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BlacktipH Fishing brings you some of the most exciting fishing videos on the web. Our host, Josh Jorgensen, is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline seeking appetite for monster fish! Whether it's catching monster fish from the beach, from a kayak or from a boat, Josh pushes the limits of big game fishing. Our content has been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, Today Show and many more!



0:23GIANT Fish on a Bridge #Shorts
GIANT Fish on a Bridge #Shortsvisningar 34tnDag sedan
0:16Caught a Baby Sailfish #Shorts
Caught a Baby Sailfish #Shortsvisningar 186tn17 timmar sedan
9:48Shark Fishing with Nelk - Got a Rolex
Shark Fishing with Nelk - Got a Rolexvisningar 247tn17 timmar sedan
0:18Bigger Fish Eats my Fish #Shorts
Bigger Fish Eats my Fish #Shortsvisningar 6mnDag sedan
0:34Bird Caught Under Ice #Shorts
Bird Caught Under Ice #Shortsvisningar 363tn7 dagar sedan
0:48Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shorts
Catching Jumbo Sand Fleas #Shortsvisningar 13mn14 dagar sedan
8:14GIANT African Pompano - Clean \u0026 Cook
GIANT African Pompano - Clean \u0026 Cookvisningar 98tn14 dagar sedan
0:49Catching Fish with Watermelon #Shorts
Catching Fish with Watermelon #Shortsvisningar 490tn21 dag sedan
8:49MASSIVE African Pompano \u0026 Amberjacks
0:13Walking my Pet Shark #Shorts
Walking my Pet Shark #Shortsvisningar 2,6mn21 dag sedan
8:41GIANT Dolphin and Dock Fishing in Panama
GIANT Dolphin and Dock Fishing in Panamavisningar 267tnMånad sedan
0:14Very RARE Albino Shark #Shorts
Very RARE Albino Shark #Shortsvisningar 217tnMånad sedan
12:43Extreme Saltwater Fishing 2
Extreme Saltwater Fishing 2visningar 878tnMånad sedan
0:17Cast Netting Monster Bunker  #Shorts
Cast Netting Monster Bunker #Shortsvisningar 9mnMånad sedan
11:18The LARGEST Snappers in the World
The LARGEST Snappers in the Worldvisningar 271tnMånad sedan
0:15Feeding MASSIVE Dock Pets #Shorts
Feeding MASSIVE Dock Pets #Shortsvisningar 1,4mn2 månader sedan
8:25Drone Fishing for Sharks
Drone Fishing for Sharksvisningar 147tn2 månader sedan
13:34How to Clean and Cook a 300lb Grouper
How to Clean and Cook a 300lb Groupervisningar 1,6mn2 månader sedan
11:49We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!
We Caught a SEA MONSTER!!visningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
12:37MASSIVE Queen Snappers and a Giant Hammerhead
MASSIVE Queen Snappers and a Giant Hammerheadvisningar 503tn2 månader sedan
17:37Monster Pacific Ocean Grouper Fishing
Monster Pacific Ocean Grouper Fishingvisningar 209tn3 månader sedan
1:41:50Fishing for Tarpon from the Dock
Fishing for Tarpon from the Dockvisningar 221tn3 månader sedan
12:23Fishing for MONSTER Sailfish in Guatemala
Fishing for MONSTER Sailfish in Guatemalavisningar 276tn3 månader sedan
3:03:30Fishing for Sharks on a Jon Boat
Fishing for Sharks on a Jon Boatvisningar 423tn3 månader sedan
1:55:45Dock Fishing for GIANT Bull Sharks
Dock Fishing for GIANT Bull Sharksvisningar 370tn3 månader sedan
10:11MASSIVE Dolphin Fish!! Biggest I've Ever Seen!
MASSIVE Dolphin Fish!! Biggest I've Ever Seen!visningar 567tn4 månader sedan
13:36Top 10 Best Fishing Moments from 2020
Top 10 Best Fishing Moments from 2020visningar 1,4mn4 månader sedan
10:08Using MONSTER Baits for GIANT Fish!
Using MONSTER Baits for GIANT Fish!visningar 2,1mn4 månader sedan
57:00Preparing for a Shark Fishing Trip
Preparing for a Shark Fishing Tripvisningar 98tn5 månader sedan


  • Что это?😳😳😳

  • He's gonna need a Cantaloupe. 0:09

  • pretty pathetic how far NELK boys have fallen.......

