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0:17Biden family dogs make White House debut
Biden family dogs make White House debutvisningar 88tn3 dagar sedan
5:05Four years of Trump falsehoods | Fact Checker
12:38WATCH: McCarthy holds weekly news conference
2:50Inauguration Day, in 3 minutes
Inauguration Day, in 3 minutesvisningar 58tn8 dagar sedan
21:43President Biden's full inaugural address
President Biden's full inaugural addressvisningar 26tn8 dagar sedan
2:49Trump's farewell message, fact-checked
Trump's farewell message, fact-checkedvisningar 679tn9 dagar sedan
1:23Biden hosts vigil for coronavirus victims
1:50Biden in tears as he says goodbye to Delaware
1:19Downtown D.C. is a fortress as inauguration nears
14:28Inside the U.S. Capitol at the height of the siege
9:42Trump is impeached, again | Impeachment This Week
19:53WATCH: Pelosi holds weekly news conference
WATCH: Pelosi holds weekly news conferencevisningar 144tn13 dagar sedan
2:32YouTube locks Trump’s official account
YouTube locks Trump’s official accountvisningar 88tn14 dagar sedan


  • Tupac 😂😂

  • Disgusting

  • What was that popping sound? Was it a gun? Or was that banging?

  • This is bullshit, you never run from bears not from any type Black bears are the most predatory of all bears besides polar bears. Running excites them, they love chasing prey.

  • What about la raza a racist communist group in southern california may be pro Mexican or Chicano which may be good but also pro communist

  • They resented him from the beginning.he wanted transparency and they didn't want to speak in front of the press.

  • Could you imagine Biden standing up to people like this? I can’t either...

  • Freedom, Justice and Democracy!

  • Love you Sinead!

  • People need to pray hard for this country. Lot of lies tricks to get people discourage turn against each others. Dictators like total control they want to break you . pray. Be true to yourselves and Trust God . he is the only one that can pilot us through this storm.

  • Seems to me he just followed the camera dude.

  • Just purchased 3 from the border haha

  • 5:35 "Democracy Dies In Darkness" - Washington Post

  • You know this video, is still blaming Trump for this atrocious behaviour! And yet there is nothing absolutely nothing that is said for Trump or By Trump, that order's or hypes these rioters into doing what they did! AND some Trump fans try to help the police & guards, from those who are really trying to do damage & wanting to harm people! But the Democratic's & Nancy Pelosi have put a different spin on things. Im guessing the members of BLM where employed to do exactly what they did. They (Dem's) know it & so does most of the world now! But Nancy Pelosi has kept the narrative going, & for all the lies they have told, may they burn in hell with their idol God Lucifer, for they most certainly don't deserve the kingdom of Our God. I dont believe in violence to solve anything, but im sure that can't be said for the Democratic's & Biden, & who knows maybe that's exactly what they will do, start a war! I'm just hoping they have Obama locked up, he knows the it's & out's of the White House & assuming that's where Biden is being held? Obama is close to being the head of the snake, & he wants back in the driver's seat. That man is pure evil.

  • They can still come by boot or under ground .so what's the point

  • Way to edit out Trump's call for a peaceful protest. No agenda here 🙄

  • Thank you, Senator Pat Toomey (PA), for maintaining the integrity of the Keystone State.

  • It's now 10 months later, and these doctors were proved absolutely correct, you dipshit reporters! Oh, mathematically, you could say Covid-19 has 3 times more IFR; infection to fatality rates. This according to the CDC and WHO's best estimate charts. But we're talking .001 IFR for influenza and .003 IFR for COVID! Big F****king deal! Truthfully, the numbers of COVID deaths are likely the same or far less than the annual flu season because of this fact now proven: THE PCR TEST MERITS 80% FALSE POSITIVES!! It's highly inaccurate, and half of the death cases they never even took the 48 hours necessary to prove that enough viral load was in the patient; by limiting the cycle thresholds to below 25!1 (See You Tube Videos on the problems with PCR tests). So that means the death rate is far lower even than the "official stats! #2: The infectious disease experts" that you claim disagree with these doctors are actually those that scored low in their class on virology; or they're being paid off by Big Pharma to incite fear in the masses so that they will justify mass forced vaccinations and forced drug use. Use your brain, dipsticks!! Every year, as the doctor stated, the flu kills 40,000 to 60,000 people in the US, pneumonia kills another 20-30,000, and other viruses the same. But do we social distance with people, close down businesses, or restrict gatherings of people, force mask wearing every year during flu season??? The NIH, WHO, and several university studies around the country proved that 70-80% of hospital admissions for so-called Covid-19 were with people who wore masks and isolated themselves! Any well trained virologist knows that we build our immune systems stronger by interacting with people, and yes; sharing viral material. Hell, any person with half a brain can deduce that! The more you isolate yourself from outside and other people, the sicker you'll be! Shame on SEnewss for taking that video down!!

  • The left literally just tried to claim 2+2=5 on Twitter and said math is a form of colonization. But yeah, you're right. Orange man bad. Smh

  • One thing Trump knows how to do is make some ugly as$ kids😫😔

  • 🤮

  • I don't even feel remotely sorry for Nancy Pelosi!

