The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off The Great British Bake Off

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Welcome to the official SEnewss channel for The Great British Bake Off - the ultimate baking battle where passionate amateur baking fans compete to be crowned the UK’s Best Amateur Baker.

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  • I love this man 😭😭😭😭😂

  • KSI keeping up the high energy and joy amidst intense criticism and judgment is the everyday energy I need

  • sadly big Narstie passed away in the next tent over right after

  • Paul stop fookin round with the pork mix .quail eggs , parsley 😂😂 turn it in mate ..

  • Next DR will make "dizzy cakes"!

  • Where is this person from, a quilt?

  • Had some trials at West Ham with this fella, so nice to see him doing well for himself

  • 1:27 ah jj i’m so sorry. this hurt me more than it hurt you. Rip jj rip... 😂😂😂

  • The Union Jack cake was a technical challenge in the German 2020 season. And most cakes were a mess. 😂

  • Success

  • Nadine is right, baking (and cooking, in general) should be therapeutic. I love the show, but here, baking is indeed treated as an extreme sport :D

  • Where is the full episode?

    • All 4 On Demand

  • I love how bake off is quite a cool think to do now for people like dizzie rascal to go on, big narstie aswel

  • 2:48 Did he just reference the buttery biscuit base remix video?

  • Well said Anneka

  • Get David back on

  • They really left my boy hangin💀 1:27

    • Jade is jokes tbf haha

  • never thought i would see ksi and paul in a room together

    • @Joanna ??

    • you came here for 0:34

  • Barley a celebrity?

  • Him flipping the cake and freezing is so relatable

  • This is now GBBO's most viewed clip! JJ - Amazing

  • If I’m stressing like Ryan and someone is being nosy with how’s yours coming along would piss me off And her part glee with not cold enough pretend concern It wouldn’t otherwise irritate me but being under pressure it would

  • so sir theodore the third can’t cook?

  • Watching KSI on the Great British Bake off is rather bizarre, certainly something surreal.

  • KSI and Nardal?? Perfect! 😂

  • The lighting was different? Or somethin

  • jade still puts jesy on the little mix cake omg thats so cute


  • She has very good wrist action . I see the force is strong with this one .

  • Fluyerrh*

  • “What, in Braille..?” 😂

  • 3:29

  • 1:26 they left him hanging

  • This is one of the funniest bake offs I've seen

  • 0:36 ksi this ain’t on us this is a man that’s done his research

  • Jade is fit man and Matt is hilarious

  • Nicola's the only one who actually took this seriously 😂

  • Jade Thirlwall is my dream woman, this confirms that

  • She looks like Villanelle from killing Eve

  • Admit your sin, we all thought the same about that thumbnail...

  • you came here for 0:34

  • Jade is jokes tbf haha

  • Is that even baking

  • Nope, sorry, no idea who this person is and I lived in Fermanagh for eight years.

  • Jade looks leng

  • KSI been lying the whole time

  • No idea who Nadine Coyle is but she's right lovely.

  • 1:55 Ksi: saw a problem Ksi: solved it ksi again: realized there's another problem Ksi brain: 404 not found!

  • If I see Stacy Dooley again imma end it early I despise that ginger with a passion

    • I need this full episode omg

  • Sandi's cake looking like the smiling titan xd

  • They have the literally audacity to not shake his hand bruh....

    • 2:00 the pause... LMAO

  • I keep rewatching the bit where Tom says ‘well you see you’d know about this if you worked on a professional baking show ‘. Genius 🤣

  • I like the idea of the most polite english spy going "I am, by the way, eavesdropping"

  • As a turkish person,i love british people,theyre so funny.

  • Good God, she's an absolute angel...

  • I really wanna see a team up with James and JJ


  • And KsI your moving on sorry Jade you’ve been eliminated

  • if you fail, do it in style

  • It was fun to watch this season. It's like they all tried their very best to bake ❤️

  • “barely a celebrity” he is part of the most iconic UK tv show

  • I knew somebody once who worked on a Girls Aloud video about 13 or 14 years ago and Cheryl and Nadine were rude to him and his colleagues because it was an early shoot.

  • 3:37 erm?

  • 3:30 what didd she sayyyyyy

  • 4:28 lol Johanna! 😂


  • I think we were all just waiting to hear her say "floyoeur"

  • 1:54 the cake is bleeding

  • Matt had his eye on jj

  • She have an Arabic tattoo sooo coool

  • The SEnewss subtitles can’t even make her out. Rewatch the video again with them on for a good laugh!

  • Ollie ball should present this

  • She sounds like someone trying a California girl accent

  • Never thought I'd hear Dizzie Rascal say, 'This is how you rescue a split ganache' hahaha

  • I don't really comment on videos but wow! I love her energy!

  • I saw that 🤣🤣🤣

  • 3:36 Been saying that for years...