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10:37Lamb Recipes For Easter Sunday | Gordon Ramsay
20:1950 Cooking Tips With Gordon Ramsay | Part One
2:12Gordon Ramsay Finds the Lamb Sauce
Gordon Ramsay Finds the Lamb Saucevisningar 380tn14 dagar sedan
8:57Gordon's Guide To Bacon
Gordon's Guide To Baconvisningar 3mn14 dagar sedan
8:29Gordon Ramsay's Mexican Inspired Recipes
Gordon Ramsay's Mexican Inspired Recipesvisningar 503tn21 dag sedan
2:05Gordon Ramsay Goes Vegan...for steak???
Gordon Ramsay Goes Vegan...for steak???visningar 764tn21 dag sedan
0:18Gordon Ramsay Gets Egged by Tilly
Gordon Ramsay Gets Egged by Tillyvisningar 3,8mn21 dag sedan
16:25Family Recipes With Gordon Ramsay
Family Recipes With Gordon Ramsayvisningar 523tn28 dagar sedan
13:19Indian Inspired Dishes With Gordon Ramsay
14:30British Classics With Gordon Ramsay
British Classics With Gordon Ramsayvisningar 768tnMånad sedan
25:35Sunday Beef Dinners With Gordon Ramsay
0:32Gordon Ramsay Roasts Donut Bread
Gordon Ramsay Roasts Donut Breadvisningar 1,1mnMånad sedan
1:45Gordon Ramsay's Lunar New Year Dumpling Recipe
Gordon Ramsay's Lunar New Year Dumpling Recipevisningar 359tn2 månader sedan
10:51Gordon's Guide To Potatoes | Gordon Ramsay
Gordon's Guide To Potatoes | Gordon Ramsayvisningar 610tn2 månader sedan
6:05Gordon Ramsay's Hot Ones Inspired Wings
Gordon Ramsay's Hot Ones Inspired Wingsvisningar 2,6mn2 månader sedan
3:35Gordon Ramsay's Best Burns of 2021 So Far
Gordon Ramsay's Best Burns of 2021 So Farvisningar 414tn2 månader sedan
1:11Gordon Ramsay's Easy Barley "Risotto"
Gordon Ramsay's Easy Barley "Risotto"visningar 290tn2 månader sedan
8:33Veganuary Recipes With Gordon Ramsay | Part Two
9:40Veganuary Recipes With Gordon Ramsay | Part One
1:00Gordon Ramsay has a new Online Game
Gordon Ramsay has a new Online Gamevisningar 330tn2 månader sedan
11:56Winter Fish Recipes To Keep You Warm | Gordon Ramsay


  • Me every time Gordon cooks: where’s the LAMB SAUCE!!!!!! Those words have melted into my brain way more than that cheese melted people who love cheese probably would be okay with it but for some reason I only like cheese like that if it’s melted I don’t know why 😂

  • 4:25 Pandemic Pandemic Pandemic

  • it always makes me happy to see Gordan cook and enjoy American food.

  • Owner guy- who the heck do you think you are?!? Gordon - um. Sir?

  • Both teams seem to be made of genuinely good people.

  • You're donkey Gordon. We want to see you. Not you hiding behind the camera.

  • If they r vegan, why they wanted to eat a steak :')

  • Interesting contrast - the rice/honey ball and the rice wine. Looks like you about lost your feet drinking that wine.

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  • Awshi HAHAHAHA

  • Gordons actually trying to be a fucking nice guy

  • Honestly i come to gordon's videos just for the comments section

  • Poor jeff he actually tries

  • Gordon is left handed, who is this imposter? Come back Chef.

  • lol

  • Lost me with the mushroom and egg

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  • Richard thinks he’s in a movie lmao

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  • 4:12 - The guy whose house he's visiting has nice reading material. One book title: "Acid trip"! 😂😁

  • One of them looks like my niece and one of them looks like a failed attempt at a Barbie. Want to know what they bolts have in common? They’re both horrible attempts of someone

  • It would kind of help if the ingredients are listed in words on the screen instead of just sprinkling them and not sure what they're called to us audiences xP

  • When Gordon comes to you're hometown...

  • 0:48 so we’re not gonna talk about Gordon’s parking?

  • They look nasty

  • "That's limper then my grand dad's D*ck" :Gordon

  • Gordon might have felt lazy to make dosa first n then topple it with eggs...so he added them together n called it "Indian inspired" 😅dosa is never made with all purpose flour..

