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13:24Am I A Difficult Person?
Am I A Difficult Person?visningar 52tnDag sedan
9:19Answering SPICY questions I would usually avoid!
9:28Ranking My Gay Crushes!
Ranking My Gay Crushes!visningar 340tnMånad sedan
19:08Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!
Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!visningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
14:12Moving Out - Keep it or YEET IT
Moving Out - Keep it or YEET ITvisningar 480tn3 månader sedan
11:39Answering Questions I Would Usually Avoid
Answering Questions I Would Usually Avoidvisningar 753tn3 månader sedan
34:25Something we want to tell you!
Something we want to tell you!visningar 2,7mn4 månader sedan
27:14A New Member of the Family!
A New Member of the Family!visningar 315tn4 månader sedan
17:07Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!
Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!visningar 673tn4 månader sedan
28:46The Story of How We Met
The Story of How We Metvisningar 358tn4 månader sedan
23:42Swedish MUKBANG with Seth Everman
Swedish MUKBANG with Seth Evermanvisningar 165tn4 månader sedan
10:58Trying to Predict 2021!
Trying to Predict 2021!visningar 193tn4 månader sedan
BEARD EDITS IN REAL LIFE!visningar 263tn5 månader sedan
29:45Our WORST Dating Experiences
Our WORST Dating Experiencesvisningar 473tn5 månader sedan
10:09Awkward Stories From The Closet 2
Awkward Stories From The Closet 2visningar 451tn5 månader sedan
10:22Buying The 9 Creepiest Things From Wish!
Buying The 9 Creepiest Things From Wish!visningar 356tn6 månader sedan
9:10Trying Pumpkin Spice On Every Food!
Trying Pumpkin Spice On Every Food!visningar 298tn6 månader sedan
9:43Why I Went To Hospital (again)
Why I Went To Hospital (again)visningar 485tn6 månader sedan
10:48Visiting My Hometown! (On Google Maps)
Visiting My Hometown! (On Google Maps)visningar 327tn7 månader sedan
KEEP IT OR YEET ITvisningar 504tn7 månader sedan
8:53Exposing My Browsing History!
Exposing My Browsing History!visningar 415tn8 månader sedan
11:35Trying To Catch And Rescue An Injured WILD Pigeon
10:21Awkward Stories From The Closet
Awkward Stories From The Closetvisningar 836tn9 månader sedan
10:32Coming Out - 1 Year Later
Coming Out - 1 Year Latervisningar 915tn10 månader sedan
10:24A Tour Of My Plants! (living and dead)
A Tour Of My Plants! (living and dead)visningar 461tn10 månader sedan
10:11Trying To Cut My Own Hair
Trying To Cut My Own Hairvisningar 516tn11 månader sedan
17:00I guess I just live in Animal Crossing now


  • okay but somehow Phil with darker eyebrows makes him look more like a Weasley twin???? How???? He legit looks like one of the Phelps brothers I'm dying XD

  • The only ones who find Phil difficult are the houseplants he’s struggling to keep alive 😂

  • I got weirdly scared seeing the title wtf man

  • Phli are you still living with Dan

  • you remember birthdays but not your friends wedding? smh (/j)

  • I don't want to be pedantic, but if your a 47% difficult person you are a 53% easy going person not 63%. Take this as an example of how I'm a difficult person.

  • That quiz seemed to be fairly short (it is if we saw you answer every question)... and that a short quiz with such a theme wouldn’t really get enough data to cover 6 different aspects of a person. I believe that that’s why you got such a result in the end. Like... everyone’s got something, but like that? Nah. It’s also something about who you interact with. Some people can get a little crazy by fast talkers, others refuse to change up routines... it’s a fun quiz and a fun video, but it seemed to short and too general. Anyways, I loved the video 😊 Thank you for blessing us with another video of your wonderful self, Phil

  • apparently phil failed maths - 100-47 ≠ 63 sorry bestie x/

  • um.... you mean 53%?

  • 2:42 dan was right, you are gonna get dragged by brass twitter

  • phil: noones scared of me, no :) us: phil lester ks the scariest man on the planet he terrifies me

  • neither a trumpet or a horn is a woodwind instrument but i accept it

  • All of Phil's 47% difficulty is attributed to him 1) distressing mathematicians 2) distressing musicians 3) almost beheading Dan

  • Umm, a 63% easy-going guy? If it was a grade, you'd have a D in easy going...

  • Is no one gonna point out how it's 53% not 63?? ily phil but THIS was the thing that made me go NO

  • Phil: 63% easy-going My mathematical brain: don't say it, don't say it...

  • I can think of a few people in my life that I'd like to give this quiz to...

