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Age: 27
Weight: 98-103kg
Height: 178cm


32:43Why I'm Against Anti-Doping Part 1
Why I'm Against Anti-Doping Part 1visningar 345tn14 dagar sedan
7:30Road to Beat Toshiki - 270kg Squat 10 sets of 3
3:55265kg/584lbs ATG Squat for 10 Reps
265kg/584lbs ATG Squat for 10 Repsvisningar 547tn3 månader sedan
10:06People Mirin Clarence0 - The JRPG
People Mirin Clarence0 - The JRPGvisningar 171tn3 månader sedan
4:28Mid-2020 Training Compilation
Mid-2020 Training Compilationvisningar 411tn6 månader sedan
31:57Interview with Patrik Baboumian
Interview with Patrik Baboumianvisningar 80tnÅr sedan
1:55The Hidden Adventures of Clarence0
The Hidden Adventures of Clarence0visningar 97tnÅr sedan
10:29The Irish Fridge Clean and Jerks a PR!
2:21:30Clarence and Gabriel Form Check Live Stream


  • 0:28 you see the girl maybe trying a front squat, gets intimidated and switches to back squat for more weight lol

  • I’m a trans weightlifter and I can’t even begin to describe how the “anti-doping” and “fair sport” rhetoric is so harmful to us, trans women especially. When trans women win medals, they’re immediately under scrutiny bc of their gender, because “it’s not fair” as if all the other cis women they’re competing against aren’t on drugs.

  • What about having 2 competitions: 1) anti-doping competition as well as a 2) competition without anti-doping. The catch is, you have to take drug tests everyday for an extended period of time (1-2 months idk) prior to the anti-doping competition by a 3rd party. & if you get caught doping in the anti-doping competition they behead you. Just straight up behead you. That way we can compare performance on drugs vs without directly. & I feel more people would choose to go the anti-doping route because people may lose respect for the athletes on drugs. & either way, it would still allow athletes who aren't doping a chance to compete in a (as much as possible) fair field. Idk best I could come up with besides having athletes drug tested daily by a 3rd party for their whole life & implanting cameras that everywhere that capture every aspect of a person's life to ensure anti-doping rules are followed. Idk though, if death was the consequence for doping it might drop a little. LOL, goodluck this situation is tough to come up with a competition that is fair for all athletes from all over the world. However I do think Clarence's idea is the most plausible, even though it is likely to never happen. Who knows!!

  • Crossfit would be too light for Clarence. He doesn't use a belt or wraps. Insane

  • Clarence has the wisdom to know about this stuff a lot better than the majority. Thanks for the education.

  • Holy guacamolee

  • lmao u look like a nerd

  • at 6:42 you can see the guy that was at the "clean and jerk session in the park) video Gabriel uploaded. edit: 7:14 too he snatches at 7:46 ok i should have watched the whole video before commenting because he is actually there the whole time lol

  • “The US population has the best access to drugs of any population on earth.” Broderick Chavez

  • It''s not my day today *snatches 170kg*

  • You deserve a subscription for the attempts...🙇🏻

  • When denis cyplenkov bicep curl ur deadlift+squat

  • Defo been caught Mirin you bro . Nearly make a feature length stalking vid outa my ones 🤙

  • Nice one was mad some somtin new an good

  • When bodybuilder told you to do 8-10 reps 85% 1 rep max to build muscle

  • Great peice bro very well done first one was ang on

  • wtf hes on steroids since like 14 or sth there is no way. ive been lifting for 3 years and this dude clean and jerks my deadlift at my age

    • How do you ascertain that? There were quite a few at that age bracket that could do it ~1/100 in my school.

  • 26:30 I'm so fat and happy XDDD

  • you just, instead of trying to measure members began to brag about your mind. two idiots XD

  • drugs or not, working with iron spoils health

  • The soundtrack in the background is all the inspiration 😎

  • The actual answer is this. The Sponsors make huge money from sports. They can't afford to have their brands associated with steroids, because they are selling the idea that the average person could day do this. So they must at least have some pretence of stopping them. They know they can't, but it doesn't matter.

  • I lift... have for many years.. And similar body composition as Clarence... but i couldn't lift half of what he does (and that's generous). His technique for lifting such heavy weight has to be nearly perfect...

