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Hey guys, I am just a crazy farmer from SW Saskatchewan who loves what he does! I love the everyday challenges of farming and decided to show you a little sneak peak of life on an ever changing farm. You guys are awesome! And no, I don't use Facebook nor Instagram. If you would like to follow me around on a social media platform or just need to contact me, check out my Patreon account as I am quite active on that.


Also for about me and merch , check out my website @ www.faithhopefarms.com


27:32Treating seed!
Treating seed!visningar 57tnDag sedan
15:18Another?! Or no?! 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
Another?! Or no?! 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️visningar 172tn7 timmar sedan
39:06Burnt Combine Cleanup 😁
Burnt Combine Cleanup 😁visningar 238tnDag sedan
20:46The new Dash showed up 🙂
The new Dash showed up 🙂visningar 84tnDag sedan
11:46Ernie vs 1050 Fendt- 100hp vs 500hp 😂
Ernie vs 1050 Fendt- 100hp vs 500hp 😂visningar 170tn7 dagar sedan
22:431050 vs 9620rx - Round 1 of some fun! 😂
1050 vs 9620rx - Round 1 of some fun! 😂visningar 214tn7 dagar sedan
23:25Fendt 1050 gets hooked up!
Fendt 1050 gets hooked up!visningar 198tn14 dagar sedan
12:16Top dressing round two! 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
20:54Fendt 1050 gets triples!
Fendt 1050 gets triples!visningar 361tn14 dagar sedan
22:34Trying to topdress fertilizer!
Trying to topdress fertilizer!visningar 95tn21 dag sedan
20:20First stuck of 2021! 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
10:50Soil sampling prt 1
Soil sampling prt 1visningar 77tn21 dag sedan
18:41Fuel is arriving - by semi loads
Fuel is arriving - by semi loadsvisningar 117tn28 dagar sedan
11:34Fendt 516 Down 😬
Fendt 516 Down 😬visningar 153tnMånad sedan
10:44....Wait another one?! 😂🤷🏼‍♂️
37:12Rolling grain bags for recycling!
Rolling grain bags for recycling!visningar 72tnMånad sedan
30:25Extractor show down! 😂
Extractor show down! 😂visningar 95tnMånad sedan
22:15Neeralta demo prt 1
Neeralta demo prt 1visningar 74tnMånad sedan
12:22Why Deere? \u0026 Washing
Why Deere? \u0026 Washingvisningar 87tnMånad sedan
19:21Farming Frustrations!
Farming Frustrations!visningar 82tnMånad sedan
18:07720 cold start - Q \u0026 A
720 cold start - Q \u0026 Avisningar 75tnMånad sedan
26:40Clearing snow \u0026 good bags! 👌
Clearing snow \u0026 good bags! 👌visningar 67tnMånad sedan
9:50Just another road trip 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
11:07V day fun 😂
V day fun 😂visningar 58tnMånad sedan
20:57New Arrival 😉
New Arrival 😉visningar 134tn2 månader sedan
37:36This wasn't fun nor was expected... 🤦‍♂️😂
17:46Cruising in the ole Massey 🙂
Cruising in the ole Massey 🙂visningar 81tn2 månader sedan
37:37Now that's a hole! Taping grain bags👌
Now that's a hole! Taping grain bags👌visningar 72tn2 månader sedan


  • That treater is impressive

  • $27000 a tote? Thats a lot of merch to sell Mike!

  • Great video Mike thanks for doing them

  • Hye Mike how Many tonnes treatings seeds

  • Do you have an Instagram?

  • The only reason she has faith in you is because "love is blind!"

  • Have you ever tried the Gleaners?

  • Thank you Mike we still enjoy your channel will keep watching you

  • Couldn't help but think of you tonight Mike as I watched Patrick Marleau break Howe's record for most NHL games played. Marleau was born in Swift Current!!

  • Is this Monsanto type of grain?

