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This is the place for all the lunacy and crazy ideas from Bad Obsession Motorsport. We're a leading race and rally car preparation company specializing in projects that are just a little bit mad. Well, maybe a lot mad but you get the point. Follow our adventures with Project Binky, the quest to create a 2 litre, turbocharged, 4WD Austin Mini. We're building a mobile home from home car transporter in the Escargot, and we've built and raced the most entry level car we could get our hands on in Bargain Racement. Also, check out the in-car rally footage from our time in the 205 Challenge.

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14:48Howie Did It - An Experiment in 3D Printing
Howie Did It - An Experiment in 3D Printingvisningar 309tn4 månader sedan
59:57Howie Did It - Toyota E154F Gearbox Strip and Rebuild
7:26Bracketry Award - Judging the 2020 IQCS Semi-Finals
45:13Howie Did It - Hydraulic Lifting Platform


  • To get in behind the dash again you'll need to fill out a 27B-6. Harry Tuttle... Heating engineer at your service.

  • Do you guys have plans for the car stand/jig. I would love to mimic one for me and my brothers shop. I would also love to mimic the entire build I’m in the states so you wouldn’t have to worry about passing me on the streets.

  • Ha! After 33 episodes I can nitpick. No air fed mask for the painter? And running a finger round the seam sealer on the skins, poor.

  • Episode 34 and still no vroom vroom noise

  • The lack of eye and respiratory protection 😬😬😬

  • Never seen your channel before. But this has me hooked.

  • What is the anti rust spray your using? I own 80s toyotas so I need to know 🙃

  • Literally paused another video, going put kettle on and sit down for this half-hour of greatness. Edit: Can confirm it was greatness, cheers lads.

  • Fantastic work , just keeps getting better , you guys should be proud 👏

  • mmm what can I say....great stuff

    • @sehhi vooty ???????????

    • Should be "A hose testing kit" Not an. Whatever though.

  • I just found your channel at the weekend, binged watched the binky project thus far and thoroughly enjoyed the content as well as your style. Keep up the good work

  • 2WISTD Reference in there! Love it! The guys from MCM will be pleased.

  • Romani ite domum

  • I hope this build has not been abandoned.

  • How long do we have to wait for next installment

    • until its is done and cut together into a video by guys that have a full time jobs and are doing this project in a cold shed at weekends.

  • That isn’t just engineering. It is art.

  • I can't wait for wiring. #breathinbinkybreathoutbinky

  • It’s a lot more complicated than my Citroen 2cv wiring loom! ‘Keep it simple, keep it safe’ 😀

  • heavy is good road hugging weight and the car will fell better being heavy

  • Does anyone know where the carper is from? I want to fit out my defender?

  • First time I kissed the woman who has now been my wife for 27 years was in a white Mini. The windscreen steamed up sufficiently that I could write her phone number on it and thanks to the crappy ventilation system it stayed until I got home to grab paper and pen.

  • love this show ,and these two !. can u hurry up with next video don New Zealand .

  • Literally paused another video, going put kettle on and sit down for this half-hour of greatness. Edit: Can confirm it was greatness, cheers lads.

  • excluding the value for selling the airbags and other stuff?

  • This series is the very definition of being conflicted. I want to see binky finished and being driven but I just don't want this series to ever end.

  • Hello all, this is my first post on a Binky video... I'm not sure if I've won some sort of competition, but I only discovered BOM and Binky at 10pm on Friday night and I finished watching ep34 last night at about 11pm!!! Amazing, exceptional and brilliant stuff guys!! Please could you up the release rate a bit though... Any chance you could crank out about 8 episodes a day from now on??

  • Great music.

  • At 3:48 I expected to see Morph walking onto the scene and scratching his head quizically. (Anyone here still remember Take Hart?)

  • Both of you are bright as can be. Must be amazing to see the world the way you must indeed see.

  • 22:42 Nick's "toite" followed by Richard's low, in edit, "yeaahh" is the reason why we are all here; satisfying car assembly and sexual innuendo all neatly wrapped up in an MCM approved format. Long-time viewer, first-time commenter! Can't wait to see it ripping around those backroads!

  • Now that Binky is getting closer to finish, please do not load it into Escargot via Michael Cain Italian Job style. You will probably ruin the paint.

  • Shouldn't that be "ate all the pork pies"? (drops obscure 80's Mini movie reference)

  • yes, safe overtaking. That's definitely the reason.... :)

  • Every person that buys a SUV has either a giant hole or a tiny wiener and have to make up for there loss sexual prowess

  • Should be "A hose testing kit" Not an. Whatever though.

