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TigerBelly is a no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. Every Thursday. TigerBelly is available on SEnewss, iTunes, and most other apps where fine podcasts are found.



1:21:15George Lopez Has a Haunting | TigerBelly 291
1:14:33Bobby's Ex Sarah Hyland, Surprise! | TigerBelly 290
1:50:22Tom Segura \u0026 The Hook Up | TigerBelly 289
1:18:08Gina Darling is a Sniper | TigerBelly 287
1:33:21Matty Matheson is our Joy Boy | TigerBelly 284
1:21:18Chris Kattan \u0026 The Upper Middle | TigerBelly 282
1:51:40Carlos Mencia | TigerBelly 279
Carlos Mencia | TigerBelly 279visningar 599tn3 månader sedan
1:23:10Andrew Schulz \u0026 The Dirtbags | TigerBelly 277
1:31:41Jeremiah Watkins is The Sacrificial Lamb | TigerBelly 275
1:27:17Bill Burr is on Bobby's Radar | TigerBelly 274
Bill Burr is on Bobby's Radar | TigerBelly 274visningar 1,9mn4 månader sedan
1:17:51Jessimae Peluso is Our Sunbeam | TigerBelly 273
1:26:15David So \u0026 The Gun | TigerBelly 272
David So \u0026 The Gun | TigerBelly 272visningar 292tn4 månader sedan
1:40:58Whitney Cummings \u0026 The Non-Proposal | TigerBelly 271
1:26:24Pauly Shore, Sauna Time! | TigerBelly 269
Pauly Shore, Sauna Time! | TigerBelly 269visningar 324tn5 månader sedan
1:21:30Annie Lederman Steals The Punchline | TigerBelly 268
1:28:22Donnell Rawlings \u0026 The White Korean | TigerBelly 267


  • when worlds collide...

  • Am I the only one who wasn’t entertained by this? The hosts didn’t do a great job at interviewing. They talked about themselves with each other and Trisha was like ??? Weird. Idk. Didn’t like

  • My fiancé loves Trish, totally obsessed with her...I dislike her voice and way of speaking, it gives me literal anxiety trying to follow what she says. However, I love Bobby & Tigerbelly so I figured I would give her a chance

  • She talks sooooo fast

  • Apparently Eminem has a son....

  • Trisha's amazing!

  • Trisha is pure magic! 🖤 she was so good here

  • 6:37 He was going to say sexual predator lol

  • Her honesty is refreshing and entertaining.

  • Oh gross, I can barely tolerate Trisha on H3, now she has to come and ruin an episode of tigerbelly

  • iconic

  • 27:00 kills me lmao

  • Can we play warzone together?

  • Wow I fucking loved this! Trisha is a great guest and so fucking funny

  • I’m also bipolar 2 and I also get realllyyyy sad after sex but I think it has to do with past trauma

  • Petition for Boobby to become an escort

  • 13:40 Bob Saget.

  • Trisha says things for shock factor. She been doing it for years and people believe she’s real 🙄😂

  • When Bert was on last Khalyla suggested they go free diving and spear fishing. Watching Bert and Khalyla swim around like dolphins with tranquil music and Bobby driving the boat like Robert Shaw in jaws would be fucking gold

  • One of my favorites! Trisha, ur fucking amazing 💯🤘

  • Omg this was AMAZING and hilarious 🥰🥰🥰

  • Trisha is the true lotus flower growing from a shitty street life into an absolute beauty!

  • I never would’ve guessed this would be my favorite TigerBelly episode


  • I never thought any guest would leave Bobby flabbergasted. 12/10. I’ve listened to this 3 times and watched it 3 times.

  • 45:00 Made me think of an Ant eater LMAO

  • eeesh! podcast is really going downhill

    • While you are entitled to your opinion, I do not agree

  • What comedian are they talking about?

  • Pretty sure the comedian moving to Texas that Trish referred to as a creep and was talking about how she had to get her lawyer involved is Bryan Callen. (Timestamp 13:35 )

  • When Kahlyla is talking about Arnie Hammer 'pretending to eat his partners' I couldn't help thinking of him going 'nom nom nom' on somebody's belly like you would with a baby 🤣

  • I may get canceled but I feel like I’m watching Bertolucci

  • Never heard of her and now I'm a fan! She was a fun guest!!

