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13:44Wooden Crafts Show - All wood making gifts
1:21:55Live: Wooden Crafts / Ctoom Wooden Castles
0:18Satisfying Wood Turning 15  #shorts
Satisfying Wood Turning 15 #shortsvisningar 11tn8 dagar sedan
1:24:11Wood  Woking Live, Wooden Crafts - 直播木艺
0:32Making a Cute Wooden Deer  #shorts
Making a Cute Wooden Deer #shortsvisningar 58tn8 dagar sedan
18:55Live: Wooden Crafts
Live: Wooden Craftsvisningar 1618 dagar sedan
0:46Carving Wooden Dragon Egg #shorts
Carving Wooden Dragon Egg #shortsvisningar 28tn8 dagar sedan
1:10:22Wood Turning Live - 直播木旋加工
Wood Turning Live - 直播木旋加工visningar 2,2tn8 dagar sedan
45:30Wood Turning Live
Wood Turning Livevisningar 4298 dagar sedan
0:14Satisfying Wood Turning 12  #shorts
Satisfying Wood Turning 12 #shortsvisningar 1,2mn8 dagar sedan
0:10Satisfying Wood Turning 11  #shorts
Satisfying Wood Turning 11 #shortsvisningar 498tn15 dagar sedan
0:13Satisfying Wood Turning 10 - Round Bar #shorts
0:16Satisfying Wood Cutting / Turning 9 #shorts
Satisfying Wood Cutting / Turning 9 #shortsvisningar 312tn15 dagar sedan
0:38Handmade Cute Wooden Cat Pendant #shorts
Handmade Cute Wooden Cat Pendant #shortsvisningar 34tn15 dagar sedan


  • It just didn't show where the veneers go and how they look

  • why is this on youtube? you dont know how dangerous this is.

  • This is how my expenses peels my salary.

  • Eso que puro desperdicio de árboles

  • Wastage of Wood and green energy. 4 sticks can be made by one whole wooden trunk. Atleast use it efficiently.

  • Stupid production.

  • such a trunk would produce even sticks, I remembered an old drawing of the Woodpecker k

  • What the Phuck 🤬😡😠😔 the whole tree 🎄🌴🎄🌴🚫

  • So oddly satisfying. Love it!

  • As a species we're pretty dumb

  • Y tanta mamada para eso?? Y el planeta que se chingue..

  • This is so *STUPID!*

  • That's The Reason The World Changes The Weather....... Plese Plant A Lot of threes on Youre Comunity.

  • Que desperdicio de recurso , porque no hacerlo manualmente , de allí fácil salian 3 o 4 , moldes de ese mismo tamaño .

  • Que cosas antes no sacaron un palillo de dientes poreso el mundo esta como esta

  • Imagine being in front of it with no glasses

  • Malzemenin çapı 250mm tornalayıp getirdiği çap 50mm sizin ben israfınıza...

  • No mames,osea tanto desperdicio de madera. Un tronco para sacar un palo de escoba,que mal.

  • What a waste of wood.

  • Waist!

  • What are they doing!!!!

  • लगता है कि यह मशीन लकड़ी का बुरादा बनाती है

  • Чем мы занимались на труде по рассказам училки:

  • Un desperdicio de madera pudiendo sacar 10 palos más de ahí 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Que manera tan Pendejo de darle en la madre a la naturaleza

  • Круууто!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • 나무낭비 개심하네 ...

  • Fucking waste of wood

  • Un desperdicio de madera!!!!!!

  • There has to be a better way. Ye can make at least 5 of those from the same trunk.

  • 0:28 von.ind.in

  • What a waste

  • They're making a handle for a broom so they can sweep up all that mess they've made while making a handle for a broom so they can sweep up all that mess they've made while making a handle for a broom so they can sweep up all that mess they've made while making a handle...I think you get where this is going

  • Desperdicio enorme de material

  • Selut my brother

  • Very dope

  • Waisting lots of trees 🌳

  • What a waste of wood!

  • And we put our leftover 🪵 wood in the fire, recycling 😂 lol

  • 나무 아깝다... 굳이 저렇게 해야하니...

  • 1 batang pohon kan bisa buat 4 tongkat, pemborosan ini

  • Laparpo labo banzoo Katora potato apacico comento laparpo laparia jomanjo jomanji pinokioo🧚🛡️🗡️🚻

  • So damn wast

  • 나무 수분기 빼니깐 저렇게된다고?

  • This is why nature is disappearing 😕

  • What a idiot's

  • 👎👎👎👎


  • Pero eso no es un desperdicio de madera??


  • Это они чё,черенки для лопат что ли делают?

  • Целое бревно для черенка от лопаты... долбики

  • they destroy our nature what is that for money

  • This is such a waste 🤠

  • Waste of wood.

  • Wth for only one stick you Ruin whole tree

  • It's actually how to make toothprick video

  • Портят хорошие кругляки.

  • You just waste the whole tree to make small stick Arrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • Δε μου αρεσε γιατι καταστρεφονται ολοκληρα δεντρα για να βγαλουν ενα καομματι γι αυτο λειπαμε.....

  • Que Desperdício de Madeira, olha onde ta o pobrema do aquecimento global..

  • What a waste!

  • Dei Geni proprio, da quei tronchi ne potresti ricavarw minimo cinque, invece scartavetriamo tutto e ne ricaviamo solo uno! Yeah 👍👍👍

  • Very talented person coming up with a novel method to create useful items.

  • 1 dam faltu....isko bolte jada kharcha kam dimag...

  • 有點浪費

  • Is it weird i want a few of the left over sticks

  • so that's how toothpicks are made 🤓

  • Ваще не нихуя не эффективно на самом деле. Большое количество дерева уходит в опилки, да уж

  • imagine how many trees have been cut everyday... Than the trees that planted and survive to get old.. RATIO: 1,000,000/1

  • Waste of timber

  • Biggest waste of material.

  • mubazir itu. mending dibelah dulu jadi beberapa bagian. baru dibentuk.

  • 👎

  • The byproduct is a broom handle

  • Wtf

  • เสียดายเนื้อไม้ที่หายไป

  • What a waste of tree

  • Tongkat Pramuka ini nahh😂

  • I want 2 pieces