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0:37Barber Life Hack tiktok juliodiddahcut
Barber Life Hack tiktok juliodiddahcutvisningar 100tn22 timmar sedan
0:33Not So Glorious Side Of Farming tiktok farmerstace
0:30How To Make The Best Wrap tiktok eatparsleylv
0:39I Decided To Recycle My Bowls tiktok kelseyakin
0:22How Pirate Glass Looks Like tiktok mddesigns16
0:16Me Trying To Help A Frog Out tiktok  beluca
Me Trying To Help A Frog Out tiktok belucavisningar 9tn22 timmar sedan
0:55My Mom's Biggest Priority tiktok soupimcup
My Mom's Biggest Priority tiktok soupimcupvisningar 1mn22 timmar sedan
0:15Propagating A Carrot tiktok mtplanters
Propagating A Carrot tiktok mtplantersvisningar 9tn22 timmar sedan
0:59Fake Tattoo Skin Date Idea tiktok hannahnovadudley
0:47Tie Dying With Ice Cubes tiktok fancyvelveeta


  • Yeah, can’t hide a body there.

  • Yeah, that's ma girl bish ;*

  • Don't roll it up there's gonna be mold

  • Got in 4k

  • People refunding 🤙

  • Hmm nice catch

  • I thought that her nail was going to get in her eyes

  • Okay but he looks good with the beard ngl

  • I was doing it right all this time 😭😂🍫

  • Your desk would look better without that keyboard

  • The funniest part is that the cups are actually empty 😂.. what the fuck .

  • Karen be like...

  • damn, he's a josh

  • name of the song plz

  • this is a food ritual lol i have an eating disorder and i do these stuff

  • The groundbreaking solution that I’ve never been able to come up with myself *soap and water* 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • This is why kids need jobs, otherwise their intelligence shows.

  • I am a boy and i had to straighten my hair once( i cant remember why) But that shit felt like sorcery

  • Thought she broke her leg with that sound ✋💀

  • like a carpet?

  • The horse is skinny but I love bourse I have two myself

  • Yes anime

  • You could just say I will tell you when you're older I mean your not lying.

  • “ i am gonna teach you how to eat a fr” sure cause what else can you teach 🤷‍♀️

  • Lettsssss go volllllllleeeeyeyeyey ballllll

  • U smell had

  • How do you drink tequila and don't fall

  • A snack is a snack! No one gives a damn! (Okay maybe if it's kit-kat but still)

  • As it’s a paint sprayer 👺😃😶🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Dont listen to that racist lmao everybody eats porkbelly its rlly good

  • Why does this give me kourtny kardashian how to eat a KitKat vibes 😂😂😂😂

  • Pork belly is awesome

  • Love how the girl filming sounds like she's about to/is crying, as would I 😅🤭

  • Hun you don’t need any of that

  • she is looking like mario judah

  • Do elementary kids all have phones now?

  • ✨Yaaaaaaaaaassssss~!!!! ✨

  • No realy, and I thought it was freshly baked in a drill

  • But Asians litterally eat bats and cause pandemics

  • Haikyuu be like:

  • I definitely wanna see more please post more

  • What do I do if I have a razer mouse pad with lighting and a usb cord

  • Good job I only get mine done if I need to get it trimmed I want to get it dyed or I want it sort

  • If the hair and general look doesnt already scream "give me attention" it sure does when you combine it with this useless video

  • Dude booooring

  • But I was always on thier moms phone

  • And then roll it up like burrito 🌯

  • Imagine if she’s just typing to herself or a relative 🤣

  • Nice great way to break your finger

  • The ground moved too

  • Now, what about if its rgb with a speaker?

  • This video was pointless

  • I have leds on Mine

  • This video portrays exactly how redditors see themselves in their minds💀

  • Was this supposed to be funny?

  • Me while watching this:KAGEYAMA Hi other haikyuu fans :)

  • Bruh children corrupt others


  • the whole comment section is just upsetting, y'all don't have an idea how fucking scared is for us to feel unsafe even walking in the streets. she's not overreacting, she's just scared and she has the absolutely right to be, shut the fuck up.

  • You lost a customer You lost the fight and you ain't gonna come here again .

  • Plot twist his mouse pad is white

  • Why not just throw it in the washer?

  • Women like this terrify me! Psycho much?

  • Bro, can people not take a joke?

  • Good on you for standing up for yourself

  • All true ! I had covid and boy let me tell u I was drinking my Seagrams gin and tasted like water that got u drunk 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thats why i saw on amazon a office mice for 1.4k

  • This shit so fake they had to cover it with foil

  • She just got a free Uber ride

  • I thought I was the only one I-

  • wait it was blue?????????????

  • Imagine being a man and walking with your friends like that’s illegal and inconsiderate

  • This is amazing please post more!

  • Way to much spray I don’t think u even know what u are doing also all u done was brush it it takes a lot more than that to care for black peoples hair what u just done is nothing makes me think is that what u do to u hair 🤔🤭😔

  • That voice crack😂

  • This is str8 r8p

  • So true

  • Wait at the end it turned blue howw

  • Tutorial on how to become fat?

  • I wish my parents did that with me ;-;