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  • who tf is buying shit for that ungrateful girl Jaden she only disrespects her parents and jullian should get that car he's the only reason why their famous and got all this stuff ik that his stock money but come on bro.

  • Please pick better music next time 😂

  • did a mf called melo "gelo" or im trippin

  • The embarrassment on the tiktokers’ face bruhhh😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • U got her a car but she doesn’t have a license smh

  • He's all "I cant take a day off" lol

  • Why tf does. Jaden blink so fucking much

  • 「Hold On」's MV performance was good. You're 27 years old and you're a young Hollywood movie actor, so I want you to try movies as well as songs. Look forward.

  • Y’all are spoiled rotten

  • The music hella annoying

  • 8:02 who is that

  • Them tik tokers were background characters 💀

  • I just tried this with my parents to see If it would work to get me a Porsche. I'm now currently typing with my only good hand and eye left.

  • A 2 seater for a family of 4 😭

  • salute !

  • Tiktokers aren’t celebs bro

  • The Bitch Made League 😆

  • Where Lil Dickey at..? He would have schooled a lot of these guys..

  • His dad don’t know nothing about basketball all he care about is the money and being famous

  • how you gonna spend 400k in one video

  • Bruh is that Julian Newman

  • Go 2 Fisk Young Brother and Be Great . You the star who was created by God and Predestined 2 be Great

  • Someone really called her a groupie 😭😭

  • Who the ringers playing for the white team I don’t even know who they are. Are they even Celebes? Only celeb on that team making shot was quavo

  • Tf is this coffee shop music

  • “That’s not fair bro, I also want a new Porsche🙁🥺😩 I hate you daddy!”...

  • My thing is jaden doesn’t even know how to drive and her dad buts her that fast ass car. That’s honestly dangerous

  • Can this weird ass family stop getting in my recommended bruh

  • Jaden is so spoiled

  • Ot JB

  • Who tf is Bryce Hall??

  • Does Jackson get in?

  • dr dru looks different here

  • bro no way jaden got a expensive car and decided to go shopping for expensive clothes wtf

  • Well deserved!👍🏻

  • Good shit well deserved

  • I hate Jaden she so spoiled why can’t she be more mature and great duo like Julian

  • number 5 from quavo team

  • 3:21 why she walking like that?

  • who jus got up like that on quavo team??????????

  • Dude sound like lil xan after popping 10 bricks

  • bro they are so spoiled 😂don’t really have to work for nothing

  • if only chris brown join he would wreck everyone

  • She spoiled 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Not to hate but I feel like the store they went to is the knock off store... every brand Jamie mentioned has a store in Vegas.

  • After watching this lavar ball is a great dad :))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Can this kid and his dad realize they aren’t going anywhere. 0% he makes any pro league, He isn’t even 5’10. OT take this shit off your channel deadass.

  • PrOdIGy

  • These kids need to be humbled

  • We been knew who Bates was come on now

  • The more you spoil jaden, the more she is not going to appreciate the little thinks her family is doing for her.

  • I can relate to Julian I went bowling last month I was so triggered cuz the ball kept falling to the left and right

  • lower music, I can't hear what they say

  • Quavo mvp lol

  • This niqqa YK all ways embarrassing himself 🤦🏾😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I’m seeing some sain now

  • Was 94 my boy tyreek hill?

  • Um overtime wheres our fear nothing episode

  • Jaden be talking like she reading a script lol sounding like a fucking robot

  • spend your money wisely. spend less - create/make more . . . but the show's entertaining af 🤣

  • I respect Julian for grinding and doing something with his life compared to Jaden who think she’s living in a dream

  • 5:56 why is giannis playin wit dem kids??

  • He should of put Juul in soccer

  • Did this lil ass girl just say a Bentley or rolls Royce🤨

  • Jaden is just a spoiled brat like she didn’t even say thank you

  • Didn’t Jaden just get a car bro for her birthday

  • Is it weird I feel sorry for them? Their father will do anything to make his family famous.

  • They both spoilt brats don't appreciate anything

  • Jaden is spoiled af yo not cute Jaime is creating a monster

  • The most insane game nobody even watched lol tik tok is for little girls

  • Julian deserves that care more than jaden tho even though he ain’t getting nowhere he’s putting up the work

  • Jamie lost all that money at the casino like a goofball

  • TikTokers are celebrities?

  • He talking bout being distracted y’all was just shooting fire works

  • Justin Bieber is so talented

  • Not to be a dicc but his lack of training motivation points to he’ll never make it pro i mean him n his dad are goofy

  • Your family name is to general

  • Dont be too harsh to the tiktoker Theyre not playn because no money on the line Not like "set up" boxing

  • “grateful to be in a position where i can do things like this” girl please😂

  • So what's up with Julian playing over seas? 😂