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Stefan is an American living in Sweden, obsessed with traveling and culture.


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  • I don't think that's the case. Most friendships are formed in places you attend by free choice and according to your interests. Usually gymnasiet is the first time you go to such a place in Sweden, unless you did sports in an organisation or art/music classes or something similar. There you have a high chance of meeting people with similar temperament as you, a shared core interest or something else that makes you relate to each other.

  • I still dont understand what you see in Sweden.... everythings super expensive, taxes are high and salaries are so so...

  • And don’t forget that if you earn a certain amount you pay 20% extra in taxes on the amount above that amount 🥲. It sucks when you have been "forced" to work extra a lot of and have to pay extra taxes because you earn "too much"

  • Good for you Stefan! I have never had Instragram, twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. SEnewss, YES!!! But the rest isn't needed and I get so much more out of life without them! Keep on going!!!

  • the thing here is personality and some people dont like have to many friends wich i get cause if you have many people in contakt to your phone there will be moments at times that you might have to chose witch friend to be with at times. and the school part can have a small reson to being in play here but i dont thing its fundamentaly true all the time and most times old friend tend to lose contact with you so you kinda forget about them but not really so to speak cause the bond grow weaker the less you interact with them. but overal i belive we sweds grade how close friend we are with people like (close, real close, great friends, best friends, family, lover, and relative) is how i see in it but for the most time we just like to go with the code off treat others how you want to be treated <--- witch plays the most for most sweds when it comes to meeting new people and take in the cultsure you are in and respekt it) might allso play in a major part here

  • So frustrating that your subscriber count just stays on 93k

  • swedish politcis is very easy, left hates the right, right hates the new and Miljöpartiet smokes to much weed to function properly

  • Haha 😂 mean People have no life are sade and boring People forgett aboute Them haha 😂

  • You don't pay taxes to pay for your education, but to pay for the education of those after you. It's about growing as a whole, an entire society. It's not about paying for your own shit.

  • You're right about the school system where we hang out with a group of people for a long time. But, then you grow older (like me) and those friends, those buddies, meet someone, they marry, get kids and a dog or move, and suddenly you find yourself not having that many friends anymore. A friend-killer is time and growing out of someone's life - and it sucks. You end up quite alone and many times having it harder finding new friends.

  • That is changing in Sweden now... I mean, since I came to Sweden 20 yrs ago. A lot of people choose to change schools. Especially if the kids choose different "inriktning" on high school/gymnasiet. Also different when choosing university. My experience has been that most people close the circle depending where they live at, like neighbours... or you bond a lot with your colleges. But its not always so if course. Cultivating strong friendships takes time and energy. Its also something about the way we socialize here. In US its possible to be more spontaneous, here it can be a hit or miss. I live in Örebro by the way. 😊

  • Hope you wake up.

  • ¨Mångfald är våran styrka¨- instämmer helt, men bara för globallisterna. Det finns inget som försvagar mer en nation, samhälle eller folkgrupp än tvingad mångkultur. Det är som att blanda två myrstackar.

  • I hate this as a swede. Jantelagen. Stubbornness. Closed off. And follow the same clothing style etc are some of the things I hate about Swedes. I think we are a pretty rude community. If you don't follow the standard you are less worth in some way. And people don't even think about it. We are not a free thinking people. We are closed minded. Small minded. Ruled by the media. We need to wake up and think and accept and try more new stuff. Don't just wear black fancy clothes and don't just decorate our homes in white.

  • Skatten till kungen heter apanage och de miljonerna är inte rätt ner i fickan till kungen och familj utan stor del av pengarna måste de investera i ex slottet, anställda osv.

  • It was very cool that you friend reacted so fast after having a dinner close to them. Making it a social thing. I wished more people would do things like that. Maybe it is just me or people acting around me but I rarely see or hear anything like that. See someone is closeby? Go there and see what's happening? Or invite them over. Why not? It is not social media itself that is bad it is how people use it.

  • Oh man Stefans forfathers are puttinh him on the meh list Kebab pizza, according to italians thats a sacreledge as pineapple or banana pizza And liver paté and rye bread on the danish list? His german roots will disaprove of his disaproval Ok not ketchup, but there are herings in a tomato sauce And liqorice is heaven

  • You're wrong whit djungelvrål need to soak out the salt before you leave the licorice flavor

  • The friends we make are the ones we grow up with, often from year zero and beyond, that's why the number of friends decrease as older we get, some die, some move away , some get to occupied by their new married life. We rarely just make new close friends. If we loose em all we keep on alone.

  • It's like everything else, you have to take it in moderation. I like keeping the apps off of my phone and using them in browser. If I want to upload a photo I'll e-mail to myself. I love not feeling the urge to check it every five seconds though. Despite people's claims though, it is a great way to get social if you use it to find people of common interests or share something with friends that you may not have seen in a long time. It's all about how you use it.

