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9:39I Trolled Youtubers with FAKE Fortnite LEAKS!
8:03I Trolled my Entire Fortnite livestream
I Trolled my Entire Fortnite livestreamvisningar 2,5mn8 dagar sedan
8:02I installed Fortnite Mods... this Happened!
I installed Fortnite Mods... this Happened!visningar 971tn15 dagar sedan
10:28Creating STREAMERS their *OWN* Fortnite Skin!
11:37I Trolled Youtubers with a FAKE Fortnite Movie
I Trolled Youtubers with a FAKE Fortnite Movievisningar 1,7mn2 månader sedan
13:54I Trolled Youtubers with FAKE NPC's in Fortnite
17:28Creating STREAMERS with 0 VIEWERS their *OWN* Skin!
13:32Every Death = CUSTOM Skin! (Fortnite)
Every Death = CUSTOM Skin! (Fortnite)visningar 287tn4 månader sedan
10:43I joined a Fortnite Fashion Show as CHRISTMAS Skins!
14:58Trolling YOUTUBERS with a FAKE SEASON 5 Battle Pass!
12:29I Trolled Youtubers with a FAKE Fortnite LIVE EVENT!
10:39I joined a Among Us Fashion Show with CUSTOM SKINS!
11:07Trolling Youtubers with a FAKE Fortnite LIVE EVENT!
12:21Among Us BUT it's Fortnite... Part 2
Among Us BUT it's Fortnite... Part 2visningar 1,6mn5 månader sedan
11:21Among Us BUT it's Fortnite
Among Us BUT it's Fortnitevisningar 1,7mn6 månader sedan
14:38I let Youtubers design my Fortnite Skin...
I let Youtubers design my Fortnite Skin...visningar 1,3mn6 månader sedan
10:04I joined a Fortnite Fashion Show as Shadow Midas!
10:21I created my *OWN* Fortnite HALLOWEEN Skins!
I created my *OWN* Fortnite HALLOWEEN Skins!visningar 490tn6 månader sedan
10:45I turned *FAN-CONCEPTS* into REAL Fortnite Skins!
10:21My $1,000,000+ Locker Showcase... NEVER SEEN!
My $1,000,000+ Locker Showcase... NEVER SEEN!visningar 2,1mn6 månader sedan
11:40Trying VIRAL Fortnite Tik Tok Glitches... they worked!
12:55The *RANDOM* CUSTOM Fish Skin CHALLENGE! ft. Tiko
10:07my last fashion show... (sad)
my last fashion show... (sad)visningar 673tn7 månader sedan
10:31Stealing *YOUTUBERS* Cars in Fortnite
Stealing *YOUTUBERS* Cars in Fortnitevisningar 2,6mn7 månader sedan


  • if i get a skin make it leo from TMNT


  • my username: usogabi i want my skin to look like a zombie version of your skin

  • I subscribed and turned on notifications. I just want my skin to be a straight up squidward.

  • Uozr nam. Superayden120912

  • A I want my skin to be Gucci sweater and red beanie Louis Vuitton parients

  • Hi I wut miy skn to be

  • Can you give me a ps4

  • a Noahs niche fortnight skin please

  • I want a perfect shadow head with a premium black hoodie and with black pants with a chain

  • Space craft

  • Space

  • Hello can you make me a skin pls. if you do can you make it look like the Ikonik skin but with space colors, and put and M in the middle as a logo

  • Hi i am subbed can u make me like a milk shake or a brownie thanks so much i love ur vids

  • I want my skin to look like a truck driver

  • If u do ty

  • Make a skin of me

  • Wow cool😀😀😀😀😀😎😎😎😎😎

  • Make a Jules fire skin thx


  • Can you make me a custom skin please???

  • I love 1:20

  • My name is unshodamoeba201 I want one custom skin I want it jeans blue shirt and a xxxtention pick axe

  • Dababy should actually be a skin ngl he would be so cool!

  • I want my skin to be dio from jjba

  • 3:49

  • I am describe our I want another Burger head and the code turn on it and burger cartoon

  • I wanted my custom skin to look like me hit me up on discord

  • I would like a dababy skin with black pants and a white shirt with a watch

  • Make toon kit now or else 🔫

  • Pls i want my own fortnite skin

  • I have almost all the emotes, I’m season one the only one I don’t have is wanna see me, because I didn’t have enough v-bucks

  • Wanted to be here I mean I wanna be a rapper if I can find the videos

  • Red eyes red long hair flame pans flame hands FLAME AROUND THE CHARACTER AND FLAME SHIRT

  • In among us

  • If my grandpa died from 20 years and dinousour died from 20 years😳

  • I want one as the shadow Midas Halloween skin please

  • Profile TheMarvelGod

  • Spiderman

  • I want carnage same as venom but with black and big vanes ok and every other spot red except vanes

  • *99% Will cry me:wtf, this ins't sad


  • What the the baby

  • I confused

  • Hi Trimix, I love your channel but I have a request my I please have a skin. I want it to have a box with a fade, have Air Jordans 1, brown skin, have a Gucci short sleeve shirt, and Gucci shorts please that’s all I want please.

  • I win this I want a baby skin

  • Why when I want the baby

  • A Supreme Hoodie and a hat with yeezys

  • Not home of games

  • look with a supreme hat and supreme shots with a shirt but supreme shirt and blond hair sticking out hat

  • I want the llion skin but galaxy. PLEASE (use code Trimix)

  • You made a skin for my cousin

  • Imagine if he makes me can I have can I have a boy renagade raider

  • You should yus your own

  • My fortnite skin should have blue neck sweatshirt a blue pants Nike pants and a blue Jordans

  • Nick

  • I want my skin to be a neck sweatshirt Nike Jordan shoes and Nike pants

  • i want it red pants and white mask and air macs

  • Can i get a skin of messi

  • Hi tricks I like your SEnewss channel

  • Can I get a blue sweater with a with a blue bini and black sweat pants

  • Pleas can you make Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin De Bruyne please I’m a big fan of you

  • If you want to make my skin all you have to do is look up sans_papareking and make the eyes red and make them blink if you can and if you can make the crown top move left and right

  • can you make a skid skin representing Friday Night Funkin. Here is a description, a short skeleton with a black long sleeve shirt with small white bones on it. the pants would have black and white bones on it. The head would have Big black eyes connecting to eachother with white dots as the pupils. The mouth would have a smile with stiches on it. thanks trimix

  • Can I get my own skin

  • You mean tiger

  • Pleas can you make Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin De Bruyne please I’m a big fan of you

  • its funny how the neymar skin is real but it cosst v b u c k

  • I subscribed to you And ring the bell

  • Wow Just Wow ☺

  • I know I won't get picked ☹️. But if you could make my skin kit just instead of a cat he's a monkey 🐵. And if you could make Corvette Corvette into an emote also it would make my day I love your videos btw

    • Btw I'm willing to 1v1 for the skin(and emote) I mean you can always just give it to me instead...

  • Please make me a skin it’s easy a chicken nugget

  • I want mine to be juice wrld

  • And my username is logantoot