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3:04Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life - Rule 2
2:30New Year Resolution Help
New Year Resolution Helpvisningar 611tn28 dagar sedan
3:26Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life - Rule 1
3:19Beyond Order as a Last Minute Christmas Gift
2:22Jennette McCurdy Discusses SelfAuthoring
Jennette McCurdy Discusses SelfAuthoringvisningar 142tnMånad sedan
4:09Wim Hof on Controlling the Vagus Nerve
Wim Hof on Controlling the Vagus Nervevisningar 100tnMånad sedan
8:09The Power of the Cold With Wim Hof
The Power of the Cold With Wim Hofvisningar 426tnMånad sedan
1:41:1412 Rules for Life Tour - Sydney, Australia.
12 Rules for Life Tour - Sydney, Australia.visningar 1,1mn3 månader sedan
10:40Announcement: BEYOND ORDER: 12 More Rules for Life
1:58:5612 Rules for Life Tour - Melbourne, Australia.
12 Rules for Life Tour - Melbourne, Australia.visningar 4,4mn3 månader sedan
8:05Return Home
Return Homevisningar 4,6mn3 månader sedan
2:07:1612 Rules for Life Tour - Brisbane, Australia.
12 Rules for Life Tour - Brisbane, Australia.visningar 1,9mn3 månader sedan
56:17(Reposted) - Peterson Family Update June 2020
(Reposted) - Peterson Family Update June 2020visningar 1,4mn6 månader sedan
2:50Peterson Family Update - February 2020
Peterson Family Update - February 2020visningar 4mn11 månader sedan
4:11Auckland Clip 6: On Crippling Guilt
Auckland Clip 6: On Crippling Guiltvisningar 776tnÅr sedan
12:10Auckland Clip 4: On Cain and Abel
Auckland Clip 4: On Cain and Abelvisningar 234tnÅr sedan
1:31:53Steven Pinker: Progress, Despite Everything
1:38:23Bishop Barron: Word on Fire
Bishop Barron: Word on Firevisningar 316tnÅr sedan
42:47Sean Plunket: Full Interview: New Zealand
2:39:50Who is Joe Rogan? With Jordan Peterson
17:42On Claiming Belief in God: Commentary
1:43:33Who Dares Say He Believes in God?
Who Dares Say He Believes in God?visningar 2,2mnÅr sedan
1:39:22Stephen Hicks: Postmodernism: Reprise
1:45:21Milo: Forbidden Conversation
Milo: Forbidden Conversationvisningar 1,3mnÅr sedan
2:45:33Marxism: Zizek/Peterson:  Official Video
1:32:20April 2019 Q and A
April 2019 Q and Avisningar 335tnÅr sedan
8:26We Make Stories Out of Totem Poles
We Make Stories Out of Totem Polesvisningar 107tnÅr sedan
2:58Peterson vs Zizek: Livestream Tickets
1:28:22Jamil Jivani: Author of "Why Young Men"
1:41:08March 2019 Q and A
March 2019 Q and Avisningar 435tnÅr sedan
34:32Commentaries on JB Peterson: Rebel Wisdom
0:58Zizek vs Peterson: April 19
Zizek vs Peterson: April 19visningar 299tnÅr sedan
2:47NZ/Australia 12 Rules Tour: Next 2 Weeks
4:17Patreon Account Deletion
Patreon Account Deletionvisningar 316tn2 år sedan
1:59:22Q & A 2019 01 January
Q & A 2019 01 Januaryvisningar 562tn2 år sedan
1:18:29Interview with the grievance studies hoaxers
1:38:17Responsibility, conscience and meaning
Responsibility, conscience and meaningvisningar 275tn2 år sedan
11:03Comedians, canaries and coalmines
Comedians, canaries and coalminesvisningar 273tn2 år sedan
31:00Goodbye to Patreon
Goodbye to Patreonvisningar 515tn2 år sedan
6:56Take Aim, Even Badly
Take Aim, Even Badlyvisningar 389tn2 år sedan
1:30:10Dr. Jordan B Peterson on Femsplainers
Dr. Jordan B Peterson on Femsplainersvisningar 3,4mn2 år sedan
1:28Message to my Korean readers (90 seconds)
4:19The Democrats: Apology and Promise
The Democrats: Apology and Promisevisningar 450tn2 år sedan
2:29On Free Thought and Speech in London
On Free Thought and Speech in Londonvisningar 268tn2 år sedan
0:29UK 12 Rules Tour: October and November
1:23:56Q & A 2018 10 October
Q & A 2018 10 Octobervisningar 359tn2 år sedan
3:03Encourage Your Children
Encourage Your Childrenvisningar 246tn2 år sedan
2:1612 Rules Tour Sept-Dec 2018: US/Europe
1:56:15AD Harris/Murray/Peterson Discussion: London
1:58:18AC Harris/Murray/Peterson Discussion: Dublin
2:02:04Iceland: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Lecture 2
1:25:45Q & A 2018 09 September
Q & A 2018 09 Septembervisningar 405tn2 år sedan
34:44Discussion: Sam Harris, the IDW and the left
1:27:03Q & A 2018 08 August A
Q & A 2018 08 August Avisningar 428tn2 år sedan
2:40:13Iceland: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Lecture 1
3:13Canada US Europe Tour: August-Dec 2018
1:25:16Nina Paley: Animator Extraordinaire
Nina Paley: Animator Extraordinairevisningar 188tn2 år sedan


