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19:04ELECTRIC VEHICLES \u0026 My Tesla Model 3 Review
So Many MISERABLY FAILED LED Lightsvisningar 839tn29 dagar sedan
13:29Making Super Fast Electrons, Cathode Ray
Making Super Fast Electrons, Cathode Rayvisningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
9:5030 Amp DIY Wiring Updates for 4000W Heater
30 Amp DIY Wiring Updates for 4000W Heatervisningar 719tn3 månader sedan
14:52Electric Patio Heater Wiring and Installation
Electric Patio Heater Wiring and Installationvisningar 1,2mn4 månader sedan
12:41Making 500,000 VOLT ARC with Marx Generator
Making 500,000 VOLT ARC with Marx Generatorvisningar 3,1mn4 månader sedan
9:46Painful High Voltage Levitation Magic
Painful High Voltage Levitation Magicvisningar 1,2mn4 månader sedan
8:08Making High Voltage Arcs with ZVS Circuit
Making High Voltage Arcs with ZVS Circuitvisningar 1,2mn5 månader sedan
14:02Almost MELTING Metal with Induction Heater
Almost MELTING Metal with Induction Heatervisningar 1,3mn5 månader sedan
13:00MAGNET IMPLANT Gives You Powers!!! (LATITY-003)
11:28Vehicle Sensing in the Streets
Vehicle Sensing in the Streetsvisningar 1,1mn7 månader sedan
14:28Tour of My New House!!!
Tour of My New House!!!visningar 1,1mn7 månader sedan
11:41Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002
Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002visningar 1,9mn8 månader sedan
15:45Making HIGH VOLTAGE SUPPLY, there was an attempt…
15:49ORIGINAL CONCEPT: Reviewing Your Reddit Submissions
14:48Is 5G Spelling Our DOOM?! How EM Waves Can Hurt
Is 5G Spelling Our DOOM?! How EM Waves Can Hurtvisningar 2,5mn10 månader sedan
15:00Presidential BEEF, Difference of Light Technology
LIGHTER is a MICROPHONEvisningar 2,4mnÅr sedan
16:22Making a Spark-Gap Transmitter
Making a Spark-Gap Transmittervisningar 1,7mnÅr sedan
11:49What’s an OSCILLOSCOPE?
What’s an OSCILLOSCOPE?visningar 898tnÅr sedan
10:57How CAPACITORS Work (ElectroBOOM101-006)


  • Is this guy serious what an idiot

  • 1:28 You're totally right man hahahahahhahaha

  • i love this channel, because i get to learn about electronics and physics, but also laugh at the same time

  • STOP WANTING JUNKS Apple users: well we love junks

  • Wonder if you saw some of the latest videos by "The Action Lab"

  • a suggetion to make this ev work more after being charged- we can put high power motor on the rear wheels and low power motor in front wheels. we have to make the car rear wheel drive so that the rear motor pushes the front wheel which rotates the front motor and creates electricity. this electricity can then be stored in the batter. pls reply if this can or cannot happen i am curious🤔

  • 5:38. This guy is pure thanos. nothing can stop him and he is inevitable.

  • I find those vids funny tbh :) And this is why SJWs are a problem - they go around demanding certain things to disappear on their own bias, the only difference is that for some fuked up reason google listens to them. Now that's what's more of a problem.

  • Damn imagine if someone discovered free energy in some way.. would we reach civilisation one?

  • wow how did he resist that swelling that must hurt

  • 1:33 surpised cuz nothing pop 1:40 of course it does

  • 6:32 😈

  • I literally jumped and held my hand when I saw you pushing that dart tip in. About a month ago I stabbed myself in the hand with a wood chisel. Had to get 7 stitches. Not a mistake I will make again soon. I hope.

  • Tell me your secret of not dieing

  • Hey there! I just wanted to say when I first saw your videos I thought you were just a crazy guy that shocked the piss out of yourself for views. Boy was I wrong! lol but, when I was watching a video by Steve Mould that recommend to watch your videos for a better explanation of his video I did. And I must say you have now become my most favorite youtuber ever now! I’m a plumber by trade. I have always been intrigued by circuits and electricity in general and you have the wonderful ability to teach in a fun and absolutely hilarious way which I love! Hopefully I can get one of those badass oscilloscopes and begin learning more about the electronics that I use everyday. Also now I may finally begin to play with electronics and start a new hobby and continue the hunt for knowledge that you have helped me increase. Please don’t ever stop making content! Or we all will cry 😭 haha keep up the fantastic work! We love you man! Also, gimme da meetta!! But preferably the oscilloscope! lol I’d love to have a chat with you bro you’re awesome!!!

  • Why you didn't use water cooling

  • здравствуйте! пожалуйста добавьте русские субтитры!!!

  • Built one 60 years ago. I remember my folks having a coffee klatch and some of the neighbors mentioned their tv’s acting strange every evening for the past week. I was very very quiet, but i swear i saw my mom giving me the eye. Threw out the thing and the 1926 Popular Mechanics magazine that showed me how. Obviously it didn’t kill me, but i made up for it several times in my life...

