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2:31World pays tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh


  • Nuke all three of them , ask me how .

  • Well it's dual purpose animal and human.

  • I support these Irish people they are loyalists and should have British public support

  • just go to the USA biden is on power he is very liberal and also supports gay rights liberal extremist

  • M very happy first time to hear it that Myanmar police got by civilian... They deserve it... Myanmar police must get kill not only 10 but more thousands...

  • Short sighted peanut brained party stuck in mentality 400 years old. This has nothing to do with a funeral. It's insulting and insensitive to even mention that as a reason. It's more bullshit from loyalists who are always the victims. Even when thet injury 60 PSNI officers and rile up terrorist organisations.... The DUP loyalists are the victims. Insane stuff that these nutters are even entertained! Nothing to go with a funeral. They're just stone age idiots with zero desire to change. The media is so polite to literal terrorist. It's all one sided this time. All crazy lunatics on the unionists side trying to start the troubles. I know the Brits made a mistakes but Boris and Brexit must be your worst in 50 years!

  • Thank God I deleted my Facebook account

  • A hard election for the Ecuadorian voter, who has to choose between a left populist candidate with authoritarian tendencies who will be on a political campaign 24/7, and, an oligarch defendant of the traditional powers which pretty much means a strengthening of the colonial institution heritage and more power to those who have been privileged by that political and economical model, oligarchs with no ethics at all ruling the country. Any of these alternatives mean stagnation and corruption, no progress for at least the next 4 years.

  • Love nd support to Ukraine From Pakistan

  • You cannot cooperate with a system who wants to destroy you no more than sheep will be friend with a lion. Past behaviour is Proofs that the CCP is evil and we are repeating 1938 treaty with Hitler. You are naive and will regret it!

  • The title should be 10 terrorist killed by People's army.

  • What a joke...

  • Loyalists demanding changes to the protocol they voted for and their Tory masters created,even though they have no alternative to the protocol,welcome to Brexit.

  • There’s no term limit in talking about Rahma

  • Deep down Indians and Pakistanis have always wondered how things would have been if partition had not happened. 😭

  • Turkey is a bankrupt country! Buying weapons left and right . What are their people going to eat? Bullets?

  • Its all a lie by Modi! All he can does is spread hate to stay in Power!He has no economic plan for India! he can work with china to build a new world but he chooses to stay with the USA and bombing the world!

  • The second guarantee phytogeographically shave because cooking repressingly invent beside a historical parcel. panicky, stupid clave

  • old news he died nearly a week ago

  • Turkey finally got the killer strategic advantage against Russia in Ukraine. Turkey can use this to get what it want in syria and Libya

  • Ha

  • Al Jazeera is always one sided for its reports against Ethiopia, What about Ethiopian citizens struggle to go out of poverty. You are all stupid reporters spreading lies to the world.

  • Is USA a nation where true and responsible democracy exists? Answer: No. DemoNcracy is the core ideology of American politics. What is the key driver of the economy of USA? Telecommunications - No High-end computer technology products - No The what? Manufacture & sell Military Hardware / Manufacture & sell War Machines / Initiate, Create & Fight Wars on Foreign countries - YES YES

  • Oh look they found a picture of Yoda lol.

  • Russians is good

  • What goes around comes around 🤣

  • Russia is just taking his own land what's wrong.....

  • Be careful of any aid offered by the US Government. They only act in their interest.

  • 26+6=1

  • and l want to kill family

  • Looks similar to Indus Valley civilisation

  • um kill is good more more

  • Open up me a dispensary caffe

  • Over 500 people are killed in Myanmar right now.

  • I am going to join , get me my free land on, and grow weed

  • thay abandoned rohingya now military giving them the prize

  • The police and barbaric military starts killing innocent civilians first, the so called “rebels” ethnic armies are just protecting people.

  • The military is doing its duty protecting the nation from the cultural, economic and political disease of the neoliberal globalists. Stay strong.

  • He hasn't said anything that is not true. Dictator, misogynist and enemy of Europe.

  • unfortunately it seems Myanmar is going to be the Syria of this decade

  • What about the dozens of citizens who were killed, don't forget about the other side bruh!

  • Gotta love liberals who think just being a 'democracy' will make a country treat people better. Make no mistake, india is just a poorer version of china that is more vocal about their opinions.

  • How I’m a tripper?

  • Hah! Where were these guys when their favourites shot people's eyes out in 2006? Over a 100 in one day were permanantly injured. And what about the Opposition. They make literal, phyisical threats. Nothing. And at least 60 percent of the media is still left wing. I'm sick of all these lies!

  • I think the power of this technology should be used to treat rare diseases or malfunction with consent!

  • Good

  • I wish BLM would march up to that volcano and jjump in and fight the lava

  • Oh no, not ramadan again. My ladies and gentlemen, close your doors and stay home as mych as you can. Avoid crowds because this is the time when Muhannadans kill the most.

  • I pray for you citizen of Myanma trust God by his power he will give back peace in the country

  • hi

  • cancel all protests outsid epark and mass arrest and take assets fo riot mob looters

  • Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now especially with the current rise

    • I wanted to trade crypto but got confused by the fluctuations in price

    • Stocks are good but crypto is more profitable

    • Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  • start shotoing more criminals so popualtion goes down england hung thieves and there is no such thign as racism

  • List of charities accused of ties to terrorism - Wikipedia in islam it states while the right hand gives charity the left cannot know its to ensure secrecy. this leaves room for corruption. above is the list of charities accused of ties to terrorism. transparency in islamic charity is imperative we cant risk dying due to neglect

  • machien gun the riot mobs you have only right to peaceful protest!!! in the park not in road any blocking road crosswalk or door or wlak way is TREASON and penalty for treason is DEATH and any mass prayer liek uslims do in publci = mass dpeort and take all assets

  • Oh, you found metal pipes that were used by Israeli settlers to supply water! Now you can re-use them to supply water to the Palestinians living in Gaza. No? Why not? What else do you want to use them for? Ohhh 😮


  • Nousomes tous victime des occidentaux que benis la RDC

  • May Allah SWT protect our Muslim brothers and sisters in Gaza

  • KARMA? If u had open borders, everyone will return the favour by welcoming you all. Now you'll have to beg for entry. Others learn lessons and have open borders before it's too late!

  • Let's see when the game starts hope for the best for RUSSIA

  • GG

  • This guy has four kids and no money to eat. Are you kidding me!

    • Because islam is unable to provide for its followers.

  • Let's admit we are failing ourselves in allowing this to happen. Do you hear ANY African leaders condemning these atrocities? Doing something to prevent these atrocities? Or do we celebrate our "independence" declaring with bravado we're not going to export chocolate to Switzerland?

  • Psalm 104:32 Who looks on the earth and it trembles , who touches the mountains and they smoke 💨. Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon 🙏🏼❤️🕊REPENT, believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again


  • great poland 👍


  • Mehedi Hassan simply sitting safe in UK and defending his religion. Let him live in a ISLAM country and see if he argues about it

  • I feel great because US and other great nations are supporting the Filipinos. I feel sad because our President seems to be with the CCP.

  • Current score Brazil virus 2 Mother China virus 1

  • Musllim channel ID

  • Life is a cycle, round and round we go.


  • the head of the UN and the security council should be fired. The intelligence services should be placed under observation. SADC regional security council should have an enquiry and explain how this buildup happened unobserved under their watch.