Fishing 07

Fishing 07 Fishing 07

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0:26fishing video
fishing videovisningar 786tnDag sedan
0:27dolphin kiss
dolphin kissvisningar 68tnDag sedan
fishvisningar 12tnDag sedan
fishvisningar 446tn15 dagar sedan
1:04fishing video
fishing videovisningar 10tn15 dagar sedan
1:43big fish Fishing 🎣
big fish Fishing 🎣visningar 7tn15 dagar sedan
1:57fishing video
fishing videovisningar 5tn15 dagar sedan
🐟🐟🐟visningar 290tn22 dagar sedan
0:10fishing with bird 🐟🐦
fishing with bird 🐟🐦visningar 1,7mn22 dagar sedan
0:19fishing video
fishing videovisningar 574tn22 dagar sedan
Fishingvisningar 10tn22 dagar sedan
1:11fishing video
fishing videovisningar 6tn22 dagar sedan
0:46WOW amazing fishing video 👍
WOW amazing fishing video 👍visningar 231tn22 dagar sedan
0:12fishing video
fishing videovisningar 201tn22 dagar sedan
35:16fishing with birds in china
fishing with birds in chinavisningar 8tn29 dagar sedan
1:15fishing video
fishing videovisningar 5tn29 dagar sedan
0:48fishing with bird
fishing with birdvisningar 190tn29 dagar sedan
0:24Calculate the size of the ball of this fish
Calculate the size of the ball of this fishvisningar 154tn29 dagar sedan
0:52amazing fishing video
amazing fishing videovisningar 946tn29 dagar sedan
1:16Beautiful video of catching some turtles
Beautiful video of catching some turtlesvisningar 4,6tn29 dagar sedan
fishvisningar 161tn29 dagar sedan
0:36fishing video
fishing videovisningar 128tn29 dagar sedan
1:17eel Fishing
eel Fishingvisningar 3,8tn29 dagar sedan
0:28fishing video
fishing videovisningar 104tn29 dagar sedan
4:41fishing video
fishing videovisningar 1,8tn29 dagar sedan
0:14eel Fishing video
eel Fishing videovisningar 121tn29 dagar sedan


  • Even worse than being eaten 😞

  • This is a legitimate form of fishing. The bird is tame and its got a string around its neck to prevent it from swallowing the fish.

  • I can already hear "MISS, MIIISSSS," "HUH?" "Bring me that fiish..." "But miss! The fish is poisoned!" "I said BRING me that FIIIISH..."

  • Asia loves cramming fish into really small spaces

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  • Please don't eat fish mon todne ka man karrta hai mera😡🤬

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  • 역시 그 나라

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  • Galatasaray lar

  • Osceno, pessimo video....Vorrei sapere se è cinese o giapponese. Purtroppo non se ne può più.....

  • What if scorpions hang was there

  • Scripted hahaha

  • That's an over crowded tank

  • ألقيه فى ألبحر يصبح وجبة للأسماك.

  • Atif

  • New zach king in the town

  • Demm didn't expect that lmao

  • 지구의 멸종을 앞당기는 중국

  • เสียของหมด

  • U can add 100 more fish in there

  • My dad have one of that!😉

  • @peta

  • You do know some turtles are indangered

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  • If anyone don't need it says this first one is 'how can you leave me just like that?!' the second one is 'luckly you can still stay with me like this' me thinking:puffer fish=a tool for cleaning........nice

  • 쌔빠지게 부려먹고 먹이는 주나?

  • I want big ass dinasor for these people.

  • ルアー食べてなくて草

  • Can it be a fleshlight tho??

  • Что это

  • Ii घटिया है यह वाला ठीक है

  • Leave it alone you stupid go get a job

  • Judging by the chinese men this must be in the Philippines sea water or in Argentinas

  • You're not leaving the bird eat

  • Bloody time waste

  • owwwww

  • What he exactly wants to do???

  • Wont be there forever.

  • If this is china People ; yummy duck

  • มันคืออ่าร่ายครับ🤔🧐

  • What is it ?

  • lol fake 🖕

  • I smeel love 😭🤧 I am so Lonely༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  • What a idiot

  • What is that

  • Ikatan cints

  • morbid

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  • æugh

  • Those two guys 😍. ..........................................................edit.taking about orange crabs


  • Not even a dolphin

  • This is wrong and who did like is not human

  • 와 설마 저렇게해서 물고기 잡는거임? 발에 줄 묶어둔거보니까 ;;; 만약 그런거면 진짜 최악인데

  • Bro you dont catch turtles thats messed up its even more messed up that you took them from their home to film a video how would you like it if someone dragged you out of your home with a giant weapon just to film you and call you sea food

  • This is a beluga, not a dolphin.

  • Pls subscribe to akaya vlogs

  • That ice looks way to thin.. I wouldn't try it

  • What