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Edd China is the quintessential British eccentric; TV presenter, inventor, engineering product designer and mechanic.

Edd’s interest in all things mechanical began at a very young age and he went on to study engineering product design at university. Always passionate about cars, he was challenged to motorise the least likely thing to have an engine and he decided on a sofa...

In 1998 he built the “Casual Lofa”, a driving sofa, for which he received his first Guiness World Record; “fastest furniture” at 87mph. Since then he’s gone on to break this record several times, with a variety of street legal motorised furniture and growing his collection of wacky racers which you can now rent from Cummfy Banana Ltd (www.cummfybanana.com/).
Edd’s latest venture is Grease Junkie, his very own MoT and service centre based in Bracknell, UK and open to the public. Find out more at www.greasejunkie.com.

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  • Great Idea to have Edd's workshop diaries, looking forward to watching.

  • Edd China was Wheeler Dealers, Mike was just a shonky car salesman

  • Edd's book .....available in all good bookshops. :-)

  • Hey Ed ! It's different... Totaly different : human, very near of our jobs when we have to do the same to help our car ! Well done ! Happy to see you back ! Hello from France

  • It's nice he goes through the motions testing the fuel pump before replacing it, even though I'd have thrown a pump at it almost immediately given the time it took to fuck around with it

  • 👍🇦🇺🦘enjoying your return to the tools Edd

  • Yeah welcome back m'y Friend its fantastic....

  • I've come to a realization: watching people play video games on twitch for some people, is the same thing as watching Ed work on cars. It's just a way to sit back and watch someone enjoy what you like to do. To many this makes absolutely no sense as to why you would watch.

  • Great videos- I just wish they would turn the lights on. Who works in the dark like that?

  • Workshop diaries already is the highlight of my week. Love the cool nylon nut tip this week!

  • Great to see you back.love watching your work on cars. Rest in peace Mrs China.

  • 2.56 I'm guessing its sponsored by XCP

  • Hi Edd Love your skills. Need same advise. Building a transit van 1971.Can I use the Lexus v6 cluster on my v8 vvti engine My email is Johan. [email protected]

  • Hearing T5 Van in the opening sentence is music to my hears! looking forward to this channel Ed.

  • Hi Ed, Why don't you start repair work with washing as the car is quite dirty, is it a preference to see the marks such as oil leaks etc. ? Nice to see you back

  • Hi Edd, thanks for your showing your educational work. I wonder if it is feasible to make an 'old' unreliable car with shortcomings into the car it was supposed to be? An example in my opinion is the Chrysler PT cruiser - retro design but poor execution - poor fuel economy, turning circle and reliability...

  • Genius Edd is Motormouth Mike is

  • Hi Edd , maybe invite Allen Millyard for a chat on your channel about mechanical creations.

  • This car not 1982 model year ! I thing 1986

  • Wheeler Dealers de-Miked! What could be better...

  • Relaxed and informative, thats the Edd China way.

  • Mean ,You are awesome , I learn so much about mechanic watching your work , the best teacher Mr. Edd China .

  • hola edd china saludos desde cd obregon sonora mexico eres el mejor , todo los trabajos que haces son muy interesantes y se aprende mucho.

  • Saludos ed

  • 4:16 i thought i saw a dead rat

  • Glad to have you back in a way that you obviously really love..

  • Wtf? I only watch the show for the mechanical side of the show! Your a great mechanic and explain things very very well. Sad to hear this just now, obviously I've been under a rock.

  • Edd genio ⚒🛠🔩🔧⚙🔬🔍👨‍🎓👨‍🔧🕵️‍♂️👍👍👍🙋‍♂️🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  • Good Show EDD

  • (L)

  • Your steering wheel is on the wrong side! Wait, maybe mine is?

  • Edd, wth is with this stupid set? Colored leds? A bed? Silly staircase? Artsy camera work?? Crikey, what a faff.

  • Edd what ratchets and sockets are you using they look trick in them trays? Thanks

  • great to have you back Ed. you look a bit lonely there in the workshop, I wonder what Paul is up to these days? like the reference to 'the show' and great to hear English spoken proper not what like I does lol

  • Edd, need to start selling hats, shirts....etc!

  • Love the series, don’t change a thing! I like your down to earth style! Good work mate!