  • Oh, and, how's this for a dilemma: For anti-doping to be worthwhile, it needs to deliver us competition results that are credible in the sense that at some reasonable point in time, we can trust that the winners weren't doping. To do that, it needs to be, and be seen to be, done as well as possible, otherwise the results aren't credible. That means retrograde testing, otherwise we know we're missing positives. But retrograde testing also means that we never know with finality who won, so the results can't be credible.

  • Overall good video but i kinda feel in a discussion as complex as this saying a bad argument is an *autistic* argument is in poor taste.

    • @Clarence0 it's a joke at the expense of a marginalised group that adds nothing of worth.

    • No, it just refers to people trying to claim that killing someone intentionally is morally neutral. It just goes in meta-ethics when there's absolutely no need. At the end of the day, it was just a joke to add in.

  • that kidney bean pasta salad recipe is so god like

  • I'm full blood filipino raised in the states. I'm baffled by your ethnic combination!!!

  • Honestly, the athlete health argument in favour of anti-doping is the only one that might theoretically hold water, but even then it doesn't, because if sporting bodies actually had that as a primary concern (beyond liability from in-competition incidents like CTE due to lack of proper concussion protocols), then we'd have health tests instead of drug tests, but we don't. People don't want to hear that an 80kg man running a moderate dose of testosterone, getting regular blood tests, with relatively low body fat, might actually be a lot healthier than a "natty" SHW. What they want is to carry on believing that the idea that you can be better than you were at sport by taking drugs is evil and cheating, because it's not part of their romantic concept of sports.

  • Kefka's laugh is so iconic.

  • In an utopia where PED's are legal all around the world the following would probably happen: - Pharmaceutical companies would see it as a business opportunity - More secure and effective drugs would be developed - Lot's of trials and research in universities would start, benefiting sick people, average joes and athletes - Those studies would be shared across the scientific community, making some substances replicable on other countries, creating competition between labs, lowering price overall (and be fairer as a result) - Creating more jobs / profits on research labs, pharmacies and sports doctors, nutritionists, trainers and fitness business as a consequence - People dreams (about being successful at sports / fitness goals) would not be shattered or be more securely attainable / realistic - Sports would see a revolution both in securing athletes health and longevity on their careers and also on performance peaking

  • I wouldn’t lift that. 🧐

  • I mean he looks pretty natty so whatever he's on, it can't be much

  • Finally someone said what needed to be said. I feel like there's an important middle ground that's completely ignored here, and people don't have to take so much that they piss straight stanozolol and die of enlarged heart when they're 45. To give an example: I'm on TRT, prescribed by a doctor. I pay way too much for it. My T was nominally "normal", in the bottom quarter of the "normal" range, and I felt miserable, and gains were hard. Now it's in the upper quartile of the normal range, and everything about my life has improved. I've also lost some weight. I wish I could also supplement with other things to help me grow more muscle and lose even more weight, but those won't be prescribed by a doctor. If there's anything to help tendons and joints, I'd take that as well. It's all available on the street, but its quality, safety, and potency is unknown. For all I know I could be injecting straight up HIV if I buy there. What if, instead, we lived in a world where a doctor could say, OK, I want you to lose weight and grow more muscle. So here's your prescription, come back in a month for blood work to calibrate the dose. We have the science. We have demand. The current situation is utterly retarded.

  • cant believe i havent found this guy, fucking genetic monster

  • hahaha i try to cycle everywhere, god bless your sense of humour

  • 5:13 is what youre looking for

  • This idea of genetically enhanced sports being the future makes a lot of sense when you imagine it: if in 100 years competitors were lifting around the same numbers as now (because how much stronger can humans get in the foreseeable future naturally?) that wouldn't be too interesting. This idea of super-humans that over time take more and more advanced enchantments that facilitate more advanced muscle growth and development seems like something people would be interested in, not another tournament not too dissimilar from one 100 years ago.

  • 1:52 that look lol

  • Holy shit

  • clarence is steroid user?

    • C'mon man, does he look natural to you? Also he has said he takes a them.

  • Literally more than double my deadlift

  • Why is he worried about anti-doping regulations if he's on gear? Not trynna sound like a prick but it doesn't sound like he would be at a disadvantage compared to everyone else.

  • I would love to hear when you started taking PED's

  • Bro ur hella athletic nd explosive, u should consider weightlifting!

