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3:57Taking the Boys Golfing In My Stock Marauder!
Taking the Boys Golfing In My Stock Marauder!visningar 291tn2 månader sedan
2:08Met a Fellow Giraffe at the County Fair!
Met a Fellow Giraffe at the County Fair!visningar 152tn2 månader sedan
6:23JH and I Bought a Cow Named Leroy
JH and I Bought a Cow Named Leroyvisningar 287tn2 månader sedan
2:14Luke Visits the Freedom Factory!
Luke Visits the Freedom Factory!visningar 229tn3 månader sedan
1:01:092.4 Hours of LeMullets PRE-SHOW ONLY
2.4 Hours of LeMullets PRE-SHOW ONLYvisningar 339tn5 månader sedan
2:44Almost Messed up the Month of Freedom... Haters Alert
5:06I Bought a Track Right Before the World Shut Down....


  • One

  • My dad gots on

  • He was pretty talented on a dirt bike way back in the day- raced MX against him (once) in Butte MT. Never spoke to him then but apparently a pretty nice guy.

  • I’m almost 4th lol have a 82 cr480

  • And here I thought you knew the whole time. I met and followed his career as a child

  • I have a old one thing is a Best

  • Was a awesome event and love supporting everything you all do.

  • Last time all the damn lights at the FF were working

  • If you ever get to talk to Robbie Knievel ask him to tell you the story of how you were born... Before he tells you, make sure you are rolling tape. What follows will be internet gold. You need to get him to the Freedom Factory.. He's bound to have some jumps left in him. Or put him behind the wheel of something. Just make sure you ask him how you were born....... You won't regret it.

  • there’s a restaurant in my hometown that’s a small airport that has the same airplane picture/painting thing that you have in the background.

  • 199 can do it

  • I remember as a kid (about 13 or so) when Robbie jumped The Grand Canyon. This was during the era when my parents were saying "dumb things" were riding skate boards, jumping canyons, x-games, and things of that nature. Now the "dumb things" kids are doing are tiktok dances, putting buckets on peoples heads at LOWES and Home Depot and liking ice cream before putting it back on the shelf. I think we would rather see the former!

  • Get u some chest hairs to go with that suit .

  • I saw Robbie jump around 29 Geo Storms when I was a kid. Tracy California. He had no room to stop after the jump and had to crash into hay bails. He broke a few ribs. Was easily the coolest thing my dad ever took me to see.

  • My pops owns a CR500. pretty much a leg breaker if you dont get it just right top dead center before trying to kick her over lmao.

  • You need to tee up Robbie Madison to jump the whole thing🤣😂

  • I’m sure you have 29 crown vics laying around.

  • I have that same CR500, we even bought it new back in 91!

  • I think Kaplan Cycle has this bike! They're in Connecticut and they sell bike's and have a cool museum...from Wyoming USA 🔫🤠🇺🇸p.s stay safe

  • Idk why I'm just seeing this, but I am not surprised that ol' cleeter rides a CR500 lol

  • yes!

  • I would like to see Nick Savage return for the next show.

  • I was not able to see the event but I hope that it is aired on the second channel. I watched the first one and I loved it. You guys always put out the best content.

  • I am pretty sure at Robbies second jump at LV Fountains, Evil is on camera stating he is not the best, but the Father of the Best All Time...

  • I think we need some cr500 action cleet

  • 🤣

  • I remember Robby’s dad saying something like, shoot, Antony can jump these new bikes. Let’s see him try it on a 500lb Harley XR. Both did there thing!

  • You need to get Ronnie Mac to recreate this

  • do you feel bad about it ??? HELL NO HAHAHA

  • I'll jump it they call me fucken hot rod any way fucken send it

  • I'm calling out Travis Pastrana to recreate this moment in time !!!! Where are you at Travis ? Let's gooooooooooo !!!!!!!

  • Apple doesnt fall far from the tree...

  • Get Travis Pastana back out at the freedom factory and see if he can beat that jump?

  • There's so much history lost if we don't take the time to remember it. Someone needs to make a list of notable people and notable moments at Desoto

  • Looks like you gotta line up 30 cars

  • Great things have happened in the past at the FF, MANY MORE TO COME 👍🤟

  • Love it!!

