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Mavrik Joos AKA marv the intern

I like truck camping, catch and cooks, and the great outdoors.

Going thru rough breakup

Pls send icecream


16:43Truck Camping In The Mountains For A Weekend
9:25Cooking a Mountain Man Breakfast In My Truck
11:30Truck Camping and Snowboarding at Copper Mountain
11:17A Spontaneous Date in my Truck - Camp, and Cook.
12:10How I Pack My Truck For Living In
How I Pack My Truck For Living Invisningar 259tn21 dag sedan
9:36Stealth Camping On A College Campus
Stealth Camping On A College Campusvisningar 275tn21 dag sedan
11:13Winter Truck Camping using Hand Warmers for Heat
11:53My Favorite Truck Camping Upgrade
My Favorite Truck Camping Upgradevisningar 405tnMånad sedan
20:52Truck Camping the 25 Mile Ice Road
Truck Camping the 25 Mile Ice Roadvisningar 457tnMånad sedan
18:16Winter Truck Camping - A Day in the Life
Winter Truck Camping - A Day in the Lifevisningar 796tnMånad sedan
17:02Ice Camping with a Giant Hole (Sight Fishing Trout)
14:50Insulated Tent Camping in Heavy Winds (30+ MPH)
13:02Truck Camping in -19 degrees
Truck Camping in -19 degreesvisningar 6mn2 månader sedan
10:44One Chip Challenge
One Chip Challengevisningar 374tn2 månader sedan
15:10Winter Hammock Camping in Storm Advisory
Winter Hammock Camping in Storm Advisoryvisningar 334tn2 månader sedan
49:30Eating pizza in my truck live
Eating pizza in my truck livevisningar 104tn2 månader sedan
16:09Winter Truck Camping Using Candles for Heat
Winter Truck Camping Using Candles for Heatvisningar 575tn2 månader sedan


  • So like are they dating now or what?????

  • Brazil🇧🇷

  • "I'm not that fancy on this channel" says the man slicing a freshly cooked wagyu beef.

  • Nice video I like your style , but how did the snow get in ??

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  • she looks alot like Emma Stone

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  • i thought i liked your independence more but its nice to see you with other people.

  • they need to go on a full trip together! They are adorable!

  • You need a dog 🐕they keep you warm

  • As a Handroll chef it was painful to watch you transfer the rice and roll the roll 😭 I love the respect for the culture though

  • I could watch ur ice fishing vids from Florida all day. Great stuff man

  • You’re such a good kid! Mom and dad raised you right!!

  • Where are you now? I'm a native in Colorado

  • Mexican pizza is my favorite. Oh no!

  • Dan fish on!! Shirts

  • I never would've guessed you were introverted

  • Bro too much background noise the dead cat on???

  • Bro if you come back west back towards Utah Check out the grand mesa. Ive lived in Colorado my whole life and seeing you here is awesome. It would totally be worth your while. Hell get ahold of me I live in Grand Junction and would love to show you around man!! Love your channel keep on trucking 🤘🤘🤙

  • what's the song that played in 3:23 that goes ".. need to find a place where i can rest..."

  • Where is your electric blanket???? You would have stayed toasty if you had used it. Just a suggestion. Put it on top of your sleeping bag; then a cover over that.

  • You look so damn fine with that hair, Mav.. I'm your new fans here😍

  • I drive a semi cross country. I have a heated blanket that plugs into a 12v outlet for the winter nights when it's really dam cold. Absolutely love it

  • What part of Colorado is this? I was just in Fairplay for the week that looks familiar.

  • There is no relevant information of any kind. Editing is a joke. This video sucks.

  • Mav I luv u man no homo from California

  • yes please more of you two together ❤️

  • Talkin aboot 😂😂

  • Keep your guard up Mav they're all heartbreakers brother and I'm speaking from experience... just stick to the things that truly make you happy... and take everything else with a grain of salt...

  • You should live with her

  • I was literally just eating peanut butter with the same uco utensil

  • My man Mav ain’t ever leaving Colorado!

  • He totally got laid...... " i just chugged a couple bottles of water"...... ;)

  • She’s so cute. Please do more videos of you guys together camping and stuff

  • “Spend some time with a friend” gotchu

  • 5:24 That bird sounds like Nelson from the Simpsons LOL

  • Bet her dad is proud.

  • Love the vids man, keep up the great and unique content! Every vid is something new and inspirational! Also, the set up you got in your truck is pretty lit

  • You need to cook them whole!

  • What kind of refrigerator are you using

  • that "good morning, sunshine" is hella cute..


  • Traveling swallowing Dramamine. Brings me back. Dope song.

  • What radios are you using?

  • Dang Mav had some fun in the back of his truck, Hope you guys had enough room

  • Pull it out we don't want a lil mav yet. MORE

  • Man you are soooo frickin' cute.. I just..

  • Hey man I’m here for this 2 people in the video! You look a lot Happier man!

  • Yo Mav. I gotta ask this one question. DID YOU TAP HOMIE?!?!?

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  • Marry that girl Mav 🙏🔥

  • she look like cara delevinge.

  • You need dual alternators on your truck.

  • I love these winter videos and you have inspired and well as informed me on a handful of things that have proven useful to getting by in the cold. We live out in the sticks of Nebraska and when it torrentially snows the power lines get covered and we loose power for anywhere between 12-72hrs. Thanks Maverick and please keep being you brother!

  • Dedicate a otra cosa pibe

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  • Put olive oil in a piece if paper towel and wipe it on your cast iron

  • you should get a dog

  • Modest mouse my guy so good

  • shawtyalilbaddie

  • I live in Georgetown and the fishing here is pretty good

  • Brasil aqui

  • that truck was rocking all night

  • Have to try the adapter to refill the small tanks from big grilling tanks

  • How long did you have the chip before you finally ate it?

  • My boi foshooooly beat cheeks

  • Good weather

  • Am I the only stoner watching this at night for a sesh lol

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  • 9:40 I’m sorry but that’s cap

  • listening to Modest Mouse song that probably came out when you were 5 years old, lol

  • Remember mav spaceships 🚀 don’t come equipped with rear view mirrors