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0:48Clay Sculpting tiktok mudsculpture
Clay Sculpting tiktok mudsculpturevisningar 1,1tn23 timmar sedan
0:10Sturgeon Fishing tiktok outfishing b c
Sturgeon Fishing tiktok outfishing b cvisningar 1,3tn23 timmar sedan
0:12Flying Squirrel tiktok petaurodellozucchero
0:13Petting A Real Tiger tiktok kaitlinthekeeper
0:09Satisfying Drawing tiktok whatstheirface
Satisfying Drawing tiktok whatstheirfacevisningar 34tn23 timmar sedan
0:06Labeled Wasp tiktok coolcreatures
Labeled Wasp tiktok coolcreaturesvisningar 17tn23 timmar sedan
0:53Rescuing A Bunny tiktok mamamikala
Rescuing A Bunny tiktok mamamikalavisningar 305tn23 timmar sedan
0:28My Nail Care Rutine tiktok jentenails
My Nail Care Rutine tiktok jentenailsvisningar 26tn23 timmar sedan
1:00This Dog Is The Smartest tiktok dankingreyna
0:16Whipped Coffee tiktok foodtok trends
Whipped Coffee tiktok foodtok trendsvisningar 15tn23 timmar sedan
0:50Drawing X Storytime tiktok ooringe
Drawing X Storytime tiktok ooringevisningar 4tn23 timmar sedan
0:13Creative Food Dispenser tiktok naymeyer
Creative Food Dispenser tiktok naymeyervisningar 58tn23 timmar sedan
0:10Math Trick Butterfly Method tiktok pinkpencilmath
0:36Trying Out Reusable Ice tiktok joyceshinkang
Trying Out Reusable Ice tiktok joyceshinkangvisningar 510tn23 timmar sedan
0:41Trying The New Iphone Editing Hack tiktok anaugazz
0:32Let’s Make An Ashtry tiktok paopaooxo
Let’s Make An Ashtry tiktok paopaooxovisningar 458tn23 timmar sedan
0:13I Washed All Of My Cans tiktok qsofa
I Washed All Of My Cans tiktok qsofavisningar 160tn23 timmar sedan


  • For more than half of the video it look like she ascended

  • Answer: not even the same house... Prove me wrong

  • The song sounds sounds kinda muffled like when you go to a restaurant with music and you enter the bathroom.

  • So this is how blacked started.

  • What the fuck is this music ?!?!?!?!?!

  • Ok but what was it that kept making your mom stop??

  • It helps your digestive system process food faster

  • Oh heck no

  • Bro I was taught this in 6th grade and I call it cross canceling

  • This is my dream

  • *dying cow noises activated*

  • Everyday is leg day

  • Me: "I want pizza" Mom: "we have pizza at home" *The pizza at home*

  • i want bigger than bigger then bigger pizza that you made 😏😏

  • Most bs story ive ever heard

  • Yo y'all seen the llama right

  • When i saw the mushrooms i was like: SANNA

  • Make a lunch? U mean buy fast food and put in in your own container.

  • He sounds like Phoenix from Valorant

  • By the time part 2 comes out we will forget ABOUT this, they might get more views if they actually show the whole thing

  • Somebody please tell me the song name


  • Fake as fake can get


  • I doubt that happened

  • Now make one bigger than your biggest!

  • He whisle sometimes like twitter notification

  • I want smaller than smaller

  • I thought tgey were speaking french at first 🥲

  • They look bad tho

  • The American should be careful, she’s messing with someone from Brazil

  • This guy has skills! Making pizza 🍕 is not one of them. Wasting my time and passing me off are his greatest skills.

  • 80

  • It’s not a hack...

  • as an american, i dont claim that closed minded fool.

  • omg i’m brazilian and i knew she was brazilian even before she started talking about brazil lol

  • We all know Bagel Bites are the smallest and very good.

  • And u had the time to film a tiktok lol 😂

  • I wish I could have my time back for watching this. It's my own fault

  • Is there a part 2?

  • Wheres part 2???

  • In UK, no we're not really bothered either. More just a novelty day a few places like Pizza Hut use as a reason to have another 'deal'. I don't think so many people get the difference between 4th July and Thanksgiving. I'm personally confused by what day is for what reason, and celebrates what 🤷🏻‍♀️ event. I would have looked it up but I've never been that bothered to know.

  • Skskskskssksskssk and I opp

  • That was everything I wished it would be

  • Bruh just use common sense and do things that help you lose weight not a whole tray of egg roles

  • bts when they eat pizza

  • "0:25" Finally!!! I Tried a lot of sites and only this worked for me *RYZAPP.COM** ⏪ Just wanted to share it with you guys, so you would not waste your time like I did. 垃圾

  • I mean.. deep inside everyone feels same way about all that testing 💩🖕🏻😂😂 of course I understand that she has syndrome and nurse has difficult time doing her job, but the vibe is just there that makes us smile

  • I thought it was hardened beans

  • That’s not a house, that’s a damn refugee.

  • What’s the point in ice cubes if u can’t eat them

  • 😮😮😮

  • Interesting

  • *Him talking* Me just listening to the sound of the ps4 in the background the whole time -


  • Bruhhhh you need to eat healthy to lose weight

  • You’re red

  • Me: *watching this* Lil bro: KITTYYY Me: No, Tiger Him: I WANT THE KITTY Me: well get eaten by an alligator while your at it.

  • I’d get lost.

  • I would of grabbed a knife came out and just sliced.

  • To all the people who have never used a wet saw... put the phone down and go experience life, it is passing you by.

  • Nah, its just a supporting beam we are taking out. It’ll be fine.


  • video on how to kill your husband prematurely with a 6,018 calorie lunch...

  • Who is this always more "artistic" to draw nude

  • imagine playing hide and seek in this house tho

  • Gloves???

  • Cáncer y diabetes xd

  • Horrible fucking music holy shit

  • #[email protected]

  • What? Bath salts?

  • Wish video was under 10 sec.


  • I don't understand maybe I should of been doing math work in 5 to 8 grade but was do lazy and I did was sleep

  • 8

  • why does it sound like a cow

  • But do you get the adult channels?

  • I’d be friends with them

  • My teacher already taught me this

  • Why did he make all that dough