  • I use x my cr500 in the 80s 90s and it use to suck up little kids from the crowd as I went through the air intake and out from the exhaust

  • You gotta get one of those suits ! Set of pit vipers on and a mullet , hell yeah ,i feel bald eagles all ready

  • Brother! Don’t change a damn thing! There are way too many bitches in the comments. Great show, always great content. If you don’t like what you see, no one is forcing you to watch. It took NASCAR many years to get it all straightened out, and it’s still not perfect!!

  • Actually had a cr480 for awhile

  • No balls lmao

  • Travis Pastrana has one too

  • Let's GOOOO... Let's make this happen..

  • Your real people know you and don’t need no special video for that. That was the perfect way to show us IMO

  • You have a cr500 Cleeter?

  • kinda surprised no freedom screech while he was in the air

  • Travis has one ,ronnie mac as well.... Cr500 event at the ff commemorating this event .

  • Hold up a year has passed and I’ve never seen this?!

  • I don't care about commercials. They are easily skipped through. If it helps the channel and brings better content then I don't see anything to complain about. Do one every video I wouldn't care.

  • 1991 Honda CR 😍😍

  • One for the books

  • You should get Travis to beat it by a car.

  • Nitro circus event coming to the Freedom Factory

  • Travis pastrana!!!! Rocking 2 stroke 5 hundos allllll day long

  • This is so COOL!! Freedom Factory FOREVER!! 🤘😎🇺🇸

  • I know 3 people with a cr500

  • Yes sir you’re wrong Cleetus! I too, have an Mans Dirt Bike 1986 Honda CR 500! As you know from riding yours I’m going to assume two things one being are weight is similar, and two being you’ve cracked the throttle while grabbing gears and passing queers a little harder each time only to feel that Bald Eagle sushi powerhouse lifting your 215Ib backside, and the front tire up with ease even in fifth gear! What great news to learn of! It’s a shame Robby is probably to old to perform that same stun again! However, just imagine if he could and would still rocking those sweet leathers only to seeing Cletus and the freedom factory fellers all rocking the same leathers! Priceless office, and billboard photo opportunity.. just saying

  • I used to have a cr 500 had a blue seat though 😅

  • I’m gonna just put it out there...I need you and jack stand to do a donation video for charity where you have to drink a beer for every $100 and take a shot for every $1000 to make this happen again. I’ll put up the first $1,100!

  • i didnt know about this until i saw this story that really seemed to be pushing a narrative.

  • You know what you have too do :-)


  • bad ass's are made in montana

  • I was an Winston Official at Desoto when he jumped these cars. We we're in the infield when he jumped, I was amazing thing to see that close up. And yes that track was slammed packed every Saturday night during race season.

  • That would be that Ken Kaplain has all the 500s

  • If you let idiots get to you would achieve nothing’ve achieved a lot .....and you still have a long way to go just keep doing your thing ...and let the whingers whinge

  • I just watched to say I am one of the people the message about I got to watched first 13 laps. An when it did come back up it was Lap 20 something. To me who give a rats ass. I understand it was like your 4 pay-per-view. I look at it you dump Ass !! Next time don't watch it and sit your ass at home an play with your self.

  • Hell yeah brother! The freedom factory just scored more bald eagles!!

  • I think that cleeter is actually robbie knievel because they both have a cr500 and have been to the FF

  • You need to react it with uncle Ronnie

  • Hell yeah....

  • I mean would have been better if they were all Crown Vics but I think there was definitely a few of them from what I saw. Also he'll freaking yeah brother

  • Had a cr480 but the real legend is the Maico490 (great vid)

  • How am I just seeing this?

  • And Ronnie Mac doesnt have a pinned comment ?

  • That was back when you just had a great time and didn’t give a damn. Now the world is full wussy’s and cry babies

  • Ronnie Mac has a 500

  • Somebody needs to work on a History of the Freedom Factory exhibit

  • Sometimes I don’t know what people were expecting. Cletus and cars is not NBC or CBS. Guys that started out in building a junkyard Corvette on SEnewss can’t be expected to do a Lucas-film production level filming for Pete’s sake. What you guys are doing is incredible by any standard.