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10:38Why Putin wants Alexei Navalny dead
Why Putin wants Alexei Navalny deadvisningar 758tnDag sedan
11:19Why Jakarta is sinking
Why Jakarta is sinkingvisningar 2,4mn8 dagar sedan
8:12The invention that fixed lighthouses
The invention that fixed lighthousesvisningar 512tn8 dagar sedan
6:48mRNA vaccines, explained
9:09The phony health craze that inspired hypnotism
3:56Tech platforms banned Trump. Now what?
Tech platforms banned Trump. Now what?visningar 881tnMånad sedan
1:14:09Joe Biden and Kamala Harris inauguration ceremony
6:14The warning signs before the Capitol riot
6:432020, in 7 minutes
2020, in 7 minutesvisningar 3mnMånad sedan
8:02India's huge farmer protests, explained
India's huge farmer protests, explainedvisningar 1,5mnMånad sedan
5:35The real cost of smart speakers
The real cost of smart speakersvisningar 1,2mnMånad sedan
5:45Why a US election in Georgia matters so much
Why a US election in Georgia matters so muchvisningar 1,8mn2 månader sedan
6:14How virtual reality tricks your brain
How virtual reality tricks your brainvisningar 663tn2 månader sedan
8:22Napoleon's missing hand, explained
Napoleon's missing hand, explainedvisningar 1,5mn2 månader sedan
7:22Der Kampf um Amerikas 51. Staat - kurz erklärt
6:37Wie man richtig Monopoly spielt
Wie man richtig Monopoly spieltvisningar 51tn2 månader sedan
18:19How tag became a professional sport
How tag became a professional sportvisningar 970tn2 månader sedan
8:15Why Poland is having huge protests
Why Poland is having huge protestsvisningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
9:26The Armenia and Azerbaijan war, explained
The Armenia and Azerbaijan war, explainedvisningar 1,8mn2 månader sedan
9:13How '90s porn led to the internet's foundational law
5:36La foto del eclipse que hizo famoso a Einstein
La foto del eclipse que hizo famoso a Einsteinvisningar 155tn3 månader sedan
6:37La forma correcta de jugar a Monopoly
La forma correcta de jugar a Monopolyvisningar 60tn3 månader sedan


  • Демократия в Россию! Смерть путинскому режиму. Будьте вместе сильными!

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  • putin was not born in russia, he was born in the soviet union

  • Since his arrest last week or whenever it was. He's probably been killed off already He survived being poisoned on a plane and whatever else

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  • I'm very disappointed that there is 0 about the big fires......

  • Vox: Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia.. *_dance music intensifies_*

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  • navalny is now the only hope russia has against putin's cruel dictatorship

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  • Know the way out of covid-19 is to turn off your TV.

  • It's very simple. If you allowed all those refugees to enter Europe it would start a big crisis. Each country has its own capacity to receive new people. There arealways some limits. Sadly sometimes immigrants don't even work and they simply are kept by European governments. Some of them don't even try to integrate with their hosts' societies. Europe would basically collapse. Sad true.

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  • The common man will never win against the giants and they never have. All the so called revolutions we saw in past actually failed and the giants always stood on top no matter what.

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  • The way I see it, if Putin wanted Navalny dead, he'd be dead. It's more a way to pretend to have opposition when he really has none.

  • Fun fact: Putin has nomatophobia. He *NEVER* addresses Navalny by his name.

  • Navalny is a very interesting figure. He's become very popular among Western media and has clear backing from various institutions, but also has expressed some views on Muslims, Crimea, etc which Vox would otherwise criticize. You have to wonder whether he's seen by Western agencies as a destabilizing figure or a genuine replacement for Putin. All very interesting

  • The media is silent on farmers and busy pointing fingers at China and pakistan.

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  • The cards metaphor is fairly accurate because his regime is a house of cards.

  • Me watching this video realising why women are feminists.

  • Best video about situation in Russia!

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  • Putin is terrible. he's pretty much like Kim jung un.

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  • Firstly, there still is no evidence if the Russian government tried to poison him. Secondly, if Putin wanted to assassinate him, he'd probably do it in such a silent way no one in the world would know about it literally. Third thing is that he is not the liberal, great, anti-corruption oppositioner he seems to be, in fact he has some very questionable racist, anti-semitic, far-right quotes from back at the time when he was not a liberal but indeed a radical nationalist. Last but not least, there is the question about the funding of him and his political party, which, once again is a very questionable topic. He's probably being paid to ruin the country and western powers use him as as an easy reason to impose even more sanctions on Russia. Don't get so hyped up over him...

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  • The human immune systems 98% effective. Why would any one take a vaccine. Good luck with that?

  • Immediately they call it "Conspiracy theory" know it's True

  • Killing someone is not a right

  • At 0:10 it says 26 lanes wide, I only count 24. What gives @Vox?

  • Everything that makes you high should be illegal.

  • I just wanna say that if putin wants someone dead trust me they will be dead

  • Communism will never work. Socialism on the other hand, does work and we have evidence of that by just looking at other countries

  • Just realized Katy Freeway is the World's Widest Highway. Wow, everything really is BIGGER in Texas.

  • They just keep making it up. There were no Dinasours EVER! Read the BIBLE.

  • I just hate that country.

