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19:08Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!
Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!visningar 944tnDag sedan
11:39Answering Questions I Would Usually Avoid
34:25Something we want to tell you!
Something we want to tell you!visningar 2,6mnMånad sedan
27:14A New Member of the Family!
A New Member of the Family!visningar 306tn2 månader sedan
17:07Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!
Viewers Pick My Outfits 2!visningar 615tn2 månader sedan
28:46The Story of How We Met
The Story of How We Metvisningar 348tn2 månader sedan
23:42Swedish MUKBANG with Seth Everman
Swedish MUKBANG with Seth Evermanvisningar 159tn2 månader sedan
10:58Trying to Predict 2021!
Trying to Predict 2021!visningar 189tn2 månader sedan
BEARD EDITS IN REAL LIFE!visningar 256tn2 månader sedan
29:45Our WORST Dating Experiences
Our WORST Dating Experiencesvisningar 463tn2 månader sedan
10:09Awkward Stories From The Closet 2
Awkward Stories From The Closet 2visningar 435tn3 månader sedan
10:22Buying The 9 Creepiest Things From Wish!
Buying The 9 Creepiest Things From Wish!visningar 349tn3 månader sedan
9:10Trying Pumpkin Spice On Every Food!
Trying Pumpkin Spice On Every Food!visningar 293tn4 månader sedan
9:43Why I Went To Hospital (again)
Why I Went To Hospital (again)visningar 477tn4 månader sedan
10:48Visiting My Hometown! (On Google Maps)
Visiting My Hometown! (On Google Maps)visningar 321tn5 månader sedan
KEEP IT OR YEET ITvisningar 495tn5 månader sedan
8:53Exposing My Browsing History!
Exposing My Browsing History!visningar 408tn6 månader sedan
11:35Trying To Catch And Rescue An Injured WILD Pigeon
10:21Awkward Stories From The Closet
Awkward Stories From The Closetvisningar 823tn7 månader sedan
10:32Coming Out - 1 Year Later
Coming Out - 1 Year Latervisningar 907tn7 månader sedan
10:24A Tour Of My Plants! (living and dead)
A Tour Of My Plants! (living and dead)visningar 453tn8 månader sedan
10:11Trying To Cut My Own Hair
Trying To Cut My Own Hairvisningar 510tn9 månader sedan
11:16Buying The 7 Strangest Things Wish Recommended Me!
12:05Making whipped tiktok Coffee - Easter Edition! 🐰
17:00I guess I just live in Animal Crossing now
I guess I just live in Animal Crossing nowvisningar 577tn10 månader sedan
17:49Social distancing with Animal Crossing!
Social distancing with Animal Crossing!visningar 748tn11 månader sedan
12:36Doing Things My Parents Never Let Me Do As A Kid 2


  • yes

  • good to see you gal pals in a video together

  • moths aren't horrendous :(

  • This is a comment specifically for Dan: stfu u beautiful atrocity, this is EXACTLY what we wanna see, just throw smth our way lmao

  • As an Australian, we don't claim whatever the fuck happened there

  • I would love another update 😍

  • "I did that!" *thousands of fans proceed to die*


  • I havent seen you guys in three years???? Wtf?

  • hello youtube yes I'm back here again

  • i’ve been watching this on repeat, i miss them aA

  • You could also say that they are Philling the Dans..! I'll close the door on my way out...

  • 7:20 Phil counting in German ein zwei drei funf vier Translation: One two three five four 🥺😂😭

  • u know they look more "EMO" then "PUNK"

  • I actually miss watching Dan and phill so much

  • I wish I could be with my best friends but I can't 😢☹️😟

  • Ok

  • I very recently realized that I was very, very into Disney princesses. Like I had a type and everything 😂 turns out my "type" was all the ones that either weren't connected to a man, and also some where I liked the man too lol - Mulan (hello, Shang the bi icon), Merida, Elsa, and also Pocahontas and Jasmine. yeah that was....a thing. I'm also grey-ace though, so it wasn't a sexual thing? just, lots of aesthetic attraction lmao

  • Dan and phil Horcrux lol

  • Feels like I’m back in 2015 watching them on my family computer

  • I hope the girls who made this still watch you!! I’d love to see their reaction to this 🤭

  • Had to pause to cry after “hamster in a hat”

  • i have been summoned from the grave

  • we miss you suki <3

  • pls omg i will pay you to adopt me

  • you know, maybe 2021 wont be so bad after all

  • What on earth is this video 😂😂😂



  • Seeing them back together and so genuine about their true selves is honestly the most moving thing I have witnessed in MONTHS.