  • Welcome back Mr. Peterson. I'm as happy for you being ok and healthy as I'd be for my own father. Glad to have you.

  • The said “woodshed” here in the U.S. is called an American Veteran. We all know what happened. They should be worried. Very worried...

  • this was sooo good. mandated listening I tell you!

  • Love Jordan's podcast! Hello from Sweden!

  • Bloody Violent Revolution: good Acknowledging One's Own Shortcomings: bad The "loser" of this debate was the audience...

  • I stopped watching at 1:09, that strawman argument is WAY too much. The GOP hated Trump as much as the DNC, they are BOTH VERY happy to see him go. Trump's "perfection" is not the issue. As far as trust, yup that's GONE, Pandora's box has been open and there is no closing it. Jan 6th is the US version of the Reichstag fire. It's all down hill from here.

  • Sad to see both of them endlessly invoke the propaganda term "Conspiracy theory". It is the dismissive term for the most normal of human activities, of people with power and insider information using both to advantage themselves against those who have neither. The meta conspiracy is exactly this dismissive gaslighting.

  • It's easy to say that both parties thought the other cheated and that somehow they're both wrong about it. Maybe you're just trying to be diplomatic, but as an American Independent, I think it's pretty clear that the only side that cheated during the elections were Democrats. There's actual proof of it on a small scale from Project Veritas, for example. There are over 100 people with sworn affidavits that they witnessed tampering among other things. There are statistical impossibilities as far as voter turnout goes with Democrats. There are things that have happened that can only be attributed to fraud. There's no proof, absolutely zero the other way around. In fact, besides the Russian hoax, no one has ever accused the Republicans of cheating or voter fraud.

  • Peterson: Just maintain your faith in the Deep State. Has he ever spoken to a Trump supporter in his life?

  • The fact that this guy thinks for one second that Joe Biden & the Democrats would take action to ensure the next elections are verifiable & not corrupt tells me that he knows NOTHING about the real Democrat party. The Democrats cheated, they won, they got away with it. Why on earth would they do anything but further their reach or power & control? Welcome to the one party system.

    • He knows a lot about American politics and has even spent a lot of time here, so he's either trying to be diplomatic or he has a real blind spot when it comes to the current state of the Democrats (past 10 years or so). It's hard to tell which. He's a smart guy so I'd like to believe he's just playing dumb possibly so he's not banned from entering the US or something; I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • 1:06:45 that's only one supposition. Another is that they don't want a disruptor wreaking havoc on the system anymore. Just look at the shut out of Bernie Sanders on the left.

  • We do believe that our institutions are corrupt, and the 4 years that the Deep State played keep away with executive power to keep themselves from being brought to justice should convince anyone able to objectively look at the facts. Emailgate. Spygate. FlynnGate. That's some coups. No one was brought to justice. Instead, the criminal Deep State eluded justice and maintained their grip on power. That's the real coup. We elected a man who campaigned to Drain the Deep State, and instead, the Deep State drained his administration. Self-government in America is over. I thought it was going to be Democracy Theater from here on out, but increasingly it doesn't look like they have much interest in maintaining even the pretense of a functioning democracy.

