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The Masters The Masters

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Official SEnewss channel of the 85th Masters Tournament, April 8-11, 2021. Tune in on ESPN and CBS or stream live at


3:25Matsuyama A Masters Champion | The Masters
0:31History Made For Japan | The Masters
History Made For Japan | The Mastersvisningar 2,1tn6 timmar sedan
11:51The Masters Trophy Presentation
The Masters Trophy Presentationvisningar 87tn6 timmar sedan
3:30Healthcare Heroes | The Masters
Healthcare Heroes | The Mastersvisningar 2,1tnDag sedan
1:09Today Is For History | The Masters
Today Is For History | The Mastersvisningar 19tnDag sedan
1:20Corey Conners Is Dialed In | The Masters
Corey Conners Is Dialed In | The Mastersvisningar 2,1tn6 timmar sedan
2:46A Dramatic Saturday | The Masters
A Dramatic Saturday | The Mastersvisningar 128tn6 timmar sedan
2:00Every Eagle From The Third Round | The Masters
0:42Corey Conners Makes Hole-In-One At The Masters
2:49A Masters Caddie In His Own Words | The Masters
2:34Tom Watson In His Own Words | The Masters
1:10Rising To The Challenge | The Masters
Rising To The Challenge | The Mastersvisningar 12tn6 timmar sedan
3:15The Cut Separates And Elevates | The Masters
1:16Friday's Longest Putts | The Masters
Friday's Longest Putts | The Mastersvisningar 14tn6 timmar sedan


  • His swing is so nice. Guy is gonna have a crazy career i'm sure.

  • very interesting time for an Asian to win a Masters. just saying just saying

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  • Hey Hideki, i think, this is the right time to start to learn english 😁👌

  • Amazing Rounds of Golf by Hideki 👍

  • It's great the first Japanese player to win the Masters!

  • He’s a very humble guy who still drives a minivan with wife and kids

  • Watching him hold his arms up with that beautiful green jacket on his shoulders just put a huge grin on my face. Well done sir and well deserved!

  • Great tournament! Congratulations Hideki! Welcome to the club!!!

  • Show the ball flight ffs. Not much point without it. Thumbs down. 👎

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  • Congrats to Hideki. First Master Champ. from Japan. Hoping will inspiring young golfer in Japan and Asia.

  • Makes me wanna cry

  • Owen Wilson's doppelganger

  • Congrats Mr Hideki Matsuyama for winning the 2021 Master's . Now that you are a champ🏆 it would also be a great honour if you would be confident to converse in English, giving press conference without the need of an interpreter. I'm sure your English is already up to par, maybe a few more lessons to get to "birdie"? This coming from a non native English not as first language ( actually it's third) speaker. All the best. I'm also sure you'll win more.

  • Who’s the translator? Very Impressive

  • Well done hideki .... well done .... all the hard work has paid off

  • Is this just a small tournament?

  • nice one matsuyama

  • Happy for you! Great work out there

  • A nice way to shut up all the Asian haters we're seeing in the USA because of Covid-19 and Trump specifically calling it the "China virus". Would he have said the "German Virus" if it started in Germany. Doubtful.... although Trump is an equal opportunity divisive hater.

  • As Thor said it, "I knew it!"! He is worthy of the green jacket! 本当におめでとうございます!

  • おめでとう 松山さん

  • I love two Hideki's. 1.Hideki Matsui 2.Hideki Matsuyama.

  • Rigged

  • At the masters maintaining 3-4 shot lead for most of the round is dominant....considering none of the field was able to cut the lead outside of hideki's late bogey's...

  • Congratulations to Hideki. Lovely moment for Japan and Golf.

  • It definitely means a lot for Japanese people. It also means a lot for Asian people nowadays. Thank you. Hideki Matsuyama.

  • Awesome win way to go!

  • In a time where Asians are getting a lot of hate. A Japanese man wins the Masters tournament. A very bad day for racist people . On top of that , I think a Japanese lady won the women’s tournament.

  • It was very awkward all the way through, not one person helped him out. He looked so lost, but I guess that doesn't matter with the green jacket and trophy going back to Japan with him.