  • Good lord.. what an annoying guest. "I came to Hollywood to get knocked up by a famous rich person and collect a cheque for the rest of my life". But it looks like everyone else seemed to enjoy the episode 🤷‍♂️. Takes all types I suppose. Namaste

    • It helps if you already know Trisha's character beforehand.

  • jesus christ she talks more then bert kreischer headache

  • new respect for her. honestly I think I like her now

  • 10 seconds of her voice and i am OUT!

  • This has to be one of the most edited episodes of Tiger Belly of all time

  • Tito Bobby, if your therapist is giving you shit over a Salem Witch reference get a new one. The Salem Witch trials saw 7 women and 6 men sentenced to death, mostly by hanging not burning. And they were all accused by 12 year old girls. Targeted at women? Stop paying her money.

  • Trisha definitely said Bob Saget lol

  • She really is the female Bobby 😂

  • Great episode!

  • I will say though that Trisha isnt entirely trustworthy. She contradicts herself constantly and exaggerates. She is so sweet and funny but she needs to chill on the Cancelling. She is on peoples good side but people will start digging shit up on her out of spite!

  • I have a new found respect for Trisha. I feel I understand her differently.

  • Sarah’s voice reminds me of Louise from Bob’s Burgers.

  • I only knew Trisha by name, but after this and the Dear Rogan video, I couldn't like her more. On another note, Khalyla may give Bobby shit from time to time, but one can tell she really loves him.

  • No thanks

  • senewss.info/slow/o8WRY9WKd8_Fp5k/video

  • The pride that khalila had saying she's killed two baby's threw me off fuck this podcast I'm out ✌️ that she made me sick 😷

  • I wouldn't trust this women as far as I could throw her...

  • she’s so funny without even trying😂

  • Literally a 180 from what I seen Trish as. Cool to see her in a setting where she's not being constantly judged for her past as I'm sure Bobby doesn't know too much of her past. Really nice

  • She talks so fugging fast. Can't take it. Annoying

  • Is That Her Actual Voice?

  • I’m only half way through and this pod is killing it...

  • 17:51 if we judge our past based on present knowledge, we already stand condemned by our future.

  • Anyone know who the comedian was that she said she was an assistant for?

    • I just remembered it! It's Josh Nasar

    • She mentioned it in a frenemies episode in the last 2 weeks, but I can't remember the name. They did not bleep out the name on frenemies.

  • Bobby has loose motions

  • Trisha killed! Please do Bloodbath, Trisha!

    • @BronzeBellaBria no. I can’t get seem to get through it. I’ve tried 5 times now. I make it about 10 mins a shot. To each their own I guess... and IMO it’s a bad idea to mess with that trifecta vibe they have going on BB. Sorry for commenting without knowing.

    • @mkwilson38 did you finish the podcast? Khalyla just asked her to come on lmfao Edit: she literally said she'd love her to come on hahaha maybe delete your comment

    • They don’t do guests. At least so far and have it mentioned it. And let’s keep it that way.

  • Wow. So so very unintelligent

  • Loved this episode of the podcast!

  • Foot fairies assemble

  • This was the BEST ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • It is so awesome to know all the names they are bleeping out because she has talked about it on Frenemies and on her channels :)

  • Holy shit I didn’t know I needed this to happen

  • With peace and love I feel like brotherly is a better word then fatherly

  • Legit one of the best episodes.

  • I wasn't into podcasts, I started with H3 last year because of well H3.. I love their reaction vids. But from watching I've gotten into Tigerbelly, JRE, Yourmomshouse and etc other comics podcasts. Now I don't have enough time to listen whole I do mundane stuff throughout the day.

  • 13:35 Bob Saget

  • Trisha is everything!!!!

  • Amazing

  • This was the best tiger belly episode evvvaaaaaaaaaa! smiled and laughed the whole way through we love trish

  • This ep KILLED!!!!!

  • I literally never wanted this episode to end! Such great chemistry all around! Super fun! More Trish please!

  • i am very happy to see that yall are fucking with it

  • Khaloco give Bobby a bebe already

  • This is the first time I’ve seen this side of Trisha.. she’s adorable, entertaining and she fits well on the podcast! 💕

  • Ohh how cool I love the aesthetic here What a well edited podcast n the vibes are bomb

  • Kept having to check if I accidentally sped the video up 😂

  • Shut up Gilbert!!

  • Love Trisha.