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19:11Animators React to Bad \u0026 Great Cartoons 3
5:00NODE is BACK!
NODE is BACK!visningar 290tn18 timmar sedan
4:15Join Us!
Join Us!visningar 313tn7 dagar sedan
22:32How to Master ANY Camera - Functional Filmmaking
8:08VFX Artists React to the Moon Landing
VFX Artists React to the Moon Landingvisningar 960tn14 dagar sedan
17:29We Put a Camera on a Falcon!
We Put a Camera on a Falcon!visningar 646tn21 dag sedan
18:17VFX Artists React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 41
25:59BEEPLE EXPLAINS: What is an NFT ?
BEEPLE EXPLAINS: What is an NFT ?visningar 472tn28 dagar sedan
16:52Why I Left my Dream Job
Why I Left my Dream Jobvisningar 1,4mnMånad sedan
19:39I Made a NEW Super Smash Bros in ONE WEEK!
15:35VFX Artists React to Bad \u0026 Great CGi 40
21:06Using VFX to become Handsome Squidward
Using VFX to become Handsome Squidwardvisningar 930tnMånad sedan
23:21We Made Harry Potter R-Rated
We Made Harry Potter R-Ratedvisningar 1,6mnMånad sedan
16:57We Try Using VFX to Attract Women
We Try Using VFX to Attract Womenvisningar 688tn2 månader sedan
17:04Stuntmen React To Bad \u0026 Great Hollywood Stunts 28
9:38VFX Artist Simulates PIXAR but with REAL Physics
15:36VFX Artists React to BOLLYWOOD Bad \u0026 Great CGi 6
14:56VFX Artists Compete Against Artificial Intelligence
20:44We Made a Better CGi Luke Skywalker
We Made a Better CGi Luke Skywalkervisningar 3,8mn2 månader sedan


  • I think my favourite anime is "the seven deadly sins" It was the first anime I had ever watched and brought me closer to anime.

  • Assassination classroom was my first anime and was one of my favorites

  • Idk if I'm in the minority here but i found corridor through node lol

  • I'd like to see you guys look at the firfirst parts of the animatrix

  • CAN YOU REACT TO ANGELS & DEMONS?!?! It has some pretty dick special effects I'm just catching them now that I am rewatching. Take a look!

  • moose knuckle

  • This'll probably be buried, but here are my recs, for good stories AND animation. I couldn't narrow it down to one: Psycho-Pass: 2D& 3D animation. Psychological thriller in a futuristic setting, that gets pretty dark. Fruits Basket: Shoujo stylized anime at its best. It is really wholesome& surprisingly deep, and has some supernatural elements. Demon Slayer: One of the best modern shounen. Mixes 2D&3D with really cool tracking shots in battles. Focuses detailed animation on what matters to the viewer& story (climactic moments and fights). Parasyte: A good first-time anime for its artistic similarities to some western shows. Parts action, mystery, thriller, romance... something for everyone. Moriarty the Patriot: Beautiful background animation, set in old-timey England. Loosely based on Conan Doyle's Moriarty character from Sherlock fame. Wonder Egg Priority: Beautiful, trippy animation that uses color really well. It's weird. Touches on mental heath topics. Erased: Cinematic, beautiful animation, less defined lines compared to some of the others listed here. About time travel, I guess? A Place Further than the Universe: SOL if that's your cup of tea (with some adventure added in). Great, wallpaper-level backgrounds. Some of the best water animation I've seen. I'll also second everyone else recommending Bebop and MHA. And the constant rec of FMAB as a starter anime.

  • I would start with Attack on Titan if your trying to avoid the weird extremely sexualizef women

  • When he said solo decided to bring back Maul I was super pissed ngl

  • Bro I didn’t know god of high school was made in 2011. Wait that was released this LAST summer.... did I time travel?

  • This felt like the closing of Clint’s arc as a corridor cast member/character which is insanely sad but I know it felt so good to nail that shot as he’s mentioned more than once on the channel. You were and will be missed Clint!

