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My name is Brandon Herrera.
I'm the founder of The AK Guy Inc, as well as the founder and co-owner of Stark Media Group. I also am the one developing the .50 caliber rifle known as the AK-50. I'm a passionate AK Guy, and hope you enjoy the content I post up here and can gain something from it!


JOE BIDEN AND THE WACO KIDvisningar 355tnDag sedan
TARKOV 👏 MEME 👏 REVIEW 👏visningar 319tn7 dagar sedan
21:32Gun Builder Reacts to Kalashnikov: The Movie
ATF, WHERE IS DOG???visningar 378tn14 dagar sedan
9:09Hunting Hogs With A Knife
Hunting Hogs With A Knifevisningar 252tn14 dagar sedan
10:31The SKS: Bubba’s Favorite Victim
The SKS: Bubba’s Favorite Victimvisningar 462tn21 dag sedan
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11:36Can A 3D Printed Suppressor Work?
Can A 3D Printed Suppressor Work?visningar 398tnMånad sedan
8:15The Kalashnibren
The Kalashnibrenvisningar 686tnMånad sedan
12:26AK-50 UPDATE - February 2021
AK-50 UPDATE - February 2021visningar 418tnMånad sedan
3D PRINTED CURSED GUN IMAGESvisningar 964tn2 månader sedan
11:41We Built an AK in 6.5 Grendel
We Built an AK in 6.5 Grendelvisningar 512tn2 månader sedan
BULLPUP EVERYTHINGvisningar 1,2mn2 månader sedan
13:05The Worst Gun Control Bill I've Ever Seen
The Worst Gun Control Bill I've Ever Seenvisningar 756tn2 månader sedan
13:01The Worst Internet Gun Fails #3 - The Darwin Awards
NRA GOES BANKRUPT?visningar 454tn2 månader sedan
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8:45The RPK-74
The RPK-74visningar 389tn3 månader sedan
IT’S FINALLY OVERvisningar 312tn3 månader sedan
8:48MY NEW BOLT GUN -- Slavic Mauser
MY NEW BOLT GUN -- Slavic Mauservisningar 305tn3 månader sedan
ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS GUN MEMESvisningar 483tn3 månader sedan
9:38American Machine Guns of WW2
American Machine Guns of WW2visningar 665tn3 månader sedan
ATF RAIDS GHOST GATSvisningar 520tn4 månader sedan
I FINALLY FIRED THE TANKvisningar 181tn4 månader sedan


  • This is ridiculous! As a libertarian I want a a10 warthog fully armed!

  • Other Americans: "OMG they're infringing HAM over here" NYers: [hanging in noose] "First time?"

  • Can I commit toaster bath

  • By the time I got burned out on ruby grapefruit claws I actually started to kinda enjoy the blk cherry

  • That cop demonstrator was definitely using a snap cap in that classroom, and likely that everyone there knew there'd be a loud fake gunshot during it.. Those kids would've flinched like hell if a real round was fired, and he definitely wouldn't be continuing his presentation like that if he ran a bullet down through his leg.

  • Says AKjesus.

  • Never bought just bullets, but when I got my Walther I went and got some good Hornady self defense ammo for it. Loaded up, went to put one in the chamber (as one does) and didn't go into battery. So learned that day, that 9x19 Luger is, in fact, NOT close to 9x18 Makarov. On the flip side, if anyone knows where to find a pistol that shoots 9x18 let me know; got some bullets for it

  • We got kalashkabren why not a kalashkasten?

  • Gun meme cinematic universe

  • That was a fairly good Sean connery impression lol

  • "Dont ask for the mini ak50, you wont get it then" guess what Brandon you were going to make it any way.

  • I happen to own both. AR is for my wife and the AK is mine. 'Nuff said.

  • Even racking the slide back sounds cheap on this

  • Heavy metal Britney Spears cover... How fitting

  • I had to watch an add wuth Kentucky Balistics before this video LOL

  • The BREN is such a disgusting firearm, mixed with and AK I might just kill myself knowing that this thing exists in this earth

  • I really want a makarov but I can't find any that aren't auctions, anyone know where I can pick one up online sub 1000 dollars if not sub 500?

  • Kalashnikov's first gun EVER (not the first one built for the motherland) probably was better than this

  • Your videos yould be more fun if you just keep your speech clear without cursing. I was enjoying the video when BAM a curse ruined everything. Im not saying that "we" dont curse but it doesent suits you to curse because you look like a grown man with a family kids and everything, and cursing doesent suits you at all. Keep the good work and i really you should consider making your videos clear.

  • How about the white claw guy

  • I watched this when it first came out, ive been binge watching them again and I just got it Boys anti tank rifle

  • RSK

  • Tengqyu subsitel / lagugaw Indonesia 🙏👍😀

  • youtube un subbed me

  • Fuck that kill the joke! I love the ak vs ar guys videos.

  • 60% chance of Americans being gunned down in a mass shooting. Parents, hug and kiss your children because they may not make it back home. Brandon, make some more wise ass jokes after that or let’s all help fix the issues. Brandon, form a think tank or do a survey with gun owners to see what people support?

  • Me and the boys searching for an open bolt ar15

  • cops never have enough training, now its getting worse. welcome to the dystopia the ignorant wanted without realizing they were voting for it.

  • Where’s the fidddy

  • wait a pistol tecnily is a bull pup because the mag goes through the handle and the trigger is in front of the handle

  • Build Son of Killdozer!

  • Is it me or is it always the same guy that does it he voice over for these Russian movies

  • congrats with the 1 mil man!

  • as a student I went to Izhevsk - the city, where Mikhail Timofeevich was living and working - to take part in the first international student olympics on applied mechanics. we had an tour to the museum, but most important - at the official opening ceremony Kalashnikov gave a speech and then each team had a picture with him. so that's how I had a great honor to shake his hand In reality Kalashnikov was working in a group of experienced engineers, who first were sharing their experience and then helping him to master the rifle to the satisfactory level, because first prototypes had problems and were quite expensive and difficult to manufacture. I didn't watch the movie myself though... but this doubling with English voices is horrible XD and weird that in the country of origin and with the help of the Kalashnikov company they didn't find any AK looking like the first ones. and true fact that failed Mosin barrels were used for Tokarev pistols if some part of the barrel was still good

  • How can I make my own ak before I can’t anymore 😭😭

  • God Damnit. Everytime i see a Bren i instantly go:"Is that a Madsen?" I played to much Bf1 to a piont where the British are just steal Ing gun Designs in my head.

  • Congrats on a million!

  • Need AN-94 vid

  • If I grabbed my can like that, my hand would be bacon

  • I lost my ak parts kit in a mountain climbing accident in Holland

  • The fuckey wucky bin🤣

  • Shoulda been a Will it AR..?..

  • Did anyone else get the four minute Advert claiming that Dante was killed because he was black?

  • Brandon taking about gun control meanwhile that rpg just chillin in the back

  • Help me Ronald Reagan! Best!

  • Id like to see a whiteboard breakdown of the ak-50 lite. Is that possible to do Brandon?

  • Biden lying ? shocker.

  • god in just two years you went from fetus herrera to Macho Herrera lol good shit

  • 4:10 From Bolt action to fully automatic in 0.01 seconds

  • Cries in California

  • Where AK-50?

  • *Operation Ghost Busters*

  • The most popular president in US history.

  • Maybe I'm an idiot, but when I take new people to the range, and they want to shoot things that are semi-auto with BIG recoil (12 gauge slugs, .357, .38, .44 etc, I only load ONE round at a time.

  • I’ll say this in infinite warfare the Volk is pretty damn accurate

  • Gun builder reacts....K. never even seen a vid of this guy building any thing....

  • I have the same monitor

  • I feel the AR is for Precision shot while the an for spray and pray more or less

  • I fully endorse the Killdozer. Man is a true patriot

  • Please just stick to memes, jokes and AK smut... even the white board of knowledge is good. but these informational or public announcements are better left to other channels like johnny B.

  • ah yes. Gun version of Donut Operator

  • Hey Brandon, you should do a reaction to the film 44 minutes. Not sure what you'd think of the movie. Though it does have your go to weapon of choice the kalashnikov ;) The film if you haven't seen it is based on the North Hollywood shootout.

  • I'm worried that he won't be invited again after he took a shot there lol

  • this country isnt even the US anymore its the DP (divided people)

  • "Brandon your dead" later they found out where his house is Matt yells "come out" his ar falls into the mud and fucking jams

  • Why can I not find a bullpup conversion kit for a Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1?

  • Its the gun I carry..

  • Oh you sweet summer child

  • Brandon calling chipman a cuck was probably my favorite part of this video

  • "Smell as fuckable as you look" I might as well go and piss off a skunk

  • 👍

  • Brandon, more mass shootings. Do you feel dumb for criticizing those who are trying to do something about all the shootings going on? You would think the NRA and folks like yourself would be doing more to help this national epidemic, but “No”. I am a gun owner and third generation military, and yes changes are needed. Are we to start arming 8 year olds? You are part of the problem, and you should use your platform to help address the issues. Crazy people should not have access to guns. All deals should go thru an FFL dealer, no exceptions. Yes, to background checks. Where is the access to mental health? More needs to be done. Is this the future you want for your kids? Maybe they come home from school? Bulletproof backpacks for kids. I’ll be glad to debate the 2AM with anyone.

  • of all the last 5 presidents we've had, I absolutely hate bidens voice the most.

  • AFT. That aged well

  • Based and dare I say redpilled

  • Question, what happened to this am, did u say in a later video that u received it and are working on it? What is the status of it and is it fixable because u didn’t update us since I believe

  • The majority of gun violence is done by repeat offenders disbarred the legal ownership of firearms. Folks let out of prison that they think are to dangerous to have their rights back but are ok to be released into the general population. Fuck anyone who presses for gun control with a cactus. Also thanks youtube for just unsubscribing me from this channel for no FUCKING reason.

  • i cant take my eyes off of the beautiful monstrosity that is the kalashnabren

  • give us AK in Beowulf

  • Brandon, please make an AK chambered in 14.5x114mm