goes HORRIBLY Wrong
17:42What I'll Never Understand About Japan
19:3248 Hours at Japan’s Biggest Snow Festival


  • Saw that twist coming...

  • Bro the fake vlogging killed me like actually im sitting here laughing

  • Pete should put that mug back together with Kintsugi!

  • This needs much more views with this much effort... I will watch this whenever I miss Hokkaido, Japan Thank you, Chris, good stuff :)

  • wakannai 🤌🏼 oh no

  • Oh God, not the Human Centipede. Btw don't google that.

  • Me knowing the fact that I was born in The Philippines: 6:17

  • My god, he is American 🤣

  • When anime man said the 3ks I intently thought of the KKK 😂😂😂

  • We need more videos with Pete !

  • 6:42 You know the rule and so do I

  • As a finn it pains me to see how poorly theyve dressed for the weather 😅

  • This all looks very scandinavian.

  • Is it me, or did this remind anyone else of Disneys “A Goofy Movie”. This was very entertaining


  • Pete should fix that mug with kintsugi!

  • Title: Japan's Biggest Rock Star Me: Clearly, a spawn of Sparda!

  • I always thought these were the descendants of escaped lab rabbits from the chemical weapons lab.

  • 0:29 gto

  • Red eye sounds good

  • knowing that someone else made a 28 min video of them watching minecraft videos and earning the same as chris with his insane production quality and editing pain

  • This video is a masterpiece...pete and you bring the joy

  • You looked like a bear ungainly trotting back to your vehicle


  • The drone shots are just incredible. Noice. 🔥

  • No popeyes in Japan?

  • I really really really miss Japan. Fuck COVID.

  • i like Pete , nice guy and his voice sounds like Wes johnson .

  • I used to think Pirates were cool but then abroad in japan happened.

  • Chris needs to have his own netflix/tv show

  • Is it just me or does Pete looks like a happy Zemo from Marvel, actor is Daniel Brühl, the resemblance is so close!

  • damn he looks quite lean in this video

  • That sun burn really brings out your eye color

  • Yknow, it just dawned upon me how perfect you two are for each other. A British man who loves Japanese culture meets a Japanese man who loves British culture. It’s like yin & yang.

  • You don't get much in Tokyo for that money. I wouldn't trust that guy to run a bath.

  • Thats some Nanami Gojo energy

  • Pete's British accent is fucking impeccable

  • Natsuki - the monkey whisperer 1:52

  • Conor is like the fussy rich kid at school that says everythings gross and smells funny because he's privelaged lol

  • This nightmare has come to q conclusion I need to taste Vegemite

  • One of the best videos you made. Keep up the great work.

  • Before gpogle maps, as Pete said, we didn't go anywhere much.

  • I'd love to see a KyoAni film adaptation of Quill the Guide Dog (:

  • "Underwhelming Japanese Villain" LOL

  • I don't know who you are, this video was recommended by SEnewss, but, it was really interesting! I wish, since many years, to one day have a nice road trip in Japan X3

  • That Buddha is very impressive. Literally meditating to ignore the snow piling up on him. Very cool.

  • When are you guys coming to India ?

  • Ahh I missed his birthday :((

  • This somehow feels like I'm watching Batman and Flash on an undercover mission in Hokkaido and neither one of them has any idea how to dress for cold weather

  • 楽しんでもらえて嬉しいです

    • YOU should visit that Buddha SITE during SUMMER! when those the lavender plants ARE IN FULL BLOOM!

  • 17:51 how...

  • When Pete mentioned that it was somewhere called "wakanai" I kinda knew where this was gonna go XD

  • Is this the same place as in Yakuza 5?

  • Does Pete has his own channel?

  • The sketch looked a lot like that of Tom Felton

  • Wow! Outside shoes indoor in Otaru. Thank you very much for behaving badly after having lived in Japan for so many years.

  • I dare you to find and ride the most extreme zip line in the Greater Tokyo area, OR... go bungee jumping in northern Kanto region. And then follow it up with a go-kart tour dressed as your favorite character (from the selection available). The gauntlet has been thrown, good sir!

  • Not gonna lie, natsuki almost got me in the first half!!! like this vlog

  • I have my honey moon in Hokkaido 16 years ago. Really hope to go back there again.

  • divine message from a white "f*cks" sumimasen, heard that wrong for a sec.

  • Your American accent was spot on. I rate it 10 cheeseburgers out of 5 bald eagles

  • Just realized this now but does Ellen have some resemblance to Halsey or is that just me?

  • Very nice video 🌹🌹🌹❤🌷💖

  • American energy is just something else

  • Looking for goldeneye in the super nintendo section 🤦‍♂️

  • I’ve been absent from this channel for years. Now back. Missed watching Chris. Great video. Great editing quality and humor. Great topic. Thank you

  • "They call it decoration English. Because English in Japan is most commonly used as a form of cheap decoration." Boy, I never thought I'd be insulted that way, I feel like I've been slapped in the face. It''s like the Japanese found a really creative way to be condescending to native English speakers. On the up-side. I feel like I would be very successful at writing English promotional phrases for their products with very little effort; maybe something to look into.

  • "Fuckin sale!" Well, they made it quite obvious that it was a sale, didn't they.

  • The North Pole of Japan! ⛄

  • Just A simple question !! How much will it cost monthly to live a life like you ?

  • As far South as possible in Kyushu is quite nice too.

  • top notch