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FUNNIEST AND CUTEST DOG VIDEOS OF THE WEEKvisningar 250tn8 dagar sedan


  • The dislikes are from the dogs

  • Im real crying 😭😭

  • HI, I'M NICOLE, COME VISIT👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • The blind dog

  • When your hooman passes out always, always go for the ponytail holder!!!

  • 400000000 is a good

  • Kiss kiss kiiiiissss ( - 3 -) (O_O )9

  • หมาใครๆก็รัก

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  • Gody

  • lol the Doggo turned into monkey.

  • Do we know for sure that the dogs can’t feel their nails getting cut? Because this makes me believe they can

  • 😆 this are all angels 😇

  • 2:37 had me😂😭

  • My dog just straight sleeps on top of me

  • 0:49 silly human: you guys are weird ! Dogs: mind your business, go fix us some food or something !

  • Dogs in this vid are the masters.

  • Great parenting: Just watch your child suffer under water, while filming and wait for the dog to come help!

  • Monkey is a monkey.not human alike .anyone here like monkey? I likes to sees his behavior not itself

  • Until one has truly loved an animal, only then they know what true love is.

  • 3:50

  • My cousin, Lexi has a wirehaired chihuahua named Miss Daisy

  • Just lost my 6 month old dog to Parvo, my little angel my Athena, it breaks my heart that I will never see her smile and greet me again. Rest in peace, rest in paradise.

  • I remember when the baby of my cat was dying front of me man..I feel it..I brought the doctor that day 5 times to see if he's OK..but he couldn't make it

  • bruh

  • So they baby crazy basically

  • Животные так искренни в своих чувствах.

  • you only need to view 6:55 once and you will never be the same again

  • I miss my Blossom!

  • 6:13 I would be like “you get whatever you want!” Lol those eyes ❤️

  • 2:40 The fastest and smoothest dog rescue I've ever seen.

  • もし私が犬で子供が誘拐されたら、私は誘拐犯をとても激しく噛みます!

  • "come here you little s***. you're the most ugliest dogs ever, I hate you so much. that part" was best!

  • Love my jack russell chihuahua

  • I love my little chi, at the moment he is sleeping right next to me, he really think that is his bed, he is adorable. His name is Sacha, he like to be cuddled a lot, some chihuahua owners tease them, frighten them and play with their feelings, that is why some of them have their eyes protruding, because, being by nature nervous little doggys, their brain swell when they feel threatened. Please be gentle with them if you have one and they will love you no end for it

  • He’s licking the food off around his mouth

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  • I see a lot of questionable dog training here. If you teach a dog it's good to attack people, he will do it without orders one day. I hope all peeps spend as much time teaching them how to let go and stand back.

  • LoVe dogs, not a big fan of chihuahuas.

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  • Can't a bite from a turtle cause serious damage?

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  • When I was little, I had a fear that I might disappeared and my parents can't find me. I guess dogs has that fear too XD

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    • My best dog _ you will regret not watching this video _ please go to my channel

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  • Mostly weirdos

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  • Silly humans

  • 1:00 That dog just went super sayain😂

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  • That’s the cutest lol Maltese hahaha

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  • Dogs are so loyal more than some humans. ❤️👌🏽

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  • 普段呼んでも来ないのに、調子悪くて唸ってたら「どうした?何があった?」て感じで周りをぐるぐるして心配してくれるんだよなぁ…

  • White kids are so different today.