  • This is dope

  • This guy is a hero! He saved all those fish from drowning!

  • They make great free fishing bait

  • It’s official I’m never swimming in the sea again 🌊

  • Why does the captain that he was with sound like Chris Hemsworth, Thor

  • j

  • Why does captain Richard sound like Chris hemsworth in Thor

  • Today was our last day at the beach and I’ve been showing my grandma the sea creatures i like to catch all week and tonight we saw so many of them all over the place! I thought it was neat as did my gram

  • Bacot

  • Didn't think the fish would go for that X well done x

  • Got me fucked up if you think I’m putting it back

  • 8:52 watch gambles get absolutely shut down with the fist bump

  • Awesome put it in a fish tank

  • You left the hook in the shark

  • He put the hook in the fishes eye.. so many people are about to report this once we share the cruelty

  • Bro this is actually fucked....never burying my toes in the sand ever again

  • Kinda cute in their way

  • Thanks now I am never going to the beach again

  • Them Wings are kick ass.

  • He called it a monster when I caught a bass bigger than that

  • I love how it just ends with “oH nO” he knows that pole about to snap 😂

  • Is that Del Rey?

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  • Good job👍

  • more shorts love them

  • "Look at all those fleas".. OMG wee!

  • Donald Trump lost the election.

  • you guys have what?

  • Kyle from Nelk looks so lost fishing hahahaha. Glad the they had fun even being sea sick

  • En Guerrero en las costas de zihuatanejo a esos les dicen chiquilique y por Nayarit puerquitos muy ricos en caldo o al mojo de ajo bien fritos

  • Утка на червя попалась! 🤣

  • Can we get some collab merch?

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  • Why AP looks too much unsatisfied & confused??😂😂😂

  • I love his shirt tho

  • There is no way that bird could survive underwater so they probably sent that bird down, his not a fish to bite the bit

  • Correction: a *dying* baby sailfish

  • ok cool

  • I thought cast net fishing was illegal in the US

  • Nice catch

  • This one time at band camp.

  • Ah thanks well I’m never going to the beach again even though it’s fun YOU HAD TO INFORM ME GOD I HATE KNOWLEDGE

  • Crystal is HUGE...

  • We eat that, it's pretty good though.

  • Fake bird

  • did you get it?

  • Should have showed the fish that was dumb of Y'all all that an whatever


  • Next video: guy in wheelchair missing a couple legs

  • Man this is nothing. Try catching a 4 pound smallmouth on lettuce Edit: it may have been a five but I forget.

  • That was amazing. I’m looking forward to next month when I go on vacation to fish

  • Omg wtf is that lol ohhhhh hell no man lol screw the beach

  • Yat2 ni boleh mkn ni sedap goreng kunyit

  • and there’s another reason i’m never going to the beach


  • They look like bedbugs, but so much bigger in size, with shell body and white-grayish color.

  • I want that in my tank!

  • Spend a couple months at Paris Island you'll find out real quick what sand fleas are LMAO

  • hes like yo put me back before my dad flys at u

  • That net has seen better days.

  • Well I'm never going in the ocean again

  • Where's Steve?

  • $100,000 in health insurance bills? Brother.. move to Australia. Better fishing and free health care.

  • Mole crab?

  • happy birthday and keeps the video going

  • Wooowwwwwww put that in an aquarium

  • thats a Mackie not a kingfish

  • From Florida to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge! Been watching your videos for a while now man keep up the great content! 👍 I live 45 mins away from the bay bridge btw🤟🏽

  • Clearly they are inexperienced

  • I was standing on the beach once and when the waves receded, all of a sudden I felt dozens of tiny legs tickling the bottoms of my feet. Worst. Feeling. Ever. I hate these things lol.

  • Woah that's nice

  • JJ cracks me up. He talks like the micro machine guy back in the day lol. A million miles an hour

  • 8:53 "sign up for my only fans" hahaha

  • We need full video of more of these plz blacktiph h

  • Here in Peru they are called "mui muis" some people eat them in omellets, they don't really bite or hurt you, they are like cockroaches but way less gross. We also use them as bait for fishing.

  • kyoot

  • Isso aqui no Brasil é conhecido como tatuíra e muito Usado como isca de peixe 🐟 e também feito ao alho e óleo fica um bom acompanhamento com gosto semelhante ao do camarão 🍤