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4:24Justin Bieber - Anyone
Justin Bieber - Anyonevisningar 39mn18 dagar sedan
5:29Justin Bieber - Holy ft. Chance The Rapper
Justin Bieber - Holy ft. Chance The Rappervisningar 108mn4 månader sedan
2:56Justin Bieber - E.T.A. (Nature Visual)
Justin Bieber - E.T.A. (Nature Visual)visningar 14mn8 månader sedan
4:18Justin Bieber - Available (Nature Visual)
Justin Bieber - Available (Nature Visual)visningar 8mn9 månader sedan
2:54Justin Bieber - Habitual (Nature Visual)
Justin Bieber - Habitual (Nature Visual)visningar 11mn9 månader sedan
2:19Justin Bieber - Changes (Nature Visual)
Justin Bieber - Changes (Nature Visual)visningar 8mn10 månader sedan
2:50Justin Bieber - Changes (CHANGES: The Movement)
Justin Bieber - Changes (CHANGES: The Movement)visningar 1,7mn10 månader sedan
3:16Justin Bieber - E.T.A. (CHANGES: The Movement)
Justin Bieber - E.T.A. (CHANGES: The Movement)visningar 4,1mn10 månader sedan
4:09Justin Bieber - Available (CHANGES: The Movement)
3:01Justin Bieber - Habitual (CHANGES: The Movement)
3:51Justin Bieber - Yummy (Official Video)
3:24Justin Bieber - Yummy (Lyric Video)
42:10Justin Bieber - PURPOSE : The Movement
3:19Justin Bieber - Sorry (Official Lyric Video)
3:41Justin Bieber - All That Matters
Justin Bieber - All That Mattersvisningar 214mn7 år sedan
2:47Justin Bieber - Change Me
Justin Bieber - Change Mevisningar 12mn7 år sedan
0:16Justin Bieber - All That Matters (Teaser)
5:18Justin Bieber - PYD ft. R. Kelly
Justin Bieber - PYD ft. R. Kellyvisningar 8mn7 år sedan
3:03Justin Bieber - All Bad
Justin Bieber - All Badvisningar 13mn7 år sedan
2:26Justin Bieber - Bad Day (Official Audio)
3:03Justin Bieber - Recovery (Audio)
Justin Bieber - Recovery (Audio)visningar 22mn7 år sedan
4:15Justin Bieber - Hold Tight (Official Audio)
3:49Justin Bieber - I Would (Audio)
Justin Bieber - I Would (Audio)visningar 12mn8 år sedan
3:46Justin Bieber - Yellow Raincoat (Audio)
3:20Justin Bieber - Nothing Like Us (Audio)


  • Am I going crazy or does this girl look identical to selena???

  • I really like this performance

  • my son❤️❤️❤️

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  • Janeiro 2021 ❤️

  • Did Justin Bieber really shave his legs for this video?

  • Tem algum BR

  • Who is watching in 2021 if you are give this a like 👍

  • Algum BR em 2021

  • ağlıyorum ya zaman ne çabuk geçiyo

  • Fun fact: u are waching dis in 2021

  • Like if you’re here in 2021🤧

  • Thank you for singing this song. It lets us know more about you that everybody do not know about your life.

  • 2:21 why did his chin do that

  • Justin Bieber will burn in hell forever

  • Not me watching this after 8 years...

  • dumb man

  • I really loved this song... It really has a beautiful meaning...

  • You See my 5 seconds video

  • 2021?

  • I‘m do Lonly

  • Thierry é melhor

  • La canción de toda mi infancia ❤️

  • Wow

  • It is a grow up song from justin.

  • And who is getting tired of reading those comments like- Who is listening it in 2021, pleeease like my comment. The same comment is everywhere in youtube and now it's getting disgusting

  • Yeh right !!! this man’s a stick y’all really think he can fight smh 🤦‍♂️ 😂 in his dreams

  • If you see my comment under all these comments then you are a lucky star🍻☄🌟

  • if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all the terrible things and bad stuff happening, you’re an actual legend <3

  • Agguie looking fresh idk his real name

  • Pizzagate

  • 2021 anyone

  • Wer ist gerade auch im Loch ? 🙄🕳

    • Jedes Wochenende was denn

  • Theres so many things I want from him but he will never change

  • New year...same old me...

  • People that disliked this video really don't like good things at all.

  • This reminds me of naruto

  • How does this song have 2.3 billion views but only 16 million likes?

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  • Okay, but why so many dislikes

  • This blow up bc of harry potter tik tok #dracotok 😂😂👱🏻‍♂️💚

  • the fact that he is not even in the video and it has over 1.5B views proves that he DOES have talent :)

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  • I love this song

  • If you're whining about who ya mamma likes or doesn't like a song, you need to grow up.

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  • Lets see how many people are watching this in 2021

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  • Sorry justin isn’t here

  • WoW Nice song Nice video this song is for hailley.you both are a nice couple.❤️😘

  • This song descibe JB life

  • My ex is a clone of this dude.. i was a belieber for 10 years.. until he ruined it.. ugh..

  • The price he has payed to be famous at such a young age not knowing what he was getting into. May he find light for his heavy soul 🙏🙏

  • Januari 2021 JUSTIN BIEBER love 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  • who is here in 2021?

  • if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all the terrible things and bad stuff happening, you’re an actual legend <3

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  • why your you fight Justin biber

  • this is logan paul righT?

  • Sorry...

  • Justin mastered tiktok transitions before they did

  • Love this song.I feel like this song lonlnley

  • Te voy amar toda la vida!!! 💜🍔

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  • Whole vibes 🔥🔥

  • Even tho the story was sad

  • I can’t believe I searched this and sung the whole song

  • Man u guys reach full potential your good

  • Esto trae buenos recuerdos🤩🤩😻

  • amo a música sorry

  • Man get away she does not like you

  • my favorite song 🎵💘

  • Te amo fã número 1

  • Love Justin Bieber

  • Where his tattoo?

  • Who still watching this in 2020 lol 😂

  • Justin Bieber this song pulls at my heart strings along with the occasional tear. Appears you’ve matured a lot and it shows in your music. Have learned in my six plus decades they’ll always be those that will kick you when you’re down, even when you’re enjoying success - wishing you many more years of growth, success and less paparazzi ✌️

  • yeah, not proud of myself..