M539 Restorations

M539 Restorations M539 Restorations

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Welcome to my channel which is mainly focused on older BMWs. The place where we do repairs, revivals, restorations and go on car buying road trips across Europe.
My name is Sreten. I am not a professional mechanic, just a normal IT guy whose hobby and passion for cars have gotten out of hand.

My current fleet consists of:

2001 BMW E39 M5
2000 BMW E38 750iL - project Dubai
2007 BMW E60 M5 6-speed - project Raleigh
2002 BMW E46 325i Touring - project Cologne
1989 BMW E32 750iL - project Karlsruhe
1991 BMW E31 850i 6-speed - project Marseille

I've owned 25+ BMWs over the years and hopefully that number will continue to go up.



  • I'll admit I'm not mechanically minded whatsoever. First sign of any engine trouble it's straight to the garage. After watching a number of similar SEnewss channels, I have the upmost respect for car mechanics like this guy.

  • I have this car of 1/18 scale, but no box and display box

  • Power: Did you check the camshaft timing? I found that the chain stretches with time (km), and I adjusted this on a couple of old BMW V8's & V12's with good results. Great videos BTW!

  • this channel made me appreciate BMW's. and managed to incorporate the word "Scheiße" into my vocabulary now. hahaha

  • The grey and black combo looks awesome! Any advice for buying an e39 525i from the 98-03 era? Preference of manual or automatic? Thanks!

  • Cool dude, I subscribed. 😎✌️

  • Sludge was caused by that clogged CVS

  • Great Job! You have extraordinary patients and determination, also a good sence of humor . Who taught you your trade?

  • hopefully the price you agreed upon was "free"

  • Why didn’t you treat the seats like you did in hour other cars? It would have made the interior perfect...

  • you did an outstanding job on a magnificent car.

  • Which BBK is this? Does it clear the OEM wheels without spacers?

  • Recently went to get handbrake actuator done on x5 to realise yesterday the " BMW SPECIALIST " has removed my trim from the front of my rear wheel (in wheel arch) which is now missing and also 3 screws missing from from the front inside of the wheel arch so I agree miss screws FIRED Bare in mind I paid £1200 to fix a handbrake....

  • manual :) ...yes yes yes :P

  • Love your videos...Just a question??? You packed it all in a 40-minute video but how many hours did you spend on the car???

  • Why do you want to go Germany ? Because you can push your car to reach top speed :)

  • Can you swap a M70 with a M73 in the E31?

  • That repair looks, expensive

  • A lot of dismantling for a wheel bearing.

  • This has helped me greatly! I got a e46 touring from a friend of mine and I know it has not of issues. I wanted to replace every that I can in the engine to make it a very solid daily. I've watch countless videos and nobody has broken down. is there anyway that you have a parts list that is not only oem but also some performance parts as well? In my city, nobody has a e46 touring so I want to make mine the one to really stand out

  • “Start with the interior which looks disgusting” (I look at my car with disgust)

  • Best mechanic channel. Awesome content!!

  • Where this week video

  • You just drove up the price of my favorite bmw ever.

  • Guys please help me real quick.... what was his fuel consumption in 500km? I thought I heard him wrong.

  • Amazing!

  • The before & after shots are perfect plus the editing on your vids is sublime.

  • Solud put m bumpers

  • M-pack on the car ? Rear and frond bumper looks great

  • NBR/NBR means the rubber material. Like O-Rings these hoses do have special properties to resist f.e. UV light/ mineral oils and so on. So you were fully right. The outside material was from chlorepren rubber (CR) and the inner should have been NBR - Nitrile Butadiene Rubber. Hope that helps. Always be careful wat types of rubber you use for which type of place and chemicals they are exposed. Cheers mate. Excellent work. :)

  • Prevention always best if you need to change 1 injector copper seal just change them all jesus this why used owners never look after things, Great video! That be investment one day!


  • Your French skills are really outstanding :) looking forward to the next episode - stay safe

  • BMWs according to Scotty: endless money pits 😜. Nice cars though and you are a master in fixing them!

  • I live in Arkansas USA and we sometimes get sunshine while its snowing. Sweet huh?

  • Your videos are ABSOLUTELY fantastic! Really enjoying Project Marseille so far. Huge E31 fan and hoping to buy a project car someday. You have given me inspiration to take one on and enjoy it. Keep it up!

  • Quickly becoming my favorite channel!? What!? Damn BMW's Thank you! Great video and so much info, very appreciated, Damn it! Lol

  • Can't wait for the next video! But please bring back the "Evil Twin"! :D


  • Good to see that they came to their senses & made to bonnet open in the correct way.

  • If you want to keep learning Spanish, i will gladly invite you to Spain to give you a lot of spanish lessons while we both work on my BMW E90 320i, i live in the Coast and we have always a lovely weather here! 😉👌

  • I'm still waiting for the BMW Group Classic to sponsor this guy. Hello? BMW are you there? There is only one way. The way of the OEM.