  • Okay, here’s a perspective: Swedes’ lack of ‘friendliness’ and unwillingness to make friends has nothing to do with them being in classes with the same people every year in high school. It’s actually a consequence of the Germanic working ethos, which emphasises hard work, being productive and being alone (eg by focusing on self and getting ahead in your career etc, rather than community). You’ll find this ‘spirit’ or lack of friendliness and ‘coldness’ in ALL the Germanic cultures (eg Swiss, German, UK etc). It’s not specific to Sweden. Go to the UK for example and you’ll find the same ‘cold’ behaviour and lack of openness to making new friends (although Brits are very polite and would never say ‘I have all the friends I need’, they would make small talk and be ostensibly friendly). Germanic cultures emphasise being independent, constant and efficient. You’re hardly going to get that if you’re always wanting to make a ton of new friends from all over the world! It’s close-minded, but it’s what keeps people in check.

  • Good video man !

  • I might not be Swedish after all... I love meeting and making new friends in my life 🤷🏼‍♀️ Btw, I’ve never said or heard anyone saying they have enough friends... 🤔

  • Did you delete Tinder too or kept it? 😂

    • Didn't have it during the 60 days, I think that counts as social media kind of haha

  • OMG OMG OMG, This is such an amazing video Stefffff! Absolutely loved it!

  • Hey Stefan! Yeah its definitely hard nowadays not to check your phone. Although for you, It's probably tougher due to your work and business. So its understandable. Thanks for another great video! Enjoy your day!👏🏼👍🏼

  • 3:31 nån som gillar bea hahaha

    • Haha jaaa men det hade kommit så där... sååå gott!!

  • I used to watch Twitch alot, but nowadays there's just people on there reminding me that i don't have a Hot tub.

  • Wooow, I've just started the video and the quality is amaziiiing, great job!

    • Thank you so much! Put a lot of effort in on this one! :)

  • Love the video! Super high quality editing, structure etc and the content was also great :)

    • That's amazing to hear! I'm glad you noticed the extra effort :)

  • Ibland känner jag att jag vill ta bort min har lite vänner där som inte bor i Sverige och som inte har någon annan plattform att hålla kontakt med dem..har inte postat i flödet sen slutet av januari. Borde skära ner på dötiden jag spenderar där.

    • Ahh det är faktiskt skönt att var tillbaka att ta kontakt med de kompisar som är där igen. Men alltid bra att utvärdera lite gran när man är där för mycket!

  • I think this will resonate with lots of people. Noties are banned here too. Also allowed for screen time count to find out how many hours was spent per day. It was waaay more than I thought.

    • @Stefan Thyron Oh yeah, for sure. Your lessons learned are useful for all of us. In fact, we could do with some of that parent supervision ourselves. The thing is, I find that I kinda say to myself things like ”I’m just gonna keep it on while relaxing for a couple of minutes with this one cup of coffee”. And we all know how that goes... Poff! 2 hrs later.

    • Yea that can be really scary for me to look at sometimes, especially since I listen to podcast on youtube as well haha

  • Cool

  • Hello! You have inspired me sooo much! Thank you!😆❤️

  • Hi again :) hope ur doing great

  • Hi Stefan🌞

  • Cheap stuff, in Sweden? No, no, no you must be mistaken!

  • You should seriously take salary gap in consideration when comparing US to Sweden, makes Swedens real estate even more ridiculous

  • The thing about social democracy is that it fuses Conservative, Liberal and socialist ideas. then you will also find some of the theories in sweden and other nordic countries in general! We also have high confidence in our respective democracies and politicians. a trust they have gained through how the tax money is used and that they often use professional advice to make political decisions. I prefer high taxes and know that I and others get good education, good health services, etc.

  • The left leaning parties are not liberal in sweden. Almost every single issue they push means less personal freedom, if it's economic with higher taxes, or more regulation banning private actors in healthcare or free speech.

  • Stefan, you really need to get a grip with the difference between socialism and social democracy.

  • I'm from New Zealand and my view of Sweden is kind of negative.There is a lot of news about things happening in your country that seem really bad. I'm thinking of the politician who dated a paedophile, the political correctness, lack of freedom of speech, all the crime (car burning, rapes, bombs, shootings). How do you reconcile what's happening in that country with actually living there? I'd be scared to have a child grow up there or always worry about my girlfriend or wife.

  • You are really good at storytelling.

  • It’s not that Swedish law doesn’t allow for lockdowns and such. The governmrnt has pretty extensive control over such issues. It’s rather that the public health agency (which is independent to the party-political government) chose that no lockdowns was the best course of action, and the government respected their opinion.

