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5:59Why Bitcoin is so bad for the planet


  • did they say how big the bomb was? looked pretty impressive for something that's been deteriorating for 80 years.


  • how they keep finding these ww2 bombs ?

  • I wonder what an uncontrolled explosion would have looked like.

  • Just out of interest? Any old underground tunnels around this location?

  • Worms having a bad day.

  • My ex wife use to live very close to that bomb. Life's so cruel.

  • Modern technology eh!....couldn't move it to the sea, they had to be dramatic

  • Cr a p

  • Apologise for handing government contracts to your mates and resign you plonker.

  • This is Trump's legacy. He deserved Nobel prize.

  • Over half of the deaths during the WW2 Bombing raids in the UK came from our own military.

  • I wonder which Fokker dropped that?

  • Some glazier in Exeter is about to make a killing

  • Why is nobody talking about that guy trying to save himself and the other guy throws him down there anyway?

  • Excellent vision hope it’s realised

  • The mad lier is at it again!!!

  • Fun fact, at a time during the Battle of Britain the British were producing more aeroplanes than the Germans despite the nightly sorties being flown over the isles that targeted manufacturing. The Germans lost the war mainly because they didn't have the resources. It would have taken the whole world rolling over in order for the blitzkrieg to do it's thing before the German armed forces ran out of steam.

  • So totally odd that after all this time we are still finding bombs from WW2. Crazy. Well done to the builders who found it and the forces for dealing with it.

  • Mind how you go in the showers,Matt. I'd hate to see a pretty boy like you unable to walk for a week.

  • imagine this problem x10 and your getting near Germany levels

  • If we are still finding ww2 bombs in the UK I wonder how many ww2 bombs are yet to be found in Germany

  • I salute to you brave sir. Rest in peace. 🙏


  • I heard the explosion from my house. It’s scary to think of what the blitz would have been like.

  • Just another trumpterd lackey who’s suit pants are perpetually wrinkled at the knees.

  • The High Court made the correct decision here. Begum's lack of remorse, reluctance to condemn the actions of IS and it's affiliates, as well as her general persona, nether endeared her to the Judge's or the public.


  • Stand Easy Sir . Your watch is done . Thank you for all you did for our N.H.S and your service to our country . R.I.P.


  • 19m people have had their first dose of vaccine

    • No,19m have had a dose of something,but it is NOT vaccine.

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  • I am devastated. Could you report about this topic? -> The newest case of a Rapists who can't be deported from Germany is a man from Somalia, that spent time in prison for raping a 16 year old. He cannot be deported, because the Government of Somalia are refusing to take him back. When will the EU sanctioning the countries, who are refusing to take their citizens back?

  • now imagine what all those innocent Palestinians go through on a daily basis...

    • You mean Israelis being hit by ‘peaceful’ missiles.

  • Blimey... if you have a castle you ought to think about others that don't have one.

  • I can hear both now

  • They called that a controlled blast 💥 that was the full monty !!

  • "I'll go and stand behind the plant".

  • Imagine if someone died even if an evacuation was given out...

  • for make it clear,, the imam from pakistan. thnkz

  • El bato que salió: a pos vieja que pasó? La vieja:" no nada estan filmando bajo terra" El bato:" ahh, ta bueno"

  • Is he live from Pentonville

  • Neat!

  • Three weeks later and he's bombing Syria. There you go people. How you see him for what he is.

  • I was in my house when it happened my whole room shaked

  • When u hire the worst rat catcher out the yellow pages. 👍

  • Yep. Thats a bomb alright.

  • The Cabal are falling, the New World Order is in chaos, no one is prepared to take their vaccines except the weak minded and brainwashed....I CAN' WAIT FIR THE TRIALS MATT FIRST.............ccaught in the act of GENOCIDE

  • Did Guardian check how much worse this affected people based on their ethnicity? Has White privilege been considered?

    • Pathetic response, terrible for any race isn't it

  • One controlled ww2 bomb found and exploded *whole of uk* : oh no hope everyone’s ok Children in Syria getting bombed all day every day *whole of uk* : I am uneducated and blind

  • White supremacists are weirdos people who they are out off reality

  • Just what the Labour party and Scotland needs.another nobody🤦

  • Yet this generation thinks furlough is worse then the blitz 😂🤣😂🤣

  • We are shocked that such weapons are still in our land but we say little about BAE selling cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia and being used on the streets in Yemen to this day. I have no alliance to anyone but myself but the hypocrisy of our leaders is more than shock and awe . An innocent family one day, a gathering of wooden boxes the next. It's about time we banned the sale of weapons for proxy wars.

  • why everybody play the penthatonic´s cover? is not the first i see musicians playing their cover

  • Patronising smug face liar thats you mat

  • Where did this happen ?

  • Is that it? My farts cause a bigger explosion than this..

  • Well... this is the final nail on the coffin for Scottish labour. 😂

  • 400 tonnes of sand was on this apparently. Imagine this without the sand

  • ants have parished

  • I like this guy, this is the first I've seen him.

    • @RageQuit Gaming 2 mins in and he’s already playing the identity politics game.... he’s exactly the same as the rest. Screams of box ticking nonsense that the modern left revels in.

    • @Scotlands Unicorn what he said (so far) seems like he is not playing the same political games as the far left elements, or useless cowards in any conservative movements. I want a country that is free and prosperous, and I think what he said alluded to that more closely than anything else I have heard.

    • So why do you like him? What stood out to you to make him likeable? He read a script so you know nothing about him (since it's the first time you've seen him) so what's so likeable?

  • Thankyou Captain Tom for what you did. You inspired the whole nation in its darkest hours and your name will never be forgotten. I can’t imagine how proud your family must be of you. RIP

  • I love how inadvertently guilty the cat looks in the filter as soon as they realize it, it's perfect

  • powerful military but no experience in actual war fight hahahha


  • i a chick bak bak bak bak bak bak bak

  • Lol still huffing and alive - talking verbal dia reah

  • That’s the route our grandparents used to take to school

  • Ribbit

  • Looks like they set the bomb off.

  • Looks like they set off the main charge. In a lot of cases the fuses did not operate correctly and the charge has degraded so these bombs can be moved to a demolitions range for safe disposal. This is the first aerial bomb I can recall that has been set off in-situ. At least I hope it was controlled.

  • I was scared I as playing my Xbox and then the bomb goes off it felt like a earthquake and we don’t get those in exeter

  • Its not the NHS that is too small, Its the country is letting too many in, and from that the rest of us suffer. An English person has the same rights as an Arabian when it comes to the NHS, and that is what is wrong.

  • I hope nobody had their washing out on the line

  • Its a credit to german engineering that it still works

  • my man getting his clothing inspiration from Phoenix Wright

  • RIP you will be mist

  • Here we have the walking coliflower

  • Smiley fish or rocket ship