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9:28Our Pregnancy Test Results...
Our Pregnancy Test Results...visningar 307tn21 timme sedan
8:53Turning my girlfriend into a simp
Turning my girlfriend into a simpvisningar 191tn7 dagar sedan
8:02My Reaction To YouTube Drama.
My Reaction To YouTube Drama.visningar 194tn14 dagar sedan
8:09Surprising My Girlfriend With Our New Mansion!
6:06My Best Friends Controlled My Life For A Day!
8:01Ben Askren Attacked Me On IMPAULSIVE...
Ben Askren Attacked Me On IMPAULSIVE...visningar 434tnMånad sedan
8:01Meet Mike Majlak's New Girlfriend!
Meet Mike Majlak's New Girlfriend!visningar 740tnMånad sedan
8:40I'm Team KSI.
I'm Team KSI.visningar 296tnMånad sedan
8:08saying goodbye to Logan forever.
saying goodbye to Logan forever.visningar 577tnMånad sedan
8:38Valentine's wedding prank...
Valentine's wedding prank...visningar 229tn2 månader sedan
11:11Lana Rhoades took it too far...
Lana Rhoades took it too far...visningar 526tn2 månader sedan
8:19Mike HATES this....
Mike HATES this....visningar 258tn2 månader sedan
10:02pranking my girlfriend with a side chick
pranking my girlfriend with a side chickvisningar 290tn2 månader sedan
5:16I'm sorry for this video.
I'm sorry for this video.visningar 146tn2 månader sedan
8:39Calling Tanner Fox Out for Stealing Content
Calling Tanner Fox Out for Stealing Contentvisningar 181tn2 månader sedan
8:24we almost kissed.
we almost kissed.visningar 234tn2 månader sedan
8:41My Best Friend Reacts To My Stand Up Comedy.
My Best Friend Reacts To My Stand Up Comedy.visningar 624tn2 månader sedan
11:37I Gave Mike The Best Birthday Gift Ever.
I Gave Mike The Best Birthday Gift Ever.visningar 410tn2 månader sedan
11:09This Will End James Charles Career  **GoodBye Sisters**
8:26Dear Danny Duncan, I'm So Sorry.
Dear Danny Duncan, I'm So Sorry.visningar 494tn3 månader sedan
8:30My Girlfriend Wore This For Me...
My Girlfriend Wore This For Me...visningar 292tn4 månader sedan
8:45Reacting To Jake Paul Knocking Out Nate Robinson!
6:43I Turned My Sister Into A Turkey.
I Turned My Sister Into A Turkey.visningar 141tn4 månader sedan


  • Dude you guys need to shoot higher. At least say $1,000 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Anyone notice logan was with charley jordan wierd cuz taylor there for fight to

  • Jake Paul is going to knock out Ben Askren

  • Yo George, please get that new beard off!

  • I like you George but I really hope your boy gets sparked.

  • If the Puerto Rican can call him Ben asswipe can we call Jake Jake tidepod. It seems likes he's ingested or inhaled abit too much of the powder. Also not being racist(one race human race) I just dont find him relevant enough to ever remember his name.

  • Bro logan geting girls its out ther bro 💪🏻😎✌🏻

  • George is good vibes and always dope videos...

  • Ever seen a trex run? 3:20...that big girl cool as hell she went rite in no hesitation .what a sweetheart

  • I’d jump in the water for free. @lando._n is my insta

  • George; jake Or Askren Jake Paul haters : deji🤣🤣🤣

  • after seven years somebody finds out that the girl who Logan said baby to is 17 and he is going to be canceled 😂

  • So that's how Logan got pink eye lol

  • George videos are just too funny always

  • This vlog was a vibeeeeeeee

  • 3.25 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggrggghghgh

  • Jake Paul is going to get a knock out in the second round

  • Girl at the end is for the streets 🤣

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bro i like the vibe of this video

  • You're litterly the nice version of Danny duncan. Do not stop daily vlogs bro.