  • How is no one talking about how tall his toolbox is?

  • Wow, I swear it seems like this video is breaking for ads about three times more often that most other videos.

  • Great to see you back in action. I'm looking forward to seeing your next series on SEnewss. Take care & stay safe Edd.

  • The best part of wheeler dealers was Edd. So this is perfect!

  • Una lastima que no este subtitulado en español, aún así me gustan mucho

  • love the show Edd, you are a UK version of 'marty t'..........an unassuming genius.

  • Super happy about this!

  • So basically old Wheeler Dealer, but more detailed. Brilliant.

  • Nicely done Edd! The Q&A section is wonderful.

  • nice to have you back Edd .. you been missed buddy

  • I’ve been waiting for a show like this for years 🤷🏼‍♂️ thank you for for putting it together, good luck 🍀 with your plans 👍🏼

  • Thats a lot of rust

  • Edd provides a diplomatic take on things and Mike does a total hatchet job. Edd was the main reason we all watched WD and I'd wager most of us haven't watched it since Edd left.

  • Just a little sad watching Ed on his own but no doute he has his mate Paul holding the camera..I liked working on my own at times its a lot easier to concentrate..

  • My God that Land Rover looks like it came out of a Louisiana Bayou way down near the Gulf of Mexico. The rust, the mud and the green mold is horrendous. I am sure you can clean it up but your friend should have taken better care of it.

  • Maybe you could help. I have a problem with the flange bucket on the z wheel sprocket and it seems to be annoying the foo foo valve. I think my double overhead flingback tube is totally knackered. If you can solve that one Mr China I will donate 3 previously owned teeth, a broken fake Rolex and a used tube of instant gasket. And the title Super Brain. Glad I found this little weekly. Keep it up. Some of us need something to stop us going insane. Too late for me though as you can see from this comment.

  • Your schedule is really nice

  • Cheers Edd great to see you hard at it again,showing all the bits we all love to hate on a Saturday afternoon in the rain fixing our pride and joy (or earning some money on the side) I have been a mechanic/Tech for over 30 years and can relate to every rusty sight and smell you are wrestling with . Keep it up and all the best mate.

  • It would be nice if it has Turkish subtitles

  • Spanish please

  • Loving the format of this! The question and answer tea break in the middle is a great addition

  • Too many ads!!!

  • eres el mejor Edd China

  • Edd,when your undoing or doing up hose clips you should use a proper flexi hoseclip driver,less likely to slip and cgew up the clip and less likely to slip and hurt yourself.

  • That rangey looks like it’s been pulled out of a river and set on fire to dry it out

  • I much prefer to fix rather than replace, but I reckon you made the right call on this

  • Brillant ed glad your back very intellegent man to be sitting around and this is great just watching you without that little gobshite brewster running around acting

  • Needs some sharpening up, dont need to waste 10 mins on rusty bolt removal tbh

  • Wheeler dealers is a fun mix, entertaining, this is just dark, cheap, depressing in some dark shed, even music is pants...

  • Ed China le retour !!! excellent !!!tant attendu !!! the best .

  • welcome back edd...

  • I am currently bringing around a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 . I am considering using a bed liner product for the entire truck. I just cannot find satisfactory information about the different brands to know which would be best for the project, or if I really should reconsider the idea and go with a urethane or acrylic. Looking for tough durability. It will be a workhorse truck for me. Could you share some thoughts?

  • I need to get some 1mil discs...

  • This is the kind of thing I've been dying for Edd to do since I first saw him on SEnewss. This could be big....

  • The Nigella Lawson of working on junk.

  • Loving the show but the sound recording is less than pleasant....

  • Great to see you back Edd.👍

  • Took me a minute to realise the tank wasn't very full from a previous video. Imagine if there was 100l in there, not sure what would be louder - the tank smashing on the ground or Ed screaming "Fuck" at great volume

  • Hi Edd I've got a lovely range rover classic do you fancy doing a programme with you turning it into electric vehicle?

  • Edd, could you please do Turkish subtitles or translation? We are watching you fondly, please have fun.

  • Edd, could you please do Turkish subtitles or translation? We are watching you fondly, please have fun. Türkçe altyazı veya çeviri için yazdım beyler beğenin görsün ! !