  • Man I can't imagine how high his energy bill is daily

  • are davie504 dad?

  • "Ikea bowls which can be found in the Van De Graff section..." The Ikea near Mehdi's location probably created several new sections just to fulfill Mehdi's needs.

  • I like electronic and when I found this I like the funny stuff to even I'm still a kid

  • You bandit to rainbow six siege

  • Ecuador hotel a short person must of made the shower because was so low...I had to duck down.. and I could feel a light current in my finger tips..but if I got low everything was good..seen some scary one's in costa to 😜⚡but lots of people using every day and surviving

  • Why’s he keep telling me to lick

  • 0:50 ⚡️⚡️

  • 3:06 *no thank you, i’m not having brown stains on my screen today*

  • Imagine you are the neighbor of this man.

  • arduino and other mcu programming is like circuit you write capacitor as timer read voltage turn on pin or turn it off . just like you do in circuits dadash. very easy to learn. komaki bashe hastam

  • There are no Satellites but why you can have Internet

  • Wow you must love the pAin 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • 11:29

  • And here I thought I was going to learn how to stop pop-ups. Well, at least it was funny, and I didn't feel like killing anyone, I might not be skinny enough, I wonder how much is enough? Thanks, I needed something inane instead of rational, day off.

  • 1:45 *insert sr pelos scream*

  • just ignore the mining of the lithium needed for said car..... just an inconvenient fact.

  • I get the strong sense you are from BC, I bet I have seen you now and then. Surrey? Abbotsford?

  • Most people buy a tesla to drive it. However, I could see you attaching it to a very long metal pole in a lightning storm and seeing if it could charge the car in a single strike... Or something like that.

  • I die inside every time he shocks himself 😂😂

  • Hes the kind of guy to say what does this do and then gets zapped/burned

  • I've bought some cheap AliExpress led bulbs, that I didn't expect to last more than few months and they work perfectly fine after almost 2 years.😂

  • Min 1:14 Harry potter and the ELECTRIC MUSICAL TESLA COIL

  • 1:17 What are you doing step electroBOOM

  • It's time to remove the battery pack and make a new arc generator

  • سلام من دانشجوی ترم ۸ ترم آخر طراحی صنعتی هستم و در زمینه پروداکت دیزاین و گرافیک دیزاین فعالیت دارم آیا افتخار همکاری با شما را دارم؟

  • 1:34 got me dead🤣🤣

  • Ah, the old missing 10mm socket gag. Nicely done, nicely done.

  • "Proffesional dumbass" a perfect description of electroboom

  • Never knew that when these decent led bulbs go off they don't actually go off

  • Wait Why you have now 4 m sub's ??? I'm not Stuipdy Electroboom before Have 5M SUBS WHY ????

  • If the battery is more than than three years old then it is nearly at the end of it s life . You can check the status of the battery cells with a hydrometer if the cell is below 2 volts in any of the six cells then it requires a charge over night but if the cell is internally shorted the battery must be replaced .! ! The hydrometer will tell you the correct gravity level which should be in the green zone.The best batteries are the maintenance free type lead acid calcium batteries are not recommended as they are prone heat deterioration.

  • Champion of truth.

  • Did you just kill your wifes computer

  • 0:16 Is the sound of stupidity.

  • 9:15 wow he really held a fast grudge agist his microwave XD Too bad the murder was off screen

  • it is a Mc DLT

  • Wait but what happens when you drop that showerhead in the bath

  • Am I the only one bothered by the glass vacuum chamber hanging over the edge? at 12:07

  • My pulse modular is interfering with the framus oscillator. Should I use bifurcated negative resistance or just let it go till it blows?

  • 'It's fine it only burns'

  • 1:14 I laughed so hard when he screamed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Obchod play hladať : elektro ?

  • No virus can survive that

  • "Heat a baby" Holy music stops.

  • I felt that. I always wonder what will happen when he looks away and his hands are moving around...I'm just waiting for it to happen...but I love the guy!!!!

  • We all knew about Disclaimer.

  • 1:49 sounds like the beginning of Philly on Friday Night Funkin LOL

  • This is my men live shorter than...

  • ആശംസകൾ കേരളത്തിൽ നിന്ന്....

  • 3years later me: I am late for my RODE to giveaway...

  • он еще живой...???...)))

  • 0:00 legend were born

  • Is it legal to have sex in car lmao im dying 😂 2:11

  • UKRAINE You are going in hand of RUSSIA...... Ooooooooooooohoohogogogoog

  • you could have look at hydrogen cars..... model S sucks

  • Nooooooo you are wrong ev cars pollute more than gas vehicle in ev cars after 7to 8 years you have to change the battery then where will you dispose it

  • What about these FREE WI-FI??? Can you talk about it sir

  • Mehdi, you are just the best <3

  • I'm no electronics genius by a long shot but even when I'm not following I thoroughly enjoy this.

  • Can you pls give me permission to try your stunts at home especially the Jacobs ladder one

  • Medhi sir cam you please tell what if I puty finger in earth wire ??!?????