  • George has really been on point with his Vlogs lately, keep it up g!

  • That's fucked up you only offered that kid 20 bucks cause you knew he would do it 😂

  • I think it’s ganna be a draw 😂

  • Jake lost xD

  • Benstart a when

  • i was waiting for you to post this haha

  • I wish I was there to watch the fight ffs

  • When you guys were playing football that was so vibey idc xoxo

  • Loving Ur vlogs after a long time 👍

  • I still don't like Jake

  • I'll jump in the ocean for free just fly me to America

  • George is short, and so are the vids

  • Lmao George u suck at soccer

  • that kid got scammed so bad

  • They did it I'm A Logan fan damn it

  • Plot twist: it was usher money 😂

  • 6:00 mike and Lana hanging out😳

    • @Alex H oh lol

    • That’s charly jordan, I think. little too tall to be Lana.

  • My prediction is second round in the half of it like miltle of the 2 round (jake is gonna win)!!!

  • Ben wins a decision and than Knocks you out after the fight for talking shit to him afterward

  • I like this vlog

  • George and tanner need a channel

  • One of the best videos yet

  • banger

  • Bro I'm scared even though I'm saying JAKE is going to win

  • Logan’s new girl is ugly not to offend anyone. But like tbh I’m more hotter than her.

  • No one: Logan: Alright, baby Let's Go

  • That was a great video for no apperent reason tho idk why

  • Gal: Wanted Logan Logan: Stays Away!

  • Jake impaulsive: "I'm not going to say I'm going to knock him out because when you do it never happens" Jake this video: *knockout within two rounds, yeah* 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gorge just stats running away would have been good

  • 0:54 What happened to George Clooney?

  • Ask a guy from florida. He will do it for camera time

  • They were playing that Drizzy while juggling the ball 😈😈

  • 2:07 she badd😅

  • tht girl at the end for the streets

  • Tanner Fox and gorge are a nice combo (no homo)

  • Bro, Askren may be the weakest striker in MMA but Jake Paul is nowhere near the level of any MMA striker. Askren will embarrass this clown.

  • Tanner fox look like he’s on meth

  • WHY DOESNT HE BOX A REAL BOXER. Jesus Christ. Even if he wins, what good comes from it? Lame af. Money chasing fights.

  • The edit in this vlog was really nice man!!!

  • Luv me some George!!!!!!

  • Guy says: U have a $100 ?lol

  • The Problem Child with the W, TKO knock out🔥 Ben Askren you fucked up, NO CAP 🧢!!!!!

  • I love the fast pace vids !!

  • George wins with a stand up comedy show after the fight.

  • Its funny because I don't think jake and logan look that much alike

  • Who’s that walmart Justin Bieber?

  • I’m from Atlanta, and no. Atlanta is not beautiful. Lmao, it’s gross af. Even the nice, high end places are gross af.

  • Keep killing it brother! Come up to Bama you’re only a hour away from me lol

  • Comment your predictions below!!!

    • Jp 4rd round TKO

    • Jake Paul

    • I read it "last words before - perdition!" My Bad. JAKE GOT THIS x x x x

    • Bro the fight is on at 4 am where I live 😂 I can’t decide whether to watch it and I’m not paying

    • Jake 2-3rd the most if even possible 4th But Jake for The WIN 100% no 🧢

  • Quality George Janko Vlogs is what the world needs


  • The kid jus dives into the water that’s like a foot deep🤣🤣

    • thats worse lmfao

  • hahah I always have a lot of fun watching your videos

  • I live in Georgia 20 minutes from atlanta. I went to atlanta looking for George and Logan just walking around. I didn't see them once. I wish I was one of these people.

  • Mo trolling haha

  • Dude i wish Logan still vlogged. I fuckin miss it and i know he still has it

  • Tanner looks like a bootleg version of Justin Bieber but still looking nice 😂

  • All love but you're trash at football ( I'm from the UK )