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5 best buds just kickin' it.
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4:09The Pet Peeves Song (Official Music Video)
26:18World's Weirdest Item | OT 26
World's Weirdest Item | OT 26visningar 11mn14 dagar sedan
11:05RC Helicopter Battle | Dude Perfect
RC Helicopter Battle | Dude Perfectvisningar 10mnMånad sedan
OUR WIVES JOIN THE SHOW | OT 25visningar 12mnMånad sedan
10:19Longest Dunk Wins
Longest Dunk Winsvisningar 29mnMånad sedan
25:56Dude Wars | OT 24
Dude Wars | OT 24visningar 16mn2 månader sedan
4:57Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Toy Trick Shots | Dude Perfectvisningar 16mn2 månader sedan
9:41Game Night Stereotypes
Game Night Stereotypesvisningar 22mn3 månader sedan
9:17Flying RC Car
Flying RC Carvisningar 17mn3 månader sedan
30:23Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23
Worst Dude Perfect Videos of All Time | OT 23visningar 18mn4 månader sedan
26:19Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22
Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22visningar 14mn4 månader sedan
26:19Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21
Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21visningar 20mn4 månader sedan
26:13It Finally Happened | OT 20
It Finally Happened | OT 20visningar 16mn5 månader sedan
6:54Dude Perfect Corn Maze | Nerf Battle
Dude Perfect Corn Maze | Nerf Battlevisningar 12mn5 månader sedan
15:32Go Kart Paintball Battle
Go Kart Paintball Battlevisningar 14mn5 månader sedan
10:47Halloween Stereotypes
Halloween Stereotypesvisningar 29mn6 månader sedan
25:49GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19
GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19visningar 22mn6 månader sedan
10:47Giant Grouper Fishing Battle
Giant Grouper Fishing Battlevisningar 16mn7 månader sedan
WORST PUNISHMENT YET | OT 18visningar 28mn7 månader sedan
8:37Concrete Shoes Football Battle
Concrete Shoes Football Battlevisningar 17mn8 månader sedan
10:53Airsoft Battle 3
Airsoft Battle 3visningar 15mn8 månader sedan
28:01Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17
Real Life Robot Dog | OT 17visningar 30mn8 månader sedan
8:21Swimming Pool Stereotypes
Swimming Pool Stereotypesvisningar 43mn8 månader sedan
6:59Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shots
Impossible Ping Pong Trick Shotsvisningar 25mn9 månader sedan
5:19Card Throwing Trick Shots 2
Card Throwing Trick Shots 2visningar 23mn9 månader sedan
6:47Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Wins
Farthest Throw from Giant Tower Winsvisningar 27mn10 månader sedan
4:51Unpredictable Trick Shots | Dude Perfect
Unpredictable Trick Shots | Dude Perfectvisningar 51mn10 månader sedan
13:47All Sports Golf Battle 4
All Sports Golf Battle 4visningar 30mn10 månader sedan
24:25Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16
Worst Haircut Ever | OT 16visningar 29mn11 månader sedan
1:24:31Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass | Official Documentary


  • at 2:01 if you go at .25 playback speed you can see the ladder bend

  • How does he do dat- I can’t even fly a foam plane/

  • Please Doable connective music pictorialness Please 😊😊😊

  • Who else is in love with the intro song?!

  • yaass yaass brah

  • air foece

  • I'm a golfer. Watching the putt scenes hits so hard... UGHHHHHH

  • They should make an album

  • Idea for Next Overtime : This song without Autotune 💀😂 I think that would be great

  • This is lit

  • The screm are for like 30 tries until they got it

  • This what I was missing in my life I freaking love dude perfect

  • Wow he said how am I supposed to breath when someone doesn't cover their mouth..., ur nose is wut u sneeze out of, that's common knowledge... I think

  • The big Oreo... I’ve never had one before

  • At least ty got were his duck sweat shirt!!

  • Cant believe i finished the entire video without sleeping- no hate no hate because when long videos i fell asleep- great vid

  • Why is this video older than me?

  • Tyler sounds like eminem

  • QR code

  • Can we appreciate how they never pick a bad song for a video

  • Garrett sounded different when he said nogan

  • Gar with his hat off at the end.


  • I love the song

  • sneeky peeky

  • Why is this actually fire

  • I love it! :)

  • disgrace

  • Do they have anime posters?LOL

  • 66

  • 2:30 the astros be like 👀

  • I really liked it when Tyler did the cross in the door and Coby shouted EASTER


  • Hey does the quality of some of the scenes and camera shots kind of seem like it should belong in the dude perfect show? Also I'm pretty sure I first watched this video when it was first uploaded at around MIDNIGHT

  • World war 3 be like

  • When's the Album dropping

  • Yes rage lol

  • This was the first dp vid that I watched.

  • “Crossbow trick shots” It’s like my experience of CoD Modern warfare all over again

  • I don’t like dined cheaters take that husten

  • TY really be pulling off the Adam Lavigne

  • Your song has proven to be the best way to calm my young boys down, if they are crying or not listening, I turn the song on and everything stops

  • Sneeky peeky

  • This should be on Spotify, Hungama and other music platforms ❤️❤️

  • all of these pet peeves in this song are the same as mine. nice song

  • I have watched this like a million times and i still love it!

  • This is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 1:14 Thats Dak Prescott??????


  • Episode 3 will be real rockets since these rockets are bigger than the last one

  • This is the best not a try hard music video ever

  • Hi

  • Who knew Tyler is a great singer

  • Disgrace

  • Let’s go he’s playing battlefield

  • Hi

  • Yo yo yo

  • The rockets on the thumbnail they looked like NUKES

  • When will this be on Spotify🤣🤣

  • Not gonna lie this music video gives me Big Time Rush vibes



  • 14:24 wow

  • This was the first dp video I ever saw and I haven’t missed an upload since

  • Great song

  • Dude this is perfect.

  • you should do more videos like these

  • 0:01 Cody: "T, you ready" Ty: "Sorry I'm reading a book" Cody: "I didn't know you read books" 😂😂😁

  • Do trailer park

  • Tyler: Harryyyyyyyyyyy Me: Stylesssssss Him: the thirdddddd Me: Frick you٫ tyler

  • 1:10 When you don’t know your friend is an NFL quarterback

  • Song Aint So Bad

  • I have seen cringe

  • Is this on Spotify? If so, I'm adding this to the playlist

  • sorry