  • Two face bastards

  • 1:01 lmao at the zoom and the funniest thing is that Kim Jong Un speaks english so he understood it 😂 dude got so shooked he couldn’t believe it

  • WOW!!

  • It’s over people ... this is what’ I noticed about many Americans... they think their view is always RIGHT and others views are wring and make it into a fight They can never just have a view and let others have theirs.. their view IS right the only truth. Very narrow minded

  • "And what's next to it?" Lol what all of us were wondering

  • You tube ... don’t alert me to this crap again! He IS the best president ever.. nothing you post will change the minds of people who actually have one!

  • It’s not just your house lady .. wow another narcissist

  • You respect the blue ? You go It’s killed them

  • It was peaceful bah ha ha

  • Thats what journalist should be.ut must be straight forward no lies not afraid.american journalist should learn from other countries

  • Dam bro that's crazy.... Have this ratio :)

  • Good for them, get that dumbass off the plane

  • This criminal should get on trial

  • Who is Tucker Carlson and why does he look like he needs to poop? All that t.v. dinner money must be constipating. Maybe being raised wealthy isn’t the best way to develop character traits worth having?

  • We are listening!!! So much respect for you💗💗💗

  • They can’t have sold many of those Mike Pence dolls

  • This guy waffles on and on and on ....stfu

  • Barron ok

  • Pence the traitor

  • Me waiting for the " shouting match" like : 🤨

  • Donald Trump 2021 🇺🇸. MA🇺🇸GA. Chineses🇹🇼 for Trump🇺🇸. Chinese🇹🇼-Americans🇺🇸 for Trump🇺🇸.

  • Biden has done more in a few days than Trump has done in four years. Trump is a narcissistic, self-centered, compulsive lier, backstabbing, racist, corrupt, tax dodging, egomaniac, that doesn't pay his debts. and relies on bankruptcy to get away with it. But other than that he is a great guy.

  • Excelente President trump con pantalones bien puesto y muy claro

  • But mobs occupying senators and congressional offices are legal during the attempt to repeal Obamacare and the Kavanaugh confirmation right? Typical left wing media.

  • God Bless Trump for standing up to these plants.

  • donny (Copper-Head/Copper-Top) trump needs to be punished!! That SOB is trying to pull this $h!t and divide our nation! 🤛🏾 he needs a good foot to his @$$!!

  • Ignorance is truly bliss.

  • Some people you can just look at and tell they had a [email protected] up childhood.

  • Me 2

  • White House for kamala, this is racism?

  • Ah the good old days. We'll be back tho.

  • Do people not notice joe biden sleeping the entire time?

  • Joe Biden and his zombies

  • WP......A once great news paerr....how far it has fallen... Typists for hate filled leftists... I dare say, not Pres. Biden and not one of the last or 9 presidents would come close to accomplishing what Pres. Trump has accomplished.... Were mistakes made...certainly ...But lets admit also that most of Pres. Trumps actions were swift, decisive and correct. He was laughed at when he said a vaccine would come in a year...he was called a racist, xenophobe for closing the borders...he set up an unheard off network of industries which retooled to provide ventilators etc...all the while trying to navigate the conflicting information pushed his way....He was in uncharted waters and guided the country incredibly well... Washington Post..Democracy Dies in Darkness...? ...They officially shut the lights off there when that leftist oligarch realized he could use the paper to destroy people .... he would be applauded too.... a great shame...

  • But “storming the Capitol” was a no no hmmmm

  • Trump is a beast. Wish stuff like this was all over the media, social media and late night talk shows.

  • Excuse me was I watching Mr.Bean or Charlie Chaplin.......🤣🤣

  • Pence looks like Trump's Dummy, just props him up in the chair, yes he got his wall extention, at the Taxpayers expense, but not the Tunnels, or the Traffickers, or the Drug Cartels, Trump had nothing to Bragg about ever in his lifetime, Marriages, Business, Presidency, he is who he is a user and abuser to the American system, totally none committed to anyone or anything other than himself 😩😬😉

  • He’s the best

  • BIDEN is going to need a 20 minute NEWS Loop for the next FOUR years saying “I am the current President “ for the incompetent delusional winner.

  • Looks like no one cared....oh yes, they didn't.

  • In the future, this is going to be a movie.

  • Still love sinead o'connor...beautiful talented women so sad what she has gone through..still love her voice

  • LOL not president

  • For anyone who reads this, it's going to happen pretty soon. 2021 might be the bloodiest year for american people. Pick a side.

  • I was anticipating a jumpscare from Pence My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined

  • Among Us

  • Trump is the best president ever

  • LOL that means trump is still president😂 impeachment over what? A president? Lmfao

  • I love how the president casually has his woofers barking at reporters and roaming around the south lawn. This just goes to show Biden is more of a common dude than Trump

  • Morons

  • THIS is just more propaganda from the communists, the peddlers of fake news. They continue to create "independent" "sources" to cover their lies and this videos is an example of such. Beware. Fake news.

  • Why didnt the Democrats call social workers?

  • Wow, lots of troll action in these comments, beware people.

  • Hi kids! Just wanted to say Hello because we knew you’d see this in 10-20 years in future while studying this important day in history.

  • Well all of you look like big fools. & all of you need to be in jail

  • America

  • They put a fobbit in charge?