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What we will have:

Channel 4's finest comedy clips that you won't see anywhere else from Peep Show, Fresh Meat, The Inbetweeners, Fone/Facejacker, Father Ted and a whole plethora of funny clips on the world wide internet.

What we won't have:

Dogs on skateboards, Star Wars kid and cats doing the funniest things.


5:49Joe Wilkinson vs. Potato! | Taskmaster
Joe Wilkinson vs. Potato! | Taskmastervisningar 151tn14 dagar sedan
5:15The Best Of Jay vs Will | The Inbetweeners
4:54Everyone Gets Disqualified | Taskmaster
Everyone Gets Disqualified | Taskmastervisningar 388tn28 dagar sedan
4:25The Story of Will and Charlotte | The Inbetweeners
4:11Christopher Gets Cursed | PhoneShop
Christopher Gets Cursed | PhoneShopvisningar 8tn8 månader sedan
6:12The A to Z of Peep Show!
The A to Z of Peep Show!visningar 23tn8 månader sedan
3:53Christopher Becomes a Hard Man | PhoneShop
Christopher Becomes a Hard Man | PhoneShopvisningar 17tn8 månader sedan
13:22Mae Martin's Best Moments in Feel Good Series 1!
4:24Razz Prince Shows Lance Who is Boss | PhoneShop
5:08The Funniest Insults! | The Inbetweeners
The Funniest Insults! | The Inbetweenersvisningar 591tn9 månader sedan


  • 1 year ago today this was new

  • A favourite of mine is when Jez is looking through his great aunties stuff and pulls out gunny... Jeremy - ''Shit..'' Hans - 'What? Dildo?''

  • Love this show. The characters as so dysfunctional, it makes great viewing. Truly a funny show.

  • Berry funny character I'm glad they made this just for him.

  • I feel SO bad for Jon and the harmonica.

  • But you love crack its your favourite 🤣

  • Rest In peace Paul ❤️

  • The whole punchline of the joke being that no one said "Jesus" as the similarity being that they identify as protestant and catholic Christians...all pointing out political and social stuff. Pretty much sums up the entire world of today 😂 Poor old Jesus...he even gets forgotten on his birthday for an old fat magic bloke

  • babahahahaha

  • Rip Martin

  • Why ever would they not tell that weirdo to get lost?!

  • I’m still waiting for the funny bit?

  • One of the rare times I should have listened to people when they said " You have to watch this show, it's the best thing EVER " Oh well, I get to experience it now.

  • Happy birthday 59th Martin. I’d love to come back and get some food for you but if you’re not hungry and Have will love from Louisa.xxxxx

  • What is this even called

  • You English peeps have unusual sense of humor to say the least

  • This is up there with Man City’s goal being taken away against Tottenham 😂

  • 4:45 joe biden looking at his granddaughter

  • He did it , was an actual first for camera errors too. Wow

  • I wish people would say “well well well” whenever their arch nemesis arrives on the scene. I, for one, will start doing it regularly.

  • Methodists have brains

  • Rest in peace Paul ritter 🙏😔

  • R.I.P Paul Ritter (Martin Goodman)

  • The most clunky, unfunny, awkward, shit dialogue I have ever seen on such an over rated show that will not be remembered or replayed ten years from now.

    • @Tim Donovan it definitely will be remembered in 20 years time, I've never seen anyone so angry about a show did the producer stick his pinky finger up your ass 😆

    • @Phanny Shmeoller And it took 7 years to get picked up. Channel 4 scrapping the bottom of the barrel to push this low standard drivel. It won’t be remembered 20 years from now.

    • It’s been going for 11 years this year...

    • @Boycie 2.0 Says the guy under an assumed name of a character from a sitcom that was actually funny and still remembered fondly. Unlike this shit sitcom that nobody will care about in a few years. Fucking dip shit.

    • @DJBAGEL Eatusbeanus Cheers. I already know.