  • Sometimes it sounds like Clarence says hentai-doping and not anti, which is spooky

  • “Im Clarence” I don’t use knee sleeves because there like having a tennis ball behind your knee to spring off. Its sort of cheating.” “I dont wear a belt because i want to look like an athlete and lift totally raw” “Im vegan because ethical reasons and i want to be healthy” Are you Natty? “No” 🤔 “ like subscribe hit the notification bell”

  • How much coffee, tea and sugar affect to the pewerlifting training? Should I reject it fully?

  • Damn, I was hoping Clarence was natural. Kind of upsetting to hear that he’s not. Also, isn’t it a bit strange to be using PED’s when you don’t actually compete? I wish we had true international natty weightlifting. It would be cool to know the limits of human physical capability without PED’s.

  • He could have been the goat in Olympic lifting.

  • Porter , what you doing here

  • honestly I feel like if PEDs are legalized in every sport it would just promote more PED use in people outside of sports. Pretty sure 90 percent of people think the rock is natural, imagine if they knew he was on gear? How many more people would hop on steroids? This whole stop the war on drugs is a really tricky argument with alot of consequences. Whether more recreational steroid use in our society is something good or bad is up for debate, I'm personally leaning towards bad.

    • You can't criminalize something when there is no victim, even if you think it will prevent a worsening of society. All the lies and propaganda need to stop, the real truth about PEDs needs to become common knowledge, after that it's up to individuals to make their own decisions. If you want government, which is the largest drug dealer on earth, to use violence to keep people from taking PEDs, I would say you are immoral.

  • I'm pro doping let these glory junkies juice there brains out it would make it more entertaining if how good your ped coach was also a major factor in winning gold

  • If the testing system was flawless and no competitors could cheat, I would be all for it, but since that is clearly impossible, and creates a million other problems, I am vehemently opposed to it. I hate all lies and propaganda, and sports is rife with both. I like your solutions. Anti-doping needs to be done away with on the basis of its obvious ineffectiveness, and the reality of drug use in sports must be made manifest so as to become common knowledge. A large part of the public desires to believe the lies, and their willful ignorance makes it all possible. A testimony to the widespread ignorance is when flagrant users can claim to be natural and a great many believe and defend their assertions.

  • just lmfao at someone on the "strict carnivore" fad diet saying being vegan isnt sustainable long term. the irony.

  • beautiful deadlift form

  • Legit thought he was gonna do 15 reps of 186kg in 1 working set

  • 아 번역 마렵네

  • What would an elite Woman's pole vaulter take?

  • I squat only 65 right now😂😂😂😂😂

  • Play chess

  • 5.32 My gym is filled with people like her.

  • Can anyone tell when he said he was not nitty? My English is crap

  • i would love if you made a video about gear. like what you know about it, safety, doses, microdosing, age etc. everything you have learned until now

  • Aaleets

  • clarence destroying olympic competitors, what is his weight at? ~100kg?

  • Who's disliking this?

  • 13:35 what is 500 Sinclair?

  • Imho, the worst argument Seb made (that I'm surprised you didn't bring up) was notion that for pro athletes, breaking down your body through training is all good and fine, but dealing with side effects from PED's is just going too far. When in reality we know that PED's strengthen joints and connective tissue and STOP your body from breaking down from crazy elite training volumes. Also, most of the well-known PED's weightlifters currently use have minimal side-effects when compared to the lifelong injuries pro athletes have to deal with.

    • that argument is very strong for natural bodybuilding.

  • Can someone tell me what squat stand Clarence uses? Cuz they look like the ones tht has a max capacity of 400lbs normally lol

    • In his 270kg for 10 set of 3 video he shows that the rack he uses has a max capacity of 250lbs lmao

  • 210kgs for reps has me like Riley Reid in a blacked thumbnail

  • Sound like Zlatan Vanev on the initial pull

  • Rare sight seeing an Olympic lifter bench pressing.

  • Bro Im on steroids because my immune system doesnt work the way it should. Essentially Im allways on steroids no matter what

  • Are you natti? NO -__________-

  • all the humanity's testosterone levels grew up by 15% during that deadlift

  • I agree, with the untested/tested federation...There will cheaters in tested federation no doubt, however if the untested federation offers BIGGER prize pool, i think this would dissuade cheating even just slightly in tested federation.

  • You were a very strong teenager. I imagine no PEDs during early teen years but when did you start your first cycles 18 / 19 ?? Thanks.

    • He started when he was 21 years old

  • 27:29

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