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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to FOOD THEORY, where brain food is always on the menu! Are you ready to debunk food's greatest myths? Does using science to save money at your favorite restaurants sound appetizing to you? Then you are in for a treat! From the best hacks for your McDonald's fast food order to the dark history of food mascots, we cover it all! Get ready to take a big bite out of food's greatest mysteries and join the Food Theorist's community today!

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16:12Food Theory: The DARK Secret of Oreos
Food Theory: The DARK Secret of Oreosvisningar 2,9mn21 dag sedan
24:32Food Theory: I QUIT Diet Coke!
Food Theory: I QUIT Diet Coke!visningar 2,9mnMånad sedan
10:47Food Theory: They LIED To You About Food Comas!
14:58Food Theory: Taco Bell Is Killing Amazon!
10:56Food Theory: Can Chocolate Make You Fall In LOVE?
11:41Food Theory: You Can TASTE This Video... Soon...
13:00Food Theory: Cheetos Are Cow Food!
Food Theory: Cheetos Are Cow Food!visningar 4mn3 månader sedan
11:11Food Theory: MrBeast Burger Is NOT What You Think...
13:37Food Theory: You Are Drinking Your Champagne WRONG!
15:39Food Theory: STOP Ordering Your Pizza Like This!
12:03Food Theory: Chocolate is a LIE!
Food Theory: Chocolate is a LIE!visningar 3mn4 månader sedan
12:15Food Theory: Never Order A Burger King Medium Soda!
14:34Food Theory: Is Your Cake ILLEGAL?
Food Theory: Is Your Cake ILLEGAL?visningar 2mn4 månader sedan
15:54Food Theory: McDonald's is NOT a Restaurant!
14:31Food Theory: Is Subway Bread ACTUALLY Cake?
Food Theory: Is Subway Bread ACTUALLY Cake?visningar 3,7mn5 månader sedan
17:23Food Theory: Did Burger King JUST Break The Law?


  • Most grocery stores have a small tank of live lobster so theoretically he could have started a lobster farm

  • If society collapses, what would be the best way to grow enough plants to survive off for a family to survive on a normal half acre residential lot year round?

  • Me: knowing this is going to be dumb Me: also clicking on the video because why not

  • if i am not mistaken, mushrooms take more energy to digest then can be produced by them due to their nature. also, wouldn't the seeds in the produce be un usable due to sterilizing?

  • The GrubHub ARG

  • (Food theory): is it possible to make coffee jelly from: The disastrous life of Saiki K.???

  • This was such a fun video to watch. Thank you!

  • Like that bliss is the background when he's smoking the food even though it's a doomsday scenario

  • Did y'all get a march madness sponsor???

  • 0:01 asus monitor to a samsung monitor, can mat turn iron to gold?

  • Lol my only appetite is knowledge

  • A and b

  • but if he leaves the window open, the zombies will get in!!

  • This could be a movie for netflix

  • Have you ever seen your neighbors bring in groceries... we live in a simulation 😳

  • Some stores have seeds and dirt so you could technically stay there for the rest of your life.

  • Wot

  • Theory: how long can you survive on a island you get stranded on from a (boat) crash...?

  • Mushrooms or death? I’d choose death. Blegh.

  • Food theory idea: Which brand of popcorn will pop the most popcorn per bag?

  • He knows the answer he doesn’t wanna “spoil” it

  • I don't think he's getting any future generations after 63 years apart. Even might still be good to go but theorista's oven isn't working no more, if you get my meaning

  • Don’t try to hide it I see your agony

  • We now know that the last channel is gonna be blue. With two possible circles at the top.

  • Hi food theory/game theory/move theory I hade an idea on your next theory channel like life theory and I have an idea about a video how long can one live on a old abandoned farm but I like how you guys like to think things out rilly hard so you get to bring one of the three seeds/foods Mellon seed, apple seed ,and potato and there is a multiple of 20 of these seeds/foods

  • Food theory: How many calories can a human eat? Like so Matt can see

  • Mushroom tea. Brought to you by Exhibition station. Metro 2033.

  • i live in mn and i approve this idea.

  • not a theory idea but why is there no book theory

  • 14:06 is that Jinyoung?

  • Anyone else scrolling and Trying to find even

  • *Forgets about the backup generator*

  • 4:19 and I will follow on the episode but, Mat Pat dodge the question even having all the resources would be the proper response because is how long... maximum long not minimum, but lest find out.