  • Naruto is the best anime ever

  • I’m not going to get into the “best anime” debate but I have always enjoyed Full Metal Alchemist or the more old school one called Big O.

  • Dragon Ball Z and Ghost Fighter (Fushigi Yuugi)

  • Love episodes of shows that show flashbacks. So great

  • Real quick im going to suggest ying yang master on Netflix, Chinese vfx is insane

  • I want Dubstep Guns to be a video game! lol

  • Can you guys please react to any films of the monsterverse, like Godzilla(2014) or Godzilla king of the monsters or Godzilla vs Kong....

  • Dude, I remember using that MAC in elementary school. 😲

  • Yessssss, Gintama shout out!! Its drama, action, comedy, and world-building is on another level. Pls watch.

  • every episode from now on: "Let's call clint for one last render challenge " 🤣

  • sword of the stranger last fight bakimonogatari - Monkey Fight Shirou and Rider vs Artoria - Heavens Feel Ushiwakamono vs Gorgon - Fate grand order: babylonia

  • My pitch for anime animation you guys could react to for an episode (some spoilers, if you have context on the shows, so just read the synopsis): Action scenes: -Demon Slayer ep 19 -Attack on Titan S3 ep 1, "Levi vs Kenny Squad" -Naruto Shippuden, "Naruto vs Sasuke final battle" Jujutsu Kaisen fight scenes Movies or shows with pretty animation: -Your Name -The Garden of Words -Weathering with You -Violet Evergarden, "parasol scene" -5 centimeters per second -(There's some video edits by names like "Beautiful anime scenes" of characters doing everyday things like cooking, and anime makes it look really pretty) Shows with bad animation (type in "bad animation" aside the show title to find the scenes): -Ex-arm -Seven Deadly Sins S3 -Dragon Ball Super -Orange -Naruto Shippuden, "Naruto vs pain" on ep 166 i think I recomend Wolf Children and Perfect Blue; both movies, both very much anime, but I feel like they don't make you think "this is so weird and different" than maybe other shows or movies would. Wolf Children I would likely watch with parents even, and Perfect Blue's rights for a live action were bought by a westener that didn't want anyone to butcher on a hollywood film, and them did just that themselves (Black swan).

  • 9:30 best Anime ? D E A T H N O T E (Not the best animation NO ) (still no.1 Overall for me ) only other contender to defeat that would be Attack On Titan

  • Clint's room lol

  • The anime i think you should check out is Yu Yu Hakusho during the Dark Tournament arc of season 2........also watch the English dub cuz it is better.....please

  • I love All of these Soooooo much! All of them are amazing! You all should be proud of yourselves! You made me and I think I can speak for all amazed. We are happy too see more! Keep it up❤

  • Isn't that Iron Man clip from Avengers?

  • Being an indian... oh my god 🤣🤣 Ima die laughing

  • Hey guys! If we’re talking about animation alone, check out the Naruto vs Pain fight from Naruto Shippuden! Some people might disagree but for me personally it’s one of my favorite animated fights of all time!!! :D

  • I’m not sure if anyone has commented this. But you guys should get Adam Savage from mythbusters. He has a SEnewss channel called “tested” I think it would be cool for you guys to look at some practical effects done in movies! And who doesn’t like Adam savage!

  • imo mappa is one of the best studios considering that they were a part of madhouse studio, which made stuuf like death note... watch attack on titan(mappa animated s4) and jujutsu kaisen the animation is truly amazing

  • "Janky storage solution".... Well it's time to call Linus 📞😂

  • Niko's wins, with Wren's close second. They look so good holy crap!! 👏👏

  • You gotta do the bad and the great from Naruto.and to answer wren, NARUTO is the best anime everrr! (Sure I get a lot of you are gonna say ohh shonen jump isn't really anime anime) but I don't care! You guys gotta do Naruto Shippuden. And I recommend the out of control Naruto Vs pain fight for the bad part! The drawing and animation really got crazy and unrealistic in that fight Hope you guys see this! Big fan. 🍻

  • Demon Slayer is a beautiful anime you should check out! The Fate series (Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, etc) have interesting combat sequences with lots of camera jumps, whether or not you'd consider it "good". But definitely check out Demon Slayer.