  • So he's in prison now? I hope he survives that

  • I'm not an anti-vaxxer. I've gotten the vaccine myself and I believe everyone should get it. But I've heard stories about elderly people dying from the vaccine? Is this unrelated to the vaccine or just because older people are weaker and will have stronger reactions against the vaccine?

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  • For a soft flu like covid, there is no need for vaccines, much better to let nature run it's course in this case

  • This Navalny guy is a racist guy. look at his older video. i guess the west supports anything that helps their cause

    • It's important to remember, that for sure. But does the fact he said those things outweigh the change he wants to make? I guess that's the question

  • If Navalny becomes the head of state, he could change the political world, especially if Navalny's russia joins the west, china and North korea would lose a big ally that could probably stop militarization in the whole world, all that money on military could be spend on growing africas economy as well as trying to stop air/water pollution

  • How about you give up using the English language and we'll give them back.

  • I wish we (the US) had a tech savvy, truly progressive and liberal president that also held a hard stance against Russia and China.

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  • So my question is please someone answer if they know it. Which is did the gov do all of this because the US cut them off? And if they where to get back in the mix will it still be the same?

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  • infelizmente o governo brasileiro Não faz nada com relação a destruição da amazônia , abrindo espaço pra outras nações que não são parte do continente querer intervir na situação

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  • PFIZER HOLDING GOVERNMENTS TO RANSOM, INTERFERING WITH THEIR LEGISLATION AND EVEN DEMANDING MILITARY BASES AS GUARANTEE! How Pfizer tried to bully Argentina and Brazil in exchange for vaccines. New Delhi, India Published 24th Feb While countries like India are sending free vaccines to poorer nations, there are companies like Pfizer which are bullying governments. The US-based company Pfizer is holding governments to ransom, interfering with their legislation, and even demanding military bases as guarantee. Pfizer has vaccine deals with 9 latin American and Caribbean countries - Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Yurug-waae. Two major latin American nations are missing from this list are Argentina and Brazil. What happened in Argentina? Talks between Argentina and Pfizer began in June 2020. In July, President Alberto Fernandez held a meeting with Pfizer's Argentina CEO. Then, Pfizer asked to be compensated for the cost of any future civil lawsuits. If someone files a civil lawsuit against Pfizer in Argentina and wins that case, the government of Argentina and not Pfizer would pay the compensation. So, Argentina's parliament passed a new law in October 2020, but Pfizer was unhappy with its phrasing. The law said Pfizer needs to at least pay for negligence, for its own mistakes if it happens to make any in the future. Pfizer rejected this, after which Argentina offered to amend the law to define negligence more clearly - to include only vaccine distribution and delivery under negligence. Pfizer was still not happy and demanded the law be amended through a new decree, which Argentina refused. Pfizer then asked Argentina to buy an international insurance to pay for potential future cases against Pfizer, to which the country agreed. In December 2020, Pfizer came back with more demands, and demanded sovereign assets as collateral. Pfizer wanted Argentina to put its bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings at stake. Vaccine manufacturers have always enjoyed a certain amount of liability waiver. Say you receive a vaccine from Pfizer and then you have adverse effects because of the jab. You can always go ahead and file a lawsuit against Pfizer. If you win that lawsuit - instead of Pfizer, the government will compensate you. This is normal. In the United States for example, the PREP Act (Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness act) gives total immunity to companies like Pfizer and Moderna. But only if something goes wrong unintentionally, and this does not apply to negligence. But Pfizer wanted more - Not just sovereign assets but a fraud insurance, something with which Argentina did not agree with. What happened in Brazil? Pfizer went a step ahead and asked Brazil to create a guarantee fund, and deposit money in a foreign bank account. On January 23, 2021 - Brazil’s Health Ministry put out a statement citing excerpts from Pfizer’s pre-contract clauses. Here’s a list of Pfizer's demands - Brazil waives the sovereignty of its assets abroad in favour of Pfizer, that the rules of the land - be not applied on Pfizer, that Brazil take into consideration a delay in delivery, that Pfizer is not penalised for a delayed delivery, and that in case of any side effects, Pfizer be exempted from all civil liability. The government of Brazil calls these clauses abusive. The Pfizer deal with Brazil failed too. What's Pfizer's game? Another report by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism spoke about another country whose deal with Pfizer was reportedly pushed back by three months because the company made similar, bizarre demands. The company has just 2 billion doses to deliver this year on a first come, first serve basis. A delay of 3 months could cost a whole year, and could cost lives. Pfizer is playing with life-saving drugs and abusing its position after having developed a vaccine with the help of government funding. Pfizer's German partner - BioNTech was given $445 million by the government of Germany. The US paid Pfizer 2 billion dollars as early as July 2020 for pre-orders. Pfizer is looking at making 15 billion dollars from vaccine sales this year, and is in talks with 100 countries and organisations. On January 22, Pfizer signed an agreement with Covax and committed 40 million doses to poor countries this year. Here’s what an excerpt from a press release by the company said. “At Pfizer, we believe that every person deserves to be seen, heard and cared for. That's why from the very beginning of our vaccine development program, Pfizer and BioNTech have been firmly committed to working toward equitable and affordable access of COVID-19 vaccines for people around the world”, it read.

  • Even if Putin dies or something, I’m afraid his system is going to be going on. I think he’ll leave the one whom he trusts the most to rule the country after his death (I doubt he’ll retire). Even massive protests don’t help, what else to do?

  • And then... he never posted videos again... -russian mafia

  • In India Putin= Modi

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