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Here we make Things ! ! !.

We make Arduino/Raspberry Pi tutorials, awesome projects, stupid projects, projects that may have no use but we do it because we love to do it.
We are on mission to inspire the teenagers to think beyond the limits and make the awesome things they have in there mind, to make them believe that ” Will must be stronger than the skill “.

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1:02Making Simple Alarm Clock
Making Simple Alarm Clockvisningar 129tn7 dagar sedan
0:56Wanted to Feel sniper recoil in game
Wanted to Feel sniper recoil in gamevisningar 3,4mn14 dagar sedan
0:35Shinchan Vibing To Ievan Polkka | Flute
Shinchan Vibing To Ievan Polkka | Flutevisningar 204tn21 dag sedan
4:04Confused whether to play Drum or Game, Both?
0:40Unplug After Charging is Full To Save Energy
1:49Device especially made for Working from Home people
0:44Trying to pump up morning motivation in Lockdown
Trying to pump up morning motivation in Lockdownvisningar 290tn11 månader sedan
0:27Wanted to feel typing on typewriter
Wanted to feel typing on typewritervisningar 724tnÅr sedan
1:59Meet Shush
Meet Shushvisningar 247tnÅr sedan
5:10AWS IoT with RaspberryPi setup
AWS IoT with RaspberryPi setupvisningar 22tn2 år sedan
2:049V battery explodes when supplied 110V
0:40110v supply to 3v MOTOR | Experiment
110v supply to 3v MOTOR | Experimentvisningar 73tn3 år sedan
2:07Smart Bulb | ESP8266 | iPhone/Android


  • No need to flex the former shroud mouse

  • When they say work from home Snipers:

  • this is hilarious! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Try that on warzone xd

  • This is the type of content I live for man.

  • Autoclicker

  • *Still NOT enough ?* **Pulls out a Barrett M82**

  • If Micheal revees was silent and chaotic

  • you aford for god pc but desk nope xD

  • next video title: “wanted to feel rpg recoil in game”

  • He couldveturned this into 25 minute video with how it was made having like 10 ads in there but no, straightto the point, what a chad

  • IDEA: my mechanical keyboard doesnt feel right. then well idk (I Dont Know) try solenoids or a motor xd

  • What people who don't own a mechanical keyboard think they sound like

  • Yo what’s the point of holding the mouse lol

  • Just what I need

  • That mouse is not long for this world


  • Michael reeves into lol

  • Head went weeeeee

  • More focused on your arms being the length of an apes.

  • Which game he is playing

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  • you need a shoulder stalk to make it feel even more realistic

  • What was the game...

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  • 0:44

  • Frustrated engineer at its peak

  • You're a genius bro. I hope your company pays you excellent money.

  • This is cool but the force of the vibration needs to cause the mouse to go away from you because you pull down your mouse if you need to control your recoil.

  • senewss.info/slow/l8i8pZR0iJ2ubtQ/video🥺👍👍

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  • Controller players be like “first time😏”

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  • You REALLY need a new domain name.

  • Great

  • CaN you do the same thing with any gta game

  • Alarm clock? i'd say, Alarm COCK!

  • Neat. The first version is perfect. Now.....how about those fully automatic weapons? There’s sub machine guns and heavy machine guns too. That recoil should slow some down.

  • wtf is going on bro

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  • 0:45 what are you doing step bro ?

  • Funny

  • Engering topper hoga bro

  • His Father is going to Fell that in the Next Room And He is going to Feel his Father's Belt and then call it Bruises

  • Just came around to know which game ia this

  • the recoil was so great it actual hurt you irl

  • this is just too imersive

  • Hm what if he got a smg?

  • He is indian

  • ayo is controls the recoil by moving the mouse downwards automatically

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  • Areee ka kai bi ka

    • Itla din shatt upti raynta ka juna video she hau

  • This guy is genius

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  • This is gonna be fun

  • I like it. It forces you to re-acquire your target more realistically. If you put a muzzle brake or comp on the end of the rifle you can lessen the felt recoil and muzzle flip accordingly. XD

  • That's what you call a legit game

  • I want you to play smack down with tech....

  • Why is this channel so underrated

  • bro so funny i laughed till death

  • Play world of War tanks with this shit...🔥

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  • Use carefully or else those mini drilling machines will drill your fist.

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  • he was trying to get 4D feel

  • This feels like it should be older A lot older

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  • 0:41 had no business making me laugh that hard... He held the mouse real tight yet it still went flying 😭😭😭

  • Imagine what will happen if he shoots the barrett m82😅

  • I have seen belle delphine using the same contraption for other purposes

  • His mouse must have Unbreaking 69 on it And his Gaming Table must have Unbreakable 100 on it

  • Love you 3000

  • I wonder why his house dont get burn yet