  • These tractors and implements worth approximately $3.5 million omg

  • Mike ! your supposed to have rubber gloves on to handle that crap !

  • When you get tractors worth more than two buggati veyons 😂

  • Tried seed treating some winter wheat a few years ago. Was the worst wheat we had. Haven't tried it again.

  • Wind whiners don’t be shrew. Not the little mammal. SHREW - Also means complaining cranky women. Another word besides Karen’s. That’s what happens when you work outside❗️❗️❗️

  • Mike, just let Ashtyn talk, she knows better than you... love the "extra spice" she brings in your videos. :p

  • How much fertilizer are you truly putting on you've got wet and dry and you have the same stuff in both

  • Mike....are all the Bourgault drills like that? Do they all have that allen head bolt holding the points on? Our old Flexi coil has roll pins that hold the points on and come off easily with an air hammer.

  • You guys are living the dream

  • Just so you know semi in Ireland = erection,

  • In my experience with equipment Deere doesn’t have the most power but they generally have the most reliable machines along with the most comfortable and technology advanced and user friendly along with an excellent service backing them

  • Fa los agarro con el 1185 y los parto al medio

  • Good video maybe less talk in the future and.

    • You're leaving me with a cliffhanger here 🤔😂

  • What's with your & that stupid laugh?

    • I have no idea! 🤔 But try be me?! 🤦‍♂️🤣🤷🏼‍♂️


  • Mike I have a ?

  • You talk and explain to much less talk more action. Quit asking the questions leave them for your viewers

    • I appreciate your feedback Kathy! 🙂 But explaining is what I am known for 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Have you ever owned a BIG BUD. I have driven one pulling a 62 foot chisel plow in western North Dakota. It's a bad machine if you can get your hands on one. Yes, they do not produce them anymore but it's a bad machine.

  • Have you ever owned a BIG BUD. I have driven one pulling a 62 foot chisel plow in western North Dakota. It's a bad machine if you can get your hands on one. Yes, they do not produce them anymore but it's a bad machine.

  • At first I thought this was one of the machines that Biden voters had torched.

  • drop-skirts for the meridian bins works great for hoppers, or put a pallet under the hopper to get it closer to the bottom of the bin, then you can crank it wide open.

  • You know it's a Mike Mitchell video when you have atleast 2 endings.

  • Its surprising how many mike i gotta questions i come up with that mike answers as im thinking it

  • honestly following your train of thought is like chasing a squirrel through a hypodermic needles factory....

  • So a combine is like a helicopter it just a matter of when. Combine burning and a helicopter crashing. All just a matter time.

  • This is the most entertaining video I’ve seen in a long time for some reason

  • Love you laughter and videos keep it up 👍

  • So why aren't there marks on the side of truck letting you know where the rails are?

  • Now I know you guys are going to ask, so mike!? Hahahahaha.

  • you are why customers are not allowed in the work area.... sheeesh let the guy do his job..

  • Been here since the beginning lol.. Awesome content Mike!! You ant that farmer that tries to beat the johnsons ( if you know what I mean) Just doing your job and you love it. We have a hog farm in Ohio!

  • Great video.

  • Nice channel! We finally have hit 50 subscribers. Thanks for channels like yours. Without them I want to learn for my channel!

  • Coming from someone who has been farming and ranching his whole life you are by far the best SEnewss farmer. Some of the others ones are okay but they all get way to political and preachy up there own ass! So thank you very much for that mike also I'm surprised you have CDL’s I mean here in Oregon we don’t have to have a CDL as long as we have farm deferral plates on the trucks and don’t go more then 159 miles from the farm. Don’t have to follow any weight or length restrictions don’t have to stop at weigh stations don’t have to get drug tested the governments mentality with farmers/ranchers here is kind of just let them do whatever they hell they want and it is awesome haha. Always love your videos bud plus you actually try to explain what and why your doing whatever is your doing awesome to see you trying to inform the world of what farmers do and why they do it. Plus your a big buy farmer I run about 6,800 acres of crop and about 2,200 acres of hay for the 300 head of angus beef cattle and i always thought that I had a big operations. Your outfit makes mine look like a toy hobby farm like good for man. I don’t know exactly but I feel like you guys do damn near 100,000 acres.

    • Hahah I appreciate good sir! Thanks for the kind words, and we are more like 40s not 100k..not yet anyways haha.. But one thing tho... I don't like being called a "SEnewss farmer" I am just a farmer who SEnewss's, that's all 🙂 thanks That's the key... Farmer first 👌

  • Just jam that back in there. That's what she said.

  • I was wondering has a bin of fertilizer ever turned all solid on you guys? Cause when we plant corn whats left at the end of it gets left out a week or 2 before we get to dealing with it in a gravity box and generally gets turned into a rock.

  • He just went straight into it hahah, mental!

    • "No human died in this combine, that we know of..." xD cracked me up!

  • He says by like 1000 times😅

  • I’m a fortune teller and you started seeding April 7th

  • Looks like you re getting ready to do some steam punk art.

  • Mike use a bottle brush to clean that glass tube out good sir

  • Where’s your 100k subs SEnewss plack

    • @Mike Mitchell You'll need to contact utube Mike, there's a whole process to get the plaque from what I've seen

    • 🤷🏼‍♂️ Good question

  • 👍👍👍

  • Mike, i have a Question: Why the Hell you dont wear gloves???

  • Please be careful with the chemical you guy work with use the proper protection

  • Being that it's wet, won't it kinda harden up in the trailer just sitting there.?????????

  • I have allways been a IH / Case fan but you allways choose whats works best för the task you are doing

  • Get a GoPro and GoPro headset with mic

  • them autos are great for stop and go stuff but you really dont want to be caught with it lol!

  • Does it taste good?

  • Well my old tractor had a rev counter. That was about it really.

  • Mike, get a small rubber kitchen spatula to scrape out the calibration tube. At the price you are quoting on the treatment you are wasting $100 of product.

  • You do a Hell of a job explaining things, Thank You from all us city folk.. lol..

  • It all comes down to service.. who’s the closest service dealer you work with.. and end user preference. From cab set up to maintenance... price is everything but service is too!

  • the fertilyzer are Urea and dap?

  • Mike, I guess you don't have any problems with athlete's foot with all the fungicide you are exposed to? - haha

    • Wow! What is it with society these days and chemical mike will be just fine.

    • Right?!

  • and your glove !!!😁

  • 1:04 (red pump, blue pump) But I guess he got cancel for some stupid reason

  • Are you not supposed to remove the sticker from the hat? 🤔

  • How does it know how much seed is transporting. Also wondering what the accuracy of the dosing is.

  • So Mike I have a question, Why would anyone prefer driving a manual truck? I used to drive a truck for a while here in Sweden and I really don't see why...

    • @Mike MitchellSomething to do? You can still control the autobox manually if you're bored.

    • Because it gives you somito do, anyone can drive a truck that's auto, but only a few can actually drive manuals.. Its also a statement of whether or not to can drive.. Atleast here


  • During seeding we should see an ashtyn cam

  • Mike, why not take the mystery out of where the support bars are on the trailers and just mark them on the top side where you can see them as you are queuing up?

  • Hi Mike and Ashton, very nice job 👍

  • Hey Mike why don't you guys put a reflector on the side of the trailer, right in line with your bars in the hoppers, that way you will know exactly where the bar is standing on the ground day or night?

  • 1:03 one pump, two pump, red pump, blue pump

  • Hallo du, danke für das video, Nur bitte erzähle nicht Sachen die ersichtlich sind und die ein gesunder Menschenverstand auch sieht, jetzt kommt die große Säge zum Einsatz.... Hilf ihm besser damit er nicht so viel machen muss, wenn er hier fertig ist kannst du ja die andere Seite abschneiden..... LG Herbst Johann aus Österreich

  • Hi @Mike Mitchell