10th Generation Dairyman

10th Generation Dairyman 10th Generation Dairyman

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My name is Eric, I'm a dairy farmer in southern Pennsylvania. We have a 200 cow milking herd along with 150 or so young stock. We farm 250 acres where we grow all our forage and a little grain. I'm making videos of what I do day to day. I hope you enjoy.

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I get a lot of emails, please understand if I can't respond to them all. Thank you!

10th Generation Dairyman
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10:43Finishing Triticale Harvest
Finishing Triticale Harvestvisningar 99tnDag sedan
21:05Start Corn Planting \u0026 Filling Ag Bags
12:52Mowing Triticale with Versatile Nemesis 210
8:53This Looks Different
This Looks Differentvisningar 259tn8 dagar sedan
16:47All Kinds of Work Happening
All Kinds of Work Happeningvisningar 173tn8 dagar sedan
13:36Clearing Fence \u0026 Backfilling Continues
9:01New Skid Steer Tires Again \u0026 Odd Jobs
New Skid Steer Tires Again \u0026 Odd Jobsvisningar 165tn15 dagar sedan
11:57Morning Cow Feeding
Morning Cow Feedingvisningar 133tn15 dagar sedan
15:42Backfilling \u0026 New Tires on the Skid Steer
12:39Laying Slats
Laying Slatsvisningar 369tn22 dagar sedan
10:10Testing out the New Pit
Testing out the New Pitvisningar 221tn22 dagar sedan
15:18Mowing with the Toro \u0026 Hauling Manure
Mowing with the Toro \u0026 Hauling Manurevisningar 188tn22 dagar sedan
10:18Streaming Fertilizer on Triticale
Streaming Fertilizer on Triticalevisningar 133tn29 dagar sedan
16:27Old Feed Cart Putting in Work
Old Feed Cart Putting in Workvisningar 221tnMånad sedan
16:36Drilling Alfalfa \u0026 Pouring Walls
Drilling Alfalfa \u0026 Pouring Wallsvisningar 200tnMånad sedan
8:41Pouring Manure Pit Floor
Pouring Manure Pit Floorvisningar 214tnMånad sedan
10:36Installing EASYFIX Flex Stalls \u0026 Mattresses
9:04Draining Water Beds
Draining Water Bedsvisningar 156tnMånad sedan
20:13Digging New Manure Pit
Digging New Manure Pitvisningar 223tnMånad sedan
10:12Excavation Begins \u0026 Sprayer Upgrade
Excavation Begins \u0026 Sprayer Upgradevisningar 157tnMånad sedan
9:22Cleaning Calf Pens
Cleaning Calf Pensvisningar 184tnMånad sedan
15:25New Building Layout \u0026 Toro Lawn Mower
15:33Farm Work on the Farm
Farm Work on the Farmvisningar 160tnMånad sedan
13:40Demo Work at the Building Site
Demo Work at the Building Sitevisningar 160tnMånad sedan
11:092021 Building Project Explained
2021 Building Project Explainedvisningar 165tnMånad sedan
10:46Cleaning Out the Bull Barn
Cleaning Out the Bull Barnvisningar 178tn2 månader sedan
9:49Corn Planter is Ready for Spring
Corn Planter is Ready for Springvisningar 120tn2 månader sedan
9:32Chopping Bales \u0026 New Holland Didn't Sell
Chopping Bales \u0026 New Holland Didn't Sellvisningar 189tn2 månader sedan


  • 553 is definitely a pretty cow and I like her mainly white coat.

  • Eric - You look beat! I hope you can rest and recuperation before the alarm goes off in the morning. These videos are my favorite because they are so darn real. You could record everything that you do, forget about editing, and just post the raw video - we’d watch it from beginning to end ... and I’ll bet 98% of us wouldn’t even complain about you posting raw video! Stat safe!

  • You want workers in a company for you. I'm from Algeria.

  • The video was awesome Eric. You look very tired. Im glad that you went to bed. Get some rest buddy. Thank you for everything and for taking us on the ride with you.

  • What size is that bag?

  • I appreciate what you do.

  • Love your videos Eric! Thanks for all your time and work putting these together for us to enjoy.

  • Hey, Blake!

  • Do you let the cows out in the summertime

  • Interesting to see all the ag work going on

  • I've wondered if it would be worth it to yall to buy a cheap led light to put inside the silo at the top that way you have some light for when you need to work inside.

  • PLEASE see milk truck How to load milk truck

  • How to load milk truck

  • PLEASE see milk truck

  • Thanks for another great video Eric. I enjoy them all and appreciate the extra effort you put in to make them for us.

  • Thanks for the video. 👍. The Triticale is ok to feed straight away? I thought it would had to finish fermentation first?

  • how many liters of rain it rains per year on average in your region.

  • I just love you bro ❤️ I learn from you a lot....

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  • Love your videos whenever your schedule permits! Thank you for the extra work in sharing so well the daily activities on your family farm. I appreciate you being real with no hype. Good to see your dad doing well and being a part of your videos. God bless.

  • I love my INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • You guys are busy no rest for the weak hope everything is turning out good with the harvest and planting is going smoother

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  • Здравствуй, а это что за грабли такие?

  • Seen bigger legs on a chicken! Lol. Nice work, make hay while the sun shines!

  • You did look a bit tired. Good idea to start fresh in the morning.

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  • Watching the “boring” part of farming is actually the best part! I know it’s hard for you to keep up with 2 things at once, but you truly do inspire many folks of all ages with these videos. Keep up the good work Eric. God Bless.

  • The videos in the last couple of days have been mesmerizingly delightful. Wonderful...I have been riveted to the screen. CHEERS!

  • How can you tell where one field ends and the next one starts

  • The joy of a "modern " winch for your unloader, one with a motor. WE hand cranked ours up, took a few days... not full time, but when you were in the barn, go give it a few turns of the crank!

  • Love your channel. Thanks for sharing your life with us. God Bless

  • Your video style has the authentic vibe of the daily grind of running a farm. Thank you.

  • It’s a busy time of year. Keep up the good work! Your mom did a nice job mowing. Even though it’s a busy time of year, remember to take time for your relationship with Jesus. I’m working on this myself!

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  • I like your channel over others because your is authentic IMO.

  • My uncle has farmers lung from silo gases. He never took precautions. He definitely is regretting it.

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  • You're a good man Eric.

  • Been watching a few other farm channels. Yours is by far my favorite. Right mix of explanation and action. Others stand around taking a long selfie-vid while they over explain everything.

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  • Anything everything you put out is pure gold, Eric, and I, WE thank you for your time and effort. It is NOT unappreciated. As I live in Southern California, and never lived/worked in the country/farm work, it's really great to be able to see what other folks in our country do for our tables. Thank you!

  • Do you have much problems with stones while chopping from using a rotary rake like that?

  • Hi Eric why do they take all the equipment home if they were coming back the next day ?

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  • trit-ih-KAY-lee)

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