  • "Simple Recipes" *Most Expensive spice in the world.*

  • Gordon: *cooks for the marines* Marines: “Finally, some good fu**ing food.”

  • lets go my favourite youtuber uploaded on my birthday (2nd time watching)

  • The Truth is all I want to know.

  • No Gordon speech or no ingredients list. So not a good video

  • 9:47 ''a touch of salt''

  • "Lightly seasoned" *Throws in Mt. Everest*

  • They described the sister as "Girlfriend" lmaooo come on

  • vegan teacher may be a bit upset

  • lol id do any thing for them except give them a pen to hold onto

  • that lady was gate keeping Jamaican food and said well if they arent Jamaican they arent gonna like it so why open a Jamaican restaurant???

  • 8:18 me who has it once every 3 days. Are you sure about that

  • He got anger issues

  • 7:17 I looked at my wife and told her she looks beautiful after he said this. She gave me a death glare....

  • the maitre got bamboozled

  • charges $74 for that tiny ass desert alone, yet the chef is getting $400 checks... what a guy

  • Hi I’m a vegetarian and the only type of meat I would eat is dairy and eggs ( but eggs on cookies only )

  • When Gordon Ramsay asks for a piece of paper you don't even ask what for, you just go and get it :D

  • 4:00 I don’t think they know the words worst means bad .-. He liked it

  • Wah mantap,

  • RIP puffins

  • Was that water he was drinking from the glass bottle before some “breaks”? Or vodka????

  • More like Michelin restarded. Imagine being such a failure as a chef that the only dish you can do right is beef wellington and then just live your whole life on that.

  • If I would have had something in my mouth it would have been all over the person in front of me

  • this man is cooking grilled cheese in a fireplace, I have never seen a stranger cooking video, also yall flaming him but id still eat that :)

  • Looks great, tasty and simple fast preparation. Thank you for the idea on this simple dish.

  • Me while getting the Notification : YESS ANOTHER VIDEO! Me while watching the video and realizing that there is no Gordon Ramsay, closeups, cool edits or Gordon Jumping and Talking : WTF IS THIS SHIT

  • Did anyone else read the title as something that DOES NOT belong on YT? 😐

  • Best quote from you mr.gordan is "vegan donut"

  • Audience prepare to break your teeth

  • As an italian, lemon over burrata intrigues me, but also scares me

  • Everything he does Ramsay kinda awarding himself with ,,the most amazing..."basically Everything.

  • I've always added salt and pepper before cooking eggs. New routine thanks to Gordon.

  • Reduce people to tears hmmm...

  • It's like trying to go back to Top Ramen after you had real Ramen

  • She elevated the prank 😂😂😂 Master Mischief right here 😂😂😂

  • so nobody's gonna mention how that chicken sorta looks like a cunny lying on that flat surface like that?

  • Not one person made this

  • He got a point there about the Christmas food it's going to cost more because it's a holiday. Those foods probably don't sell so rapidly throughout the rest of the year. I feel like people don't eat like this on a regular basis because of how much energy it takes to cook. A lot of food people cook a few days in advance or hours in advance and it can be tiring. I don't know about the rest of you guys but after I get done eating am stupid sleepy. I guess if you have food that is filling enough to make you tired you would probably sleep through the night. But also be energized by the next morning. I guess you would technically have enough energy for food prep the next day as well.

  • 2:14. Thank me later

  • The white door congruently glow because ton ipsilaterally excuse for a cumbersome witch. flaky, muddled bacon

  • How do I print out this video to put in my kitchen ?

  • 1:36, hi Mr.Ramsay, could I please have that one slice of ham you just throw away? It's for my children. Thanks!

  • I love his ability to speak so many languages.... Upps, wrong link.

  • Can't match his knife skills eva but sad he didn't cook kumror chokka. If he's cooking that squash this is one of the greatest dishes ever. But always glad to see foreign chefs doing indian cuisine. P.S. That grilling seemed a bit odd. Is that a part of kerelite cuisine? Not really well versed in that region's cuisine but I haven't seen Indians grilling as a part of pre production too often.

  • 10:26 God damn.. heat resistant hands and shit..

  • Guys I think I found Scott Morrison 3:08

  • Love this show always smile and laugh 😹

  • I've eaten shark once here in the us and it was delicious, however I'd personally rather eat the fisherman and poachers. As humans in this modern day and age we have the power to make entire species go extinct, but should we?

  • Rip Chef Mike.

  • F in the chat for Chef Mike: