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Welcome to GameToons! We make animated cartoon parodies of your favorite games!

Video Logic | Cartoon Animation Logic | Cartoon Animationvisningar 1,5mnDag sedan
10:32Friday Night Funkin' Logic | Cartoon Animation
11:23Minecraft Logic 2 | Cartoon Animation
Minecraft Logic 2 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 1,7mnMånad sedan
35:45Among Us Logic Movie 4 | Cartoon Animation
8:30Among Us Logic 17 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 17 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 3,1mn2 månader sedan
10:23Among Us Logic 16 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 16 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 3,9mn2 månader sedan
43:48Among Us Logic Movie 3 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic Movie 3 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 5mn2 månader sedan
9:57Among Us Logic 12 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 12 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 5mn3 månader sedan
11:49Among Us Logic 11 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 11 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 7mn4 månader sedan
8:02Minecraft Logic | Cartoon Animation
Minecraft Logic | Cartoon Animationvisningar 1,3mn4 månader sedan
43:58Among Us Logic Movie 2 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic Movie 2 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 13mn4 månader sedan
10:33Among Us Logic 10 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 10 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 8mn4 månader sedan
8:51Among Us Logic 9 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 9 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 11mn4 månader sedan
9:09Among Us Logic 8 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 8 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 10mn5 månader sedan
9:18Among Us Logic 7 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 7 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 20mn5 månader sedan
9:21Among Us Logic 6 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 6 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 17mn5 månader sedan
44:27Among Us Logic Movie | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic Movie | Cartoon Animationvisningar 27mn5 månader sedan
9:35Among Us Logic 5 | Cartoon Animation
Among Us Logic 5 | Cartoon Animationvisningar 14mn6 månader sedan


  • Why does gf explaining the rules sound like a kindergarten teacher

  • Por player

  • 20=21=22=23=24=25

  • Make part 2

  • Gentleman:Veteraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Mother sound like Soccer Mom from Tom And Jerry The Fast And The Furry lol

  • Welp, at least Player didn't die for once this time

  • You should make this a mod in the real FNF.

  • I feel like among us logic is the only thing keeping among us alive.

  • No! dont cry Mr.Cheese! 😭

  • Ppppppppppllllllllllssssss game toons make a henry stickmin logic pppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllssssss

  • I bet its gonna be player


  • 6:16 cheese louise player

  • Love how the door noise is a minecraft door

  • Sería mejor si fuera español

  • jejeje mr cheese moter

  • You guys should do the slenderman mod

  • Ya oh I know fall guys

  • Can you do a face reveal one day please

  • Cheems go brr

  • ........

  • That's why you should never trust Mr cheese in a game even if he's your friend. " Everyone suspects Mr cheese"

  • I'm just going to say this I hate gnome

  • I love your videos but I really want you to do the nova ones because those look so cool and you’re so good and I want to see them at the stores?

  • Hola

  • *Now Has A Crush On Gentlemen *

  • Next time can you make this song is a little bit more not so weird

  • Player who? The main character's Mr. Cheese now, step aside peasants.

  • Were is bro I hate b day

  • Lime sus

  • Don't destroy a dramatic moment 😡😡😡

  • ahhh i wish this was a show on Netflix or something!

  • You should make your own FNF mod! I would love to see/hear some sick beats from you guys!

  • GameToons i want you to PLAY Kik the Buddy LOGIC

  • So op!

  • Veteran has a stupid memory

  • NEW SERIES!!!! :D

  • I like how cheese says "bone" and not "bones"

  • This reminds me of shrek


  • THE START OF AN EPIC SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is amazing

  • Im watching this 4 months later in april 2021 and watching this again makes me miss christmas 2020

  • Poi said you would like 👍 for me for dinner 🍽 birthday 🎉 for me for the birthday 🎉 dinner 🍽 birthday 🎉

  • I like these songs better

  • Do Roblox logic He can play any game you want but Piggy is preferred


  • Please face reveal please

  • ok cool

  • Fun fact among us is like murder mystery too (:

  • Fat Pusher Plz


  • ............. l O l l l Among us but short L.....l.....l

  • Game Toons is the Beat

  • Player.exe has stoped please try again later

  • You should make a roblox logic after minecraft

  • Here's one thing that's bothering so Gametoons you make a whole lot of TV references but then how come you couldn't use frosty the snowman in among us logic 11 the legal purposes thing is just a lie.

  • Mr cheese is way way to evil

  • not mr.cheese please let mr.cheese live

  • For some reason now I can’t sleep

  • This sounds so weird

  • gg your the best

  • Ded game?

  • No-visor

  • they say "so op" so much lol

  • Friday night logic

  • An

  • No I can’t talk so Th out no

  • No

  • rip off

  • I think it’s light green because how does he know purple died and straight away jumped there and knew where he was

  • Veteran has 10000000iq

  • Do a Henry Stickmin logic

  • Do a

  • He can you do more Friday night funkin logic

  • At least make some of the notes the same

  • What a plot twist! Since when- wha- I- POOPYFARTS IS WORKING FOR NOVISOR!?

  • Now I'm scared of what the mom, senpai, and tankman would look like. (Almost forgot the lemon demon)

  • ahahhaaha in the next few days I will be a blogger to ahhahahaahah its not easy to be a blogger hard okay

    • your funny and a bit. It has been a while. How do I need to be a good idea to advertise the UK and I am not a good time. The list of the most of the day...maybe you dont understand me..