  • These two brilliant intellectuals are the most likely to accept Islam as a solution for every single problem, atrocities, troubles and tribulations on earth.

  • maintain faith in the institutions? are you having a laugh!?!

  • Excellent

  • This tiresome discussion reminds me of a wonderful Groucho Marx joke: "He might look stupid, he might act stupid, but don't let that fool you, he really is stupid." Good old Groucho. They both look and sound like they've submitted to the will and narrative of "significant others" . How disappointing, to say the least.

  • Remember, religion and politics grew up in the same soiled bed together, sharing the same tactics and mantras: "Obey Us! Don't you dare question our holy gaslighting, or ELSE! DENIERS!!!"

  • Hyper-brilliant.

  • Rather surprised at both their takes on the election. Obviously haven't seen the hearings in Pa., Az. and Georgia. There's tons of evidence. The corrupt courts wouldn't even look at it. Weren't dismissed on MERIT! If u can't see the obvious coordination among those 5 states, all stopped counting and kicked out Republicans, resumed counting 99% Biden votes for few hours. Can see obvious spike to over take Trump who had big lead til then. Violated their state constitutions. Too much to tpye. But now, all u have to do is take a look at HR1 bill regarding elections. It's in your face legalizing voter fraud. Then look at the 10's of thousands at his rallies. Biden has empty circles. But mostly, WE DIDN'T VOTE FOR SOCIALISM AND TYRANNY! Which is what we're getting!. Jobs lost in first day and higher taxes and gas prices right around corner! It's preposterous to think America voted for its own demise! Y'all are out of touch on this one! And, yes, Trump has the best character of any of those swamp creatures!

    • This sadly ill-informed discussion reminds me of a wonderful Groucho Marx joke: "He might look stupid, he might act stupid, but don't let that fool you, he really is stupid." Good old Groucho. They both look and sound like they've submitted to the will and narrative of "significant others" . How disappointing, to say the least.

  • Dyson seriously loves the sound of his own voice

  • You guys are completely clueless about GOP internal politics. The GOP Establishment hates Trump and has been hamstringing him from the beginning.

  • Conspirators on high ~ If the shoe doesn't fit you shouldn't be scared to prove it, and should not be squirming over the prospect of scrutiny.

  • I am converting to the original church, Orthodox Christianity., their Priests can marry... the pope is clearly fallible

  • Re the facts of the election: could be easily sorted if a deep dive, honest audit happened. But no. I think you two missed a lot of points on this issue. Some good bits but a bit disappointed in parts of this exchange.

  • The rejected court cases are not much evidence of a lack of compelling evidence of fraud, and the fact that they were Republican judges isn't either. The GOP Establishment wants Trump out more than the Democrats. He was cutting into *their* seats at the table. That the DeepState rejects the court cases of the candidate who ran on Drain the Deep State should be no surprise to anyone. Two clueless foreigners who think that Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP Establishment are on Trump's side. Trump was the one who wrested the GOP base away from them. Of course they want him out.

  • Catholic lavender mafia !? wow

  • This dude would make a fantastic Kermit the frog

  • Great talk between two people I admire most 👍

  • 41:18 that was EXACTLY my vote in 2016... In 2020 my vote was "to hell with both of them" and wrote in Tulsi.

  • I LOVE this guy. He’s so normal for a psychologist. I haven’t heard his full story but I just found him and was supprised I found him with all the death threats and hate he gets. For some reason, some people get angry at hearing the truth. It’s the same people who are atheists and communists or both. I pray that these ill directed people see their folly. God wins in the end. If you’re an atheist then this COVID thing really must freak you out because you think that’s the end or you’re afraid you’ll be wrong about gods and God...and that Hell is a very real place but the worst part they say about that is the separation from God. They try to make us look like fools and dangerous radicals and white Supremicists. They’re so used to telling themselves lies, they’ve lost site of reality. I’m glad to have a guide to literally everything in the scriptures. But the key for this generation is the book of Enoch and What Genesis 6 and other passages even in the New Testament refer to Enoch like it was common knowledge. It’s the whole “Watchers” research that has literally blowning up the Christian world. A book called “The Genesis 6 Conspiracy” by Gary Wayne and “The Unseen Realm by Dr Mike Heiser who says Dr Stitchin was mistranslating the ancient Sumerian language. A lot of fascinating things have been happening some good/miraculous even with the latest finds in Saudi’s Arabia. I’d love to be a tourist there or I wish they’d get together with Israel to excavate. They know that they’re really ancient brothers, Esau was the father of the Arabic peoples. Middle eastern history has been fascinating me even more. I’m taking a college level Biblical Hebrew class. I don’t consider myself a holy roller and find belonging to churches when I was a kid changed after I left home. I went to private school but was very poor. It was the best thing my parents did was pull me out of a school that taught the Comstituion and American as well as world history very well. Too well. I never made As in High School, but when I got to college I felt like really bad for other kids that didn’t know like grammar or how to write a proper paragraph. It’s like whomever is running the Public education is not teaching life skills. No one ever had a class like home economics or a course in math talking about basic personal finance, job interviews etc. forget chemistry or Americna History nowdays. Now they teach fiction and “scientism” which isn’t true science. It’s the slow communist destruction of the west. People better wake up or the world is in deep shut with this Great Reset that Biden is trying to sneak us all into. Italygate is looking less like fiction and more like the new cold hard reality. I’m always skeptical people will get Accountibility even though the world is just now finding out about it. It needs to be vetted out. Proved wrong. There’s plenty of reason with all the fiction they pushed with Russia Russia Russia when it was China, Italy, Iran, Switzerland. The truth will set them all free! It’s their over reach and over reaction to all capital riot. Kinda weird how it was way too easy to get in especially with them knowing this would happen for a very long time. Not even DC police presence. They were busy escorting mysterious white vans escorted by a bunch of troopers. Escorting them. MANY WITNESSES but you have to look a various videos being put together. I sure hope there are some REAL FBI agents that are doing this investigation. They probably going d all they liberals they could. It’s always rigged and overblown, especially when you still have ANTIFA AND BLM doing the same old stuff. They haven’t stopped yet. They’re trying to frame up a bunch of people in the liberal press. Even those professional rioters that play both sides of the fence. Those aren’t Trump people. They tried to stop them from breaking in yelling ANTIFA and EVEN INSIDE THE CAPITAL THEY WERE TRYING TO POINT THEM OUT. IT started way before Trump was done speaking. I hope they do a real investigation. For some reason I don’t believe they would. Wonder why that is. The only thing that needs “cleansing” is our government officials. They can be replaced with much more competent people. Especially if you get people from non Elitist universities. They’re just rank with neo-communism. Its backwards thinking. It’s all the Pseudosciences and scientism which started with the theory of evolution. Not one person was there at the beginning and the oldest cultural tales of creation are the same but are all variations on the original story. Even our “KJV” Bible has some “Masonic” or ancient mystery school markers as they usually do like Shakespeare. No he wasn’t a real dude. Its comes from the saying “shaking a spear at God”. It’s true blasphemy. That only comes from one place.

  • Empathy is only for the weak. Love thy Creator And Love thy Neighbor. Y’all just rambled for 2 hours.

  • "Insurrection" So absurd. There is no scenario where breaking into the Capitol building and strolling around for a couple of hours takes control of the US government. There is no giant joystick that runs the government in the Capitol. It just doesn't exist. This riot was likely not in the top 100 violent riots in America in the last year. Certainly not on the side of the rioters.

  • U cant claim to be intelligent and believe in marxism its been proven wrong 150 million dead say so ,,,morons

  • It's amazing how these two completely accept the narrative about Trump & this election from the people who have relentlessly tried to smear & ruin them for years now, the media.

    • This tiresome discussion reminds me of a wonderful Groucho Marx joke: "He might look stupid, he might act stupid, but don't let that fool you, he really is stupid." Good old Groucho. They both look and sound like they've submitted to the will and narrative of "significant others" . How disappointing, to say the least.

  • Gregg "I read Jung's Synchronicity" Hurwitz

  • Wow. You guys absolutely missed the Trump phenomenon. After 30 years of being sold out on our jobs, our culture, our national defense, by BOTH sides, we finally had an executive, who wanted to see his country do better on trade, employment, illegal immigration, and have a strong military, but not one engaged in endless foreign wars. THAT was why people loved him, and love him still. Initially, he may have been elected to stick it to the establishment, but a) they needed it, and b) he ended up actually governing like he said he would. He made those issues that were most important to average Americans his primary goals and he accomplished many of them.

  • It was stolen. GOP elite just wanted him out, so they piggy backed on vile leftists' insane lies.

  • Bullshit , yes its not about crime or evil or blatant corruption "BLATANT ", Absolutely gutless and disgusting

  • I came here because he told me to clean my room. Now, I'm no longer an Atheist.

  • This discussion is hard to bear since I have respect for you both. Please, stop trying to analyze Trump and American politics. You guys obviously have no idea what the situation is. I mean, it sounds like you guys are thinking really hard and everything, but both of you are so far out of touch & at this point it's just mindless pontificating.

  • These men are two of our greatest living thinkers. So great to listen to their conversation and so glad to see Dr. Peterson again.

  • And conspiracies didn't exist !!! Control of the narrative defines the outcome ! CONSPIRACY of the marxist big tech & social media moguls !!!! Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Article 19. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. This makes the knuckelhead-big-tech/social-media oligarchs ....coordinating arbitrairy censorship on the internet, criminals be arrested and persecuted in den Hague the fullest extent of the law !! Now the real fascists,disguised as woke liberals are coming out, showing themselves for what they really are !! Totalitarian dictators !! The mostly-peacefull-protesting demonrat hypocrites...will, when they themselves are censored on social media crying and screaming ......fascism ..racism!! Purge the USA from all communist/marxists !! Ps: "show me that protesters have to be polite and peacefull" quote from...hypocrite fredo cuomo CNN.

  • I witnessed the fact that what these two term as The Right far exceeded in their efforts to combat all of this through the Courts. I am not talking of Trump and his Lawyers I am talking about the everyday American! This conversation while educational is not complete without that fact that Postland has been burning for over a year, Thanks to in large part The Radical Left!!! INSIDE THE GOVERNMENT and THE BUREAUCRATIC CLASSES. Until these two persons study more, by a factor of TONS MORE they will always lean into their own prederences and miss the entire MARK! The bullseye in this case is this, as with all wars that I can trace back, the top very small percent holding the wealth and power ALWAYS pushed war and this so called culture war is no different! ALL OF THIS IS FOR POWER! There is no deep meaning in any of this, in fact to use the cultural rift is not different to what tools of rumour, slanders and such did in the propagations for the growth of sentiment in the population in order to launch war on others! Example "They eat their children" Actually used in the past for a reason of war and murderous domination! I feel there needs to be a better conversation as to millions of Americans desire above all THE RULE OF LAW, ENFORCEMENT OF OUR CONSTITUTION and TERM LIMITS ON ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS. AS WELL AS ENDING THE BUREAUCRAT CLASSES which serve as a form of shadow government.

  • Good to see Dr Peterson back, and as feisty and directly honest as usual. I’m disappointed to hear Douglas Murray losing it over Trump. One remark on the 2020 election. Not only is the process brittle (straight majority + margin of error), but proving error is much harder than preventing it. There was a group of data scientists who said the data stank of manipulation, but such evidence was not admitted. In any case, the result is what it was measured to be. I am happy to find that claims that Trump is a would-be tyrant, and of the violence at the Capitol to be sedition, were shown to be grossly false.

  • Yeah, the Right must not "excuse for a moment" any political violence, while the Left has their street militias rampaging through the streets for a year. The ceasefires of civilizations are maintained by deterrence, not pacifism.

  • The invincible pasta intuitively coil because element understandably back like a plastic guilty. vague, jealous pump

  • I am white and my wife is a brown Filipina. My wife is the best in the world and she loves white people. We both hate feminists and communists. We are on solid ground and dont live in a mental swamp.

  • Doc you need to open the gates, you know the bolsheviks will murder us as scapegoats, if you don't open the bloody fxcking gate, help us.

  • Glad he’s back !

  • Thumbs up if you made your bed this morning.

  • Last note. It hurts to lose respect for a hero. I admired your intellectual ability. Your insight is incredible. To discover racism is the hurdle you can’t leap saddens me greatly. I felt good knowing you exist because you think so deeply and compassionately about human nature. But this lecture shows you know my work and rather than talk to me to learn my transcendent ideas that cause you fear you published this. Typical. Hide behind the power. You have all the wealth. You admit it. You didn’t get stupid. You made a decision to be racist. And tried to get your guest to express it for you.

  • Why is Sam Harris using fortune telling and astrology to demonstrate the "irrationality" of religions especially directing that at the Judeo-Christian belief system when both fortune telling and astrology are condemned by the Bible as abhorrent... Has Sam Harris actually undertaken an objective study on the Judeo-Christian beliefs and in comparative religion beyond an undergraduate elective or a critical dissection of religion from an antitheistic bent?

  • None of the cases were ruled on their merrits. What it comes down to is none the courts had balls to hear the cases brought forward & have to give a ruling. They figured it was better to keep the peace by allowing the cheating, than to overturn a bs election. By doing so they've now set a very bad precedent & turned the US into a banana republic.

  • Those universities and colleges are infiltrated with communists and screaming nazi fcks. Hysterical b-itches

  • 4 and a half years and millions of dollars towards dead ends that everyone knew where dead ends....and what he said (while a little heavy) was far worse, how about telling the truth despite your hate for one man The children in charge need to quite being lying sacks of crap and put forth the truth on all sides....

  • We need you Doc. You need us. Let's do this, now. 💔💔💔💔❤❤❤❤

  • Murray says that Biden has to make sure that election doubt never happens again. That we have a clean and verifiable electoral process. Yet that is the opposite of what the Democrats are doing. HR1 would combine the inherently unfalsifiable voting of mail in ballots with making voter ID illegal to enshrine unverifiable election results forever. And not merely are they making elections structurally rigged in the vote, they're making them structurally rigged in the campaign, silencing the Right on mainstream Big Tech, squelching any Alt Tech the Right tries to use in its stead, then prosecuting the Right for incitement of terrorism for disagreeing with the Left.

  • Identity politics means racism. You’re justifying racism. You don’t understand America but thank you for being obsessed with us. We are better. We deserve your full attention. You can’t do much for yourselves there in Canada so trying to be sure racism survives in your people is to your advantage. In a group you don’t have to be big and strong or even very smart. You just have the hate the enemy. You’re doing great Jordan.

  • i saw the title and thumb nail and was like “gg”

  • I think that this is a discourse between a populist who is a true believer in his beliefs and a deep thinking academic committed to reality in the pursuit of truth. Sam Harris is just a fanatic anti-theist who can't think outside his committed conclusions about the evil of God and religion... He's of absolutely no useful utility in either his cause or the honest pursuit of truth.

  • Neither knows or understands what happened in the states and why. Thought I was watching cnn through most of it.

    • This tiresome discussion reminds me of a wonderful Groucho Marx joke: "He might look stupid, he might act stupid, but don't let that fool you, he really is stupid." Good old Groucho. They both look and sound like they've submitted to the will and narrative of "significant others" . How disappointing, to say the least.

  • How is it stupid to vote for more jobs and lower taxes....simply because he isn't always nice.....isn't the world usually not nice???

  • That was so brilliant I can’t even express how much this moved me. Thank God for Jordan Peterson

  • It's annoying to watch the ruling class discuss Trump and Trump voters. Their TDS leaves them incapable of entertaining the idea that Trump voters voted for the same reasons that rational voters have voted since forever; they wanted his *policies*. It's all personality and mind-reading and ad hominem.

  • Douglas Murray is obviously incapable of understanding the seamless extent of criminality within the globalist agenda.

  • Thank you Mr. Peterson!!

  • political design to do one thing....corruption

  • None of the judges adjucated the evidence. The rulings were all on jurisdictional/standing. And as human beings , they knew what would happen. The left would have torn down America. The die was cast when the networks called the election.

    • This tiresome discussion reminds me of a wonderful Groucho Marx joke: "He might look stupid, he might act stupid, but don't let that fool you, he really is stupid." Good old Groucho. They both look and sound like they've submitted to the will and narrative of "significant others" . How disappointing, to say the least.

  • I dare him to make one video for a Rino republican. Then he will see what the left is about. Lol

  • Hold on he got paid! Not directly but he is a member of the Hollywood elite. Hollywood has got to work and have craft services when the government shutdown the restaurant next door.

  • All is for handing power, even if it is a very tiny percentage of the global population as to gender, race and so forth has always been pushed for the handing power to a narative for chaotic effect and forced taxation!

  • So if sexual identity is how you define yourself then there are 7 billion sexual identities.

  • Great conversation between to rational, logical people, both are capable to detach from their own position and observe things without bias. Unfortunately, it's such a rare phenomenon, otherwise we wouldn't be trapped in a Loop of Positive Feedback. Dear Jordan, may Almighty heal you completely and keep you and your family in good health and support you! You have chosen a very challenging path of truth!

  • Some notes: 1. We're not required to have faith in the institutions. More than ever, it's abundantly clear that we should reject the institutions, rather than revere them as Gods. After all, if you want to know if you should respect an institution, try to join it yourself. When you're banned from joining that institution, then you won't feel bad if the institution no longer exists. After all, it hates you. 2. We haven't forgotten the previous 4 years. How we were treated. What was taken from us. There's no need for false unity with our enemies. 3. Nor are we required to condemn violence. Why would we? Government is the monopoly on the legitimate use of violence within a given territory. If the right really wants to advance, they should start defending what happened at the Capitol, rather than condemning it. It was a largely peaceful event where 3 people passed of illness, and the other 2 deaths were caused by police. Had it been an actual riot, the damage would have been far greater. 4. As for the idea that we should turn into shrinking daisies and worry about forgiving our enemies and kneel to Tyrant Biden, the answer is no. 5. As for the idea that we have to believe that Trump is the only pure person in government to question the overall impact of elections, that's more absolute thinking that is generally inaccurate. Rather than right or wrong, humanity defers to the third option: Doing nothing. The average person in the US is apathetic rather than right or wrong. So in regards to the election - for the years prior to it, most of the Republican Party and their useless apparatus did nothing. They could have won cleanly with a real effort. In regards to the efforts during and after the election, they simply maintained that position. They did nothing. You cannot expect to win if you do nothing! But some of these people, especially the pseudo-elites, have become comfortable with doing nothing and playing the odds. 6. Trump made mistakes all the way through. He couldn't even pardon Snowden or Assange, which he could have done with zero consequences whatsoever. A total joke, he was. A farce of a leader. 7. The right should absolutely embrace anger. Should embrace ferocity. Behind the false veil of the left's feigned civility there is only contempt and hatred for those of us they see as uneducated bigots, serfs, racists, fascists, rednecks or any other pejoratives they can think up. We should trend towards revolution by any means necessary, not the calm and safe waters of going back to some 'calm' or 'peaceful' America with a government that is actively working to rob us of our jobs, our businesses, our homes and our futures. The time for revolution and a new country - New America - is at hand, once the USA is abolished entirely.

  • Wow! Dr.Peterson is really recovering fast! You look great and we ❤ you!

  • Two titans 🙌

  • Trumps been saying these things for 28 years. Now he had done some really good things.. that’s true and other world leaders said that and China, cheered as he left because he was destroying them. Democrats are pushing H1 which does not allow you to look at anything signatures, address, etc. it’s awful.

  • No offence to Douglas, but that soliloquy at the end about forgiveness was embarrassing. We all know about forgiveness already. Thanks. One important part of forgiveness you neglected to mention is that the person being forgiven needs to recognise they need to be forgiven. Otherwise forgiving someone who doesn't agree they need to be forgiven is not only meaningless, it's also presumptuous, condescending and insulting. When my friends and I have petty disagreements, we mockingly say: It's ok, I forgive you. But the best thing here is that if you take any exception to my comment, please, just forgive me. :) OOPS! I just got to the end to hear you saying a person needs to ask for forgiveness. I apologise.

  • Institutions of Government should be trusted according to Dr Peterson. But the institutions of Education especially the Universities are corrupt and must be pushed back against according to Dr Peterson.? I wonder if he realises that the institutions of Government and Education are pushing many of the same policies like Critical Race Theory?

  • it take years to get off benzos been there done that twice