  • After all is finished to Nic's strict standards i would hate to see this Mini ramping up dirt roads and end up in a few potholes. Just donate it to a museum and gaze at it on weekends with a cup of Earl Grey?

  • I have been watching this from the start so much has changed in life but I really can't wait to see this finished I have loved the over engineering on everything and to make it as it was a mini 4wd and not just a floor of a celica welded in hats off to yas would love to see it in person when it's done

  • HOORAY, it's Grommet Time!!!

    • ps: oh my gawd Nik made more custom stuff and what's most amusing of it is i expected nothing less

  • Brilliant chaps, where’s Binky ?

  • Hats off to you both!!! Gifted fellows..

  • One can truly appreciate the level of engineering and workmanship you guys have put into this car. You won’t get any hurry ups from me! 👍

  • I really don't know why I find this so watchable. Two blokes bolting bits of trucks together but I do?.

  • Où sont les épisodes suivants? On veut voir la suite!

  • Well done 👍 maybe next time 😉

  • Simply great guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Good to see the end is nigh

  • Detroit 2 stroke diesel.

  • The 'get-away' car is nearly finished.The Fed's will never catch you.

  • Hi guys when are we going to get another video on this build? Getting withdrawal symptoms.

  • Thanks guys for this great series. I'm a marshall in South Australia and appreciate your comments on the roles of the volunteer officials

  • I want to order a hat but your website won’t let me.

  • 3 years later we get the next episode of this.

  • How on earth do you get a ply floor 20 feet long that is all one piece? Where does a truck manufacturer find such long panels? I guess modern OSB manufacturers can make 6m sections, so maybe this has always been available in ply world too?

  • I hate wires. Nice work

  • I’ve never seen someone put a seat in a car so effortlessly

  • Oh yes, Tavarish has finally made it into Binky videos. 8-))

  • Those British funksters need to get an injection of US Black Soul. Hope they can visit the motherland of Funk soon!

  • Damn, now I need to find a different channel to get CityCar Cup coverage next season. And it won't be as good as your coverage I'm sure.

  • Back again because I was reminded, on yet another rewatch of this fantastic series, that every iteration of the steering a drive shaft surround supports is just more beautiful than the last.

  • got to part 5 any more video's

  • 2:18 so many months... oooooohhhhhhhh kayyyyyy

  • Ffs 7 years since episode one. Not really that obsessed l!

    • When Binky is complete petrol cars will be banned with everyone driving electric cars. C'mon guys hurry up!!!!!

  • Man, he made that trig way harder than he needed to. sin(114/2)=44mm/h, solve for h, you get h=52.46mm. No Pythagoras required.

  • I'm just imagining that the guys called around to their friends trying to find a duck to borrow for the day, not wanting to admit that it was for a five-second throwaway pun gag. "Why do you need a duck, and why only for the day?"

    • I was thinking about exactly this thing when i saw it!

  • Where’s the transporter

    • Gentleman......simply CAPITAL , Can't wait for first start....Moltó Cheers!

  • Is 'spaffing' a Shropshire word? It's a new one on me, here in Bromsgrove. Here, i think the appropriate word would be 'bollocking'.

  • When you get down to it, cars are basically steel fabric balloons.

  • isn't the radiator more like a 80mm?!

  • Is this seriously 8 years in the making? If so, I may have missed the point.

    • @Bad Obsession Motorsport Binky is a truly special project. Seeing all the parts go back on got me a little emotional so I went back to episode 1 and rewatched the entire build over this bank holiday weekend. I really hope I get to see her(him? It?) at a car show one day. I hope you've enjoyed working on it as much as I've enjoyed watching you over all these years! <3

    • This is truly a case of "Built, not bought." 80+% of the parts on this car has been custom fabricated. Watch the whole series, and you'll understand why it has taken so long.

    • Yes. And there isn't one.

  • Looking good. 😎 looking forward to seeing in the real

  • Its coming together splendidly!

  • Proud daughter here.. love seeing his special paint creations. Well done all, Binky looking awesome 👌

  • What was the rust blocking spray/cavity wax you're using there? (Edit: scrub that, I got it: XCP Rust Blocker) I still can't find the nylon pipe clamps/saddles, though!

  • You boys are nothing but pure genius machines

  • How many guys are gonna look in at various parts of finished car and ask, ''Where can I get one of those?'' ''Do the brackets come with it?''

  • You guys have nailed the music,its bloody great ,thanx for all your efforts.

  • Wow, genius. You guys are on a different level.

  • Better than the original design, awesome job!.

  • Anyone noticed the crew guy yawning while the C1/107 were entering the race?