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Hey, I'm Eric. I play games and produce music.


10:02Playing Guitar for GIRLS on Omegle 3
Playing Guitar for GIRLS on Omegle 3visningar 1,9mn8 dagar sedan
50 MEME SONGS on GUITARvisningar 1,6mn8 dagar sedan
21:07Playing Guitar with HERMAN LI of DRAGONFORCE?!
TRY NOT TO LAUGH (CSGO)visningar 1,3mnMånad sedan
10:13This video will get us CANCELED
This video will get us CANCELEDvisningar 1,3mn2 månader sedan
10:18Playing Guitar on Omegle but I Pretend I'm a Girl
10:03if you laugh at this video you probably have no soul
10:17Playing Guitar for GIRLS on Omegle 2
Playing Guitar for GIRLS on Omegle 2visningar 8mn3 månader sedan
1:00:34BEST OF THE DOOO 2020!
BEST OF THE DOOO 2020!visningar 4,3mn5 månader sedan
8:10Try Not to WHEEZE (impossible) - Deleted Scenes #4
10:33I am too smart for Among Us
I am too smart for Among Usvisningar 1mn5 månader sedan
10:39Deleted Scenes #3 (OMEGLE GUITAR, WARZONE AND MORE)
9:09Modern Warfare ADULT Edition
Modern Warfare ADULT Editionvisningar 1,8mn7 månader sedan
11:42Among Us but I'm the world's best impostor
Among Us but I'm the world's best impostorvisningar 2,2mn7 månader sedan
4:25Shredding on my new mystery guitar?!
Shredding on my new mystery guitar?!visningar 1,9mn7 månader sedan
10:12Musical Rainbow Six Siege Moments 3
Musical Rainbow Six Siege Moments 3visningar 2,3mn8 månader sedan
10:06Playing Guitar on Omegle but I play MEME songs
10:03TRIGGERED Rainbow Six Siege Moments
TRIGGERED Rainbow Six Siege Momentsvisningar 1,9mn10 månader sedan


  • my chest hurts so much from laughing

  • i wonder how no one talks about the legend himself the great Herman Li only musicians know at what level Herman Li stands

  • I can see where you got the inspiration for the opening of Ascend

  • I heard someone say I’m a rapist. I can sorta see that lol

  • I'm so gonna put the first song to my phones ringtone

  • The voice is coming out of his ass... because people let's remember he doesn't have a head.

  • „Play me sth, now” „Sure, bitch” 😂😂😂😂

  • Bro, you have 5 million subs, why you need 8 minutes of advertising

  • 5:27 sure bich lol

  • So nobody gon talk about the link the first girl sent 😳

  • Marry had a little thunderstroke!!

  • Play the new resident evil lol. Loved your last one.

  • I’m shocked no ones talking about peaches cover that should literally be put in the original song.

  • so anybody know where I can find some music that sounds similar to that ending clip with mcnasty? it was weirdly good lmao

  • bruh. when u did chug jug, it was just the Whitty cover

  • You guys are hilarious 😂😂😂

  • 3:18 how did Doo not catch alight by playing a drake song??

  • Kudos to the guy who recognised Beethoven

  • pssttt.... any news or hints on a mary had a little stroke vid??

  • Is the tiktok vid about dude reusing poop corn with a strained to feed his baby real? If so I need a link !!!!!!

  • #savesteviet

  • 31 sec last song name title ?

  • 7 years later and that solo still sends chills down my spine awesome guitar playing king👑

  • Day 1 of wanting the doo to play a Steve vai album all the way through

  • i can watch you all night and all day your so amazing and i will ask my parrents to get me an hello kitty guitar

  • I love Evlis Presley 😍🎤🎸😎😭🥺😈♥️😔😳🔥☺😜😉💲👋👻

  • This is the best video I've ever watched

  • Eden is one guy

  • i can't believe this type content will be still relevant in 2021, thanks for bring it back.

  • The kid who woke up from a coma after 10 years who doesn’t know about covid gonna watch this and the first thing he here’s is “you’ve probably heard of this unless you were in a coma for 10 years”

  • Neck reveal..

  • the poor dominos guy is just wondering what he was brought into

  • 957

  • The pick ups on that is insane

  • Does dooo have somewhere we can put a song we don't remember so we can find it again

  • 1:39 that poggers tho

  • why the hell did nobody ever even mention 1:27? its beautiful (just like the rest of the song) but that in particular is perfect.

  • 4:48 Im telling General Sam XD

  • my manz just puts his back on the wall were it belongs

  • Respect for the last guy. He kept his guitar back 😁😁👍


  • LOVE the SHIRT, but the memes were good too

  • Wtf man!!! How many talents do you have??? Voice, guitar,piano 🙄

  • What pedal are you using

  • Can anyone tell me Arianna's song?

  • The first girl is so good ❤️

  • Bro I don’t think I have ever herd u play brothers in arms by dire straits

  • Just wondering why ascend is more popular than eclipse

  • the joda is best

  • Dooo? More like whys this in my reccommended after like 8 years what am i gonna dooo?

  • If this guy doesn't come and play something on my funeral I ain't dyin

  • the doo is a lefty 7:17

  • This guy is the "oh damn" legend xD

  • 8:48 i fucking cant


  • I know Astronimia for years now and i hate, that everyone is now just calling it coofin dance song... so thanks for including the real name dooo :D

  • Mmmmmmm.....GRIZZY

  • That guys reminds me of Steve-o 😂😂

  • I wana be like you when i git my electric gitar

  • oh someone got blured what happened doo?

  • I saw his beard.

  • I approve of the gender fluid joke .. it was good

  • 4:15 Now introducing super jealous boyfriend who can’t stand his girlfriend talking to a male with more talent than him lol.

  • I wish you marry that first bitch who says that whenever ya became a rockstar ya gotta mention her name

  • His voice is just amazing

  • very nice video


  • This was the video that introduced me to the dooo. 4 years later I’m still here.

  • Are we gonna ignore the fact that he just Rick rolled all of us

  • Justice Beaver :DD

  • 7:17 one of the most important question ever made.

  • Yo the ad is actually dope

  • 4:00 song?

  • what a chad

  • Ramdom girls: are you a girl or a boy? Dooo: Yes

  • Love this video. When i get close to death, i will remember my life and actually i will think these were the sounds which brought so much fun and joy to me.


  • First girl shows same reactions happen in brain during climax and music.

  • 5:27 It only takes that to be Marcus Veltry??