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Host: Clint Basinger


17:08IBM Industrial Computer: $10,000 PC from 1985
21:14LGR - Thrifts [Ep.46] Back to RealThrifts
14:04Loading PC Games from Reel to Reel Tape
Loading PC Games from Reel to Reel Tapevisningar 222tnMånad sedan
12:18Registering WinRAR in 2021: How Far Back Does It Work?
31:43The AdLib Gold Experience: Is it really worth $3000?
54:48It's Time to Talk About My Synth Setup
It's Time to Talk About My Synth Setupvisningar 203tn2 månader sedan
30:59LGR Oddware - HP Mobile Camera for PDAs
LGR Oddware - HP Mobile Camera for PDAsvisningar 281tn2 månader sedan
48:42Building a Bigger, Badder MIDI Mountain
Building a Bigger, Badder MIDI Mountainvisningar 289tn3 månader sedan
31:4390s PC Nonsense: WizardWorks Holiday Collection CD-ROM
44:05Opening a Big Pile of Retro Tech You Sent In!
Opening a Big Pile of Retro Tech You Sent In!visningar 292tn4 månader sedan
14:07LGR - The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Review
LGR - The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Reviewvisningar 457tn4 månader sedan
25:39Doom 3 - 16 Years Later: An LGR Retrospective
Doom 3 - 16 Years Later: An LGR Retrospectivevisningar 477tn5 månader sedan
27:13Dell Inspiron 9100: $4,800 Pentium 4 Laptop from 2004
34:17LGR Oddware - NEC PC-FXGA DOS/V Game Accelerator Card
31:09Building a Ridiculous Pointy Pyramid PC
Building a Ridiculous Pointy Pyramid PCvisningar 472tn6 månader sedan
1:03:01Opening an Overwhelming Number of Retro Tech Packages!
23:37LGR eThrifts - Ep. 1: Shopping Goodwill
LGR eThrifts - Ep. 1: Shopping Goodwillvisningar 275tn7 månader sedan
25:30LGR - Flight Simulator 2020 Review
LGR - Flight Simulator 2020 Reviewvisningar 523tn7 månader sedan


  • Boring video af

  • 7:39 when is the LGRMusic channel coming?

  • I used to play it in my parents' friends' PC, and I enjoyed it a lot

  • I have that same eMachine you showed first it had nothing but problems out of the box 20 years later it sits in my storage I can't be bothered to see what's inside

  • As someone who lives about two hours away from the boardwalk, and manages a trip to Schriver's about every year, watching your befuddlement at their saltwater taffy was a delight.

  • Damn man, that thing looks beat up (cosmetically)

  • does the dell beast @40:40 support "double-extended-display"? so you can see 3 parts of the desktop; native + VGA + DVI? That would be awesome to use with a Linux distribution.

  • Happy Birthday

  • Most of the Tricky and mayhem levels were crap. They did not challenge you to find a creative solution, they just enforced 100% perfect timing and ridiciolus apm. The 80 equivalent of grinding....

  • This was my first Windows P.C. Brought back some memories. I remember the power supply over heating when I was about 10 years old and setting up a box fan next to it. It worked.

  • Best review... Ever

  • LGR complaining about how the sims transported into the cars in the sims 3 but now we don’t even have cars in the sims 4 yikes i miss sims 3

  • Ah, the video that got me to subscribe! Such a wild ride life has been since then, but it's been great to watch your videos along the way! And as an aside, I still recommend this video to people; the story is just so crazy, it's hard to believe it isn't a movie plot.

  • I have an eMachine PC. The PC is so cheap that the motherboard board doesn't have Pcie x16

  • I had a GC controller and a 16x size GC memory card that both served me well, way better than they had any right to. I salute you Mad Catz, not everyone is as pleased with your products as I was, but you served me quite well, and Im thankful for that.

  • Can i use a kodak E.S.m522?

  • Fire and liquid, definetiley the two things that a PC needs

  • my name is milo_the_Terminator you like that?

  • Also... these captions are fucking priceless

  • I guess in the 90's there was no rules what so ever, there were a lot of idiots though... while the 80's were called de decade of decadence, the 90's were very much decadent from the begining... the decade of oddware...

  • Unless this is a recent development (from my own experience... I know it’s not) I’m very upset you’ve not shared this before... I haven’t even watched the whole video yet. Don’t hold back on the bass/production shit

  • its asking to have RGB mod

  • swang swag

  • I had the first DataLink watch in high school and it was amazing

  • am i the only one who thought the elfbowl.exe disk is going to be a creepypasta?

  • that TEAC program disk is an irritating piece indeed. defrag program? *shrug

  • Turbo... lag? When you floor the gas pedal from a complete stop.

  • Crying in Sims 4 mode

  • 6:02 Great! Real men should not be afraid of showing appreciation for a good knob.

  • I loved this game. Never got past world 4 though. I was 10 when it came out, maybe i should try it again, if i can make it run

  • wow!!!! I loved this game when I was younger

  • 2hours battery, I'm done

  • Irrelevant to the video, but the man holding the DTR2 model at 9:20 looks a lot like my uncle lmao.

  • Clint, there are all kinds of computer oddities in Russia, the Elbrus architecture being one of the most prominent. Might be a goldmine for video ideas if you can work with someone to get Russian devices imported.

  • I saved for a year to upgrade my pc just for this game. Turned up everything right off the bat, it was glorious.

  • _DOOM 3_ scared the shit out of me as a kid and...I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!!

  • im on the wrong god damn business...could easily make those Baltic birch items

  • I must be sure to use the term "deadly metallic phallus" in normal conversion henceforth.

  • back in a day it felt such a big "open" world game but when you look at map it's tiny

  • Sierra online also pushed Adlib hard in the paper slips that came in each of their game boxes too...

  • I never finished a lap in carmageddon... for long time I didn't know there are laps

  • Pro Audi Spectrum, I had the Pro Audi Studio. Then a GUS MAXX.

  • If u manage to get some goldfish in that aquarium pc case for like 5 seconds then it would all be worth it.

  • @11:28 the letter is from Gotheburg (Sweden), a country where I'd say both the Amiga and Commodore 64 was very popular in. Anyways it all brings back great memories.

  • that 90s clip art as fuck artwork on the soundblaster modem box. Man, I've missed stuff that looks like that.

  • Love it, still play it, hanging out for an HD re-release.

    • I always like picking an epoch to play a random game in. Particularly love the wwi aesthetic.

  • Wow surprised it does not cause brain hemorrhaging also

  • I love the music. Felt like I heard it back then... I had the game on a big dos game collection CD-ROM. there was also secret agent man on it. Also a nice one. Played it with my mum together ^^ good times. Thx for sharing

  • Lgr: complaining about the amount of taxes he pays; Me, an italian: 😑

  • Please don't share with others, how3ver it was my raforit3 edition of windiowns

  • So it's basically a storage plane in a box? Okay got it.

  • Amber screen and amber lit background look nice together, very up-scale. Like it should be in a luxury yacht or something like that.

  • Just so you know..I sent that heavy rain from my house in louisiana to be background ambience in your video.

  • my gaming laptop that I spent about $2000 on worked fine with all previous expansions working totally fine... until I got University Life. I am not 100% sure but I think they changed how Sims walk in this expansion to be more realistic??? It broke my game so bad I kinda stopped playing. Sims at University would get stuck going though doors for hours of game time just because 17 other nps were trying to use the same door. Trying to get to class would mean leaving your home or dorm HOURS early because actions like walking down stairs or using the toilet would take 1/2 an hour of game time. The worst was graduation where the entire graduation broke because so many Sims had to go to the ceremony and, again, use just one door... bumping into each other endlessly. My Sims would be so tired/hungry/need to pee so often I couldn't ever enjoy the extra stuff. Class scheduled was so tight I NEVER wanted to do anything but get my Sims to class on time. Later when the game was changed so you to turn on or off the different expansions to improve performance I was not happy that I had to choose just 'some' expansions to run and I always wonder why I spent so much serious $$$ on a game that can't really work properly with ALL the content. All this time later and I have a much better gaming desktop, I am afraid to active and try University Life because it might break my Sims 3 again...

  • 19:01 I choked on my coffee lol. What a wordsmith.

  • This was the first game I downloaded on my new pc! Second was 3D pinball

  • Macaroni and cheese, and poop

  • "MY FIRST FIRE" hahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  • Paint sampler? EDIT: matcher?

  • Cant wait for the fish tank computer

  • A nice little preview for all the LGR videos coming out within the next flippin century

  • Oh my such volume!

  • They try to become alive like zombies when they pay daigo umehara to use their name..and it was very suceful..they return alive..but let's see how much time.

  • is that supposed to be you? lol

  • Believe it or not, some US power plants sometimes still feature AT form factor systems of this era controlling various systems.

  • Are you sure that's a backplane board it reminds me of an old Sun workstation PC addin card

  • I remember those on the store shelves. It's kind of neat looking, but still kind of stupid in functionality. For sure, stupid. Ah, back in the days when we had a dozen major brand names and thousands of clone companies. A lot of people used computers in the corner back then as I remembered from many home clients. So they would sit or type at an angle of the computer/monitor. as typical tables didn't have good room for a PC + monitor, with keyboard in front and write/do paperwork.

  • Looks rather like the Amiga 3000 inside (1990) in terms of layout. The floppy drives where the optical drive is. That was about $3000 back then @ 25mhz. 2MB RAM.

  • 6:42 this has to be some type of music please tell me it

  • Your Commodore pet will freeze if it's around anything with a transmitter. Wifi phones, etc.... try that

  • I will call this serendipity, but I picked up The Great Blackstack Bake Off beer at my local beer shop in Phoenix that gets many Minnesota beers about half hour before watching this. So that is the one I cracked open of course.

  • It boggles my mind how a single full time working person can buy a home.

  • I believe that media test failure was for the network card if it was set to boot from the network card (I think generally PXE refers to network related things) as it seems to boot into Windows just fine.

  • that is so funny you picked up the Spartus clock! I had one for a few years because it looked cool as well. Got to love the simple things sometimes.

  • Ahhh.. I miss my IBM Thinkpad 385ED. that 166mhz taught me so much.

  • Your nice with that filter. I was like whoa, wait a minute.

  • 7:32 ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its been so long since i don't hear that sound that i almost forgot it existed

  • That's quite the awesome groove-station you've got there. Note: Something that might help you design sounds on that Minilogue keyboard (or any analog or VA board) is to shut off all the oscillators and then bring them on-line one at a time. And if that still doesn't reduce things down enough, turn off the effects too. I.e. build from basic sound-generation and layer on the waveforms. And yes, a nice interface that you can tweak is always a plus.

  • whoah! I can't wait for a video on that imagewriter! What a gem!

  • 42:20 Hehehehe. I was literally just poking at Cyberpunk 2077, so thanks for the history lesson on the origin of the one hacking tool used in-setting. 1:12:46 HECK! I almost bought one of those cases back in the day!