  • I was at the 2019 BMW championship at Medinah. On Saturday, he and cantlay paired together in the final group. The amount of people who followed him around was NUTS. he has a large support in the states from the Asian community. It was cool to see!

  • Submissive Champion🥰Congratulations Hideki!it’s your time to shine from now on🥰💪🏻🎊🎉🤗🙌🏻🇯🇵👏🎈🥳More power!. Proud of you Hide san🥰

  • His victory could not be better timed. I am very happy for Mr Matsuyama and the Japanese people.

  • Hideki (via translator about the 15th hole): 220 yard 4 iron, flushed a 4 iron. That’s why it went long. Me: yea I flushed my driver with the wind and went 220.

  • Missed a lot of short puts!

  • The hardest part of being a pro athlete must be answering these moronic questions......From a bunch of People that couldn’t make the JV team

  • Congratulations to Hideki and his caddie.

  • Nothing like the quiet guy just going out every day to practice and compete just doing his best every day and accepting the challenge and the results because he gave an honest effort each and every day. And today he is the MASTERS Champion. And a rockstar in Japan.

  • He needs to stop saying he lost by a shot..he didn't lose by a shot, he lost by 2 shots. 1 shot would have had him a 'chance' at "winning"- 'not' "winning"

  • Just want to shout out the master media team. Y’all continue to improve every single year. Just want to say thanks for reminding me how special my home truly is.

  • Hideki San, Omedeto Gazaimasu!

  • I giggle every time he mentioned the Corn Fairy Tour. Sounds like a kids golf pagent!

  • That was the most unremarkable 18 holes of championship-winning golf I’ve ever sat through

  • Congrats Hideki! They need to find a better translator though; interpreting questions and responses inaccurately.

  • Great job Hideki. Beautifully played

  • You know Jim Nantz had “let him in history” forever and wasted it

  • When I think of Ken Venturi it's something along the lines of: "He's going to go to school on this putt..."

  • Congratulations Hideki!

  • 아시아최초 축하드립니다

  • My nickname for this guy is 2x4

  • So happy he won!

  • Every person involved in the production of content for this YT channel deserves the highest praise. Thank you for such beautiful storytelling. Also huge congrats to Hideki!

  • おめでとうございます

  • 2:37 WOW, HUGE PACE!

  • He’s lucky woods wasn’t playing

  • if you speak Japanese, this is a 15 minute video

  • It would've been more fun if he'd played better down the stretch, because he's awesome when he's on, but really happy to see him win a big one. Just put it on lock every time he had to and persevered.

  • I’m hoping he does the same thing Speith did. 2nd place this year but a green jacket the next! Best of luck Zalatoris!!

  • 英樹感激です!

  • Class act who made all of Japan, Asia and the golfing world proud. Respect to you Sir from the USA!!

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  • I’m really grateful to see him wearing The 1st green jacket😭✨✨. I hope this would be one of many🏆Take your time and pursuit your next dreams.🔥

  • Luck or Skill?

  • Fix was in.

  • The stars aligned for his victory🎉🎊🙌🏻🇯🇵おめでとう🎈🎊🥰

  • Shaking hands is so 2 years ago. Why bother wearing a mask if youre going to do that?

  • If I were Phil, upon getting the “voting law” question, I think I would have stood up, thanked everyone for their support and questions, and walked off the stage.

  • Next years Masters dinner..Boneless spare ribs, chicken fingers, vegetable Lo Mein, white rice, beef teriyaki

    • Most of what you said are only found in CHINESE diners in America

  • 歴史が変わる時

  • I wanted this kid to win so much! I will definitely continue to root for him!

  • So happy for Hideki. Everyone is proud of you!

  • Champion Matsuyama San.

  • Great work interpreting Bob. Amazing.

  • とても幸せな大勝利

  • Jeff Spicoli. Dude. Love this guy.

  • those dislikes for what?

  • Those first time winners just get you all in the feels. Well atleast for me. Lol. The Masters is a tournament you wish everyone could win atleast once.

  • Great performance

  • Wonderful narrative. Lot of nerves out there. Looked like a walk for awhile, there