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I'm JoCat! I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and hobbyist animator.
Known as the J in HIJEK:
I post a video (almost) every week!
I also stream on twitch where I play games or do art or maybe even work on future videos. come watch! -

Here I do videos that I feel like making, including:

Character Creator Critique - a look at the positives and negatives of different games character creators.

A Crap Guide - sit down and shut up while JoCrap learns you all the ins and outs of different games, hobbies, and anything else that tickles your pickle.

J-Overly Edited - a lets play with more editing than is ever necessary for a single video.


26:01J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 2/2
J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 2/2visningar 118tn8 dagar sedan
0:36I Like Girls - JoCat Animation
I Like Girls - JoCat Animationvisningar 3,1mn15 dagar sedan
37:50JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2020
JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2020visningar 342tn3 månader sedan
0:49Tort Brush Mambo
Tort Brush Mambovisningar 1,2mn3 månader sedan
2:00Training | Gobboventures
Training | Gobboventuresvisningar 505tn4 månader sedan
1:47The Spookiest Jamboree - JoCat Animation
The Spookiest Jamboree - JoCat Animationvisningar 292tn5 månader sedan
1:55Breakfast | Gobboventures
Breakfast | Gobboventuresvisningar 514tn5 månader sedan
1:41Guard Broken - Nuzlocke Animation by JoCat
Guard Broken - Nuzlocke Animation by JoCatvisningar 136tn6 månader sedan
20:30Blocked - JoCat Does a Nuzlocke in Pokemon Platinum #6
24:47J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 1/2
J-Overly Edited Halo 3 - Part 1/2visningar 220tn8 månader sedan
24:22J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 3 [FINAL]
J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 3 [FINAL]visningar 221tn10 månader sedan
4:55A Crap Guide to D\u0026D [5th Edition] - Alignment
1:17JoCat Eats a Sandwich
JoCat Eats a Sandwichvisningar 578tnÅr sedan
25:08J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 2
J-Overly Edited Worms W.M.D. Round 2visningar 738tnÅr sedan
1:04DOOM Crossing: Eternal Horizons
DOOM Crossing: Eternal Horizonsvisningar 2mnÅr sedan
32:45JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2019
JoCat Streams Best Clips of 2019visningar 191tnÅr sedan


  • can relate

  • U have my respects

  • You are really trying to make a point... kinda sus...

  • Yes

  • Who came here from the stream itself? :D

  • When you realize most of the girls are video game characters or cartoons and not Real

  • It's the biggest crossover episode ever

  • That has nothing to do with artstyle. H4 has less slots, Reach has more. That's a no brainer, don't know why the need dedicating a video to your mental gymnastic my dude.

  • 0:27 Jo! How dare you draw something so powerful?!

  • Why is it so crunchy?

  • “Evilus Maximus has you all surrounded”

  • That was heartbreaking man 😭

  • Love how u made this one literally twice the size of all da others lol

  • I like this animation a lot :3 it's really nice good job

  • This video unironically helped me become a better IG player, actually. That flash of text used while joking about sheathing the weapon and letting the bug do the work? I actually do sheathe to recall sometimes in MHR now, just because of that. It lets me use sprinting when I need to dodge or reposition to get the next extract. IF you're not close enough to use Wirebug Recall Kinsect to dodge and heal, or you don't have it 'cause you swapped it's virgin ass for the chad Diving Wyvern to stab monsters in the upside of the head after helicoptering their faces off to add insult to injury, and also more injury, sheathing to recall is a great trick. The recall twirl is now relegated to cancelling my downtime between Tornado Slashes and doing my ground combos 5% faster. Yes! I use ground combos on the Helicopter Bugstick, shut up! Now you REALLY know how to play Insect Glaive! Thank you, JoCat, and YOU'RE welcome. :D

  • Yeah I’m just gonna not do DnD :T

  • Yes indeed I do to

  • I mean there is no arguing with logic.

  • My God hes gone mad with power

  • L is my fav


  • While doomguy enjoys some peace; isabelle is getting revenge for all the hate the animal crossing community threw at her

  • 12:44 That one didn't age quite so well

  • 0:48 Hey when did the paladin and bard hook up

  • I like how he literally ordered the girls he like.

  • Yoko Taro: My Man!

  • Mask is full seafty

  • Blind dragonborne with a gun, hmmm

  • 0:19 No

  • this song has been stuck in my head for two weeks

  • 1:18 My DM actually gave me a pet displacer beast and I named it Cuddles. Rolled a 24 on the animal handling after it submitted because we cornered it and it only had 2hp left

  • so since we're at 3 million views now (i can neither confirm nor deny a few thousands may or may not have been me), can we request a full version yet?

  • My friends and I do a modified number pool where you have two 6's, two 5's, three 4's, three 3's, four 2's, four 1's. You pick 3 numbers from the pool for each stat, it allows balanaced minmaxes as well as decent stats for balanced character. So you can get two 17 stat points (665) or 18/19 with racial but end up with a stat being (3-5) depending on how you combine them.

  • Tali Zorath vas Normandy, best girl

  • Bro I got MHW yesterday and was just screwing around in the training area to see what each weapon did and the hunting horn was just more fun than any of the other weapons I tried

  • furry no more comment from me

  • I don’t know why seeing Rouge made me smile

  • i think the oc is bace from alucard the demon hunter i think

  • So Im new and was going to ask what jocrap was based on only to find this vid and going to assume this is where the character originally came from

  • the RvB inspired Ad was nice!


  • Watching this while sewing an SCP patch onto my jacket

  • It’s weirdly validating to see that JoCat and I have such similar taste in waifus.

  • CB is the weapon you need on field experience to use...the more you're looking for guides the more confuse it gets

  • Holy fuck...WAS THAT A ZUNE?!

  • tom morello is awesome and i loved guitar hero 3

  • I cant believe hes not gay it boggles the mind

  • Ive probably added 40 views to this on my own.

  • Why did you put GlaDOS in it?

  • Honestly, after seeing this video, I don’t know if I’m bi or not...

  • This is straight and gay at the same time.

  • What's your preference? *YES*

  • So completely unrelated, but I'm writing something and I need some good and creative insults. Someone please help..?

  • Super appreciate that Captain Amelia got some attention.

  • u r a shrimp

  • Excuse me joe. I see you drooling specifically for the six packs. You can't fool us.

  • 10:10 The moment I was not expecting...but absolutely love. Red and Blue in a JoCat video? Instant awesomeness!

  • As a lesbian this is the most relatable thing a straight man has said that I've ever seen.

  • man To Zanarkand hit and there goes the waterworks

  • too wholesome, cried, loved it.

  • I don't really know what life choices took me here, but I'm damn glad they did

  • Is that the admiral I see from ffxiv? Great taste!

  • the rock, you have angered it

  • But what about JoCat girls?

  • You and me Both Brother ^__-

  • I watch this video almost every day, for why I do not know. It calls to me, beckons my name and I, but a mere mortal, cannot help but answer.


  • Gwyndolin crying in the back

  • i notice that a lot of the quality of animated yt videos is from staging, its the same with normal animation, but especially with yt... it sticks out to me cus i cant find alot about it and i want to get better with it... when i see newer animation yt like Disaster, its always the thing they dont have quite down.... only if a yt i watched who is handsome funny, and uses a sword and shield could have a video on it in depth nudge ​nudge wink wink

  • I'm gonna have to agree with that.

  • Forgot to mention existance, if he's referring to all waifus xD, but i get it