  • The U.S prison guards are scarier and more crooked than the Swedish prisoners!

  • Think it s not really a democracy if a president can be elected wit fewer votes than the other part!Thanks for video.

  • Where i used to live on the countryside there was this huge mansion that sold for 1.2 mil swedish that had 30 rooms and like a huge ass yard and pretty well taken care of. Basicly just go anywhere 100km from stockholm and ull see reasonable prices on most things.

  • Sports, health care, infrastructure (such as public transportation and phone network), education is all funded more or less by the government and our taxes. It is sort of an investment on their side. Sports helps people be more healthy = less health care costs. Having good health means less sick people, means more gets done = more paid taxes. Good infrastructure also enables people to get to work more easily and good communications such as internet and cellphone service enables companies to earn more money which also means more taxes being paid. A well educated population attracts more companies from abroad but also creates profitable companies here = more taxes being paid.

  • Thought it was easy to move into Sweden, with all the immigrants (No racisme)! - anyways cool story - Hilsen Danmark 😎

  • Yo wth we have no problem with finland. Denmark though...

  • Probably mostly a language confusion. Like the word 'love' is so casually used in English to a point where it is almost meaningless. Love and like are pretty much synonymous. You love a pair of shoes, you love the colour blue.... In Swedish älska does not have the general usage of being sprinkled onto anything you and everything you do not actively hate. Same goes for 'friend' and 'friendship' in Swedish. They do not really include people you occasionally hang out with, even if you enjoy their company very much. But describe a deeper relationship with certain unspoken obligations that you are probably not quite picking up on due to crossed wires in the translation between the languages.

  • I think the connection just might go the other way. Swedish culture places a high value on close intimate committed friendships. If the schoolsystem had been set up the american way, I can see somebody objecting ”But this way the kids will only get aquaintances - how will they make real friends?” Swedes who go to USA tend to complain that after an initial honeymoon with all the open friendliness and easy chatting, they feel lonely, because all they’ve got is superficial shallow relationships. They can talk shop at work or discuss sports or make jokes with the people they know, but they can’t talk about private stuff like their mothers failing health or problems in the marriage or existential angst or whatever - with anyone! Of course 95% of my coversations with my closest friends are about everyday stuff. Games or work or music or whatever. But if I wanna get real and talk about difficult personal stuff I can. With several friends. But that kind of friendship is a bit like a marriage. It takes work, maintenance, commitment. So that might be why swedes say ”I don’t have space for more friends in my life, in fact I feel that I’m failing on the upkeep of the friends I do have.”

  • The reason why non-wealthy people are conservative in the US is because they are uneducated. The reason non-wealthy people in Sweden vote for the socialist parties is because they know who is fighting for their rights. Wanna bet the blue areas on the map are linked specifically to wealthy areas in the cities as well?

  • Im a swede but I actually think that you cant have too many friends. But I prefer having close relationships than shallow. BUT I also changed classes and schools a couple of times due to bullying so that may be a part of it actually. I also took individual classes at Uni and didnt have one class all 3, 5 years but rather different classes every term when I switched subject. So i really think youre on to something here ☺️ i dont like the term "too many friends".

  • The deap stat com from Sweden, fam Wallenberg.

  • I live in Kansas. Try taking away farm subsidies, rural subsidies for road maintenance, etc - and you will find how socialistic they really are. They get subsidies if their crops fail, and if they don't. They are given subsidies for not planting anything.

  • that's pretty weird ngl lol

  • As a swede, moving to Italy next year I am super nervous! I have no idea how to make new friends...this is a big problem for a lot of young adults and adults. I feel like I lack a huge social skill and that I will end up alone in Italy with me, myself and a tub of delicious gelato😅

  • In Sweden you can't buy wine or alcohol in the shops and the government regulates ALL aspects of life, from the cradle to the grave. The Swedish government didn't choose the Corona strategi with no lock down because swedes love their personal freedom so much, most swedes doesn't even understand what personal freedom is. It choose that because the Swedish police wouldn't have been able to uphold the lock down in the ghettos. Its's not liberal to enforce restrictions on people, so by definition the politicians you call liberal are in fact anti-liberal.

