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16:46The Honda Couch - ATC Meets Lazy-Boy!
The Honda Couch - ATC Meets Lazy-Boy!visningar 81tn7 dagar sedan
53:53Will an Abandoned Snowmobile Run After 20 Years?
43:09Rescuing Two ABANDONED Three Wheelers, Will They Run??
38:42$1000 4x4 Budget Beater Challenge!! "Off-road Mayhem"


  • Well, it has a ford motor... next freedom 500 with cleetus?

  • 460 engine c6 trans divorced new process transfercase set of military random axles in the rear 4:11 gears with matching front gears

  • get $100 of $1's. roll them up into the window and make them blow in the wind as you ride down the street.

  • A guy likes that guy. Cool crossover!

  • Twin turbo Ls swap it and drive to to Florida and run an 9second 1/4 mile

  • Camping

  • This thing would be **perfect** for when Mook gets married!

  • Washing the car and quick spray was plus tire clean will make it look great! Inside with infestation of nice needs to have just above everything taken out and sanitized for your safety!

  • More mook!

  • I want to see it go for a quick oil change.

  • The tires are all out of balance

  • Crazy idea: 52” boggers on a 12”+ lift and put a 454 stroker in it

  • There was alot accuracy in what you said (over carberation is a problem with some of the tuning ignorant population) but I 'm sorry I'm going to believe that the engineers that have put Quadrajets on GMs for 30ish years knew better than you. I'm not going to get into my personal experience but for a stock application like that goldsmobile and the like a quadrajet is superior. Once you start modifying it past a point then I can see the quadrajet no longer being feasible (though me and my group of motor head friends think edelbrock carbs are trash). The problem is quadrajets were specific to the car models and individuals would just yank them off say a cadillac 572 and pop them on a chevy 350 or something like that (clearly a no no and potential for issues). Because of smaller primaries, quadrajets have excellent throttle response and fuel economy but when stomped they pulled what they were designed to. You cant blame any carb that has sat for decades or pulled trash through the fuel lines "junk" because it didn't run right, lol! When a Holley was called for GM installed them but many of GMs muscle cars came with Quadrajets and performed rock solid. Good info but you tainted some of it with some opinions that were single minded. I've had several modified cars with quadrajets that didn't sputter or stumble or all that other nonsense you guys were saying. Maybe just me and the community I know were the only ones with good running quadrajets ever lol?

  • I knew UltraLimo Vinny and Craig Cavanough Partied with them in the 1980s, They started as Color Me Kustom in Anaheim Ca. They built custom cars like George Barris before the limos. First Limo company to put a jacuzzi spa in the back.

  • It's weird seeing a youtuber that's from the same state as me

  • Whatever was causing the check engine lighy most likely was the culprit of your gas mileage. Even carbed with that overdrive you should have been getting into the 20s easily. I'm guessing one or more sensors were out, causing the check engine light and the engine running too rich. I am curious to pull the check engine code(s) out of that to see what it was. Easily done with a paper clip. But overall, I'm not surprised that car made an 1800 round trip with no issues. Thats General Motors for ya. They'll run for damn near ever.

  • Vegas road trip!!

  • Put lives at risk driving that ridiculous car with bad brakes and no insurance!

  • This video is sooo epic...

  • Start the first annual 35' limo wreck 'em races. Minimum 35' entry requirement.

  • Burnout limo!

  • Dimalision derby for the ending

  • Twin charge it

  • take it to the welfare office and apply for food stamps lol

  • The chicken man from you because there's a chicken shortage going on

  • can you just imagine how much back pressure 35 foot of exhaust pipe could make?

  • Twin turbo LS tandem axel drift machine. Or burnout machine

  • That vacuum hose you couldn't find a place for, is for the vacuum powered windshield wipers. Thats the half circle shaped object on the firewall. Plug that line into the fitting and you'll have wipers that work about 50% of the time lol.

  • Drive it here to Canada and fill it with Tim Hortons !!!!

  • The thing is totally RIDICUOUS! A 302 is a ANEMIC DOG of an engine!

  • His dad is laughing,..... you bought a diesel.

  • Aren't those known for blowing out plugs..like actually blowing them out

  • Has anyone said 6x6 lifted pimp mobile

  • I would love to see you call a tow truck to tow it. Too see the look on his face.

  • Definitely needs the 5.0 badges on each side lol.

  • Land Speed Car

  • Could this become a permanent vehicle??? Would be cool to actually build a 3 wheeled couch😎👍👍

  • I think you gotta name either the Car or your Band 'Gravel Travel' XD

  • New axle and lift it also put a LS IN IT and do not sell it

  • Giv'er a can of Berryman's chem tool and then feed her the onions! Ol' eyetalian tune up

  • Now you need to find a old hearse and a old flower car to do a will it start !!!

