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Bad Friends.... a podcast with Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino.


1:29:37Immortal Kombat | Ep 64 | Bad Friends
Immortal Kombat | Ep 64 | Bad Friendsvisningar 481tn21 timme sedan
1:16:40Cinco De Amigos | Ep 63 | Bad Friends
Cinco De Amigos | Ep 63 | Bad Friendsvisningar 551tn7 dagar sedan
1:04:51Bobby Fires George | Ep 62 | Bad Friends
Bobby Fires George | Ep 62 | Bad Friendsvisningar 548tn14 dagar sedan
1:14:53The Bottoms of Turtle Island | Ep 61 | Bad Friends
1:11:18Rudy's Replacement | Ep 60 | Bad Friends
Rudy's Replacement | Ep 60 | Bad Friendsvisningar 565tnMånad sedan
1:05:34We Win the Podcast Wars | Ep 57 | Bad Friends
1:12:48The Shamrock ☘️ Cult | Ep 56 | Bad Friends
1:13:37KATS and Hey Babe Clap Back | Ep 55 | Bad Friends
1:25:27Is Bobby Bi? | Ep 54 | Bad Friends
Is Bobby Bi? | Ep 54 | Bad Friendsvisningar 594tn2 månader sedan
1:25:51Podcast Wars! | Ep 53 | Bad Friends
Podcast Wars! | Ep 53 | Bad Friendsvisningar 668tn2 månader sedan
1:20:08Bobby's Valentine's Ring | Ep 52 | Bad Friends
Bobby's Valentine's Ring | Ep 52 | Bad Friendsvisningar 599tn2 månader sedan
1:18:05High Brow Friends | Ep 51 | Bad Friends
High Brow Friends | Ep 51 | Bad Friendsvisningar 562tn3 månader sedan
1:14:58Andrew Has Heat! | Ep 49 | Bad Friends
Andrew Has Heat! | Ep 49 | Bad Friendsvisningar 561tn3 månader sedan
1:17:40Bobby's Existential Crisis | Ep 48 | Bad Friends
1:11:19Great White Sharks Eat Fat Koreans | Ep 47 | Bad Friends
1:00:22New Year, Same Bobby and Andrew | Ep 46 | Bad Friends
1:23:05How The Bobo Ruined Christmas! | Ep 45 | Bad Friends
1:16:27Judge Rudy's Court | Ep 44 | Bad Friends
Judge Rudy's Court | Ep 44 | Bad Friendsvisningar 628tn4 månader sedan
1:15:20No Thanks Giving! | Ep 41 | Bad Friends
No Thanks Giving! | Ep 41 | Bad Friendsvisningar 566tn5 månader sedan
1:17:25No Tater Tots In Spain! | Ep 40 | Bad Friends
No Tater Tots In Spain! | Ep 40 | Bad Friendsvisningar 603tn5 månader sedan
1:13:31Tito Debate Election 2020 | Ep 38 | Bad Friends


  • 55:16 Rudy sounds just like Cartman 😆

  • Bobby went full Joe Pesci with nick 😂😂

  • 18:49

  • Can u guys have Rudy explain her anime Shows to Bobby and andrew

  • Psa: don’t eat while watching. I snorted food up my nasal cavity

  • I haven't been able to stop listening to I want to be ninja since watching last episode (started bad friends from the beginning recently) Mark my words that song will never pass my lips after watching that brain dead bastard

  • Be careful advising someone to watch something like this it tends to throw their expectations off at least it seems that way every time I tell someone how great a movie is they always seem to say it was ok but not what they expected

  • Apex Legends

  • There is no desert in Lebanon, good try though

  • Rudy will be amazing as a server! I love her BS answers 🤣

  • Should have added Scorpions - Wind Of Change as the music background :P

  • 56:36

  • shank

  • Are Rudy’s shirts available?

  • If you wouldn't have listened to Khalyla you could've gotten Covid...and been perfectly fine like 99.7% of the population. That would've been scary.

  • Maybe u shouldn’t release what school she attends a lot of creeps 😂

  • Improving at improving Doppelganger double time Eyedea & Abilities Bad friends color my world mine


  • They say Rudy’s lucky, but I’d say they’re lucky to have Rudy ❤️

  • Shit for shat 😂

  • where im from mixing all the soda at the fountain drink stand is called swamp water or witches brew

  • Rudy saying “no they have families” and not fully realizing what she just implied in hilarious

  • Bobby is Korean American it would be weird if he rooted for China, in fact it's even weirder for a Filipino would root for China.

  • Bobby voted against racism/slavery and became a slave and a hostage unable to speak his mind. Uneducated people like Bobby, LeBron and Cardi B are used as pawns by the dems because they are stupid. How can a black President be elected twice if America is racist? Wake up Bobby!