  • Seeing them back together and so genuine about their true selves is honestly the most moving thing I have witnessed in MONTHS.

  • daIRY prOduCts?!!! Y'all sent him the milk fic?!

  • Gotta watch every Dan and Phil vid 3 times. One time to watch them both, one-time to watch Dan, and one time to watch Phil (with occasional glances at the other one throughout the video).

  • This is before I've watched the whole... I bet so many of them are RickRolls Edit: 2:52 same, Phil, same

  • i honestly haven't watched either of them in years but this video made me remember how much i like them and their dynamic and it's only gotten better since the time when i was a huge fan

  • I miss this content so much. It is exactly what my world needs. Watching Dan and Phil feels so nostalgic now.

  • The coke is hitting XD

  • Dan please i cant use sterio i messed up my age pls just use discord

  • I used to watch u from the age of 5 ima og fan

  • I made the mistake of watching this while drinking a cup of water

  • I miss this

  • ive missed u both together so much My lifes purpose has been restored

  • Watching this in 2021 missing the DAPG videos🥲

  • 8:46 by the grace of god somehow i'd completely forgotten about that and dan has pulled it from the very depths of my memory, i feel violated

  • 3:26 what the fuck is that conversation it makes No Sense how do they understand each other

  • this unlocked so many forgotten memories

  • this will haunt me forever

  • just been catapulted back to middle school

  • This video cured my depression

  • I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE DAN AGAIN! Thank you for the funny/lovely video, Phil!

  • 14:11 dan looks revolted

  • Who wrote the h*t f*c and how much do they regret it

  • what happened to sechs and sieben, philip

  • it’s been years and i still cant find phil

  • this felt like catching up with middle school friends who you haven't seen in years im kind emo rn : ,)

  • Love this

  • All of these comments are still from 6 years ago 😳😳 I see no recent ones

  • Dan pronouncing it s yowie is giving me middle school flashbacks from before I learned how to pronounce it ajhjfdlghkkl

  • why didn't this show up in my subscriptions page?? OMG

  • 16:52 Am I the only one who just really missed dans laugh? It genuinely made me feel so happy

  • We need you both now more than ever!!! We miss you

  • Oh my god I forgot about the hamster fic 😳🤢

  • Oh I wish I could be good at lap dancing, I tried but is not for me. :(

  • i’ve honestly missed Dans laugh

  • not to be a cannibal on main but

  • This literally made my day

  • Are you going to continue Danandphilgames

  • dans face in the thumpnail is sinister

  • Thanks for the ace shoutout! With or without v-card (weird concept in general tbh) feels very validating ^_^

  • i know dan has hated on phils jumper before but its so CUTE its stepdad chic

  • I've never had a community guideline breech I'm gonna say until now

  • Dan's reaction when eating the banana cake thing made this feel just a little more personal and awkward-

  • I want the sloth sooo bad

  • Don't mind my german ass just waching this video enjoing Dan's apperence and stuff and just casually spilling my drink all over myself when Phil suddenly starts counting in german. Also: HoW cOuLd I fOrGeT tHe SeChs✨

  • oml not the hamster fic i was traumatised 💀

  • i’ve been watching y’all since i was 12 and now i’m 21 :,)

  • I legit thought my dog barked at the beginning of the video XD

  • god i didn’t realize how much i needed this

  • Omg you don't know how much I have missed these!!

  • This video just cheered me up after I deleted eleven pages of a graded paper. Luckily my bf could get a previous version back. Thanks for making me laugh after this mini breakdown. Really needed that!