  • To be left wing in Sweden is not the same as being a liberal. The left wing is socialist. To be a liberal in Sweden can be compared to being libertarian, wanting to lower taxes and privatize which is considered right wing

    • You can see it as V and S are economical left with liberal values such as free abortions, gay rights etc, C and L have liberal values but are economical right, M, SD and KD are economical right and have more conservative values. I think when a lot of americans hear liberal they only think about things such as human rights and equality but it's also based on free market/trade and small to no government involvement

  • Working class in Sweden know that rich right wing politicians don't give a shit about you, which they don't seem to realize in the US. However I feel that a lot of people who vote right in the US do this because of conservative values and people who vote right wing in sweden to it for less taxes and privatization. Since people are richer in the larger cities they don't care as much about welfare. Also the center party and the liberals, even though they're in the middle counts as "right"

  • The Swedish people don’t like the government telling the people what to do?! The government dictates all aspects of life in Sweden, and the Swedes eagerly cede more and more power to the state. A teacher from the left coast being liberal-there’s a shock.

  • I love the Swedish history lesson from you....keep these vids coming!

  • Is it so strange that a deaf person mispronounce words? Uuuhhhmmm... no :)

  • I started checking out your videos when you were based in Norrköping, but I still love your videos even though you abandoned this pretty city! But really, it's interesting to see how you view Sweden compared to the US

  • Yes, Americans can stand and let their mouths go on some kind of auto mod with very little connection to the brain. Just love hearing his own voice without having anything to say.

  • I think this is 100% accurate. /Swede

  • Million dollar home in SF Bay Area - a 50 sq ft shed.

  • I wouldn't say the school system is a definitive factor, sure one way to cultivate a friendship is through having that shared past, but that shared past could be made through living in the same neighbourhood or being on a sports team together year after year. I'm not saying school cannot be a contributing factor, just it's a weak explanation. I think the main factor is that us scandinavians generally focus a lot more on the depth of our friendships. The more people you need to spend time and energy on, the less time and energy you get to spend on each person, which generally means a weaker connection overall. So we tend to prefer focusing on a select few rather than keep making new aquaintances, because to maintain a connection with a person, you need to spend time on them, otherwise the person will eventually fade into the periphery. And I think you may read a bit too much into someone saying "I've got enough friends", it just means they aren't actively seeking more friends as they are satisfied with the friends they have, not that they are opposed to making new connections. Also, something I tend to tell people who randomly message me asking if I want to be their friend (which has happened a few times, and is just really weird to me), is that friendship is something that happens between people, not something you make happen, if that makes sense. You cannot force an actual connection to a person, it has to develop naturally over time, so question is, when someone finds that people they consider close to be closed off from them - do they perhaps set the bar a bit too low for what they consider a friendship to be?

  • Stefan, do you use a US passport or Sweden passport to travel abroad?

  • Lots of ”right” and ”left” issues don’t map to each other in Sweden-US comparisons. The word ”liberal” means lefty in the states and right wing in Sweden. People on the countryside can be deeply culturally conservative, but vote on left oriented economical policies. It makes sense that an american who voted on the democrats would feel at home on the rightwing side of swedish politics, because out rightwing is a lot closer to democrats than republicans on most issues. I think one of the biggest differences just in general might be on big vs small government. All major swedish parties believes in using goverment to fix problems and do big stuff. There are narrow areas where some rightwing liberals push deregulation (schools and health care providers) but in general the whole idea of trying to shrink government and its role is ... foreign.

  • +1

  • We don’t wear shoes inside cause we aint animals. Has nothing to do with slush and gravel.

  • I'm just going to be honest: Sweden was one of my bucket list countries in Europe to go to next...until I started watching your videos. You kinda make them sound a bit xenophobic, cold, unfriendly and not approachable. That is until they get to know you it seems. That doesn't exactly make me want to go as a tourist if I'm just going to get a cold shoulder from the locals. It's now towards the bottom of my list. Sorry, they just don't sound...nice.

  • Switch to that's weird like that would never happen in israel unless the person is really struggeling and even then we just help him and be really nice and understanding about language mistakes but confuse? No lol that's really nice i think it's prob out of trying to be really thoughtfull, a swedish guy said to me once wedish ppl won't have small talks with stranges cause they don't want to put them under the pressure of having taking to stranges.

  • The American concept of a ”school class” was always weird to me whenever I came across it, because as you say, a Swedish school class is a group that sticks together throughout the year(s). I was with the same class mates from 1st grade all the way up to 7th grade, if our family hadn’t moved to another town I would have done 9 years of school with them.

  • A Swede will definately remember if someone didn't pay back the 5kr they owe!

  • Difficult to know what affects what. Is it the school system that affects our friendship patterns or our friendship patterns that affect how schools are organised? To spin this idea: friendships among American people are often viewed by Swedes as being shallow friendships. It's easy to make friends but you're really not friends friends. On the other hand, friendships in Sweden are often quite deep if you actually make a friend. There is a saying I've heard about us: "It's difficult to make friends with Swedish people but when you do you have a friend for life." When we are abroad we don't have to fit into our reserved culture so we act unSwedish. The way we really want to act always.

  • Get used to it or move