  • “What’s Shawshank?!!!!!! 😩”


  • Rose got 50k for that fight.... thats it... Dana white is a piece of shit.

  • Marvin vettori is an Italian fighter I’m Italian I gotta root for my dude


  • rudy’s cuckoos nest guesses actually weren’t far off at all from the movie.

  • That warzone bit was hilarious

  • Bad Friends has the best podcast set. You can tell there was love put into it

  • What Kayla said to boy “are you white” is so racist!! It’s like that black lady that was being hella rude and racist to the mexican cop! Saying you’ll never be white!! I thought better of her

  • Honestly, not understanding the hype for Rudy.

  • go getcha shine box

  • Bobby has the Tiger Woods syndrome but far worse.


  • I just love how he says white kids stealing stuff is so horrible but says he understands blacks stealing stuff lol. How ignorant

  • I am 64. When did MEN start worrying about shaving their undercarriage? Seriously why would ou want to look like a baby.

  • More Andres or I’ll leave. That’s a threat :P

  • Those 5 mins from Andres were hilarious

  • I would love to see this cast in a new 3 Amigos movie

  • It’s a pronk

  • yall know china is not a communist country right?

  • The Chinese lady in the podcast is useless

  • Why did they only shoot the tv once? I woulda lit that shit up after the first shot

  • I feel Rudy is on the spectrum?? Haha

  • Jeez when Santino was talking about a walk to remember...I was believing his description. I never watched that movie lol

  • The part where bobby says what that director did to him on set making everyone call him the worst actor on planet earth makes me laugh wherever I am when I think about that scenario. Thank u slept king. Some real shit

  • Rudy’s so sweet lol

  • Fuck Khalyla for being mad at Bobby for choosing Rose. What is this bullshit of needing him to cheer for the Asian? What do you think people would say if you only root for the Caucasian person during every match. Never in my life did I cheer for the person based on my own race. Country, sure. I rather see someone from my own country win than any other country. And wtf is she even talking about racism when Rose said something negative about communism? Khalyla just shows she is full of shit once again.

  • "stop asian hate" "im not doing it!" lmao

  • Rose saying the communism thing makes sense since her parents home country were put into labor camps under communist rule. And Zhang is Chinese which is communist. So it’s like the rocky shit. Democracy be communism lol. Except Zhang ain’t have shit to do with that. And I get rooting for your race or nation, I used to root for the white guy but then I went into 7th grade. Now I don’t root for anyone except stipe and Nate at this point. Idk why I said any of this either I’m halfway an idiot so don’t mind me

  • Something changed within Rudy after the Bert and Tom podcast lmao. She seems over it

  • Bobby Lee's laugh gets me everytime. it makes whatever just happened 100 times funnier

  • Is someone going to tell Cheetos that UFO does not mean aliens?

  • They say they’re family but they’ve never done anything but business. We need a vlog of them and their families having a get together.

  • Fire Bobby and hire Steve

  • I think rudy shouldn't talk about the drug thing in the Philippines because I laughed when she said they will just shoot you if ur suspected with drugs and weeds, that's not real.

  • Rudy................. WHY???? WTF does she know?

  • One of their better episodes.

  • Omg yall are Rudoes fathers. Youre pumping that girl with wisdom and knowledge dont slow down. It hurts. Its for the best

  • Hating on potato and chocolate someone has never tried chocolate ice cream and lays potato chips, the sweet and the salty together is amazing. Or the classic Wendys fry into the chocolate frosty. Ben and Jerrys has a flavor that mixes the two, it is a thing.

  • Dang Andrew you are amazing.

  • Im scorpion and Raiden. Fux u Andrew

  • jesus christ the little things with andrew like when he says 37 for the american idol thing kill me.

  • Bobby has beautiful hair

  • I wish bobby could be told that even months later he is still entertaining. I'm kind of shocked that he questioned himself. He fucking kills it.

  • Gotta get that Merch in stock...

  • How the actual literal fuck does this podcast not have nearly a million subs. At the very least I'd expect 500k.

  • Soooo Kurisawa is a racist????

  • One flew over the cuckoo's nest. "I think its like dumb and dumber?"

  • when bobby said i love you... too i was just thinking maybe he does need to go to acting class

  • Thank y’all for what you do. I have sleep problems and usually after I fuck my girl she’ll fall asleep pretty fast after we’re done but I can never fall asleep cause I got sleep problems. Thanks for being a bad friend

  • Andrew watch Marvin Vettori he’s an Italian UFC fighter and he’s a big angry ginger just like you

  • Perfect ending!

  • Fuck yes!!!! November 12th is my birthday!!! Best present ever lol

  • This was fantastic

  • Episode one has a million views!!!