  • HHAHAHAHA I’m sorry man but 63% to 47%. That 110%

  • I don't wanna be *that* music person but trumpets and horns are brass instruments not woodwind

  • You say everybody deserves special treatment, but if everybody is getting it, it's not special treatment anymore; it's accommodation. And that's not bad! I'm just saying we should try to erase the idea that accommodation is "special treatment."

  • how dan can still live with you?, you almost killed him (joke) no joke

  • LIL’ Sebastian

  • phil nearly killed dan i’m laughing too hard

  • is no one else gonna point out that 47+63 makes 110%?👀

  • hello amazingphil

  • 53%

  • Honestly learning that I’m even more Phil than I thought.

  • thanks for uploading on my birthday

  • Phil's laughter at 12:10😭😭😭😭 too adorable

  • i saw your video and my anxiety built up in me…lmaoo 🤣

  • Jesus Christ there practically fucking twins

  • why is this in my recommended today. this just brings back so many memories

  • d o m i n e c e

  • Phil saying the word "dominance" feels so wierd to me-

  • 63% and 47%….. youre so good at math phil

  • "A kind, submissive 'rabbit' that likes taking risks" My head filled in another rodent.

  • Phil can't do maths a true gay indeed

  • This shocked me! I came out lower than you and you seem way less difficult than me according to you talking through your answers 😅

  • My screen is being glitchy so the title looked like, "Am I" and "-1 hours ago" and I got scared I was in some sot of dimension loopd

  • Why did I just get an anti trans ad on this video??? Like tf?

  • “Maybe not cannibals” Hannibal Lecter is shook


  • im sort of early yay

  • I love you Phil, you have saved my life many a times, not to sound weird ahah

  • 63%?? you sure ab that??

  • 63%... phil please hire an accountant 😭

  • Phil please check your math 😂😂

  • I love that Phil is a Parks fan. Rip Lil Sebastian

  • this is... so aquarius

  • phil is really channeling his inner rihanna with all the chains and whips mentions

  • I have realised through this video that me and Phil are actually fairly similar and it’s mostly because of social anxiety ✌🏻

  • Aww Phil's laugh at 12:08 is adorable

  • I don't know how to feel about the fact that I got the exact same percentage as Phil, although my graph looks different

  • you won't say fuck but you'll joke about bdsm and say "gettin out the whips and chains"??? phil set your priorities

  • 12:52 Phil do you know math it’s 53% not 63%

  • i did this test afterwards and i was literally nothing for everything except suspicion where i was FULL BARS lmao. clearly i got some pent up issues

  • Okay but i have never wished something bad to happen to people i don’t like???

  • 47% difficult means 63% easy going, and obviously 100% bad at maths 😅

  • you said attack on titan would be on japanese netflix but it isn't lol

  • “I don’t wanna toot my own horn or trumpet or any other woodwind instruments...” not quite bud. Good effort tho.

  • dan predict you tuber boxing (logan paul, jake paul, bryce hall etc)

  • Also the question of 'I'm suspicious of people even if they're loyal' I'm very much suspicious of everyone overly because of my abuser making me second guess everything all the time. And they'd get people to be lovely to my face, then actually be doing shit behind my back, so I'm always scared and anxious about it :(

  • Phil please, don't kill Dan

  • curse youtube for not sending me a notif for this

  • I'll suffer through hours of standing among lots of people... if it's a concert.... God, I miss concerts... 😂😊 Not like I actually see anything going on on stage... bc I'm only 5ft 3' (157,5m) & tall people ALWAYS stand in front of me 😬😬

  • Calling it now: The only reason the instagram thing wasn't 100% "not at all" was Dan being a troll and sliding it all the way to the right.

  • 'I'm suspicious of people' I'm not, my anxiety is 😅😅😬

  • Ah yes, good to know phil is actually 110% person

  • Phil really down played that he almost accidentally killed Dan lol like is anyone else actually worryed about dan's safety during their move

  • 100-47=53

  • What’s a bollot

  • Dan: well he eats my cereal so...

  • Phil I love you a lot just wanted you to know that 🥺🥺❤

  • I learnt that phil is bad a math

  • phil getting the basic maths wrong is gay culture

  • Every one knows Phil is an amazing person (pun not intended) . You cannot be a difficult person Phil, because you have saved so may people, myself included. Thankyou for everything you've ever done, we appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

  • So you're a bottom

  • I just did the test and I got 3.57%..... I've had people tell me I'm a good person but damn.

  • that "time for death" moment was an absolute meme, if were still crazy we could've made it the next lady door

  • is no one gonna mention that 47% plus 63% is 110%?