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1:45Justin Bieber - MLK Interlude (Visualizer)
Justin Bieber - MLK Interlude (Visualizer)visningar 985tn28 dagar sedan
2:33Justin Bieber - 2 Much (Visualizer)
Justin Bieber - 2 Much (Visualizer)visningar 4mn28 dagar sedan
3:18Justin Bieber - Peaches ft. Daniel Caesar, Giveon
2:34Justin Bieber - Ghost (Visualizer)
Justin Bieber - Ghost (Visualizer)visningar 4,2mn28 dagar sedan
3:00Justin Bieber - Somebody (Visualizer)
Justin Bieber - Somebody (Visualizer)visningar 2,8mn28 dagar sedan
2:37Justin Bieber - Off My Face (Visualizer)
Justin Bieber - Off My Face (Visualizer)visningar 3,8mn28 dagar sedan
3:08Justin Bieber - Deserve You (Visualizer)
Justin Bieber - Deserve You (Visualizer)visningar 4,5mn28 dagar sedan
5:09Justin Bieber - Hold On
Justin Bieber - Hold Onvisningar 39mnMånad sedan
4:24Justin Bieber - Anyone
Justin Bieber - Anyonevisningar 68mn3 månader sedan
3:01Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber - Monster (Lyric Video)


  • welp, another hit for Justin

  • Rolon 😌

  • I miss you more than life

  • matando a sdds de qnd eu era belieber

  • April, 2021✨

  • Dancing is firreee

  • Que lindo que era antes ptm😍😍😍😍

  • yo consigo el faso allá en el cante nieri

  • I get my..,? 👾⌚🕶️💋💋

  • This song slapped so hard I flew to Georgia❤️

  • I didn’t know young drake was in this video. 1:20

  • Someone here 2021? 💜😭

  • Que grosera cancion 🤬🤬🤬

  • meu amorzinho de todas as vidas>>

  • justin you need to do a song with bad bunny we want him to do with bad bunny or jhay cuts I'm your fans 5 years ago support the comment please len like

  • 💖💖💖

  • That peach suit was made by my friend RichFresh! He did that and deserves mention.

  • That girl looks just like selena with her hair & smile 😂

  • meo essa musica passou inteira só nos anúncios do tiktok kkk

  • 11 years old , but still better

  • you 10

  • bad ass bltch


  • Me

  • Justin: If i was you boyfriend... Me: you're married now

  • In 2021 😂😂

  • In 1:14 you see drake


  • quen escucha en 2021

  • Que música!! ♡♡

  • Really old people listen to your music in resthomes

    • I’m Justin beibers real mum

    • I bet you cried when I posted that

    • You upset about me ruing you’re song for the day

    • Why are you hanging out in bathrooms with old people? Freak!

  • Say that you miss me. Yes I miss the good old days

  • Reel references makes to visit here😂😍

  • Ah yes a good R&B Song love it

  • Era uma adolescente quando achei que ia morrer por amor kkkkk só ouvia essa msc ai era que eu sofria kkkkk

  • 12million dislikes 17million likes🐷

  • Tamo

  • What's The Car’s Make & Model 🤔🇺🇸

  • Deja,ya me quedo claro quien piso la bandera argentina :)

  • 2021🔥

  • Toto brought me here.

  • April 2021

  • I feel sorry for justin, i hate u and i dont know what happens to u. Now i know, keep strong bro

  • La canción favorita de la niña más hermosa que eh conocido en mi vida y a la que me gusta abrazar 🥺

  • Infulencer na leave

  • Nooo

  • What?gordon remzy im gordon remzy

  • I love you justin bieber

  • Bro he look like The Kid Laroi so hard lol

  • I thought Bieber speaking Korean lmao

  • Wait he said weed??. I thought it was weave tfff

  • 2021👍👍👍

  • i love Justin Bieber

  • Ariana you and Justin sound so amazing together you would do more duets

  • Nicki the Queen 👸 👑

  • I'm off my face for this awesome song. Well done Justin. Beautiful

  • Seriously this guy is just talented and I’m so proud 🥲 Love you Justin ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • If they dont play this at my funeral i am not dying

  • no puede ser tan facheeerooooooooooooooooooo

  • this song, most 2 milion view every day..

  • I sleep bye

  • Meghan stallion jaja tatattá

  • Omg this girl...lile ugly selena copi...shame ..

  • Na which the stupid u

  • I’m really confused, in the description under artists it says Justin and Ariana Grande

  • Love Bro <3

  • 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Love u

  • 2021 🙂

  • Get it Justin

  • Alguém aqui por causa do fut paródias

  • Not this song having 12M dislikes damn that's wild 😂😂

  • very nice song

  • So I love with this song

  • Giveon voice is phenomenal

  • A cuanto el short?

  • Vistima

  • Nice song I liked😚

  • April 2021

  • 🇧🇷♥️🇧🇷🇧🇷♥️♥️