  • Hi Sreten, would be great to hear what your best restorations were (top 10?), what brought back the best driving experience to the car, bearings brakes suspension steering. Look forward to your M sport styling.

  • You're like a god of BMW. I also appreciate your references to top gear and Doug de mouro, with you being where to speak the most common off the european languages. Cheers, your videos have taken up much of my life.

  • I’ve watched like all your videos... then I’m like “what the fuck am I doing?” I drive a Tesla. FML

  • This guy is a great technician. I've been working on bmws for 22 years he makes everything look easy and they are relatively easy to work on. Unfortunately bmw screwed up after 2004 and up I've owned almost every model from 85 to 2003 and never had problems until 2004 customers that were bmw and nothing else were so passed off when buying any model from 04 and up I couldn't keep up with the issues. The 7 series especially was a nightmare. Not just ugly but try finding one that doesn't have a check engine light on.

  • 3 Spark plug threads stripped ??? Guess the previous mechanic had a torque key in kgm instead of Nm 😅 People like that should only be allowed to work on wheelbarrows. You’re in for a few more surprises.

  • I really like the way he treated the interior, especially the leather and carpet. The carpet can't be restored by just spraying and vacuuming, after spraying, get in there with a damp terry towel and scrub it! Results will not be obvious immediately, but when it dries, it should look like new. If you aren't willing to burn up that elbow grease, then don't bother buying a car that requires restoration.

  • gotta love that magical V8, love your channel man, keep up the good work

  • 12:30 It seems by now that the previous owner drove the fuck out of that car and neglected the maintenance.

  • I don't know jack about BMWs, so here I am.

  • The ultimate asshole machine - well, that's to say here in California! =- D

  • When you named Sabine a tear fell ...

  • lol incredible isnt it my son bought a e39 525i it was trash but got it up to standard and beyond same colour as yours but bigger wheels and the alpina stripe the list is endless but good luck .....

  • I would suggest you invest in a led headlamp. You can wear that so you can see your work, you can use your other lamp to fix somewhere near the tripod to light the video. You drop your lamp a lot!

  • The tailight review was as good as Basil Fawlty’s punishment of his Austin.

  • Wie ist das mit dem Luftmassenmesser beim M60 Motor beim 730i? Kann ich z.B. von Hella ersetzen oder muss Bosch sein?

  • I lost it when he went for COCAINE TABLE 🤣🤣🤣

  • Of course Germans have very good English but you spent some time in America? Canada?

  • That was an informative and well done vid on one of my favorite cars. Didn't expect to watch the whole thing! Good stuff and I am subbed.

  • Thsnk you for sharing video

  • I am looking for a EML box too a friends BMW 750iL E38, but i can't find it anywhere.

  • "carbon fiber towel" " let's rekindle the spark between the fuel tank and the fuel pump cuz that's where u want the spark to be" 😅😅😅😅 man I love u....no homo

  • Not Ali baba dude. Al balawi, and thats my showroom 😂 we sold this car ages ago to an arab, instantly recognized my showroom name and my fathers contact. This car was mint when we sold it, sadly the owner didnt keep it that way. Good to see this

    • @M539 Restorations Excuse my excitement btw, I'll watch all the parts and see the end result of what you've done with the car. Small world

    • I still have some left, some with our partner in germany as well, lots of 7 series and 8 series

    • Hahaa, no offense taken, I'll ask my father about it. We've sold plenty of these and s600 v12s in mint around the 2000-2008 mark. Will provide specifics. Mind sharing your email?

    • Yeah, sorry about that, just goofing around. 😁 That's cool! Do you remember what year you sold it?

  • I love BMW 😍😍😍

  • More videos pls

  • Same first aid kit I found in a barn find 1979 450 SLC...

  • I am following you from Cape Town South Africa. This is one of my favorite channels, I learn so much here. Your E46 Tourer project inspired me to go out and get one too, they are not easy to find here in SA, especially a decent 325i. My car now is a E90 335i N55, I was hoping to find some videos on your channel for this car??

  • "The only spark plugs you want to use". Well... they are neither the correct sparkplugs by BMW, nor by NGK. BOSCH FGR7DQP or NGK BKR6EQUP. So yes, Multi-ground electrodes, but not BKR6EK

    • M73 is different, original Bosch plugs for M70 were 1 kOhm, current ones aren't.

    • @M539 Restorations Are you saying it ran poorly from the factory or recommendations for OEM replacement were added later on? Maybe I'm mixing up things, is it the same with M73 engine? I recall something from your earlier videos, which video was it?

    • You are wrong. Put those spark plugs in M70 and you'll learn the hard way it runs poorly with those incorrect resistance spark plugs. I covered this in previous videos.

  • Coming up: I get chased off by my evil twin... - Come here! I throw spark plugs, and we go for short but important drive. Oh, yes, we have a lift off. Welcome back to the second part of Project Bilbao. In this video, after years of neglect, we bring this 8-Series back to running and driving condition, so stick around to hear the magnificent V12 roar to life.