  • Black Clover.

  • it's pronounced Ark em mee dees

  • This is beautiful guys. I love it

  • One of the best Wren-ders you’ve ever made, eh?

  • Hunter x hunter

  • Attack on titan anytime!

  • Assassination Classroom

  • Could you do a reaction/review/breakdown of Richard Williams' Prologue? It was an Oscar winning short, but he's made it clear it's only a small part of a much bigger passion project! And, in my own humble opinion, it's quite beautiful. That said, it does contain some graphic content, so might want that blur-tool ready. Only link I can find on youtube is down below:

  • Clint’s entry is funny 😂

  • I genuinely think Avatar: Legend of Aang is one of the best shows ever.

  • For a short anime, akame ga kill is great, seven deadly sins is great, demon slayer is great, anything from studio gibli is visually stunning. But my choice for number one anime is the full Naruto series. No contest. But it is pretty long, so buckle up for a long ride lol

  • Idk how AOT’s Animation can go on par with OPM S1 or Mob Psycho 100, the Director has an amazing imagination.

  • One peice the origanl Black clover

  • While DBZ as a whole varied in quality throughout, I think you guys should check out episode 279 “Battle for the Universe Begins” and break down the Kid Buu fight. Alternatively, you could examine any of the movies from Dead Zone All the way up to Super’s new take on Broly.

  • I wanna see some god of highschool Animation and jujutsu kaisen

  • One Punch Man season 1 is popular for a reason!

  • Spiderman into the Spider vers was sooo pretty I still can't belive it every time I watch it

  • Death note .

  • Guys Please react to Fate/Stay Night or Fate/Zero

  • Big respect on the NFT carbon emission offset thing

  • watch "Gibli films" i.e. "Princess Mononoke"

  • To be fair, what Peter was up to was not helping the portrait and Beeple was ultimately right in not taking his contribution. You are as good as your current work, can't live off of past success. Having said that, Beeple is just Beeple, can't be a genius without some sort of emotional disfunctionality

  • My hero academia. Isn’t the best anime but it’s baby’s first anime. It’s anime lite. Great introduction.

  • Recommending Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Great series. Great concept.

  • pls react to SAAHO

  • May not be the best, but jujutsu kaisen, pretty new, and the fight scenes are beautiful

  • Lots of folks will say it’s not anime, but RWBY from Rooster Teeth is a great show with unique animation using mo-cap and cg to create some dynamic fight scenes

  • pls react to SAAHO

  • Disney do average job still look too plastic PC game like for money involved

  • Berserk. Fantastic manga and story, but my gawd are the latest anime adaptations bad from an animation perspective. Actually better yet, compare Berserk’s anime opening to its actual in-series animation.

  • ONe punch man review

  • Avatar was the first wannabe anime

  • Clint is the most employed unemployee ever hahahaha He quit but he's still there working almost all the time.. what in the world? Hahahahahaa

  • Would be cool to see something like that on silicone graphics workstation 🤣

  • Amazing

  • React on Ra. One fight scene at car parking and the climax fight.

  • Sheeeshhh

  • The Illithid drawing on the whiteboard is so good. Some good DnD stuff coming soon?

  • Search up yutaka nakamura on youtube pls

  • Must watch kakashi vs obito

  • react to attack on titan animation downgrade.

  • To explain that scene with the speedster the reason it’s static like that on his fast is because it’s pretty much happening in slow motion for him if you notice that’s why his team even though they’re 5 feet from him can’t reach him in time because they’re not fast enough so that means that head crunch in real time probably took like 1-3 seconds depending upon how slow he experiences the world

  • The portal trick shot video is what hooked me forever to the corridor channel. I just love it so much. These were absolutely amazing! Also such a nostalgic vibe. Love you guys.

  • Gundam 00 final fight scene with exia vs 0 gundam