  • What’s the best way to cook a steak?

  • Chanel idea comic theory

  • mushrooms for the win.

  • How many pounds could you gain in 24 hours

  • Diet Dr. Pepper, dude. Forget Cola.

  • So my amazing bagel with cheese on top of an egg is a sandwich?

  • My grocery store is a bit smaller than most others, however, it is right next to a hardware store! It may be cheating but there’s probably enough space and Potting soil not to mention tools to start a whole plot! Not to mention it would have tools that can be used for filtering the air from the potentially toxic outside environment! Also- could I prevent the degradation of some food items by placing them into ziplock backs?

  • how about shakes!

  • HEY MatPat! FILM Theory idea: do the lore on Lumpy Touch's Garfield Horror GB Game; otherwise referred to as Gorefield.

  • That was time wizard. do you play Yu-Gi-Oh because I saw time wizard

  • Food theory idea: how long could you be eating rotten food?

  • if this is Food Theory, and there's Game and Film Theory........ then.... what's.........?

  • ohh no evan the crying child

  • I wanna know if you accounted for if you used the freezers and refrigerators like coolers, on top of that, you can use ice, to make them into iceboxes as well, the thing used before refrigerators were a thing, I know most grocery stores have ice

  • ahem, scp 3008

  • Is it really possible for the world to be completely and sustainably vegan?

  • Imagine if he had electricity

  • I guess I have an idea too, it’s food/ game theory, is rotten flesh (Minecraft) actually safe to eat, or what is in enchanted golden apples

  • please do a choosing the best restaurant in the Philippines or other countries.

  • now that is appetizing to me :D

  • This would make an intresting movie

  • Hey i just applied to food lion.

  • B

  • I wonder if the same premise would work with regular ice cream. Can you do self rising flower with just some store brand ice cream?

  • My name is Evan

  • at my grocery store there are seeds around the summer time and using the spoiled food and if he can get his hands on some soil he could last longer.

  • What about doing a theory on The Martian? Seeing if it’s possible to grow potatoes and survive on Mars’s with the supplies and space he has?

  • I died in the grocery because starvation starvation Joke. By the way

  • 7:47 new theory channel

  • Here’s the real question how long could you survive in matpat

  • what about taking a shower....

  • Evan wanted to know how long a human could survive in a grocery store, and he got a lifetime of canned foods, chips, dog food and mushrooms. But at least he got a girlfriend.

  • I didn't know Kellogg from fallout 4 made cerial I gouss that's why he is part syth because he's rich from his core flakes

  • Is cereal soup?

  • well... after a few years doesn't the plastic and metal itself begin to contaminate the food inside?

  • Food theory idea: Out of a Omnivore, Herbivore or Carnivore diet, which is the least costly option?

  • Omg. Mat I dont know if you know this, but Muslims also have a similar thing to "kosher" which is "Halal". Because of it *We also don't eat ANYTHING that has pig in it.* and unlike the 50% that commit to kosher EVERY muslim is expected to follow halal. Eating pig is not an option. So, Maybe Oreo was killing 2 birds with one stone; eliminating hydrox & expanding their profit by making it both *kosher AND halal.* Muslim religion was on the rise anyway. And muslim-middle eastern people LOVE Oreos so much. I can't imagine an alternate universe were Oreos had pig in them and were'nt kosher OR halal. Then they would have lost +1.8 billion muslim customers!!!

  • Food theory: How long would you be able to survive JUST off Hot Pockets?


  • DadPat will consume this realm..

  • I can't believe that I was surprised by the fact that you can GROW food.

  • You can also propagate most leafy vegetables in water without soil. They won't grow to full size, but it means some fresh vegetables with no soil necessary if he had enough water

  • OH MY GOD!!! YES!!! As someone who works in a grocery store, I've been waiting YEARS for someone to talk about category captains and the power they have over how their products and the products of their competitors are presented in stores!!!

  • Hello Matpat. I have been seeing tiktoks about apple juice sounding like a apple I you bite into it and don't know if it's real since it's Tiktok. And I don't want to spend money on it so could you tell us if it's real? If you do it will be joyful. Thank you,

  • bro this backstory for evan has got me on the edge of my seat faster than a live action drama on netflix lsdjf

  • How do you say capsaicin

  • what about replanting the rotting fruits