  • Just finished darkplace for the first time and I love how this sequence comes out of nowhere

  • R.I.P

  • Rip

  • this season and season 7 are truly golden

  • Could you imagine a video entitled "The difference between Shias and Sunnis"? No, I thought not. 🙄

  • Great clips, and never tire watching any of the episodes, the subtlety in the humour is hilarious. Although would've liked to have seen when Simon's dad was driving them to the Failsafe gig, with Simon's hat, and the reference to Pete Docherty....and Pete Docherty's butcher!!

  • How does he get away with the rhetoric and language he has put out? Is it because the media love him, like Biden saying racist remarks throughout his career that Trump would be hammered for or the media never mentioning the close connection between Bill Clinton and Epstein....... Sad times for news and media output..

  • This is painfully unfunny shit. Watching my mate going through crohns with his spastic colon is less painful to watch then this humourless tripe. The standard of clever comedy has gone right down the toilet much like this awful sketch.

    • @Alex Wallex I don’t watch them but I’ve seen enough clips from different seasons to know it’s not my type of humour bud.

    • @Tim Donovan no the new season was awful everyone knows that

    • @Alex Wallex I beg I differ. But if you find this type of humour entertaining then enjoy. I for one think the whole thing is forced shit.

    • The other season were great

  • Fuck Kerry and her da

  • 3:16 Steve Austin

  • Can't live in a letter.

  • *G I V E M E M Y M E A T*

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  • Best TV moment in HISTORY

  • Protestants arnt terrorists The others are

  • This skit would’ve been banned years ago for exploiting Irish religious issues.

  • R.I.P...........hopefully there's a lovely bit of squirrel up there for you..

  • Always wondered how Jim still has a house

  • Jesus this was nearly a year ago. Time flies

  • Rest in piece Martin aka Paul Ritter you will be sorely and sadly missed sir.🇬🇧 salute.

  • Rip

  • "You shitting tit" - Martin

  • RIP Martin

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Is Tracy from Avatar? Just like the character in avatar

  • RIP bobble, miss you bambino

  • R.I.P Paul ritter


  • 2:04 Is that a, is that a.... IS THAT A SUPRA!!!

  • "oh patrice, salut" "salut"

  • Iv such a crush on her,thank god we're the same age 🤣

  • Nothing from "House of fools"?

  • 0:51 “You’re a musician..”? *Mark’s face is a picture* 😂

  • "Happy birthday, Martin!" "B A L L S"

  • Give me my meat

  • Was quite interesting until the pretence of her having cancer, even if it was a little cancer.. Cancer nothing to joke about.

  • I love that the iron is not cordless

  • I've not been this shoot since carrot in a box

  • Matt Berry is very attractive

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Unseen footage Megan Markle interview !! Truth revealed !! senewss.info/slow/qrW7iZaWh7vacKI/video🤣😳

  • Henry Lloyd Hughes is a really versatile actor just watched him in the irregulars plays a really weird but good adaptation of sherlock Holmes

  • ‘I’m not walking through that sea of shit’ Me: crying ,gagging ,laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • Why is there a black woman in olde england? Diversity quotas?

  • Can’t believe Paul Ritter is dead

  • Hes licking a DVD.......

  • This one video has everything that made Darkplace just the most entertaining horror extravaganza this sorry old isle ever produced

  • Head rush, the mans mental

  • Love Sr Michael a brilliant character

  • I didn't know the plural of naan was naan

  • The minute he came on it was pure chaos

  • I think Doon deserves an award brilliant.

  • Rip Paul Ritter 🙏

  • Yes I love Frank of Ireland the funny thig is that it's free on All4 and it's on prime video too and you have to pay for that 🤣🤣🤣

  • I watched every episode of Toast of London on Netflix then they took it off before I could watch the last episode. BASTARDS!

  • This show is as funny as fockin cancer.

  • Rip Martin :C