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A reaction channel, for the alpha intellectual.

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10:04My Biggest Blunder Yet...
My Biggest Blunder Yet...visningar 97tnDag sedan
16:00The Treaty of Beijing (circa 2055)
The Treaty of Beijing (circa 2055)visningar 192tn22 timmar sedan
11:33So True It's Scary...(Countryballs)
So True It's Scary...(Countryballs)visningar 165tn22 timmar sedan
12:24Wow, This Is Just Like 1984
Wow, This Is Just Like 1984visningar 141tn22 timmar sedan
10:29Every Territory the US has Ever PURCHASED...
Every Territory the US has Ever PURCHASED...visningar 145tn22 timmar sedan
11:46The Problem with MEXICO...
The Problem with MEXICO...visningar 79tn22 timmar sedan
14:15This Country Made Godzilla a Citizen?!
This Country Made Godzilla a Citizen?!visningar 99tn22 timmar sedan
12:22Disasters Explained by Countryball Animations
10:52WW2 History Memes
WW2 History Memesvisningar 179tn7 dagar sedan
14:10This Disaster is Happening EVERYWHERE...
This Disaster is Happening EVERYWHERE...visningar 163tn7 dagar sedan
11:39What Italy is REALLY Like...
What Italy is REALLY Like...visningar 103tn7 dagar sedan
11:01Good News \u0026 Bad News
Good News \u0026 Bad Newsvisningar 122tn14 dagar sedan
14:47My Reddit is Cringe
My Reddit is Cringevisningar 172tn14 dagar sedan
10:32This didn’t go as planned...
This didn’t go as planned...visningar 145tn14 dagar sedan
10:08Countryballs That Are TOO True...
Countryballs That Are TOO True...visningar 249tn14 dagar sedan
11:19World Map According to this Country...
World Map According to this Country...visningar 203tn14 dagar sedan
11:08Countries Explained by 4chan
Countries Explained by 4chanvisningar 146tn14 dagar sedan
10:38Why People Are Leaving Roblox...
Why People Are Leaving Roblox...visningar 109tn14 dagar sedan
11:15Trade Offer...
Trade Offer...visningar 161tn21 dag sedan
14:07Copycat Flags
Copycat Flagsvisningar 208tn21 dag sedan
13:22The Ultimate COLONIZER...
The Ultimate COLONIZER...visningar 228tn21 dag sedan
10:49This can be confusing...
This can be confusing...visningar 148tn21 dag sedan
12:48The Ultimate Straight Line Challenge...
The Ultimate Straight Line Challenge...visningar 133tn21 dag sedan
10:25JEOGRAFI according to Dank Memes
JEOGRAFI according to Dank Memesvisningar 134tn21 dag sedan
15:13World History: All Endings (meme)
World History: All Endings (meme)visningar 216tn28 dagar sedan
10:07Small details that get forgotten...
Small details that get forgotten...visningar 129tnMånad sedan


  • "Seize the means of pronouns." Just fantastic.

  • Well, she's single now. This would be awkward.

  • why doesn't the lower peninsula go to canada lmao

  • just me and my bad luck my pc has a case of no audio output deviceis installed and no captions

  • A

  • "Alaska growing it's tail ,wait no thats their tale......THATS SOMETHING ELSE"

  • 9:27 *Este é o país que você estava procurando 🇧🇷*

  • In response to the Thumbnail as a Texan Yes, I would be okay with that map. both of them, in the same universe.

  • If I’m not mistaken, North Carolina is the actual origin point of the airplane, but Vick’s VapoRub is fine too, I guess.

  • Germany: declare war on soviet for seeking resource but wait I'm *soviet*

  • Hallo daś

  • u forgot the macedonian anthem

  • 6:40 Epic Foreshadowing lol

  • In the phillipines there is an Place Called Sasmuan Or S*xmoan Maybe search it in googleMaps

  • 5:56 “up the f shuts earth” Lolol

  • Actually, Pluto is bigger

  • Austrians started two world wars but somehow the blame fall on the Germans.

  • 9:10 OwO

  • It’s the sixteen colonies cuz of Vermont,Maine and west vergina

  • Tf UK's ideologically didn't change from irl?

  • Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and India are my favorites. I dislike the USA flag, China, Korea and the Greece flag. Purely my own aesthetic opinion, and nothing to do with the amazing country's who bare them. In my book we all live on the same miraculous blue marble and are brothers and sisters. ❤🥰

  • In Florida it’s illegal for a man to wear a strapless gown in public. Honestly this is the weirdest law to me at least... very Florida Man

  • Brazilian crowd singing brazilian athem is the most beautifull thing about athems.

  • 3:14 Poland you have to be 18 to drink.

  • how you get so strong? I di obe pushup al times germany los a ww

  • This video comes up when I look up answers for my math test still gonna cheat but it can wait

  • "Czech Republic is just drunk atheists" very accurate

  • 7:04 so you have chosen... D E A T H

  • cringe

  • What was the one with desktop applications called that one was pretty funy

  • Hello bn Có dịch tiếng Việt ko ?🇻🇳?

  • 7:34 stop forgeting about earth, he named all of the moons

  • The reason Kentucky thinks about the UK is because the there is called UK for university of Kentucky

  • Sheiße mean **** you

  • Did he just say Hilter?

  • Umm not a single soul commenting about getting on florida...that was awkward.

  • How can you call me a liar if I say I have no soul, when I'm a ginger

  • I know this is 5 years later, but I bet Canada Will take this in the end.


  • Except Americans don’t want that people in those Chinees places want independence

  • 2:46 well they’re forcing they Palestinians who are living there atm out, so why now Mexico? Or is it ok to force Palestinians out?

  • Im Brazilian and this is 100% Brazil

  • なんすか、この動画

  • Chile 🇨🇱:beaches omg we love beaches

  • USA loves Oil 🇬🇧uk loves tea China invented tea 🍵 ☕️ 🫖 Germany loves ____ Canada 🇨🇦 loves Maple syrup Chile loves beaches

  • No in Norwegian is nei

  • When the us had 15 states, they had 15 stripes.

  • 8:35 Bruh Im indian and i didnt expect that😂😂. (FYI, Thats From a Indian Serial: Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma)

  • Hrjdj

  • Where is Pakistan

  • The Berlin Wall fall 1989, due to the cange it felt 1985.

  • It's Tonga time

  • 🇨🇳中国旗不好看吗?怎么会,很好看啊!你的眼观很怪哎!

  • Bored being superpower,Use Da Italy😎

  • And this is how I discovered memey, cringey broken legged, geological teacher and scientist, historian blonde man

  • Chattanooga’s new flag references “the battle above the clouds.”

  • Spain(Franco) is awoken by nigthmares *Republic intensifies *

  • 5:36 Drew: but wow good job italy you finally beat greece Me, a Greek: WHAAAAAAAAT,welp thats mean :(

  • Yes but with our stubits presidents we will never retorned. There are a lot of Greeks who have talent and oll gone to USA, Germany,... Germany stole our Greeks talents😠

  • poland? thats monaco or indonesia

  • Imagine thinking Andorra is a city-state lmao

  • But u didn’t do all the flags

  • Fun fact: You won't understand half of the comments if you didn't watch oversimplified videos.

  • brain fry moment

  • That's 8 pesos and it's like half a dollar

  • Watching from Pakistan xd

  • 10:42 Yes, even in Turkish we call it 'ananas'

  • Dieses Video gehört nun der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

  • 0:27 Drew: ''I just don't understand why we don't print more money.'' because it would make currency less valuable.

  • 8:31

  • Countryhuman community faced the same fate as a loooooot of fandoms, cringy kids trying to be cool

  • 0:39 look like gross...

  • NH got snubbed from the top 10!

  • 5:14 Romania should also be on this list happy because they have united almost every Romanian

  • 10:14 kuwait is the richest country USA just doesnt want to accept that

  • 9:45 Damn, Drew hating the Welsh.

  • As an Ohioan, I claim all states that were labeled Ohio into the Ohio Empire where we will eventually rule the world

  • Airship :sob:

  • Thx for clarifying the asteroid thing because when I was in first grade I saw a green flash in the sky and freaked out thinking we were gonna get killed in an alien invasion.

  • 4:35 i'd be fine with the US being split up, maybe the states would stop angerly screeching about their elections so much if they were split into multiple nations with separate governments that could pick separate leaders I mean i'm canadian so i might be biased but shh