  • Jump a creek with it. Like Burt Reynolds.

  • Let me detail your limo

  • You know for a fact !!! That when that SUV passed you guys during the test drive ... they were like SHIIIIIIIIT! I didn’t know it was that long !!!! Haha haha 😂

  • Like i said, when i saw this on FB marketplace i knew you would buy it

  • Awesome series 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • Take it off roading🤣🤣

  • Two word's..off roading!

  • Twin turbos it needs !!!!

  • Kevin you crack me up man, When u said Not only did we revive the car !! we Revived the backyard. lmao

  • HOW MANY clowns can you put in it at a circus?

  • Diesel swap it.

  • You should cut in half and make a regular size Lincoln town car again but with dual wheels in the back. Just drop in a bigger engine ultimate tow rig lol 😂

  • I can't wait for episode 2 of this boat

  • I love those old cars where they're boxing stuff oh I love them

  • Go to a carwarsh/detail shop and tell them you want the limo waxed, bonus points if you can find a coupon for it

  • Go to a strangers house and tell them they won a Publishers Clearing House contest

  • Put a gold fish tank in it!

  • Lift it to make it a monster truck limo!

  • Blower on the motor!!!!

  • Flame throwers out the back!

  • Put a spa/swimming pool in the middle!

  • Well, that started is a monster LOL

  • Guys, this is great! Potentially better than roadkill! Satisfying as pressure-washing is: maybe better to have 2-3 seconds of it, haha. Compression will keep the other people in my space from complaining, so I get to watch more. Hood shot Right/Left is great!

  • Just jump it

  • You can live in that

  • I enjoyed all of the jokes.

  • also when you get an old vehicle like that running with propane the charging system goes up immediately and sometimes the old fuel pump will kick in. As long as you have spark and propane it will run.

  • Here are my thoughts... 1. Lift it. Make it a 6x6, and go muddin withit. 2. Put another engine and trans in the trunk. Put a rearend in place of the 3rd axle and have a twin engine limo for PowerTour next year.

  • Wash wax repeat ,repeat, new tires drive I would

  • Lift it to be a monster truck and take it out to crush stuff

  • My grandparents had one of those Lincoln Town Cars. Only not a limo. . . Boy this car brings back memories. Either restore the beast, cowl hood with a slightly more robust powerplant underneath, or big ole blower sticking out through the hood.

  • A tip when you're dealing with old cars that have sat around for years put some Dollar tree fuel treatment in the tank come back a minimum of a day later and put propane down the intake while you're starting it. if you have one of those propane torches they work excellent. I've had things started after the first start sitting 10 plus years on propane. Even with a dead fuel pump it ran on propane but ultimately had to fix the fuel pump before it would run down the road.

  • You didn't test the phone! did the phone in the back for calling the driver work?? awesome video!!

  • Hey Kevin, You are The MAN! There was no doubt in our minds that you would get that 35' Yacht running in no time flat. You're an AMAZING MECHANIC! We'd love to see ALL you guy's give that Limo a 100% detailing and bring it back to "Like New" condition again, then take it out for a "Night On The Town" with the entire Junkyard Digs crew "Dressed To The Nines" for one last time before selling it. I think it'd be a lot of fun for both you & your fans. We'd love to see a special episode of you ALL you guy's looking your ABSOLUTE BEST! You guy's are always getting dirty for us... I think it would definitely be a new twist on the Channel. Thank You!

  • I'd recommend fixing up those sketchy welded suspension pieces first.

  • We want big turbos coming out of the hood that'll be really cool to Big turbos on that little 302 out of that thing that'll be really cool guys and yes I've been drinking lots of beer so yeah I'm feeling pretty good right now

  • Alright people come on let's get more people to like this video cuz I'll be kind of cool to watch him do that so if more people do like this video hurry up people get it done vote Yes on all this do it come on

  • I'm 34yo I used to drive a 1989 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series. I miss that car so much. It was not a boat. It was an Air Craft Carrier on wheels. But this limo variant puts the size of my old one to shame. That rear view thermometer not only lets you know the temp. It also turns on the heated defrost panels in the rear view mirrors. If the driver side door has the security door lock key pad. The code for it is on a sticker on one of the arms for the trunk lid. The key pad can also unlock all the doors and even pop the trunk when using various double key presses after you put in the code. You can also lock all the doors with a double key press. I can't remember what double key combos do what. Play with it some and you'll figure it out. NEVER SLAM THE TRUNK!!! Latch it gently and an electric motor will close it the rest of the way. The trunk is spring loaded and that electric motor resets the spring tension to pop the trunk. There should be a button in the glove box to pop the trunk.